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Katie Holmes Wears Her LBD for 'DuJour' Cover Celebration

Katie Holmes Wears Her LBD for 'DuJour' Cover Celebration

Katie Holmes hits the carpet while attending the DuJour Magazine Fall Cover Launch on Tuesday evening (September 16) at the PHD Rooftop Lounge at Dream Downtown in New York City.

The 35-year-old actress was joined at the event by DuJour‘s Jason Binn and entrepreneur Gideon Kimbrell, who just launched his nightlife concierge app

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Make sure to check out the sexy photo shoot and Katie‘s interview for the DuJour issue if you haven’t seen it yet!

FYI: Katie is wearing an Alaia dress.

25+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes at the celebration…

Just Jared on Facebook
katie holmes dujour cover celebration 01
katie holmes dujour cover celebration 02
katie holmes dujour cover celebration 03
katie holmes dujour cover celebration 04
katie holmes dujour cover celebration 05
katie holmes dujour cover celebration 06
katie holmes dujour cover celebration 07
katie holmes dujour cover celebration 08
katie holmes dujour cover celebration 09
katie holmes dujour cover celebration 10
katie holmes dujour cover celebration 11
katie holmes dujour cover celebration 12
katie holmes dujour cover celebration 13
katie holmes dujour cover celebration 14
katie holmes dujour cover celebration 15
katie holmes dujour cover celebration 16
katie holmes dujour cover celebration 17
katie holmes dujour cover celebration 18
katie holmes dujour cover celebration 19
katie holmes dujour cover celebration 20
katie holmes dujour cover celebration 21
katie holmes dujour cover celebration 22
katie holmes dujour cover celebration 23
katie holmes dujour cover celebration 24
katie holmes dujour cover celebration 25
katie holmes dujour cover celebration 26
katie holmes dujour cover celebration 27

Credit: Aurora Rose; Photos: Starpix/Just Jared
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  • kelly

    Katie looks pretty in this pic. I love the hair and the dress.

  • Mary

    Oh, Katie. Her hair looks shiny, so that’s nice, but the black eye-liner is not flattering and the dress doesn’t quite work. For someone who loves fashion, she never quite nails it. This dress is doing funny things to her lower half, and I detest the shoe choice. I’m still waiting for her to look as good as she did when she first married Tom (I know, I know, no one wants her to go back there, but she had some style going there for awhile!)

  • bap

    Katie needs to learn to pose correctly. Katie has an off balance look.

  • Arlene

    She still has that glazed over look in her eyes. Is she still undergoing the Scientology deprogramming?

  • Meg

    @bap: Was she this awkward looking on the red carpet with Tom?

  • Briana

    For the love of Xenu give it a rest already. She is trying desperately to make herself happen recently.The push is too obvious and desperate looking.
    Mary, you are right she never gets clothes right and it’s odd for someone who thought she knew something about fashion. What I also don’t get is her make up. It almost always has a day old look about it. Maybe it’s just her skin tone. idk.

  • @4alrene

    To me they don’t look glazed but more sad. All celebs can fake smile at events but the eyes give it away.

  • Sean

    She isn’t aging very well, is she? The face is falling and looks droopy.

  • Danelle

    Katie has a lot of projects coming up that require time in NY, so maybe the move to Cali could have waited. Not sure if Suri is still at the Avenues school in NY, but for right now during the promotion of Katie’s up coming projects they may be spending the majority of their time there.
    As for Katie’s look in these pictures I feel she is at least consistent – stance or posture is usually awkward, half smile or smirk, and either her make-up will be good or her dress/clothes, but not both at the same time.

  • caryn

    I’m sorry, but she looks absolutely dreadful in these pics. The eye make up is terrible! The dress is horribly unflattering and the shoes are awful. For someone who brags about her fashion sense this look totally defies any logic. The make up makes her look older and harsh. The dress is very unflattering and accentuates her thick legs. The shoes are not flattering either. And personally I’d not want to promote this photo shoot–it was truly a dreadful one and made her look stiff, awkward and not at all fashionable.

  • Mia

    Spot on about the big legs. Check out the Daily Mail for more pictures. I swear her legs are so beat up it looks like she feel down the stairs in some of them. Bruises, scratches, marks, I don’t know what they are.

