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'Django' Actress Daniele Watts Defends Herself on CNN (Video)

'Django' Actress Daniele Watts Defends Herself on CNN (Video)

Daniele Watts makes an appearance on CNN alongside her boyfriend Brian James Lucas to defend her actions last week on Monday morning (September 15).

The Django Unchained actress was detained by police last week after she wouldn’t hand over her ID when they answered a 911 call that claimed she was allegedly having sex with her boyfriend in public.

During the interview, CNN released a statement from the LAPD that said, “It was a call generated by a citizen. There was an indication on the radio call that a male white and female black where involved in a sexual act inside a Mercedes with the vehicle door open. Two people were briefly detained, but it was revealed that no crime had been committed.”

The audio taken by police was released earlier this morning and it reveals more of what happened on the scene.

Watch the video below to hear Daniele‘s side of the story:

‘Django’ Actress Daniele Watts Defends Herself on CNN (Video)
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  • GerardButthole

    She’s getting a lot of publicity now. Mission accomplished. And let’s face it, no one knew who this black bltch was before this dumb story.

  • Jake

    Stupid entitled BITCH. What a loser.

  • caryn

    Yes Mission Accomplished. Publicity galore. And anyone who has heard the audio tapes thinks she is dumb and dumber.

  • DaG

    It was an abuse of power. Straight up. The police need to follow the law, as well. If a citizen says “no” to providing his/her ID, use training, do not violate the citizen’s right to deny, carry on, and conduct an investigation without detaining the citizen.

  • p

    @DaG: Hardly. She was the one who was obnoxious, not them, not to mention having sex in a car for everyone to see. If a cop wants to see ID, you show it to them, you don’t play the race card or “Do you know who I am?” Get over it. She’s a total skeez who’s looking for attention.

  • GerardButthole

    Her crying face is actually kind of funny. I wonder of her slave ancestors cried like that when they got a whipping by their white owners. She is a black

  • kami

    who is her publicist?

  • Susan

    It’s come out in a few other publications that they were having sex in the front seat of their car. Some people called the police on them. Maybe that’s why they thought she was a prostitute. But go ahead and play the race card……only, it’s been done so many times, it’s lost all credibility.

  • Firestorm getting attention

    All she had to do was show her ID to the police and she said herself she knew that if she didn’t this would happen ! Funny how CNN showed the interview with her and her husband right beside hear, and let’s change CNN to Pro Black and they turn around and target only black football players, where all all the white players, these events happened in March and February so why give these Black people the time of day and say that they are not to be targeted!

  • Heidi

    @GerardButthole: You are a despicable human being

  • DD

    They asked BF for her ID because she was on the phone! Police mentioned black and white bc he was telling him about the call and why he was asking for their ID seeing they fit the description of the 911 call! She says to see the humanity in people??? WELL??? Where was her humanity for the officer just doing his job? He asks for ID and she goes off on him? CNN totally edited the audio to make her look better instead of the fool she acted like! I’d say one spoiled rotten brat acting out of line and now being rewarded by media trying to make an issue out of a non issue! As if racial problems between the black community and police aren’t bad enough! CNN and this “Actress” should be ASHAMED of themselves and she most definitely should be embarrassed for her childish behavior!

  • just a thought

    Shame on her. There are really people being hurt because of racism but this was not one of them. It’s her being an arrogant a s s.

  • Paul

    Funny thing this happened in Studio city, the Directors Guild building called the police. So liberal hollywood , in most liberal state, in the most liberal city in the country being called racist , Gotta love it… Now if this happened somewhere in the South , you would never hear the end of it from the media blaming the people who called the cops , white southern racist …. But it’s LA so the liberal national media just tried to blame the cops instead, good thing they had a recording to defend themselves.

  • Um

    @GerardButthole: Please find Jesus. Troll

  • tt

    She’s an ass, and it’s funny how she conveniently played the race card, when her BF is WHITE. Of course, she thought it was all about her, because she’s an ACTRESS. I’m a huge movie buff, and I didn’t even know who this idiot is, and I hope she loses work because of this, it will serve her right.

  • Diedre

    So, she was bl0wing her boyfriend in a car with the door open and then when they get caught by the police she pulls the race card.
    Way to crap on the cause, w hore.

