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'Django Unchained' Actress Daniele Watts Handcuffed for Kissing White Husband Brian James Lucas?

'Django Unchained' Actress Daniele Watts Handcuffed for Kissing White Husband Brian James Lucas?

Django Unchained‘s Daniele Watts is speaking out after being handcuffed and detained on Thursday (September 11) in Studio City, Calif.

The African-American actress claims that she was merely talking on her cell phone and kissing her boyfriend Brian James Lucas, who is white, in public when she was approached.

“Today I was handcuffed and detained by 2 police officers from the Studio City Police Department after refusing to agree that I had done something wrong by showing affection, fully clothed, in a public place,” Daniele wrote on Facebook.

“From the questions that he asked me as D was already on her phone with her dad, I could tell that whoever called on us (including the officers), saw a tatted RAWKer white boy and a hot bootie shorted black girl and thought we were a HO (prostitute) & a TRICK (client),” Brian wrote on his Facebook, alongside photos of the event. “So they handcuffed her and threw her roughly into the back of the cop car until they could figure out who she was. In the process of handcuffing her, they cut her wrist, which was truly NOT COOL!!! Of course, they had to let her go eventually cuz we weren’t a threat to anyone.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Daniele Watts being handcuffed by police?

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  • Jennay

    That is INSANE. In 5 years you can probably get arrested for just breathing in the United States……..

  • nm

    unbelievably racist… what the hell is wrong with the world

  • Jay

    This is horrible. I don’t know what is happening to america, it use to stand for equality. Now it has nations like Russia and North Korea criticising them for racial inequality, Russia and Korea!!!!

  • Jay

    The police someone needs to regulate them and hold them accountable.

  • Nikki

    She needs to sue the PD. That is assault causing bodily harm and false arrest that resulted in humiliation and embarrassment. Another example of racial profiling. Can’t believe this happened in America in 2014.

  • xyzc

    More Black unjustified whining, playing the race card. Nothing to see here, move on

  • xyzc


    And u believe this “news” because?

  • xyzc


    U know whats insane? Blacks whining about mostly everything.

  • Mia

    Of please you believe this , someone really going to call 911 to say two people are kissing and the cops would show up, obviously they were probably being obscene in public and when the cops got there she wouldn’t give her her name or show of id and won’t cooperate and look at her she probably stoned or on crack , looks unstable in the pictures.. Blacks cry racism to get out of messes then start.

  • FU


    Says the Grand Wizard

  • sdf

    @xyzc: Obviously you came to “See” this article because your racist behind wanted to leave a comment about blacks.

  • Leslie M

    Those of you who claim she is just whining have never learned the art of trying to walk in someone’s shoes. I have tried to hail a cab with black friends and there is a difference. The cabs don’t stop when I am with my black friends. In fact, they stopped for me once thinking it was just me. When my friends tried to get in, he sped away. We are all Ivy League Cornell students who visit the city from time to time. I see it all the time. Black people get harassed in a way that white people don’t.I know it is so comfortable to live in your bubble and think it is a black conspiracy but one day you will realize the things you dismiss are actually real. We are getting better as a country but we have ways to go. Last thing, I also find even when my black friends are just minding their own business, something comes up to remind them of being black. It’s weird. Someone will make a comment, or say something or taunt them in a way. I don’t know why I see this. I guess it comes from my parents who were very progressive and who made a point of always making sure we were exposed to other races and cultures. We were taught to not only have friends of other colors but also to truly understand their experience even if we never experienced it ourselves.

  • @9

    @Mia: why is she on crack because she’s black?!? I guess Michael Brown was an accident…so was Trayvon Martin…so many “accidents” involving Black people lately..

  • plymms

    @xyzc: That is easy for you to say because you are not black, they was not committing any crimes , they was kissing so you can STFU.

  • Saiph

    Mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I am incredibly sorry that it happened to them, because how incredibly insulting and violating on a personal level. On the other hand, I have to admit that I’m a little bit glad that this happened to someone famous enough for it to be reported, because this sort of thing *happens with regularity* in our society, but usually to “regular” people so that it never makes the news. This incident is representative of the fact that racism and sexism are so deeply entrenched that *our civil service police officers* automatically expect that any black woman kissing a white man is most likely a prostitute. Since in this case the woman in question is an actress, perhaps this will get picked up in news and media and serve as the basis for a broader discussion of this type of racial profiling?

    That said, sympathies again to the couple. What a nightmare.

  • Saiph

    @Leslie M: Thank you for posting this.

