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Jennifer Lawrence Leaves Chris Martin's Place, Shares Inspiring Quote After Nude Photo Hack

Jennifer Lawrence Leaves Chris Martin's Place, Shares Inspiring Quote After Nude Photo Hack

Jennifer Lawrence emerges from her rumored boyfriend Chris Martin‘s beach house on Sunday (September 14) in Malibu, Calif.

These are the first photographs of the 24-year-old Oscar winning actress since the nude photo hack took place.

It looks like Jennifer is trying to keep optimistic about the whole situation – she sported a shirt with a very inspiring Roald Dahl quote emblazoned on the front.

“If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely,” the quote read.

In case you missed it, check out Jennifer‘s new Dior campaign pictures – she looks stunning!

FYI: Jennifer is wearing the Levi‘s 501 Cut-Offs and carrying the Elizabeth and James Cynnie Sling.

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Photos: FameFlynet
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  • GFW

    This is so obvious, and expected, as the musical influence rolls out in her ‘new’ look.

  • Sleepyhead


  • Fercat

    There you go. Put it on a Tee shirt. Easier to read.

    I like the look. It’s simple basic get up. Doesn’t look like it went through a stylist even though it probably did.

  • pup

    How do you guys even know it was his place? Shady as hell. . .

  • Lauren901

    Does Chris live in a parking lot area in Malibu?

  • Bismark

    She sure moved on fast from Nicholas… But again, who cares…? It’s Chris fricking Martin!!!

  • Fercat

    I want ‘JenniRis’ to happen. Though I know some would prefer MartinLawrence.

  • Well done Jennifer!


    I second that! As Mockingjay approaches..she rules! So take that y’all!

  • @5

    LOL good eye.
    that isn’t his place.
    I don’t know what to believe anymore.

  • age

    She is so hypocrite. I’m sure she said Cooper is too old. But Martin is not old for her? So dumb. That girly man doesn’t deserve anything better.

  • Spencer

    She emerges from Chris’ beach house in Malibu? I didn’t know Chris lived at the Point Dume Village. Because that’s where the pictures where taken.
    Chris lives like 5 minutes away (by car) from that place.

  • its REAL

    this pics are exclusively bought by POPSUGAR and in their website they havent talked about the date when they took the pics so how this parrot ( fukcing just jared ) come to know about the date and how the hell it knows that she was coming from his malibu beach house and this parrot website is so sure then why it is contradicting it self by saying chris martin as his RUMOURED boyfreind this fukcing website gossip site doesnt know which way to go

  • Courtney

    Uh, JJ, she was coming out of a store in Malibu according to Popsugar. I’m sure Chris’s beach house doesn’t have a parking lot. Nice try, though.

  • age

    @Fercat: Are you retar…. You want what? JenniRis? I think you want a life. That’s what you need.

  • Ty

    PR fail.

    She needs to go away. She can take Chris and Goopy with her.

    #10 That excuse was always BS. Bradley Cooper’s beard is the same age or younger than Lawrence.

  • Emme

    @age: Actually, it was Bradley Cooper who said that he could be her dad and if it was going to happen, it would’ve happened already. But nothing happened. I didn’t hear her say anything about his age but if she did, it would’ve been played off of his comment. He’s dating someone younger than her so age obviously doesn’t matter to him.

  • Moi

    Well she needs to practice what she preaches then the miserable faced git. Can’t see what the fuss is about her. So over rated

  • its REAL

    @spencer you are such a genius so you guessed she is coming from CM malibu beach house after one night stand which is 5 min drive away from that market but you forgot one thing that her home in santa monica is 17 min drive away from malibu and she was gone to store for shopping so just stop using your brilliant mind and SHUT THE FUKC UP!

  • Courtney

    @its REAL It does sound like Just Jared is twisting the facts. Like you said, popsugar didn’t know when the date was and they were taken at some point last week. Sunday the 14th would be the beginning of THIS week. She may have gone to Malibu just for the heck of it. Besides, Chris was photographed that Sunday at a restaurant in Brentwood. So JJ’s churning up the BS pool. No other tabs have reported what JJ is saying, so it’s just them.

  • Ally p

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  • Ally p

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  • Spencer

    @its REAL, well that was rude. I’ve made no mention of a one night stand. She could have been in Malibu to spend time with Chris (a guy she might have been dating for quite some time now), or she could have been there for other reasons. There’s no proof of anything at this point part from that she went to the store and then left. And regarding her Santa Monica condo, she’s not lived there since before awards season 2013. She said herself that it was no longer a safe place to stay and that she rented a house up in the Hollywood Hills while she was stuck in LA for those months. And even if she had lived in Santa Monica still, I’m sure there are stores that are a lot closer than all the way out in Malibu, especially since it seemed to be a very minor shopping trip. No need to be so nasty.

