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Jennifer Lawrence Says a Powerful Woman Exudes Confidence During New Dior Ad Campaign - Watch Here!

Jennifer Lawrence Says a Powerful Woman Exudes Confidence During New Dior Ad Campaign - Watch Here!

Jennifer Lawrence poses with a powder blue Be Dior handbag in a shot from the new Dior campaign.

The 24-year-old Hunger Games actress looks classically elegant in a black suit and slicked back hair for the shoot.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Lawrence

Dior also released a behind-the-scenes video where we see Jennifer pose with all the different bags and talk about what being a powerful woman means to her.

“A powerful woman is someone who exudes confidence and can be tough but fair and kind,” she says in the interview. “And also knows how to get what she wants.”

Watch the full clip below!

Jennifer Lawrence “Be Dior”
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  • katarina

    she looks retarded. the woman has only one face expression. she looks so dead in her eyes.

  • Jennifer

    She instantly went from 24 to 34 in this campaign.

  • jillian

    Jennifer is a good looking woman but for some reason Dior cannot figure out how to photograph her, the only time I never like her look is in the Dior advertisements. Maybe they do it on purpose to showcase the collection more.

  • whatever

    what a cliche blablabla….

  • jillian


    I agree you said it better then me, Dior always makes her look way older then she is. She is much better looking then these photographs show.

  • Joe


    What is she suppose to say, those type of questions always get canned responses. And I agree with #2 they made her look much older for some dumb reason.

  • Ali

    She has no sense of style and she’s not a good model. Even with the help of her stylist she rarely looks good- her only remarkable stylization was from the Oscars in 2013. That’s it. I know everybody loves her for some reason (maybe those tasteful jokes about OCD, rape or Chaz Bono) but Dior should make their ads only about fashion. I think Marion Cotillard is the best face for Dior. She is also an actress (a really amazing one though) but she always come across so natural both in these ads and on the red carpet.

  • @Ali

    @Ali: who cares about marion and her ego. marion is annoying and self centered and she ain’t no real model. pass.

  • Courtney

    @Ali Wow! Hate much? I think she looks great! For me, I don’t judge a woman based on her style or how she looks. If Jennifer is great with her fans (which she is), basically a good person (which she has proven many times she is), and does not seek attention like most other actresses do, than that makes her more than okay in my book. Okay, she says questionable things sometimes and does put her foot in her mouth a lot, but that could be because of nerves (she said she gets nervous during talk shows and red carpet events) or because of her lack of filter (which she admits to). She apologized to Jesse personally for the OCD remarks, the rape thing was meant for private conversation between her and Cuaron, and just because she says these things doesn’t necessarily mean those are her views. Not all responses are canned either. She answers meaningfully in a lot of her interviews. She has her flaws and admits them, but to me, the good far outweighs the bad.

  • Moi

    Really can’t see what all the fuss is about her. She’s average looking and bland personality. Far better actress’s and far better looking girls in shopping malls. So over rated

  • Sam

    Dior might be high fashion but their clothes are often ugly and make women look stiff and old.

  • Joe


    She comes across as relatable to many people – I don’t mind her she seems funny and spontaneous. I agree she is not a model because she is an actress and a good one, I also agree Fashion Houses should be about fashion but they are just using these ladies names, its clear they play down the ladies features in their ads. Marion is also a good actress and they even play her down as well. Such is the beast of fashion houses, but if I were an actress like the two you talk about I would take the money to pose for some non flattering photos to get paid for not doing much.

  • Frank

    @Ali: Marion who? the clown looking too much makeup idiot who can’t act unless she’s overacts and has a mask on her face?

  • POPO

    this makes her look a little older and mature but very pretty and sweet I like it,

  • Fifa

    @Ali: ” I think Marion Cotillard is the best face for Dior. She is also an actress (a really amazing one though) but she always come across so natural both in these ads and on the red carpet.” this is an ad with jlaw, when there will be an ad with marion, go there and tell her how incredible you think she is. they are different. some people prefer jlaw. get over it!

