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NFL Player Adrian Peterson Indicted For Child Abuse

NFL Player Adrian Peterson Indicted For Child Abuse

Adrian Peterson has been indicted in a child abuse case.

The 29-year-old NFL football player was booked at the Montgomery County jail on Saturday (September 13) and posted bond for $15,000.

“The charged conduct involves using a switch to spank his son. This indictment follows Adrian‘s full cooperation with authorities who have been looking into this matter. Adrian is a loving father who used his judgement as a parent to discipline his son,” Adrian‘s lawyer shared in a statement to TMZ.

His lawyer added, “[Adrian] used the same kind of discipline with his child that he experienced as a child growing up in East Texas. Adrian has never hidden from what happened. He has cooperated fully with authorities and voluntarily testified before the grand jury for several hours. Adrian will address the charges with the same respect and responsiveness he has brought to this inquiry from its beginning. It is important to remember that Adrian never intended to harm his son and deeply regrets the unintentional injury.”

The news comes at the heels of the controversy with Ray Rice, who was suspended from the NFL for beating up his then-fiancee Janay Palmer in a hotel elevator earlier this year.

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  • Sheyenne

    What is going on with these NFL players?

  • Moi


  • Okay

    I received whoopings as a child as well. However, I remember receiving one or two whoopings with a switch when I was over the age of 7 and I was not left with broken skin. He did this to a four year old child which to me is technically still a toddler. He did not need to use such excessive force on a child of that age. Just a couple of hand pops on the bottom or legs should have been more than enough. Especially, if the child is small framed. He will likely be given community service or probation but no jail time. First offense.

  • caryn

    I’m sorry but if Ray Rice gets fired for the elevator incident which was between two adults (since she was also hitting him) and he has stated they are both in intensive counseling…then why is this guy still employed by the NFL. To me beating on a helpless child is far worse than what Rice did.

  • Still on bail Adrian

    What is the diff if a principal hits a kid with a paddle or a belt? Same thing. Hitting with a object that hurts a child! But that is legal and spqnkint child hard for crying ! They don’t get charged! So why target the black players! Noticing how we do not see the bruises. On Ray Rices Wife face . Andif it was that serious why not haveth security come down and arrest Ray Rice! Why not charge the security guards for making copies and handing them out to people, like TMZ! Hitting a child with a switch is nothing

  • Ha

    Horrible…. just… awful. I HATE “parents” who beat their child with a passion. I loathe it. I have never been beaten as a child (thank God) but I’ve always been disgusted by the thought of it. Just seeing it and hearing about it makes me SICK. I don’t understand how you can get to that level of punishment to a child (toddler or adolescent). There is no excuse for that! I’m sorry…. the child can be a little devil, you don’t need objects to spank them. It’s ridiculous because you’re not making a point by doing that. You’re just being a violent as$hole. And making the child hate you. Ugh. It’s one of the things that I can’t stand the most!

  • CarrieFromBelgium

    What is the problem with the NFL players?
    Why are they involved in violent incidents almost every week?
    How can Peterson think it’s a adequate punition for a 4 years old kid?

  • Really?

    Are you sure?? Are you sure?? I mean he is a black man, and an NFL player.. Doesn’t that give him more rights than any other American??? I say they let him go before the riots start!
    Glad to see someone that is famous & black being treated like the rest of the world!

  • NE1

    The details that aren’t in this article are disgusting, when i first heard about this i thought it was gonna be another “spanking” debate, but this is straight up child abuse and he should serve jail time.

  • jane

    my parents used to spank me and hit me when i was bad and i have never hurt anyone in my life, and it was a form of discipline that people now hail as “evil.” it’s not. it’s not the worst thing in the world to spank your kid, but this was obviously way too much. a one-time smack on the butt should have been just fine. he went overboard.

  • jb1111


    What’s truly amazing is that Obama is completely Silent on all of this.
    Yet, he Jumps Right In on Trayvon, Micheal Brown, and the Harvard Professor !!
    Obama’s obvious Racial Bias is Screaming loud and clear.
    Obama does NOT care about Black Children and Black Women and the Violence they face in their own Culture.

  • B

    @Really?: Sit your a$$ down with that racist sh!t. Want to see how black men are treated in this country, look to the prisons. Filled to the brim with minorities who are doing some hard time for minor offenses that white people barely get arrested for. And the BS about Obama, sit YOUR a$$ down as well. Get off your high horse.


    And I cannot believe THIS is being considered child abuse. People barely parent their child nowadays as evident by the numerous children who run wild in department stores, PARKING LOTS, grocery stores, etc… Maybe if parents were allowed to spank without fear of being arrested, we’d have a better society. Spanking is a he!! of a lot different than beating a child. Or beating and punching and slapping a woman into unconsciousness. And those who don’t know the difference need to educate themselves.