  • btcha

    Was she going to hide to Chris that she did blow jobs?? LOL

  • http://alessandraconte alex

    sorry, but in the world business,sorry in the show business,this things happened always.and before or later gwyneth will be a woman like many other woman in the rest of the world.

  • Elena

    I feel bad for this poor girl. Between the iCloud hack of her personal photos and dating Chris Martin, she is having a rough time of it lately. I hope her sky brightens and she finds a real man.

  • LOL

    Lol!!! Hahhaha what a bunch off bull JJ. This pr strategy to keep
    Her in the press is ridicules. They have had several so called
    Dates in very public places and no one seen them? No pics? Lol
    Hahah and this was not her leaving Chris house this was her hanging in Malibu for some shopping.

  • effy

    I hope they are not dating. He seems like he’d be such a boring hipster. Plus dating Gwens ex would be awful.

  • Diana

    The news about this “relationship” everyday on this site is a fail PR stunt to make people forget about her casting couch photos. LOL

  • pah-lease

    @Courtney I guess with this story, JJ now expects us to believe Martin spent the day with Paltrow and kids on Sat. in Santa Monica (according to People), then had Lawrence overnight, then kicked her out the door so he could go to a restaurant in Brentwood on Sun.

    Why didn’t Lawrence go with Martin? Why is she seen in Malibu all alone and not walking around with him? If they’re supposed to be so “public” with this “relationship”, then why aren’t they doing things (restaurant, walking around Malibu) and being photorgraphed together?

    Oh, that’s right. They don’t do anything together unless it’s someplace where only the “source” sees them and doesn’t take pics. Can’t have them seen together anywhere pics could be taken of them. That’s too “public” for this “relationship” that’s supposedly gone so “public” since last week!

  • jujubee

    What is this? A bad hair day. Why does this white sl.ut have on a hat with shorts on a hot day. Weird.

  • jujubee

    And she older than 24.

  • btcha

    How does she have that perfect skin?? LOL

  • Lee

    She is so perfect….

  • Deni

    Chris Martin not lives in Malibu…maybe he have a home in Malibu..but he lives close to Santa Monica. The day after that he returned in LA (sunday 7th) he was alone at beach in Santa Monica in the morning..and sunday 14th he was alone in Santa Monica for lunch. If he lives in Malibu..would go to the beach in Malibu,and lunch would have bought in Malibu,not in Santa Monica. In any case he was not in Malibu at the beginning of last week..and the last week-end he was in Santa Monica,with family and alone. Popsugar never said the date of this,how does the parrot Just Jared to know?? I think that this photos are on saturday 13th. Then,this not a story of “People”,but it’s a story of x17online reported 6 days ago..and other minor tabloids reported 10 days ago…this story is old and is 100% false!! I think that CM lives close to Santa Monica to be closer to his kids..i don’t know,but it seems to me that Malibu is not so close to Santa Monica.

  • its REAL

    the entire tabloid world is TOTALLY FUKCED UP WITH THIS FAKE ROMANCE jj is telling the pics taken on 14th and she is there in chris beach house E!ONLINE SAYS she was there last sunday for shopping no mention of chris and his beach house hoping it will come up with some bull shittt story in few days and now DAILYMAIL ONLINE says this pics were taken on 10th september near chris beach house in an upmarket town .different tabloid diff stories these MOTHERFUKCER have their own sources and insider they dont know what to do .the original website POPSUGAR who provided these pics havent disclosed the exact date so these tabloid are putting SHITT in each others ears and even the PARROT ( JUST JARED ) is shitting in its pants

  • Deni

    @its REAL AHAHAHAHAH the 10th september Chris Martin was in Minnesota!!! AHAHAHAH and the day before was in Cupertino AHAHAHAH…and saturday evening he was with family at dinner in Santa Monica..may not have been with Jennifer in Malibu. The tabloids are ignorant ahahahahahah

  • Spencer

    Chris might’ve been hanging out a lot in Santa Monica, or well Brentwood really, because Gwyneth lives in Brentwood with the kids and we know he’s been spending a lot of time with them. According to reports he’s staying at the house in Malibu that him and Gwyneth bought not long before they announced their split, and that she’s staying at the house they shared in Brentwood. As far as I know there’s been nothing saying he’s bought/is renting a new property in Santa Monica/Brentwood. Him being in that area isn’t strange since his kids are there. It’s not far enough to get from Malibu to his old house in Brentwood that it would be necessary to buy yet another house. It only takes roughly 30 minutes to get from his place in Malibu to Brentwood, depending on traffic.

  • Deni

    @Spencer if this Malibu’s home he bought it with Gwyneth..then,don’t worry..he not spends time there with Jennifer!! Why it seems obvious. And repeat,if he lives to 30 minutes from Santa Monica/Brentwood,he do not buy there the lunch..but buy it in Malibu!