  • K-Flop’s Team
  • K-Flop’s Team

    Adam Schweitzer (Agent) –


  • Nathan

    God I’m telling you guys Katie just keeps getting Hotter with age she looks so sexy in these pics geat legs and such a beautiful face.

  • K-Flop’s Team
  • K-Flop’s Team
  • K-Flop’s Team

    James Dolan (?) –

    Looks like most of the Team was present, except for few or maybe those pics are still coming.

    ***JJ doesn’t allow multiple links in a single post, thus my entries :-)

  • K-Flop’s – Limited Release

    In other K-Flop upcoming project news, the limited release of ‘Days and Nights’ seems (so far) to be limited to a theatre in New York and VOD –

    Is Miss Meadows doing the same limited 1 theatre release and VOD route?

    2014 the Year of K-Flop? Not so much.

    On to 2015…..more of the same?

  • Good Question

    @K-Flop’s – Limited Release:
    Good Question K-Flop. What does she even have lined up for 2015?
    Will the directing gig be out that soon if it even gets made?
    I was channel surfing the other night and saw the hair care product on qvc. Not sure if it’s been on that show long or not or if that will be a good thing. I know qvc takes almost half the sale and then she is only co-owner and so many other fees. It’s hard to tell how that is really doing though.

  • Nathan

    Katie has the best hair it’s so thick and shiny super sexy.

  • K-Flop’s – Access Hollywood

    Hmmm, Access Hollywood asks Katie about her move to California and her Directorial debut, but instead of definite response she gives the following…

    “I’m kind of everywhere”…? … so that big house in Calabasas is a vacation home?

    Directorial debut? – “We’re very early in the process” …so no 2015 release?

  • Just a Comment

    Katie does not really commit to moving to California nor the directorial debut. She injects that she is “here in my apartment” so she wants the public to know she is still living in New York but doesn’t say I’ll be biocoastal. Whatever. Whereever she lives buying a home at $3.6 million was a good investment. I still think she bought that home with the intention of getting a television role in a studio that will film in California. But after so many flops she doesn’t want it to appear like “add one more flop to her resume” so its better to keep a lid on her future plans. It seems like the recent posts on Just Jared are of Katie making appearances here and there but nothing substantial. JJ was also the LAST site to announce that she had purchased a home in California. Could be this Just Jared thread on Katie be linked to Leslie Sloane (Katie’s publicists). Because they were not exactly in a hurry to announce Katie’s move to California. What is becoming clear is that Katie knows she has to appear happy and enthusiastic and not desperate about her upcoming projects even though afterward they don’t do very well. As she said she is already having fun with this project that is rumored to be her directorial debut. I kinda feel she’s going to BACK OUT of directing this project. She can’t go to bat too many times and keep striking out. Yes we all have a different definition of success but most of you know exactly what I mean. No, I am not a hater I am simply giving my opinion which you can read or not if you choose. I don’t like the black eyeliner on Katie. She looks tired in these pictures. She probably just flew into New York. Its a 5 hour flight from Los Angeles and its tiring. Good luck to her and Suri. Glad we are not seeing Suri in these pictures. But sooner or later she will surface on one of these celebrity sites and that will give us an idea of where they are based out of, New York or Los Angeles.

  • Just a Comment

    When I saw the pictures of Katie in this magazine Dujour, I didn’t like them. They are awkward and just like the interviewer questioned Katie about that photo with the paperplate with a funny face, WHY do that? Somehow Katie seems to have people around her that do these stupid things that they think the picture will look cool or fun. The picture would have looked better without the paper plate. The cover would have looked better with Katie sitting a different way with her legs. And don’t get me started on that picture where it looks like she wants to flip over backward. Those pictures looked dumb. Katie is somehow mostly missing the mark including in photo shoots. Good luck.

  • Just a Comment

    This is the entertainment industry and its a world of illusion. Katie used to be part of TOMKAT and now she’s flying solo. But the public is smarter than they think. Look at Beyonce and JayZ. They try to sell their marriage as a charmed, perfect marriage until Solange beat down Jay Z in the elevator. I still predict they will divorce in the future. Too many financial commitments in play to call it quits right now. Now Katie wants to appear like she’s having fun and she’s happy. More power to her, she’s entiled to sell her image the way she wants. However, in the entertainment industry its also a numbers game. At some point you have to bring $$$ to the table. And of course people rise and fall publicly. Good luck.

