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Nina Dobrev Discovers Colbie Caillat's 'Try' & Loves It

Nina Dobrev Discovers Colbie Caillat's 'Try' & Loves It

Nina Dobrev keeps her look casual in short, denim shorts and a black t-shirt while arriving at LAX Airport on Wednesday afternoon (September 17) in Los Angeles.

The 25-year-old The Vampire Diaries actress kept her sunglasses on and hood up for her travels.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nina Dobrev

Recently, Nina saw the music video for Colbie Caillat‘s single “Try” and she felt really empowered by the message.

“Girls… Watch this music video & re-evaluate your priories and perception of self. You dont have to try. Just be you. @ColbieCaillat,” she posted to her WhoSay.

FYI: Nina is wearing a Splendid cardigan and carrying a Ghurka suitcase.

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  • Ally P
  • VD chick

    Ugly!!! What happened to her ? Too much drugs and Alcohol. :(

  • Joblo

    Easy to say when you look like her!

  • sexy nina

    Her legs let. Me lick

  • sarah

    GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!!!!!! Nina is gorgeous, such a talented actress. She’s living the dream!!! Can’t wait to see her next MOVIE!!!!

  • sarah

    @VD chick: Damon fan obviously. You guys took a great show and turned it into a ratings nightmare. Hating on Nina is so childish.

  • Vox

    She looks at least 45 years old. Has been already.



  • pak31

    She used to be so cute and sweet. What happened? She looks so old now. Is it the smoking?



  • http://@ruthfer28 ruth

    Nina looks as beautiful as ever, class and natural beauty, only a blind can tell that she looks old or ugly, can not say the same another girl that looks really ugly and old and more who want to dress like Nina, has neither class nor its natual beauty

  • Sage

    Don’t like this chick… just never have. Her acting on Vampire Diaries is SO terrible.

  • Lindsay

    She is so annoying. And she is getting more ugly Day by Day. And her feets, omg just aweful. I don’t even wanna hate but I feel really sorry for her. She used to be classy but now she is only trash. And I hope Derek is not dating her, if so I will stop supporting him. He needs a real Woman not a immature Famewho*e like her.

  • haha

    lol she is far from ugly..some of you have issues.

  • TVD

    The fans of this show are delusional and entitled. They seriously sit on the internet and attack the actors that play the parts they enjoy so much. You have issues indeed if you have a twitter account dedicated to hating on someone you have never even met and obsessing over, again, someone you have never met. The fans know nothing about any of the actors and yet they create these scenarios in their heads and for some reason decide to believe them. It is disturbing.

  • sexy

    Eat that pussyy

  • verox87

    @ruth: LOL OMG you’re great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Me

    Nina looks simple and casual as always. Love her outfit!!

  • http://twitter rita

    @Lindsay: Nina and Derek never dated .They are just friends.And stop hating.She is very beautuful..look at mirror,you will see who is ugly

  • http://twitter rita

    @ANEEEEEEE: This Ian stans are soo ugly and boring..Go and stan for Ian,leave Nina alone.Nina never used drugs…She lives her life as a normal person..And she is beautuful..Nikki was a drug user and sex toy in her school years..and she is still..

  • http://twitter rita

    @VD chick: You are Ian stan and Nikki is your new queen,cause Ian is dating her!! Leave Nina alone..You have no proof for saying that she uses drugs..Nina is very healthy person and she never used drugs…but Nikki used.Do some search..Nikki is still..She is very talented,beautuful,famous…and because of it you are very jeleous of read articles about her,and it shows you are very interested in her





  • Ursala

    One a hottie, always a hottie. Nina is simoly rocking this csual look.

  • Ursala

    Sorry for the typo. I meant to say that Nina is simply rocking this casual look. This girl is a fashion icon.

  • Asiya

    lol at your Ian stans trying to find fault with Nina. Stay bitter that your idol is balding and his features are melting. He is not even half as attractive as he once was. In a sense, i am happy that Nina got his last best years. He is scary to look at now. He sure looks good with Nikki now.

