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Police Release Statement After Detaining Actress Daniele Watts for Kissing Her Husband - Read the Statement

Police Release Statement After Detaining Actress Daniele Watts for Kissing Her Husband - Read the Statement

The Los Angeles police department has issued a statement after Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts was handcuffed and detained by the police after showing some affection to her husband.

The statement said that the police were looking for two suspects. The police “located two individuals that matched the description of the suspects, and they were briefly detained. Upon further investigation it was determined that no crime had been committed. Ms. Watts and her companion were subsequently released,” according to the LA Times.

Daniele wrote a lengthy statement on her social media which she wrote they accused her of being a prostitute and her husband her client.

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  • Brian

    Looking for two suspects but they only handcuffed her and not her husband, who snapped the photographs of the incident. That totally makes sense…

  • Fercat

    Make prostitution legal, end of problem.
    Why nobody argues against laws that disproportionately affect one gender…?

  • offtheproperty

    She said they were “making out.”
    That could mean a lot of things.
    Neighbors don’t want to see that.
    Being briefly detained is not a return to the plantation.
    You can go on with your charmed life or sue the city and help us go that much closer to broke.
    Take your pick.

  • Janette

    Why was the husband not arrested? Why was she treated with such force? Racial profiling is not okay. Someone needs to ask these questions to LAPD.

  • CJM

    She posted on twitter that she was approached while on the phone, refused to provide id and then walked away. Wouldn’t that invite a little suspicion on the part of the police?

  • Allie

    Why would she provide her ID? She wasn’t doing anything wrong. This is America and aren’t we suppose to be a country of freedom? Im sorry but her skin color doesn’t mean her rights should be violated. If anyone disagrees then Im sure you would be a great Nazi.

  • Mark

    They’re full of B.S. They got caught being incredibly racist (white guy not handcuffed, black girl is). Now to backpedal, they put out that they were “looking for 2 suspects”…Go Eff yourselves….effing police. How long must we, the public who pays these nimrods, live under their yoke?

    Break free America!

  • Mark


    You have aright to not provide your ID. They had nothing, and they thought they would bully her. Now wait til her high-powered lawyers get done with those nimrods.

  • Bored!

    I’m not american, I’m british so I may have this a little wrong. In all these stories the people in question refuse to provide identification. But that is their right, you can refuse to provide identification. So if it is your right to refuse to provide Id why do so many of these people get arrested for exactly that. They always seem to be released and ppl argue why didn’t they provide id, in my opinion it’s simple, the law says the don’t have to. Either make it a requirement and make america a police state or stop arresting people for using the laws of their country to defend themselves and retain some dignity.

  • Really

    why are police just stopping black people asking for ID? Since when did we live in a police state. Because this only happens to black people it’s not a big deal…DON’T expect white people to be outraged by this …it’s a concerted effort in this country to systematic bring back Jim Crow and keep black people in a state of anxiety. It’s a way to slowly chisel to mentally make black people feel like second class citizens and a majority of white people are OK with this treatment and find this behavior of cops towards blacks as acceptable. This is also a way to put more and more blacks in a the criminal system by having an arrest on their public records which will lead to an inability to get a good job, bank loans or rent or buy property.

  • Bored!

    As an outsider this seems ridiculous, and depressing. America ,wrongly or rightly is a nation everyone associates with freedom and prosperity. But the number of stories you hear of bogus arrests, and abuse of power by the police is ridiculous. Apparently in some states it’s illegal to record the police while they abuse their power. In court you would be in the wrong!! Who protects the people? Most of these people in question don’t have the resources to fight their case. The police and the rigid laws seem to be the problem. America is continuing to loose credibility, with pictures of people carrying automatic guns in supermarkets..

  • Bored!

    @Really hmmm don’t think this is some conspiracy against blacks. But yes it is evident not from this story but from the many others racism is alive and well. A black man and a white man are not equal in the eyes of to many. People will not say it, and doubt many think it. But sadly their/our actions show it.

  • sue coppernoll

    Cuffed for PDA??? Look around you, America. Do you want your own daughters ,sisters, grand-daughters et al subjected to police harassment under these circumstances?

    Add to this absurd and unwrranted police conduct, the racial profiling of the couple leads us to the rational conclusion that we’ve a long way to go before people of color- and women in general – have their civil and
    constitutional rights protected by police, who swear to “Protect and Serve”.