  • Really?

    @jb1111~ I hear ya..I’m waiting for Al Sharpton & Eric Holder to come out & speak on his behalf..I can’t believe Nobama has not spoke yet..He IS the most racist black man in this country..The thing about it is, he is gonna get us all killed & no one has done anything about it for the last 6 years!!! The stupid & naive Anti-depressant filled Americans have to take some of the blame..Everything that is happening in this world right now was his plan! I truely believe that..American’s are allowing it to happen!!!! We are s crewed!

  • Really?

    @B~I’ll speak on behalf of the white people that are sick of being discriminated against everyday! Blah blah same old sh!t about black BS days of the PAST. Blacks are responsible for their own actions now..They can’t use the racist card forever.That has gotten too out of date.. Go pi$$ up a rope!

  • Milla

    “The thing about it is, he is gonna get us all killed & no one has done anything about it for the last 6 years!!!”
    Who is going to get killed…and if six years have passed and we’re still alive, then…? I’m not sure what you are talking about.

  • name

    @ Ha: I agree with you completely!

  • Really?

    @#15~Turn on your TV you fool. America is weak & our Prez is too busy playing golf, but he will stand up & speak for any black man that thinks he has been done wrong because of the color of his skin. It is exactly people like you that have been too stupid to see this coming. I knew he would get us all killed from the second he took office. It has been nothing but a downward spiral from there. Things are gonna get real bad from here on out. Like I said, he had plans to destroy America from the moment he stepped in. I did not vote for him therefore I take zero responsibility for what is about to happen to our country. When it does happen look at yourself in the mirror one last time at who did vote the criminal in.

  • Susie#1

    There is no excuse to punish a child with a tree branch, belt or even, yes, an electrical cord. Just because Peterson was punished like this as a child does not make it right, or appropriate, to punish his son like that. I worked for many years in a Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention unit, and found that many caregivers and parents were abusing their kids because their ministers said that it was okay: Spare the rod and spoil the child. Peterson deserves prison time, along with parenting courses. BTW, this has nothing to do with a person’s race: all are equally guilty.

  • Milla

    Whoa! Lay off the paranoia inducing “news” outlets that you are accustomed to. The media contributes to the misinformation, xenophobia and pantophobia that is running rapid in this country. You rant like a crazy about this and that, (with no supporting evidence may I add) but fail to realize that it doesn’t matter who is in charge. The president is a figurehead! Political affiliations do not matter! You are being controlled by fear and hatred. Are there threats? Yes, but we are still alive, “they” is the perfect nondescript boogieman. The predictions of marshal law, death panels, and death camps that you crazies were so sure would come about with Obama have yet to happen. I didn’t vote for Obama because I’m smart enough to realize that the outcomes of elections are decided before the first vote is cast.

  • Really?

    And you keep your head in the sand Milla. Right up until the terrorist’s are knocking on your door. Benghazi ring a bell??? The Boston Bombings ring a bell?? Recent beheadings of innocent Americans ring a bell?? Failed OBAMACARE ring a bell?? What I get from your post is that you are not worried. Our country is weak & nobody is afraid of us. No country thinks we are a threat. They are all laughing at us, because they know we have a wussy/community organizer leading our country into catastrophe! The terrorists hate us & have sworn to kill us. We are NOT protected by this president! He doesn’t care enough to do anything & has not cared for the entire 6 years. Anything except hurt us that is. I think he would love to see America fall under his watch. People like you that ignore what is happening in this world are the reason we are weak! I don’t need the news to tell me that.

  • Really?

    You go ahead and keep your head in the sand Milla. Right up until those terrorists are knocking at your door. Benghazi ring a bell?? Boston Bombings ring a bell?? Recent beheadings of innocent Americans ring a bell? All under the wussy/community organizer’s watch. He loves it. He has never & never will be interested in protecting us. The terrorists have sworn to kill us, but hey you like golf? It’s people like you that are the reason we are so weak. I don’t need the news to tell me that. Not paranoid, just in touch with reality……………

  • Milla

    I am aware of the happenings in the world, but if I relied primarily on the news media for my information, I’d be knee deep in hysteria. My head is not in the sand because I don’t watch tv news to get my daily dose of fear and the blame game (I look at alternative media outlets). Rather than focusing on the whys of what is happening, the news media sensationalizes everything, so we aren’t able to see the forest from the trees. What you should get from my post is:
    1. People will do anything if they are afraid, hence the fear mongering by the media.
    2. We are not protected by ANY president! Those aiming to hurt will hurt no mater who is in “charge.”