  • Kira

    The jacket is awful as are her sandals, bag and her top. I don’t judge her appearance because I doubt that anyone looks beautiful when stepping out after a tiring flight.
    Don’t find her in general ‘the most beautiful’ or ‘gorgeous’ but she looks casual, average in my opinion but no one has to care about my opinion. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there are some who just don’t find her beautiful. Deal with it. It is not always a matter of jealousy.
    I don’t see anything special about her: Brown her, brown eyes, curvy body (she could tone up a bit more – though I like that she is healthy. That counts the most.

  • Oh please

    @Asiya: why do you feel the need to insult him? Bitter that he is dating a better Girl than your so called Queen? Nina has fake boobs, she uses hair extentions, tones of make up, fake eyelashes and lenses. Her Body looks fat compared to 2011. you can see that she drinks a lot, because her skin is bad and you can see her vains on her wrist and feets.super ugly.

  • lol

    @Oh please: pretty sure she had a nose Job too. lol

  • .

    People here are so envy of Nina!! She’s a talented and brilliant actress… She has a great future ahead! Who of you doesn’t drink? Or go to parties too? Stop acting like you were all prude people. She’s young, and she’s living the best years of her youth.

  • Asiya

    @Oh please:

    lol! I seemed to have touch a nerve. So you agree with what I said?

    AS for Nina, sure she has gained weight and looked different in appearance which is bound to happen when you grow up. Remember she was 20 when she joined TVD. Fake boobs? No offence are you flat chested or something? Otherwise its common sense that when you gain weight, your chest size increases aswell. That’s not hard to figure out. Don’t beleive me. Look at Nina’s teen pics. She always was curvy. She lost a lot of weight including her chest when she started working on TVD. It’s just now she has regained her pre TVD figure. As for extensions and make up, she is an actress and obviously she has to glam up for red carpets. In her down time, she hardly wears make up. Any othe rinsult you want to throw her way?

    As for Nikki, not bitter at all. I like her actually. Nina is free of a pretentious prat. Isn’t that enough of a relief for me? Tell you what, Nikki is very beautiful woman and actually too good for Ian. She deserves better.

    I don’t mind your opinion. Atleast you are not hating and yes beauty is in the eyes of beholder but then why you even comment on such a actress who you think is average? What interest you sbout her that you bothered to comment? Just curious.


    I wonder too. What Nina has done that other people of her age don’t do? Sometimes its a curse to be part of a fandom where majority of fans are teens or women with issues. Sigh!

  • Rita

    I love Nina’s sweater and shirt. This girl sure knows how to work even a csual look.

  • …..

    The ugliest woman in Hollywood is Nina Dobrev ! Nina transvestite.

  • Not hot at all

    Her hands and feets are so ugly. Vomit

  • Tara

    Nina looks HOT but then when she doesn’t?

    Ian stans! You need to give up allready. Go to Ian articles and worship him there. This article is not meant for you. I know you guys can’t stop following Nina but it’s time you guy focus on your idol.

  • Lindsey

    Nina looks like she has a major hangover in these pictures. She must have been partying hard the night before. Nina Dobrev, a role model for the teens:
    1. Party hard
    2. Booze it up
    3. Show off your boobs as much as you can
    4. Bikinis are the best
    5. Party on a yacht as often as you can
    6. Celebrate a cocaine user’s birthday on a yacht so nobody knows what is going on.
    7. And above all be linked to a smorgasbord of men
    8. Be sure to get as many pictures as you can on a man’s back while in a bikini with your legs spread apart
    9. Put on your yoga pants and drink, drink, drink
    10. Say the work fu(k as often as you can and be sure to include it in your tweets

  • Asiya


    You live a sad life. Go out and have some fun and stop obsessing about a celeb you hate so much.

  • Lindsey

    @Asiya: Just stating the obvious based on Nina’s own PR. She is hardly a role model for teens.

  • Kelly

    Nina looks so beautiful and comfortable in her own skin. what do you expect from a person taking a flight, to dress up like they are going to an award show. yes only bitches and famewhores do that because they want attention and posing in from of cameras. She is beautiful and If you don’t see that you are really pathetic go hate on someone else trolls

  • J

    @Asiya: Stay pressed that your idol is irrelevant!

  • Rebecca

    @Lindsey: could not have said it better myself, you forgot straddling a guys head with your legs spread apart in a skirt and that guy then making fun of you and posting that picture on his twitter . Some role Model.