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CBS Permanently Pulling Rihanna's Song From Thursday Night Football Intro After She Slammed the Network

CBS Permanently Pulling Rihanna's Song From Thursday Night Football Intro After She Slammed the Network

CBS does not seem happy that Rihanna lashed out at them on Twitter earlier today – they just cut her permanently from the Thursday Night Football intro.

“Beginning this Thursday, we will be moving in a different direction with some elements of our Thursday Night Football open,” CBS Sports said in a statement. “We will be using our newly created ‘Thursday Night Football’ theme music to open our game broadcast.”

In case you missed it, read what Rihanna had to say about “the audacity” of CBS to pull her song last week.

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  • kel

    Don’t mess with CBS.

  • True

    LOL – love it when someone with very average talent makes it big, forgets her humble beginnings and becomes bitchy….only big real true talents like a Steisand can legally pull the diva card and get away with it.

  • I Support Riri

    The NFL is so effed up right now, I don’t blame her one bit for being angry and I’d not want them to use my material anyway, nor be associated with the NFL in any way. Good for her.

  • Lame

    That is so lame of cbs. first they are trying to cover their butt because of something that has NOTHING to do with Rihanna. Then, they are blaming the victim- Rihanna, and shaming her by drawing attention to something she is clearly ready to move past. The world is messed up right now. Corporations rule rather than human decency and respect.

  • CBS is pathetic

    CBS are disgusting, they took her song down, in other words punished her for being a domestic violence victim. And now they act like they are the ones to have a right to be mad. Men logic. I’m happy that she is showing backbone. She doesnt need CBS for her career.

  • Janette

    I don’t understand why they are pulling her performance out in the first place. Why does she have to suffer the consequences of being a domestic violence victim when the people to blame are others. Just because she was a victim doesn’t mean that she has to be singled out like this.

  • jenn21

    Thank you CBS!!!!!!! I love football and can’t stand this auto-tuned, no singing sk*nk. What a mood de-booster.

  • jenn21


    Take that h*e. Thought she had that kinda pull. Epic fail

  • Mandy

    OMG do people in CBS actually have a brain? I dont even ask for a heart, but at least a brain. Have some common sense. Punishing the woman for something a man did? Do they know we live in 2014?

  • essie

    Not a Rihanna fan, but what CBS did was really stupid, they must be run by fools.

  • hmmm

    CBS from men for men. They just dont wanted her on it, so people dont get motivated to talk about domestic violence issues in general, because CBS/NFL is still mad that this video went public. They’re not mad at the guy in the elevator, they’re only mad that he got filmed doing it. Thats why they only kicked him out after everybody could see what a violent trash he is.

  • Just Jared please

    Funny how JJ says Rihanna got pulled out, when everybody could read how Rihanna dropped them and wrote “NO, F*ck you!” CBS. And rightfully so, go ahead protecting violent men till the video comes out, but dont thing everybody is as pathetic as CBS.

  • Jules

    Nearly all women tend to be overly louder when next to a microphone, and I respect that – it’s a higher pitch.
    The Dream Team Scream – Michael Keaton

  • ew cbs

    CBS/NFL a bunch of men protecting violent men till a video comes out and the public gets mad.

  • AJ16

    They didn’t pull her spot the first week because of her being a victim of domestic violence – they pulled it to make time to discuss Ray Rice and to set the tone for that discussion. So, seriously? Get over yourself, b!t@h. You’re not talented and I wish your 15 minutes of fame were already over.

  • Nat

    @True: she’s bitchy because she doesn’t want to be shamed for something that has nothing to do with her? right…

  • CBS is trash

    @AJ16: That makes no sense at all, why would you pull her song out because of that??? If it would be somebody else, somebody who isnt a domestic violence survivor they wouldnt have pulled the song out. So the only reason they pulled her spot out is because she is a domestic violence survivor. And this is just tragic. What happened to her because of what a man did should not be a reason to single her out.

  • BugBarbeque

    Gosh, whatever will she do with her career now? (rolls eyes)

  • GO RIHANNA!!!!


  • Rihanna vs CBS

    Rihanna Wins!!!

  • well

    She could have stated her opinion better than what she did. She’s marginal at singing anyway so CBS and Rihanna just saved the viewers from having to listen to her howl every Thursday night.

  • CBS stinks

    Yes Riri, show this men club that you’re not to punish for something this Ray Rice guy did. They kicked this Ray Rice out not because he beat his girl but because HE GOT FILMED WHILE beating his girl. Violent men get protection and dv survivors get singled out by CBS/NFL.

  • Jim

    Should have been a shoe-in like Tina Turner did for football here among others.

  • blame the victim again

    CBS were wrong wrong wrong – they only pulled the song because she was a victim of abuse so they figured oh no that might be politcally incorrect now. No poliically incorrect is punishing a victim of violence. So NFL of the CBS.

  • blame the victim again

    CBS missed a teachable moment but you know, I guess CBS can now be the victim of less ratings.

    In fact if the NFL keeps covering up for its criminal players, maybe all women and men who love women should stop watching the NFL altogether that’ll be a teachable moment.

    In fact really the salaries of these athletes are so obscene how about fire fighter games instead of NFL. Maybe it is time to adjust all our values.

  • losa

    That’s not why they pulled it. To say they pulled it because she was a dv
    victim is inaccurate. check your facts. She obviously has a huge ego and should think about other people besides herself

  • mike

    the fact is CBS rule the world they own most of the news networks. and they see people as cockroaches step, step, they control USA and it’s government. be carefully what you say

  • Bets

    THANK YOU CBS – we need to depopulate these narcissistic entertainers

  • Tom

    @blame the victim … You’re as stupid as Rihanna it really isn’t even funny, CBS pulled the song because they didn’t want some up beat song intro a serious discussion about domestic violence, as they made clear in their statement and that they would play song the following week … Until Rihanna starts spouting off her stupid thoughts , that were based on nothing more then her need to play the victim.

  • Anna

    Good. the Auto-tuning in her songs is tiring. Maybe they didn’t want a singer who sounds like a computer voice on every song. Plus, She is so saturated in the public with her constant self promotion, half naked pictures, and computer voice..every day….every day…every day…every day….get’s tiring doesn’t it..

  • Avery

    Why would CBS even have picked a song by racist JAyZ, off his meds Kanye and computer voice / stripper Rihanna .. Guess they realized their mistake and jumped ship when Rihanna went all ghetto on them.

  • julia

    how come all u idiots havent noticed the wedding ring jennifer is wearing? hahahahaha….

  • Faithz

    CBS need to grow the F up, and leave Rihanna along, had they kept their mouth shut nobody would have known the difference.

  • Faithz

    Next thing they will be blaming Rihanna for Ray Rice silly a getting married.