  • Samuel

    @ Mia . Exactly , Ferguson, find out after the media storm that 300 pound 6’4 “kid” robbed a store , assaulted the cop and tried to kill him with the cops own gun. Just late week a black Fire Fighter goes to the media to cry racism about cops , makes up all these lies , makes his kids lie on camera ..too bad for him the cops had a body cam recorded the whole incident and the fire fighter lied through his teeth, again playing the victim. I blame the liberal media given blacks this sense of entitlement.

  • Yeah Yeah

    @Mia: And what’s your agenda I wonder?

  • Yeah

    @sdf: Absolutely agree with with you. Blame the victim is their game. Just like Trayvon Martin. He’s dead but he made it up.

  • .

    Since when does anyone kiss a prostitute? Seriously….?

  • Ava

    Why would she not show her id and why is she crying like she lost her best friend, probably on drugs. And if you see other pictures they’ve posted they look like a bunch of freaks, no way people call the police because they saw them kisses, she’s lying, can’t wait for the police to respond and prove she didn’t tell the whole story.

  • And

    @Leslie M: Some people are ignorant to it and some people just don’t want to know. I had the same discussion with some white friends who were honest enough to voice that they thought I was exaggerating until we were all put in a situation where I was singled out because of my race. My white friends were horrified and started shouting at the officer. I asked them to please shut up. They didn’t understand they were making things worse. After that they understood what it was like to walk in my shoes.

  • allison

    quote: “Brian — a celebrity chef — says cops demanded to see their IDs — he complied but she refused. Brian tells TMZ … Daniele walked away, only to be confronted by cops a short distance later, cuffed, thrown in the back of the patrol car and taken back to the scene.”

    Read more:
    This explains why she was arrested. She refused a simple request for id. She should have given her id then drove right over to the police and file a complaint against those officers.
    Because the police were just responding to a complaint from a citizen. Maybe the citizen said they were selling drugs. Who knows. But the cops job is to investigate. She made it worse by walking away.

  • Tom

    Notice this only happens to black Americans, not Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Pakistani, or the 101 other races/ ethnicity live in America because only American blacks think they are above the law and have been brainwashed to believe all they have to do is yell racism and it absolves them of any responsibility for what they did before, after or in-between

  • Wow

    That is such B.S. This crap shouldn’t be happening, especially in 2014 and I’m tired of these cops not having to face the music for any of this. It just keeps happening everyday. Also, while this girl ‘may’ have African ancestry somewhere in her family background (she may be from the islands, you don’t know), why label her as African-American? She’s black and she’s American. I have Irish, Canadian, Spanish and Chinese in my ancestry but I’m black… people certainly don’t call me African-Irish-Canadian-Hispanic-Chinese-American. Is it simply PC just to refer to all black people as African-American…even if they’re not? I just read something the other day about someone who’s from Jamaica and they referred to him as African-American. No, he’s Jamaican-American because he’s from Jamaica and he got his American citizenship. They stripped him of his actual heritage just to avoid calling him a black man as if it’s an inappropriate term to state the obvious. America, man. America.

  • USA = Police State of Idiots

    USA don´t surprised no more the rest of the world.

    The Americans are just stupid people. They acted like a Super power state but they only are ignorant, stupids and they acted without respect for a person. And i don´t are talking about the Police only.

    Generally an American in Europe is considered a stupid, ignorant idiot with money when they traveled in Europe.

    Americans are arrogant idiots without any education.

    In any part of Europe we see that some people are Americans because they are fat and dumb that like to show their money but don´t have taste or class …. they are very easy to spot.

    Of course there are exceptions but the majority of Americans are just ignorant people and because of that they are also Racists and all the other pejorative things in the dictionary.

    This girl , not a black girl or a Africa America girl or a color girl, like many like to call them , must get justice in the courts and received a big paycheck.

  • Desperate

    She should have done the Reese Witherspoon thing and said ” Don’t you know who I am? ” “I was coco in Django unchained”.

  • Annabelle

    I can’t believe this! And some of the comments here make me sick!! Racism is still a thing and I’m tired of it. My boyfriend is black and I’m white and whenever we’re kissing or hugging there’s always people sideyeing us with their judging looks. It’s disgusting. It’s the 2014 and with situations like Ferguson and this it feels like we’ve gone back to the 50s!

  • Sal

    So let me get this straight, cops say they’ve been called for public indecency, in the pictures they look like they are trying to talk to her while she’s crying like a banshee . What they ask her for her side of the story and her identity and in essence tells then to F off and she’s surprised that they arrested her, what did she think would happen if she didn’t answer their questions or show tell them her identity ….. This girl looks like she has more problems then these cops.