  • bobboo

    … makes a person really wonder what the average IQ is of all police officers

  • Really


    no one likes to think of conspiracy, but there is no denial that black men and women are often the victims of these stop and detaining by the police..this goes on their records regardless if they are guilty of any crime. It will effect not only ones self esteem but future employment, consideration for college, obtaining a loan… and that does effect the black community .. so what appears to be the police stopping a black person for PDA (really when did kissing become a crime) and whoever heard of a prostitute kissing a customer???? has a bigger ripple effect.

  • unknown

    In reply to the people who comment that you have a right not to provide ID, I’m sorry to say that’s no longer correct. The U.S. Supreme Court handed down a decision quite a number of years ago that held a person is indeed required to provide identification to the police on demand. Please understand I’m in no way expressing approval of that decision — in fact, I think it’s a terrible thing — I’m just pointing out that this is the current law in the U.S. And yes, I’m a lawyer.

  • What a snooze!

    @Mark: This is very typical behaviour from LAPD. There is a high number of them that get killed. People are angry about how LAPD is getting away with crap and much worse. I really do hope they are exposed internationally, and people see what Los Angeles is really like. LA is extremely racist.


    This was clearly a racial thing? Why wasn’t he arrested then if they were for ‘two suspects’ and didn’t an LAPD cop beat up a black women a few months ago? it was caught on tape

  • Barbara

    when asked for an ID he gave his, she refused and walked away.

  • Don

    Legally, you don’t have to show an ID, but if you want the police to go away, it is a lot quicker than going to the police station and then showing it. It would also probably be better for everyone, including the hookers, if women would stop copying their style of dress.

  • Don

    @sue coppernoll:

    I would want my daughter to refrain from dressing like a hooker, and not because of the police!

  • offtheproperty

    LAPD received a citizen complaint and they responded, like they always do.
    I wish all you cop-haters who seem never to notice the criminal behavior on the part of your friends that initiate police encounters were able to live in a Los Angeles without the LAPD and see hoe well you liked it with the animals that inhabit this place running wild and offending with impunity while the rest of us could continue on living with police protection.
    But for us to have it, then you have to have it, too.
    Even while you don’t deserve it for your naive ingratitude.

  • Itsallfake

    All these people with hate in their hearts have a pay day. They get around thinking there is no God and they can do and feel any way they want to have another thing coming. You may get away with things in he life but there is a judge waiting for you in the afterlife. You can claim you don’t have hate in you but the creator judges every soul by the intent of their heart. Man may not know but the creator knows whats in your heart. Mankind is filled with hate and malice in their hearts and minds and we see this through the actions that they take on this earthplane.

  • 55vineyard

    She refused to show them ID and walked away from them from what I read. My cousin works for a police department and they do not just stop people for any reason.

  • Nazi Germany= USA

    back pedal back pedal back pedal …What if you dont have an ID to show what is this Modern Day Nazi Germany where Jewish people had to have an ID??????

  • true

    @Nazi Germany= USA: I know right, ridiculous!!

  • jay bobo

    it’s kind of hard to feel for cops when they get blown away. rest in peace PA trooper, you deserved it.

  • tom

    @Mark: White guy didn’t walk off while police were trying to talk to them.

  • Shesaskankole

    You both belong in jail. They have a video and surveillance tape
    of your crime. You embarassed ALL WOMEN acting
    like a skank to a professional public protector.
    You are scum.scum. Skank skank ole. Yeeeeech.

  • Disruptive

    You will never get a job again. No one hires a disruptive
    person to be on a set. It costs too much money disruptive
    people on set waste everyones time. See how much time you wasted
    about yourself. Lies to the police. It’s a felony. Lock them up.
    You sound like a 2 yr old throwing a tantrum in the
    supermarket. You need a babysitter. They belong in

  • U r racist

    If u weren’t a racist… You would have a black
    boyfriend. You are just using white guy to be acccepted
    in the white world is what you think you need to do
    otherwise u would have a black boyfriend if you
    really like being black. What’s wrong with black
    people, Danielle?????????

  • ddpalmer


    Because he sowed them his ID and didn’t try and walk away, while she refused to sho ID and tried to leave.