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Angelina Jolie Tours a Battleship During Visit with Maltese Navy

Angelina Jolie Tours a Battleship During Visit with Maltese Navy

Angelina Jolie makes her way off the deck after touring a battleship during a visit with the Maltese Navy on Sunday (September 14) in Gharghur, Malta.

The 39-year-old actress was all smiles as she was shown different areas of the ship.

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Angelina has been in the country for a while now, presumably to begin filming By the Sea with her new hubby Brad Pitt!

A few weeks earlier, she was seen flashing her wedding ring for the first time while enjoying a boat ride in Gozo.

FYI: Angelina is wearing Salvatore Ferragamo flats.

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  • bap

    Dame Angelina is looking beautiful and tanned!

  • J-P Family

    She looks fabulous, love her wedding ring.

  • Supernova


  • awwwww

    Angie’s wedding ring. swoon

  • awwwww

    Her first UN trip as Mrs. Brad Pitt.

  • Bored

    Gosh I wish she had better taste in clothing but her bad style is kind of endearing.

  • bap


    Dame Angelina Black is her signature color.

  • 6@

    Not all women are fashion crazy. She knows what works for her.

  • Yakasuri

    Kim needs to learn from Angie

  • Bored

    @bap: I like that she is always in black but she could choose better style. This is so drab and dare I say UGLY. I know she doesn’t care about clothing but I wish she did. Her red carpet style is even boring. I love when she wears suits but her dresses are usually drab curtains and moo moos. There have only been a handful of times she wore something cool on the red carpet and off.

  • UNHCR Visit

    Angie is with Antonio Guterres, UNHCR head, who is visiting to thank the Maltese Navy as they are very involved in the effort to save people fleeing wars from nearby nations in rickety unseaworthy boats. Many people are dying trying to seek some type of safety. An epic refugee crisis that is happening and Malta is bearing the brunt of this.

  • groundcontrol

    Love it. I am more into historical sites when I visit places. That and sipping champagne at some outdoor cafe.
    Angelina dresses practically not for the media. How can anyone complain about classic black clothes?

  • lucy

    It looks as if Brad and Angie have matching wedding bands.

  • Passing Through

    Nice to see Jared got the pix. I’m too lazy to move my comments from the last thread though. LOL!

  • first and last post

    from previous thread for PT
    re: # 2282 Passing Through @ 09/14/2014 at 5:35 pm
    “What I found telling about that was that she had Huvsy issue a statement saying she was working and that’s why she couldn’t go. She’s not a fvcking day laborer picking veggies in Cali! She’s an alleged multi-millionaire with some supposed clout.”
    ROTFLOL PT, this brings me to the post I had in my edit file for you regarding your post from… I don’t know where LOL…still not really edited but please bear with its presentation.
    re: # 1321 Passing Through @ 09/11/2014 at 10:18 pm
    “I think most people – me included – live in a “rut”. You get to a place of comfort and “ease is your life and you fall into the habit of not trying as hard at things as you used to. That’s normal.
    My response to the “rut” analogy…
    1. the discussion is not about normal people…we’re talking about someone with lots of money who has paid staff to cook her food, do her housework, find her jobs, et al. Most people have priorities like working at least hrs a day to put food on the table, to pay mortgages with little hard assets like multiple real estates OR money/assets from a big divorce from an A-lister, family which takes up to 80-90%% of the remaining time and finances that hinder making decisions that help us out of “ruts”…I agree with you that most people live in a rut…but there are hard core reasons for it…like we can’t afford to travel, we have responsibilities and obligations like family, work, basic daily survival like going grocery shopping.
    My point was JA has none of these neither family responsibilities and obligations to the bare necessities that “most people” have to themselves and their families. She has all at her disposal to “get out of her mental rut” but none of the skill nor talent to overcome what her paid agents put on the table for her. Most normal people have to scrounge around for opportunities…it is not given to us on a silver plater by a highly reknown agent. I have another post pending editing addressed to you which addresses some of Aniston’s issues.
    Like most “normal people”…my circumstances are compromised right now, I’m in a “rut” and I can’t even get time to edit a simple LAP, and I can’t afford to pay someone to do it for me ROTFLOL. “Most people” vs Aniston is apples vs oranges…we’re apples and she is the “orange looking gone” LOL.
    I try to find one tiny bit of positive in any individual because I believe there is something, even if just one positive aspect in every individual. Any professional “working” for a patient/client tries to work with that…but after reading and listening to her interviews, grasping for that one positive, it is difficult to find any goodness to highlight and turn into a positive without discovering some ulterior motive on her part. She is a quagmire of overlapping and interwoven miriness for her therapist to tap onto.