  • Starving Actress

    I guess she’s not getting much work since Django.?



    Such a disgrace for the United states of America.

    BLACKS are not treated with an equal level. There are always suspected to be whores, drug dealers.


  • Nicolas

    You don’t know the law. When you are the subject of a 911 call the police have to investigate, which means identifying parties involved. The 911 caller stated a male and female were having sex in a car in public. That is a misdemeanor crime here in Los Angeles as long as the persons are adults and they aren’t doing sex acts for the purpose off exposing themselves to children. None of that was done here. Just two stupid adults having sex in a car where people could see. She even admitted a man asked her to stop and she told him she could make out with her boyfriend if she wanted. When police arrive, he stays in the car while she gets out and walks away ignoring orders from police to stay. As a law enforcement officer, her actions based on the content of the radio call would make me believe a few scenarios are possible.

    1) She’s a prostitute and she doesn’t want to get arrested.
    2) She has warrants and doesn’t want to get arrested.
    3) She has some type of contraband and doesn’t want to get arrested.

    Due to the nature of the call and the fact there were witnesses who reported seeing them engaging in sex in public, this contact is not a consensual encounter. She was lawfully told to stay and her actions of not stopping and then refusing to provide her name rose the contact to the level of a detention.

    This was a misdemeanor not committed in the officer’s presence, which means the only way they are getting arrested is by a Citizen’s arrest, which I’m sure no one wanted to due because no one want to go to court. She was then released. TMZ has released audio of the supervisor who was called to the scene that shows quite a different side than the sweet victim she’s portraying. She was belligerent, played the race card, and used profanity.

    If you would like more information about your rights when contacted by police, check out the ACLU’s website. Yes that right, a organization that typically is very anti police, but they explain the law and give the best piece of advise for everyone…Cooperate with police and if you think your rights were violated, contact them. If she had cooperated, this contact would have lasted minutes and they would have been on their way.

  • Sim

    @18 I wish America was racist we would have been speared 7 years of awful Obama Presidency & his out to lunch admiration and yes 7 years without the media turing everything into race issue to protect Obama who they elected.

  • right!

    @just a thought:

    Right. Her crying wolf makes it difficult for folks with legitimate claims. Smh

  • http://facebook lovette

    Its said when the police (serve and protect) only takes one side of the response call and run with it. This cop never asked her of him there name first hi/ hello how are you today! Is everything ok today! We received a caklnthat there maybe a problem here today of concern! Please assist me with your id and vehicle registration, run the plates, as the people to relax Exposing that he( the cop) was only there to help!!! And explain the call he received . When you treat people the way you want to be treated you get respect and coroperation. When you treat people with disrespect behind half a story you get put on blast!!!! I wonder if the couple were all black or just all white or better yet hispanic, oreintal would the out come had occured would the cops even had showed up!! These people weren’t in the hood of La, they were in a business park. I’m sure not many pimps and prostitutes hang out there in shorts and a t-shirt.

    The world needs to no and understand that you have rights and that right is to request for the first or head Sergent to be present on the sceen when your not comfortable with a police officer’s demeanor…

  • http://facebook lovette

    Its really getting old that by now these cops can’t read character, and that they are not more educated. It should be manditory that Every police officer get a certificat or degree in sociology or phychology to be in the force. Ilthe laws for the police force needs to be mandated and revamp, this world is changing and the police forces will need to have levels of force, when to take action when to shoot, when to shoot to kill, when people are minding there own business is not a broken policy the police force needs state mandated state to state handed down by the supreme courts.

  • CNN Racist woman like USA

    CNN woman was playing the Police game of Racist-Profiling. really sad and … disgusting to see her constant and irritating “false-polite” talk, always trying to be “impartial” in this clear racial profiling and intrusive Police intervention.

    Fvck that Police, fvck this constant Police double-standard, fvck all this BS Police-doing-is-job, fvck the Police-State of fear….

    what make my blood boiled was the Police saying :

    “….. Yes i think i have more power than you ” …. WHAT A FVCK ???? NOW THE POLICE HAVE MORE POWER THAN A PEOPLE ???? BECAUSE WHAT …. HIS GUN????