  • HA

    @K-Flop’s – Access Hollywood:
    yeah, probably just like “Molly” was very early in the process.

  • DTBH

    @K-Flop’s Team: the other girl should of “stepped in”=:@

  • Free at Last

    1. Pigeon-toe is not sexy, only shows how insecure KHo feels about her legs.
    2. Her ‘directional’ debut in the early stage, LMAO! I recall how Tom Cruise gushed about KHo showed him the script she wrote on the side without alerting anybody at the eve of her filing to divorce him.
    Hmmm, nobody buys Molly yet?
    Yet she turned around to buy the option of another single mother story as her directional debut.
    Here and there, this and that, Jack of all trades.
    Like a rolling stone….

  • Lorissa

    This one thinks she can be like Nicole Kidman and go on to have a great career post Cruise. Ain’t gonna happen if it hasn’t happened yet. Sorry Katie, but Nicole has talent and can’t make it on her own merits without being linked to a man.

  • Lorissa

    Meant to be CAN make it on her own merits . Not can’t.

  • @Lorissa

    I doubt that Katie would want to trade places with Nicole Kidman. Nicole may have made it out of the marriage with a great career and a ton of money but lost her children in the process. I wonder if her older children will even attend their grandfather’s funeral? Connor sure doesn’t seem to be in a rush to be by his mother’s side. He was still spotted vacationing in Morocco this week.

    Also at least Katie can move on with her life w/out constantly yapping about her ex.

  • @30

    Katie doesn’t yap but she has her friends and “sources” do it for her. At least Nicole does it herself.

  • @31

    When was the last time you saw an article about Tom that appeared to be from Katie’s camp? Obviously BOTH Tom and Katie leaked their side of the story to the press during the divorce. But she isn’t milking the divorce out for years like a lot of hollywood ex-wives do. I respect her for that.

  • @32

    There are plenty of people who would disagree with that and think she used Suri then and still uses Suri to remind people of her divorce/marriage. Many photos look set up and obvious.
    She doesn’t have to use words to get her point across.

  • @33

    Alrighty then. Agree to disagree. It does seem kinda silly to me though that she can’t be seen with her own daughter w/out some people assuming that she’s trying to remind them of her ex. Maybe is she did a photo-op at a church or something, I would get it, otherwise I don’t think so.

  • cari


    There is a difference between Tom and Katie and Nicole in interviews. Both Tom and Katie bring a list of what they can’t be asked about. Nicole goes into interviews clean–no list. She either will answer a question or she will refuse to answer it. I think part of the reason Nicole answers as she does is so that Bella and Connor never read anything negative coming from her about their dad which is far more mature than so many of these Hollywood types who bash each other constantly in the media.

  • Orange Poppy

    Oh there is no doubt in my mind that Katie uses her child.
    Check out these Daily Mail shots from a few months back.
    Anyone who thinks she is not bending down to get in the same shot as her child for the pap is in denial.
    No one has to walk down like that for any other reason.
    The fan excuse at the time was that she needed to comfort Suri but not only is that not what is going on in the pictures but Suri looks fine here.

  • @cari

    I don’t really care whether Nicole talks about Tom or not. I just thought it was kinda ironic that she was praised for “not needing to be linked to a man” while Katie was criticized. Meanwhile, Nicole is the one who is constantly him.

  • sabrina

    These pictures of her are not flattering at all. Don’t know if it is a botched make up job or the lighting, but she looks harsh, older and just plain rough.

  • annie

    gorgeous pics over at getty images.

  • Lacey

    Katie looks amazing. Her hair is perfect. Shiny and lovely. I think her makeup is spot on as well. Also love her Alaia dress. It’s youthful and sexy without being trashy. It’s very New York, which is perfect. How anyone can say her legs are “fat” or “huge” is beyond me. I’d like to see a pic of the women saying that. LMAO.

    Somebody said she may have bought a house in LA so she can get a TV series. I think that would be an awesome idea. IF that’s the case, she’s probably doing that because of Suri. With a TV show, she wouldn’t need to travel and she can be home every nite with her daughter while still making a great income. Makes complete sense to me as a Mother. That’s unlike TC who doesn’t seem to have time for his own child. He’s never seen with her. Ever.