    It is my latest fetish to read specifically about Cake and reviews about her…granted Cake may not be a great storyline or that it is made for TV but a talented actor will stand out regardless of bad directing or writing. IMO JA read the script and in her “thinking thoughts” figured it was great story telling…I think she said something like that in an interview at Toronto LOL…and we all know gc’s comments that the Cake storyline never had a chance and gc predicted it…goes to show JA’s shallow POV, inability to foresee a “made for TV plot” or maybe it reveals more of her desperation aka shallow hope to reveal an acting talent she doesn’t realize she DOESN’T HAVE lol…game on.

  • bap

    Hopefully Dame Angelina will change her last name to Jolie- Pitt.

  • lol

    She has a really naturally beautiful face

  • Royal Jolie-Pitt in Malta

    She is with Secretary Antonio Guterres from UNHCR so they are doing some work about the refuge situation in the region.

  • bap


    Dame Angelina is not on the ship to draw attention to herself, but to acknowledgment to the Maltese Navy.

  • anustin

    lookin great,Mrs.Pitt!

  • bap

    Dame will show some color when she starts promoting with Brad.

  • cee

    She is amazing. What a supportive husband she has. They are the King and Queen of Hollywood or where ever they are. Thry bothh have a presence that draws people to them.

  • Passing Through

    # 2307 first and last post @ 09/14/2014 at 6:27 pm
    FALP -
    I saw your post. I get what you’re saying, but I think rich people get in a rut, too. Especially when you’re talking about an actor who grew up without money, lacks eduction and is neurotic as hell. It’s not like Ticky’s doing anything complicated for a career that requires intense use of her intellect to earn a living. She’s in a self-indulgent profession which affords her a lot of free time with nothing to do but exercise, go to spas, get a new weave and a mani-pedi. Her entire life is based around her looks. That in itself is a rut. Her neuroses and jealousies have kept her pursuing a dream that’s literally out of reach. So no, I really don’t think it’s that different from normal people being stuck in a rut. It’s not like we’re talking about someone with mulitple advanced degrees – although believe me, I can got there. I know plenty of people who meet that criteria and are in as big a rut as Ticky is; or even people whose careers and wealth are predicated on being movers and shakers who shape other people’s lives or the world. She’s a freaking ACTRESS.

  • Loca

    This woman is way overrated looks wise she is nothing but a stick. Her looks have faded from this malnourished way of living.

  • test

    Passing Through @ 09/14/2014 at 6:23 pm

    # 2282 test @ 09/14/2014 at 5:31 pm
    Juju -
    Don’t forget the M&MS poster…
    thx. how could i forgot that? :) it all started there
    the first photos of brad with his hands all over angelina ass was in the marriage mamas photos

  • test

    mamas = mams

  • ndn

    Finally we can see Angie’s wedding ring…Good to see the family had a wonderful time in the water…I see miss Viv doesn’t want to join her brothers and sisters…well after all she’s a mega star don’t you know (love the gifs outtakes of Malificent) she would have a fit if her hair will be in a tangled mess….lol…
    So day 7 or 8…can’t keep track if cake found a distributor or not…the TIFF is over and still no buyer coming forward…poor ticky ticky….cry me a river…

  • test

    angelina doing her thing
    she always finds time for unhcr
    13 years 9 months of dedication to the cause of refugees n helping the less fortunate in the world

  • a fan

    Hello beautiful Mrs. Pitt.