  • Ali

    @Courtney: Did you read what I wrote? I wouldn’t judge her style if she wasn’t face for Dior. And ” just because she says these things doesn’t necessarily mean those are her views”… Lol. Whose views are they? And why she say “those things” then?
    And because she said something in private conversation and not publicly makes it somehow better?

    @Fifa: I really don’t care who you prefer either. I said Marion Cotillard is a better face of Dior because it’s an “article” about Dior ads. And it’s a public forum when you can express your opinion. But Jaw fans seem not to understand this. It’s not a fansite. I don’t go to her fansites to write that I don’t like her.

  • Ali

    @Joe: Well, it’s hard not ot agree with your point.

  • Fifa

    @Ali: well then public/private conversation we could discuss marion’s 9/11 shocking and heartless statements then….
    By the way, Marion got some work done on her face and sorry, but I do not share your opinion on marion being a better face for Dior, she’s just some other actress and I think she has a very vulgar face.

  • Ali

    @Fifa: Well, I’m aware of what Marion said in the past (some crazy stuff as you said). I just said I think she’s more fashionable, more natural in this way and the according to me, she suits high fashion ads more. I also like her as an actress but I didn’t talk about her personality. I respect the fact that you don’t like her. I don’t like JLaw. Get over it (you words).
    And when it comes to plactic surgeries- who didn’t have them in Hollywood? Probably every actress. Even Lawrence (nose job) so…

  • Alex

    @Fifa: Look at Jennifer’s leaked porn pics and you’ll see what is vulgar! Lol
    No one is more vulgar than the classless chubby-faced with just one facial expression Jennifer Lawrence!

  • Fifa

    @Ali: Sorry, don’t like Marion cotillard, just take a look at her before all those procedures and how she used to look like, you’ll be in shock.
    Cotillard tries to built herself a fake persona and a fake face and boobs…..
    I just dislike liars and people who pretend to be on top of everything or fashionable, they comes across as phony and cold. They are just people.
    So get over it!

  • Moscow

    @Ali: Please, Marion is only getting these supporting boring roles in hollywood, she’s still trying to ride her oscar fame (for which she campaigned like a pig, let’s face it, she’s a famewhooore) but nothing good is coming out of it.
    And marion is getting on people’s nerves with her pr team, trying to sell her when nobody cares.

  • weird marion

    @Alex: go see marion and her early movies, she’s always naked and doing sex scenes. she’s gross and had some pretty weird experience in Cannes before she was ‘taken seriously”. go look her up. she’s a weirdo.

  • zzz

    her face is so off..definitely not Dior material ..yuck!

  • Hmm


    What was vulgar about some naked selfies, actresses go naked all the time in movies and I saw her pictures they were just like if she went naked for a movie role. If those photos are vulgar you have alot to learn about the world. No need to hate.

  • zzz

    @jillian: when you’re ugly you’re’s not the photographer’s fault.

  • Hmm


    Ok go ahead troll and hate but Jennifer is not ugly. She is pretty like tons of other women in this world.

  • Ali

    @Fifa: I don’t have to get over anything because I don’t feel offended by your statements. I thought we have a discussion here? Ok, I understand you don’t like Marion and that you think she’s fake. Once again: I simply stated that I think she’s better at being DIor’s face and she’s a great actress. I don’t know why you’re trying to convince me she’s fake and plastic. As I said before most of the actresses in Hollywood have made up personalities by their PR teams to appeal to the public. And this includes JLaw. She’s no different than others in that business.

  • zzz

    @Hmm: says another ugly girl…only ugly fat girls like her because they can relate to her and makes them feel better about themselves, because let’s face is Jennifer is ugly + fat.

  • weird marion

    @Ali: Listen marion, you and your PR team need to get a life. marion, keep on doing those plastic surgeries to feel better abut yourself and move on.

  • Julie

    @Fifa: The jealous-crazy with multiple monikers obsessed with Marion Cotillard again…
    First, Cotillard never had work done on her face neither on her boobs, just look for the pics of her in the 90′s and you will see that she looks exactly the same, her son looks exactly like her, another proof that you’re wrong! Too bad that you can’t say the same about your idol, cause it’s pretty clear that Jennifer had the help of plastic surgery to change her old wide nose.

