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Django Unchained's Daniele Watts Was Allegedly Having Sex in Public - Listen to Police Audio

Django Unchained's Daniele Watts Was Allegedly Having Sex in Public - Listen to Police Audio

The story of Daniele Watts, an African-American actress who appeared in Django Unchained, became a media sensation this weekend after news spread that she was handcuffed by police for making out with her white boyfriend in public.

Now a different version of the story has surfaced and eyewitness reports say that Daniele and her boyfriend were actually having sex in the passenger seat of their car, with the door open, before the cops were called.

When the cops came, they asked to see her ID because someone had called to complain, but Daniele refused to cooperate.

“I have every right to say no and if you’d like to demand it, you can take me down to the court office and I can make a scene about it,” Daniele says. “And you know what? I have a publicist and I work as an actor at [CBS Studios]. If you’d like my ID you can say I am resisting arrest.”

Daniele Watts – Police Audio Part 1

Click inside to listen to the rest of the police audio…

Daniele Watts – Police Audio Part 2

Daniele Watts – Police Audio Part 3

Daniele Watts – Police Audio Part 4
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  • sky

    tell me how does this prove this woman and this man was having sex in her car. This is ridiculous.

  • http://alessandraconte alex

    poor woman,what a kind of sad situation……..

  • just_me

    this doesn’t prove they were having sex, but it does prove that she’s a narcisist. She should have shown her ID and there wouldn’t have been such a major drama.
    I don’t know why things like this happen they just bring on the racial/racist theme. The cops were called, they were just doing their job. Nobody said anything about race but her.
    I bet she loves attention.

  • cops are right

    sorry but cops are right in this situation. They were called and they have a job to do.
    She played the race card first and by the way they ran to TMZ it’s like she was trying to use this to get attention and be a hero.

  • cops are right

    the fact that she went in right away with “I have a publicist ” tells you something too.

  • Shhh

    Just Jared, why the emphases on the fact that she’s Africa-American. The readers aren’t blind. What point are you trying to make?

  • @sky: There were several eyewitnesses because they left the car door open while they were apparently having sex in the car, and these bystanders didn’t know that it was a “celeb.” Next time, get a room.

  • Jay

    I don’t believe this. Because if this were the case she would have been arrested, not released straightaway. Also the police department released a statement about this yesterday, stating they lawfully detained her because she fit the description and when it was clear she wasn’t the prostitute they let her go. So this whole having sex thing, I don’t believe. Because if this were the case I repeat she would have been arrested and the police wouldn’t have had to release statement to cover themselves. Seems like a PR scheme, slander the person in question. Seems to be the M.O in all these cases. God help america.

  • Leni

    Hey Jared, I think you should choose a different picture to go with this story. I heard her on the radio speaking very eloquently about the incident, and this picture gives me an entirely different take on the story. It makes me read her words as crying and hysterical, and she wasn’t at all. You don’t want to unfairly bias people.

  • T

    If she had just shown her ID it wouldn’t have been an issue, she kept digging herself into a deeper hole. I actually felt sorry for the cops who had to deal with something that could’ve taken 5 minutes as they said.

  • Richard

    she said publicist, hence this story.

  • LOL

    Don’t believe this at all…If anyone is caught having sex they would have thrown her in jail straight away. Period. Someone would have filmed them in action as well. They didn’t. This is the PD coming up with a story to smear this balck woman because she dared to speak out against their reaction. Also WHY if they were having sex..was the white male (her husband) NOT arrested. This lie is designed to get picked up and spread like wildfire to discredit her. Racism is alive an well in America.

  • @12

    did you listen to all the videos on tmz? The police don’t need to smear she did a good job on her own.
    Sex or no sex she made the situation 100 times worse by acting that way.

  • CarrieFromBelgium

    @LOL: stop to defend her because she’s black.She’s idiot ,she’s wrong.
    The racism is alive but not in her case.

  • gg

    @#9 – It doesn’t matter how eloquent or ineloquent she is. These pictures go along with the story in question and are absolutely appropriate for the world to see since she’s the one who made an issue out of this incident. What pictures would you want JJ to use – maybe some from her high school yearbook?? “A picture is worth a thousand words” is a motto all of us should remember.

  • Mia

    Exactly , what I wrote yesturaday, no way her and this guy were just kissing , cops don’t get called for two people kissing , they get called for obscene acts, they come investigate , all that this annoying race bating b*tch had to do was give her Id and answer questions like the f–king thousands of people a week who cops stop & question .. But know I’am above the law because I’m black , the liberal media which elected Obama has given blacks this sense of enticement and victimhood , that they just have to yell rascim it shuts down any discussion, non blacks, especially the young better wake this is only going to get worse unless we stop it.