  • Nathan

    The Dailymail article of Katie Holmes at this event has 103 comments and almost all of them say how great and beautiful Katie looks. I would say she is still very popular and very well liked. :)

  • Sondra

    I was about to report the same Nathan. Just about everybody everywhere but this terrible place think Katie looks amazing. She does!! I hate that people make fun of the way she poses. You can see her legs bend back which is unusual and her feet turn in. Thats not her fault anymore than her eye color is! She was born that way. You have to be a real special kinda biotchy to call somebody out for that. Also some keep saying The giver flopped because of her. First it didnt flop and second if it did it isnt because of her. Also if she gets hired for an indie and it has problems getting a distributor, its not her fault either esp when she only has a supporting role. I think y’all wanna see her fail which is kinda sick. I think she’s doing great. She’s not a list but she’s a bunch more sucessful than most. Probably way more successful than anybody here thats for sure.

  • tania

    Lurv the Alaia dress and her hair. She looks great.

  • Deana

    She has good days and bad days on the Daily Mail. Today most were positive saying she looked good. When it comes to her acting even the ones that like her there don’t say she is a good actress but only that they find her pretty.
    Not many of the blogs even ran the pictures except for US Weekly and that only had a handful of comments. So while it is true that it was a better response then normal on the Mail site it doesn’t mean “only Jared posters” don’t tend to like her, it wasn’t like all the others did because they weren’t even posted.
    When it’s times like the Met or anything else when most the popular blogs run something I find it’s usually ‘meh’.

  • Warren

    @Just a Comment:

    Her publicist, ALREaDY confirmed she will be Bi costal. Your whole point doomed. Funny how our perceptions seem reality to us, just as funny that you spend the time for an in depth negatively oriented analysis of sth you now nothing about.

  • everybody loves katie

    since it is only JJ that house katie holmes critics, hopefully ‘everyone everywhere’ [else] will support her next projects to keep her in relevant.

    it’s amazing how so many people think katie is wonderful actress and looks beautiful, but where’s the evidence? repping for any major designer (clothes, bags, eyewear, etc), successful films?

    who saw ‘the giver’? if they did, was it because of katie holmes? where is the evidence katie can’t float a film on her name alone?

    where are the numbers? what are the numbers? anyone know? or it doesn’t matter because it’s katie holmes and just posting comments is enough to show she is in demand by the public?

  • Tolola

    Love her. Absolutely love her. There are so many reasons to like her¡ screw the JJ haters…..always the same in here. Wake up¡ your campaign is not working. Wondering why some users come to every single KH post to trash her, it is scary really. Either you are obssesd in a very bad way or I will need to start believing that ou are in COS or Tom PR team payroll. That would maje more sense at least, why spend so much time to post this in depth analysis of her projects, numbers, and so on¿ this k flop person amongst others, is always, always posting on KH. We get IT¡ you dont like her, why spend soo much time in her¿ or putting her or her projects down¿ one time, i get IT, two times, even a few, but your case is full dedication man, full time.

  • Nathan


    Yeah but if Katie is old ugly with fat legs like her critics say on JJ then she would never have “good days”. I think the truth is Katie Holmes looks amazing and not just for 35 she looks amazing for any age she is way hotter than the 20 something actress’s that are trying to take her place. Katie will be around in Hollywood for many years to come. she is the best. :)

  • nailed it

    @everybody loves katie:
    You Nailed It!
    I like Nathan and he seems like a nice guy but if Katie really is so talented her career would reflect it. No one who is honest thinks she really wants to do bit roles here and there. Not just “not in demand” for the public but in Hollywood either.
    As for her beauty we know she isn’t shy about doing endorsements and we know the Bobbie Brown job didn’t work out. So why not something else?
    Where is the career proof of her popularity or talent?

  • JJ’s # 1 Katie Holmes critic


    Stupid reverse psychology.

    Oooooh, you must be a Scientologist to keep posting critical comments about Katie Holmes.

    “Only Scientologist” think Katie is subpar actress with limited range (Joey Potter), and no screen presence/appeal. That’s BS.

    The Bush “you’re either with us or against us” campaign that Katie Holmes supports are trying to wage by lumping critics in the “you must be a Scientologist” not fazing us here at JJ.

    The labeling is old and tired, pretty much like your girl Katie’s acting and attempts at acting.