  • Dark knight
  • Ali

    @weird marion: Man, you have some serious problems.

  • weird marion

    @Julie: wide nose? even after marion got her nose job her nose is still wide and ugly. and marion has had a lot of procedures. and she’s just a bad actress. sad for you to have such a lame idol isn’t it?
    @Dark knight: LMAO. she’s terrible, so tragic.

  • Fifa

    @Julie: what? you are the one obsessed with her. this is a jlaw thread. You bring her up. so what if marion is not liked? go on a marion thread loser! go there and admire her ugly fat face and fake boobs, bad acting and boring movies; we don’t want her here, is that clear? can you get that into you very thick skull? geez!

  • Ali

    @Dark knight: Lol, ok, I’ve seen that. It’s terrible. She’s better in French movies though.
    But god, I mentioned her name once and then everybody started to comment just on her…

  • Lindy

    She exudes photoshop and lack of style in this ad, I don’t know how Dior could chose someone so tacky, well, after Mila Kunis they chose Jennifer that is much worse. This girl can wear how many fancy clothes she wants, but she still will look like a poor waitress smelling hamburguers.

  • Poppy

    @Fifa: From the comments it seems you bring her up constantly… And what you wrote about Cotillard can be easily applied to Lawrence (ugly fat face- check, bad acting- check, boring movies- check). And please, you’re not an administrator here so stop telling people to get out…

  • Dark knight

    @Ali: she’s not interesting. she’s boring and she’s a very man person. I think she’s not liked at all and marion is annoying to a lot of people you know; just a terrible actress with barely any acting skills. anyway, back to jlaw, I like her, I think she was incredible in silver, and she’s in her early 20s which is pretty surprising.

  • Cuntillard

    @Lindy: Hi Marion! nice to see you came here! How are you?

  • Fifa

    @Poppy: You’re talking about yourself. marion is an old hag already. She smells like a used pusssyyy and she’s a bad actress. go on a marion thread and leave jlaw alone

  • ewwwwwwwww
  • ewwwwwwwww
  • Missy

    @Ali: It’s not “everybody” that started to comment after you, it’s just one person, a crazy Jennifer Lawrence stan that is also a crazy Marion Cotillard hater/stalker. She’s doing here exactly what she does on Cotillard’s threads. It’s better to ignore her or this thread will last until next month only with her hateful comments about Cotillard, and this thread is not even about her.

  • Ali

    @Dark knight: I’ don’t argue with you that this scene was a disaster. I forgot about it. I had a good laugh over it when I first saw it. Cotillard was bland in both Nolan’s movies though. He just doesn’t provide good female characters.
    I have completely other thoughts about JLaw though… She was good in Winter’s Bone…and that’s it. Bland in X-men, undeserved oscar for SLP, terrible in AH.

  • Fifa

    @ewwwwwwwww: never wanna see that again, she looks like a cheap escort with no sense of style.

  • Fifa

    @Missy: you are the one who is crazy about marion, not us. guess what? many people don’t like marion! surprise!
    @Hmm: People in the business know who fame hungry and vicious she is.just smile at her and don’t feed her enormous ego. she’s hated in france because she has no talent and dry humps people for awards. she’s a big time hypocrite and it’s a well known fact in the business, don’t worry, she’s a lame actress anyway and not well known except for her clown role.

  • Claire

    This “Fifa” is also trolling other actresses threads like Lupita Nyongo’s and Shailene Woodley’s threads under different names, she always brings Jennifer Lawrence to show how “superior” she is.

  • Fifa

    @Claire: what? no. nice try idiot. your lies are not working. Marion, stop drinking an smoking joints, it’s bad for your little brain.

  • John

    Love jen! cute video, she looks so shy!
    She looks more low profile in this vid.
    even if she’s classy and beautiful, she’s still not showing off. I like that about her, and I love her interviews.