  • francis

    It’s amazing how calm the officer is even when dealing with someone being so difficult. She sounds overly rude and full of herself. I wonder why her BF didn’t do anything to ease and calm her and just let her blab around making a fool of herself. It was clear she’s the one adding shade to the whole thing. She can’t even answer the officer’s questions straight. I’m glad that these recordings surfaced, it does help show the situation as it was.

  • gg

    @#9 – It doesn’t matter how eloquent or ineloquent she is. These pictures go along with the story in question and are absolutely appropriate for the world to see since she’s the one who made an issue out of this incident. What pictures would you want JJ to use – maybe some from her high school yearbook?? “A picture is worth a thousand words” is a motto all of us should remember. I wanted to add that if she had just shown her ID we’d be talking about something else right now.

  • PMT

    She had no obligation to produce any ID. They had no authority to detain her.

  • .

    @Jay: God help America? Get over yourself.

  • no

    @PMT: Nope, if they ask for it, you need to produce it.

  • Paul

    Stupid dumb f–is who post If you don’t answer police questions or give your information and or ID when they have been called and you are at the scene .. They don’t say Ok thanks see you later… They have to arrest and take you to the station, that’s why they prefer you are helpful at the scene.. She should be arrested for wasting police’s time & for being a race hustler .

  • Sarah

    There’s something wrong with her. With HER throwing race card and being so persistent with whole black/white thing makes me think SHE’S the real racist.

    She’s just using this to make her name relevant, in the hopes of booking more acting gigs. Honestly, I am glad these recordings came out.

  • Anne

    Wasn’t doesn’t JJ put the actual truth as a headline story like he did when the initial story came out … Media loves to make every story of blacks crying racism a national story but when the truth comes out that no the black was not a victim but the actual one a fault it gets buried.. Gotta keep the black victimhood going.

  • Sara

    Police should always wear these recording because African Americans think they can just say racism , the media will report it has fact and without the recording too many people who need to believe “blacks are oppressed” victimhood will fall for it to support their own beliefs , look how this ridiculous story become a national story , the same happened last week in La with black firefighter of all people , the recording proved he lied like this weirdo chick.

  • Lies

    So first they were looking for two suspects but NO ARREST because the POLICE FOUND them to be innocent. Now she’s havinf sex and STILL NO ARREST because the police said NO CRIME WAS COMMITED! So what story is it police department?!?! Release of the audio is a smear campaign just like how they release so called footage of “michael brown” robbing a liquor story. If she was sitting on her boyfriends lap maybe people thought she was having sex BUT WASNT! White couple people walk away and leave alone. Interacial couple people notice MORE and call the cops!!! Lies !!!

  • Lies

    Either way ACCORDING TO THE VERY SAME POLICE she was INNOCENT!!! So obviously dummies she WASNT having SEX and wasnt doing anything ILLEGAL. Remember the Bostom Marathon bombing when a black man was running away from the scene like EVERYONE ELSE and eyewitness said the BOMBER was running away from the scene and actaully called CNN!! Through the eyes of certain people certain sets of people look more criminal when doing certain acts. The releasing of the tape is to side track certain dummies like you!!

  • Lies

    And again police said she was INNOCENT so why the handcuffs! For daring to speak to the police in a manner that doesnt reflect her characted in Django!!! She got detain for her WORDS!! She didnt spit on them. She didnt hit them or harm them physically! RACISM is ALIVE AND WELL!!!

  • kami

    i think the minutes the cops showed up that she realized she could get some publicity mileage out of this. many people, including me, never heard of her before. could be she and her husband planned this whole thing? but she ended up making herself look like an idiot. if they were having sex in the car or in some state of undress, whether or not passerbys thought she was a hooker, that is considered lewd conduct–having sex in a public place. couldn’t they find a room or even a bathroom stall somewhere nearby? why in the car with the door open?

  • @dummy

    @kami: they weren’t having sex in a car. Can you read dummy. The racist eye witnesses saw a IR couple kissing in a car and thought they must be having sex and she must be a prostitute. Cops called… If they were having sex which the police determined they were innocent she would have been arrested! BUT SHE WASNT ARRESTED!! Why???? Comprehension not your strong suit. She needs to go ahead and sue the cops!! Not talking like a slave to the cops isnt a reason to get handcuffed!!