  • Bored

    I just realized that she’s with UNHCR. That is more important than her style of clothing.

  • @@@@@@@@@


  • busted

    Aww.. she is always do beautiful
    It looks like she and Brad have identical rings.. very nice. Now we just need a few set pics.. that would be the topper.

  • love what

    of course the paps were there on that day……

  • lurker2

    Love Angie…I really do…but the outfit she wears boarding the ship is downright dreadful…is it a dress..a two piece outfit or what…she dresses like a grandmother…it ages her dramatically…I know fashion is not her forte…but Angie…keep it simple…please wear a black pant and a white shirt…(pretty much her color to go nowadays, white and grey)’s a classic combo…you just can’t go wrong with it…

  • bap

    This society is so hung up on showing everything that we cannot appreciate a decent woman who only flaunts her body for her husband.

  • UNHCR Visit

    @love what:

    The visit was announced in advance. Malta should be very proud of its effort to rescue people (children, women, and men) in danger at sea, and the UNHCR visit was to acknowledge and commend this small islands nation……

    Malta is not a rich country like some others but is doing its best. Wish some of the richer nations in the Middle East would provide monetary and refugee assistance personnel and resettlement to Malta for these many persons who are risking all to get to safety.


  • Ⱦamsіn

    EEEEEKKK!! What the hell? What is that horrible humanoid creature standing on a deck! Somebody kill it! Kill it with fire before it lays eggs!

  • bap


    Yes you are EL LOCO (CRAZY)!

  • test

    it’s a long skirt n a shirt and there is nothing dreadful about it in my opinion
    simple clothes with simple lines
    n ageless style
    u see people of all ages with that kind of outfit
    google it

  • lyric

    Hello to all Jolie-Pitt fans everywhere. Thank you anon, fyi and anyone else who posted the great pictures of Angie, Brad & the kids on the yacht. Ange looks beautiful as always. Brad is looking really good too and of course the children are so cute. Love the gifs from Maleficent.Vivi & Knox jumping in Brad’s arms. Looking forward to seeing Fury. Hi Phool. Hope you are doing well. Always enjoy reading
    the articles you post, especially the ones about Jack O’Connell. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday watching games or whatever you are doing. I’m watching football. Take care all.

  • bap


  • again

    Angie looks neat, clean & professional, which is all that matters. If you want high heels, fancy dresses & big hairdos, go the Kim K thread or something

  • bap


    Question are you possessed by demons?

  • Get Stuff

    On behalf of Angie, I would like to say, if you were paying for her clothes, you could make the decision on what she should wear.
    Since you are not, STFU.
    If she wants to wear a sack, it is her choice, next you will be complaining about her shoes, it is always something about Angie for do-nothings to b itch about.
    Who cares if you love Angie, it is none of your business what she wears.

  • Ⱦamsіn

    # 42 again @ 09/14/2014 at 7:26 pm

    A professional Elvira / Vampyra / Morticia impersonator? Maybe. I’m glad she covered her horrible body… she’s still vying for the “unsexiest woman alive” prize though.

  • cee

    So proud of how everything Angie dies drives amsin and ghd hens crazy. They follow her every move. What is so funny is that I like most of the JP fans don’t even read there negative posts but yhey keep adding to the numbers. Angie looks beautiful as usual. Looks a little tanned. Wish I could have seen she and Brad swimming together.

  • bap

    Dame Angelina is a Lady for herself and her husband. Dame desires to be a good woman for her husband.

  • beautiful

    no make up, Angie is naturally beautiful.

  • Ⱦamsіn

    So loons are in a meltdown mode, Heroina got word of the backlash she’s facing for letting her 8 year old kid wear boys trunks and get photographed topless, and Pittstain’s bloated gut can be seen through his swim shirt. Wow, so much for loons to be embarrassed about? No wonder they prefer to stay off-topic. LOL.

  • Oops

    @bap: Tasmanian is possessed by Jennifer Ansiton. Everything she says and does is for that her. Lmao in the last thread she was obsessing over Angelina’s daughters swimming attire. It is sick to see how obsessed she is with a child.