  • GB

    Really makes me sick to my stomach. My nephews are half black and when we’re at the park I see white parents pulling their kids away from playing with them. In California. It’s unreal.

    Racism is institutionalized in America and it doesn’t go away overnight or because we have a black president. It takes a long time, a lot of awareness, and it takes stories like this being made public. These types of things have always happened in the US but until the past few years, they never made the news because our complacency had us accepting racism as something we just have to live with. No more. We need to make a change.

  • Lisa

    @GB: You PILLOCK, it happen in LEFTY California that the Democrates for you all racise.

  • Ann

    the ” white” husband gives his ID, answers the police officers questions, it’s the black girl that thinks she doesn’t have to, then she goes to the media screaming racism . F-cked up world we live people are defending her, if she said my white husband didn’t cooperate and they only arrested me she might of a case , but what’s her defence, my blackness makes me above the law.

  • Emma

    @Ann: Spot on.

  • Emma

    No one is above the laws of the state, even King Obama should one day obey all the laws in the U.S.

  • CJ

    @.: Lol, exactly… Julia taught us that!!!

  • A zimbo

    For all ignorami please watch Hidden Colours 2 , esp @tom who asked that asinine question !

  • Desperate

    @Ann: what if she didn’t have i.d.? Should she still be arrested.? They were hassled bc they were tongue kissing in public. Someone took offense and lied to police, and this is what happens, total injustice. If it was Jennifer Lawrence and Chris they wouldn’t have said siht. I’ve seen whites making out in public and no one says a thing, I went out on a date with a white guy and we got glares and nasty comments from another white male, Racism is alive and Well.

  • Neil

    WTF! You Americans better get ready for it. Somebody is going to snap and then there is going to be an honest to goodness war between the various urban police departments and various urban communities. Get it together, America!

  • USA = Police State of Idiots

    Bob marley “no woman no cry” 1979

    Every man must be obliged to listening this song

  • http://gmail grace

    This girl needs to STOP (& any/all others like her) embarrassing ‘people of color’. Any ‘intelligent’ young lady (who cares about her reputation) would NOT have chosen to make an issue out of something that should and could have been a ‘non-issue”. PERIOD. Sounds as though she’s looking for publicity. Simply my opinion.

  • Neil


    OK, But please, no more comments about Russia and China, OK?

  • kami

    i don’t know who she is, but why wouldn’t she show them her id? her husband did. if a cop asks me for my id, i show it. was she afraid they’d find something out, maybe unpaid parking tickets or something? otherwise, i don’t get her refusing to show it.

  • Sick & tired

    So sick and tired of black people who are just one big f–king drain on America , besides inner racial crime , 9/ 10 the assailants are black the victim non black or the crime they’ve inflicted on America , 12% of the population responsible 57% all crimes. all they’ve done for the last 250 years is be a thorn, not one thing have they done that improved America 2014 and they’ve only gotten worse, they are like the relative that f–is up but blames everyone else and wants to be bailed out whining that it’s not their fault, why don’t blacks immigrate the last years, decades to black nations just like the millions and millions of people who’ve immigrated to other parts of the world mostly all white native countries. They wouldn’t, cause they know they got it good in America and they can keep going to the well of racism , sh*t they got the joke of Obama elected twice as President in a country they’re 1/10 the population by using racism & victim card.

  • USA = Police State of Idiots


    Fvck you RACIST

    …. ‘people of color´….

    Woman, only a lady, a girl, a person, a WOMAN. Period


  • Rose

    To throw a whine fest on Facebook is just downright embarrassing. And she was arrested because she refused to show ID. Not because she’s black.

  • http://gmail grace

    In addition to my #41 comment, I get sooo fed up w/ black people sometimes (if it’s not this girl, it’s the woefully uneducated domestic violence animals) because I feel many times they are their own worst enemy – whether it’s the inarticulate speaking/looking sports players, i.e., football, basketball, tennis, boxers, etc., or singers, people on certain am tv shows, certain actors/actresses, reporters interviewing blacks in depressed, high-crime areas, etc. Seems like there are those with means who need to take some of their millions earned and invest in higher education, or take English grammar and etiquette courses for goodness sake! Always, a big embarrassment!

  • aquarius64

    @xyzc: Late for your Klan meeting, aren’t you?

  • aquarius64

    @Ann: NEITHER ONE SHOULD HAVE BEEN ASKED FOR ID. They were not breaking laws, expect the now dead race-mixing laws that apparently in that caller’s mind.

  • Mejay

    What should she take responsibility for? What crime did she commit?