  • lol

    @LOL: lol shut up i’m black and i thought the cops are right lol get out of here

  • lol

    @@dummy: and you too shut up you are so idiot

  • Through White Eyes

    Anytime a black person is involved, white peoples imagination tends to get away from them. Trust me, a black woman sitting in a white mans lap has suddenly morphed into hard sex with her ass pumping hard in the air. Let white people tell it.

  • Gemini

    After listening to the tapes and what eyewitnesses stated, this lady has issues. All she had to do was give the cop an ID and be on her way.

  • Oliva

    O she made a scene all right.

  • sky


    Tell me something, have you ever been walking down the street in the light of day or late at nigh (say after 8PM) and cop car just rolls up next to and start asking you questions? I guarantee you have never had that experience. Being BLACK in America this is this woman’s experience and I am sorry to say when this happens to you and YOU ARE BLACK, RACE is the only d**n explanation, this is this woman’s world outside of this fancy CBS neighborhood. Some excuse from the cops about receiving a call 90% of the time, this is BS so I don’t blame her for not offering Up her ID. In some neighborhoods in America offering your Name & ID sometimes means you put are target on yourself for cops to hassle you and harass you for no reason. THIS IS THE REALITY OF BEING BLACK IN AMERICA. So before all of you start calling her stupid or say she has issues, put yourselves in her shoes, I guarantee you that if you were in the same situation, you would have done exactly what this woman did.




    Also I wonder is kim is perceived as a HO because if her sex tep or because of her sex tape with a BLACK man?








    YES she is right.
    Why the cops were called. Cos in the racist white american Man, a black woman is either a prostitute for him but cant be his companion.

    That is extremely sad.

    People is the USA marry in their race because they are either sacred of the others’opinion…..The USA is a racist country despite the muppet Obama you have as a President. That’s a joke. There is no harmony in your country..





  • Enough already

    Black people in America in GO political terms are equivalent to Middle East in the world… That’s what victimhood brings out in culture/societies .. They’re the victims even when they’re the aggressor, they can always blame their problems on outsiders, never look inwards why they culture and people are so behind and backwards and even though violence and criminality are major problems in their cultures somehow it’s their victims fault.. And like the Middle East the more you give their excuses justification the more they demand, until they are the oppressor and everyone underneath them and like the Middle East even if you ignore it they find away to bring you into their sh*t .

  • Kate

    When will people learn, cooperate with the police. Simple request, provide ID when asked. She is not a recognizable star so who would know the difference?

  • Kate

    @RACIST USA as ALWAYS: STFU – first, we do not care who likes or dislikes us as a nation, we do not need anyone’s approval. Second, if everyone hates us, then why is this the only country with a line to get in – always! You sound like an idiot.

  • sky


    Tell me something, did the office ask this couple on the audit tape what they were doing in the car? NO, only after LAPD started getting heat for their stupidity did they make this claim that the witness said they were having sex in the car with the door open. sorry but I am calling BS when I see BS and this is BS from the Police.

  • Name not found

    I saw the movie but cannot figure out who she is.

  • ZIppy deBrain

    She should have excercised her right to not say anything. She is within her rights to refuse to show ID or identify herself until they detain her, where they have to give the reason. Probably cause is not a random phone call unless the phone call is specific enough to identify THEM specifically. (The car, plate number, specific clothing that would make them stand out.) Otherwise an anonymous phone call is ‘probably cause’ for the cops to turn up at your house and arrest everyone just cuz they feel like it.

    Sorry, while I suppose they probably were breaking some law, their threshold for reasonable suspicion and probably cause needs to be much much higher. He said he didn’t bring up race but the REASON he focused on them is because the description they got was a black girl and a white man where she was suspected of being a prostitute. He didn’t look any farther than BLACK GIRL in his investigation.

  • truthspeech

    Stupid coon.

  • Vikki

    I’m gonna call my Daddy. As if, she’s not an adult. Cops don’t want to talk with anyone’s Daddy. If you’re an adult, and someone calls the police for lewd acts in public, then you’re an adult. If you’re saying you’re old enough to have sex in public, whether it be in a car or not, then you’re an adult. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Race? What race? Who cares if you’re black or white, yellow or red in that case. If I had kids in the area and she’s got her legs up over her head in a car–well, let’s just say, I might have called her out on it. She, apparently, thinks she’s above the law. Guilty of being a public nuisance and wasting tax dollars. Get a room.

  • tt


    You’re an idiot. No right to detain her? They get a call they respond they detain they identify they release. Again, you’re an idiot.