  • its REAL

    @ spencer if i believe what you are saying then he is living in malibu and everything is available there whatever you need then why chris is always spotted in santa monica whether its grocery shopping , dinner with his family ,lunch with his kids ,or who the hell go alone for lunch in santa monica if he is alone which he was in sunday then he should have lunch in malibu ,he even spotted on a santa monica beach not in malibu beach when he is lives in malibu then why he goes for each and every thing in santa monic from pissing to shitting in his pants and according to e online he is there with his coldplay band member so he was fukcing jenifer on saturday night in front of their band mates .WHAT A DIKC

  • Chuck Taylor Freak

    Awesome quote! Nude photos or not, I still love her!

  • Spencer

    @Deni, why wouldn’t he spend time there with Jennifer? It’s his house. Gwyneth doesn’t live there. It was bought right before they announced the split, so it’s possible that they bought it with the intuition that Chris would live there, since she would remain in their Brentwood home.
    As for the lunch, maybe he spent time with the kids Sunday and him being seen in Brentwood picking up lunch, that could have been to take with him back to Gwyneth’s house. Nothing odd with that.

    @its REAL, again, we know he’s spending a lot of time with his kids and with Gwyneth. Him being in that area, whether it’s to go to lunch or the grocery store or anything like that, it’s nothing strange in my opinion. There’s been nothing saying he’s living in Santa Monica, but there have been reports saying he’s staying in Malibu, even though he’s in the Brentwood area a lot due to the kids. And just because you live in Malibu does not mean you’re tied to that area. He’s barely been in Los Angeles these past few months, party from short visits, until now when his kids started school, so it’s not weird that we haven’t seen him out and about in Malibu, especially if he’s spending the time he can with the young ones. Just because we don’t see him out and about in Malibu doesn’t mean he’s not staying there.
    And what the heck are you going on about with Chris hooking up with Jennifer in front of his band mates? You do know it’s possible for people to hang out without having sex 24/7 right? They could have been at CM to celebrate his bandmates birthday and he brought Jennifer along as his date. Nothing weird about that. Doesn’t make him a bad person.

  • Gypsy

    People calm down, it’s really simple, it’s the “law of celebrity-dom” –
    1. If two now in the news celebrities are ever photographed in the same zip code – they are a couple.
    2. I they are in the same phone area code they are – cheating on their spouses.
    3. If they are outside the USA and in the same country it’s – a secret sex party meet-up.

    It’s one of Einstein forgotten rules.

  • Zoee


  • Deni

    @Spencer See what you say? If he was with kids in Santa Monica,sunday…see that he could not be with Jennifer in Malibu? He was also with family saturday evening in Santa Monica. It is evident that all this story are fake…so evident. And i repeat,this story is out from 10 not a story of not a story of E! not a story of Just Jared! We are not idiots..we look at facts. If,at least one of this story had sense..we would not be so sure! ;)

  • icecream

    Ack, I like her, I like her films but I just cannot get behind her dating Chris Martin.

    I know, it’s none of my business, if they’re happy, who cares? But meh to this pairing. Truly ugh. Hopefully a youthful fling on her part & a post-divorce (“conscious uncoupling” if you’re GOOP) bit of fun on his part & we can all move on & pretend this never happened.

  • icecream

    That said, I hope the media all troll both of them when they’re next out promoting (Hunger Games for her, his next album presumably) & just ask them continiuously about their relationship. Can even do it with a bit of nudge-nudge-wink-wink…”what’s your favourite Coldplay song?” “Any conscious coupling going on in your life right now?”

    Sadly PR people will probably shut down that fun.

  • icecream

    Also I’m side-eying Goop & CM for how often we now see them papped together since their split. He would literally run away from her while married if there were photographers around, they both refused to walk red carpets together, rarely talked about each other publically, it was part of their “thing”. Now they split & boom we see them more often than any other time in the decade they were together. Reeks of PR control, image spin & management (look how great we get on, look how great we are with our kids post-split etc etc). It’s selling that “conscious uncoupling” idea & it’s beyond obvious to me, even if they do legit get on still, why all of a sudden paps can find them?

  • Spencer

    @Deni, I’m not denying that he was in Brentwood Sunday and that it could possibly be because he was spending time with his kids. But that doesn’t mean he was there all day. Him and Jennifer could have spent Saturday evening at his house in Malibu, she stayed there while he went to spend some time with his kids Sunday and then returned to Malibu later that day. Anything is possible.

  • Courtney

    @Spencer But no one knows exactly when those pictures were taken. E! and Just Jared say Sunday, some others say Wednesday. Popsugar didn’t know the exact date and even when E posted this story, they made no allegations to the Chris Martin’s house part, which is surprising, given that they’ve posted their fair share of BS about this “relationship.”

  • Deni

    @Spencer Chris saturday 13th was in Santa Monicaaaa..was at dinner with familyyyy..and was at lunch in Santa Monica the sunday after,14th.. what you say it is impossible! And i know that saturday afternoon the Jennifer’s friends were in Malibu. We don’t know the exactly date of this pics.