  • Really?

    Ok Milla..You chose to live with your head in the sand…Good luck with that…

  • Hi Milla

    Hi Milla
    I just wanted to commend you on the way you handily objected to ‘really?’s’ post. You did a fine job.

    I prayed for obama to become president because I knew we would have been in war if mccain got into office and he is a very stupid man. Obama was the right person for our country. He is the best choice. I prefer his calm approach and not this rabble rousing war hungry fear mongering nincompoop.
    Mccain is too old to lead our country and old people should not be sending young people to war. And young kids should not be eager to go to war either, they need older wiser people to stop them and make them think. You are excellent at your objections to ‘really?’ if I do say so myself.

    God has blessed you to be patient calming voice of reason.

    I must respond to ‘really?’s’ following remark:
    ” america is weak & our prez is too busy playing golf”

    ….Since it is your contention that america is weak, then perhaps it is you who are weak and you feel easily threatened. America is not weak. America is merely not number 1. no one is number 1. You think war is strength, yet it is actually weakness.Obama has the ability to keep things calm for the conditions in which america finds itself and that is why he is president of america. No american president is the leader of the world. Never has been, never will be. Stop watching sports and reading comic books, its making you brain dead. Also you are an extremely negative pessimistic person who always thinks the worst. Nothing you say is reasonable. It is all hysteria. See a therapist. I bet you would be saying the sky is falling if GOD was president because you are just a negative nervous nelly pessimist. You are either a coward or a bully. Don’t know which, but neither of those types are leadership material in my estimation.

  • http://N/A Cassio

    Black women in this country don’t seem to have any trouble over coming double disadvantages…it seems that only black men have this problem!! But we all should realize by now that black men (I use the word men very loosely) are the reason for their own problems not this white boogeyman they keep complaining about!! They are the only race of men in this country who make the worst fathers, mentors and etc. They literally have a wish list of Money, Bitches and Rims. They are a complete disgrace and have no respect for themselves or anyone else. As this week has proved beyond a doubt they are complete savages with a regime of beating women and children on their daily to do list!! They keep complaining about the white man but who’s names on their million dollar sports contracts and who keeps trying to make sure they face minimal to no consequences for their savage behavior just so they can keep dribbling and running with balls. As a proud black woman I say it’s time for black to move on from these savages and continue to better ourselves because their is no hope for black men!! Here’s hoping I don’t get stuck on the elevator with on anytime soon!!

  • suzybel

    There’s the right way to discipline a kid and the wrong way. Someone should take a switch to this a**hole and see how he likes it.

  • Jim

    A little pat on the backside before they are five is acceptable after that age it’s not worth it.

  • Really?

    @ Milla & Hi Milla (aka the same)..I figured you for one of the idiots that voted that criminal into office. What kind of anti-depressant are you on?? Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil??? You live in a cartoon bubble where all is candy & cupcakes. Is your idea of altervative media the “Candy Crush” game?? You sound so out of touch & naive. Another beheading video was shown today. Did that make you feel good?? I bet it did..What are you gonna do when the terrorist that Obama has recruited start beheading American children on video. Maybe your child or grandchild, or will you just sit back & say “not to worry” Obama will take good care of us..I follow what is happening in our country more than ever now because I will not be blindsided by the criminal & his henchmen. Hillary Clinton is as bad as he is. The Republicans will take back the Senate & house & in 2016 the presidency. I hope it won’t be too late after the mess the criminal has made. Republicans are in touch with the reality that our country is less safe than after 9/11/2001. That is a fact. The blacks like ths NFL child beater are followers of the criminal Obama’s cult, so as long as his skin is the color of theirs, they will follow..That is certain. They pretend to care for their children, but they will sacrifice anything even their own children to be on the black mans side. But Obama cares nothing about the black man in the end. He will not protect them anymore than he will protect us. I am not saying that all black people follow him, cause I know some that are so sorry they ever voted him in, & I know some that are saying “I knew this man would destroy our country..So please go slide that head back in the sand..You are sure to wake up when the danger is at your door…

  • Milla

    So the terrorists are going to stop attacking the U.S. because Republicans are in charge? Was there not a Republican in office on 9/11? It is interesting to see effect media has had on your ability to rationalize and reason, fear has taken it’s toll. Political affiliations do not matter! I am not a Democrat or a Republican, I did not vote for Obama, to me he is no better or worse than Bush, or Clinton before him, they are all just two sides of the same coin. I am also not naive enough to believe that ANY president or political appointee will keep me safe. Your Obama hate and general hysteria is just a media diversion that is designed to keep you from thinking for yourself as to who and what the real threats are.