    …… What a fvck are this Police think he is, the Cowboy-Sheriff in the 1800 year.

    She was lucky not be shot and be another “Police-kill-handcuffed-woman”

    The Police is a dumb ARROGANT RACIST and must be KICK OUT OF THE POLICE FARCE .

    I´m glad i´m not living in a country like USA….. There are too many people with more power than others…… in this case the idiot was a Racist with a Gun….in the end She was lucky

  • Nicolas

    @lovette. One of the factors why this woman was detained was because she refused to give her name right from the beginning. The supervisor talking on the audio was called to the scene later. As stated in numerous news stories on this, the first responding officers asked them both for ID. She refused and walked away. He complied.

    The second statement you made is awesome! You talk about cops getting educated when you clearly can’t spell or structure a sentence properly. I don’t even understand the last run-on sentence you wrote. Why don’t you take your own advise and educate yourself before you make ridiculous comments on a topic you know nothing about.

    Here’s you statement! Notice the misspelled words are underlined in red.
    Lovette’s brilliant words of wisdom for Law Enforcement!
    Its really getting old that by now these cops can’t read character, and that they are not more educated. It should be manditory that Every police officer get a certificat or degree in sociology or phychology to be in the force. Ilthe laws for the police force needs to be mandated and revamp, this world is changing and the police forces will need to have levels of force, when to take action when to shoot, when to shoot to kill, when people are minding there own business is not a broken policy the police force needs state mandated state to state handed down by the supreme courts.

  • @idiot

    @Nicolas: grammar police are worse than police pigs! Misspelled word or not her point still remains idiot! This Daniele Watts was beautiful! I’m on your side Girl! Speak the truth to the world!!! So proud of her!! Word of Advice to Police: You DON’T have more power than people! That’s the problem with these coppers!! I hope more and more stuff like this comes to light in the media! We’re gonna blaze it up!!!!

  • Truth

    @CNN Racist woman like USA: STFU you uneducated moron….we don’t care about your opinion in the US. Don’t like it? Then don’t come to our country or our websites, or the internet for that matter since we invented it. Also, get rid of your cellphone and the PC or tablet you are typing on. The “racist” nation you hate created all of that….plus air travel, space travel….the list goes on.

  • Nicolas

    @idiot. First off, fantastic name and so appropriate for yourself! Your sentence structure however is worse than Lovette. I cannot take anyone seriously who cannot write a proper paragraph. If you have been following up on this story, what has come to light is the recording of her by the responding supervisor. She’s belligerent and stupid with him, and he did his best to explain the stop to her before she pulled the race card. Not quite the poor victim she portrayed herself to be. I won’t even get into the law behind this detention because quite frankly…you won’t understand it. Blaze it up! I’m sure whatever that is will be a productive and exciting endeavor for you.

  • lol

    she thinks she a modern day rosa parks lmao

  • Cops Overreaching

    Here is my problem: technically ANYONE can call the police on ANYONE and say they are suspicious of someone and the Police can then approach you and ask you to ID yourself for doing absolutely nothing wrong. The Police should prove probable cause before asking for an ID. If you are just kissing your boyfriend in a car and a cop shows up for your ID, how would you feel? What proof is there that they did anything wrong in the car?

  • LaCroix

    Everything has become a racial issue nowadays. You are not special or above the law. Someone called in your PDA, which they found to be lewd. Therefore it is the RIGHT for an officer to ask for your ID, or to cite you. Or arrest you if you do not oblige. I mean .. some ppl really think they can do & say anything jusy cus they had 5 minutes in a movie..

  • Sim

    These officers have to deal with so much craziness day in & day out but no one even gives these men credit or the benefit. Their jobs are to uphold the law. The first thing an officer needs to do when he reaches a scene is find out who he is talking to. textbook. He asked her boyfriend cause she was on the phone, he wasn’t being rude to her, he was actually being polite by not telling her to hang up the phone, which technically he can tell her to do. The officer then explained that someone called in a black & white couple, to identify them as that couple. I is that damn racist? It isn’t.

  • Kyle

    I rolled my eyes many times, but in the end I get what she’s trying to do by raising awareness.