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Jared Leto Grabs Himself Once Again & This Time, He is Sweaty & Shirtless!

Jared Leto Grabs Himself Once Again & This Time, He is Sweaty & Shirtless!

Jared Leto is leaving little to the imagination while playing with his band Thirty Seconds to Mars and grabbing his crotch during a concert this month.

The 42-year-old entertainer and actor has been grabbing his crotch during the song “End of All Days,” as he sings the line “seduction is my game.”

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Earlier this month, Jared famously grabbed his crotch and the GIF went totally viral – see it here if you missed it!

Thirty Seconds to Mars has tons of other tour dates coming up – take a look at their tour schedule and try and catch a show if you can!

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jared leto grabs himself again this time hes shirtless 02
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Credit: @itsrosemary/Twitter, @Glaminna/Twitter
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  • warrior

    Still playing with himself at 42?

  • Jennay

    oh my god YES

  • m

    Considering many of their fans are so young he really should stop. Its a bit disturbing thinking about all the 14year olds in the croud when he does that

  • LoL

    He’s obviously good looking even if his eyes are set too close but that’s not attractive. It’s frightening. There is such a thing as too big. Plus his voice ( talking and singing) is horrible.

  • Ally

  • Rach

    wait… he’s 42? WTF!!! I thought he was in his 20′s!!!

  • Ha

    Perfection right there! He’s a God…. damn <3 most BEAUTIFUL man on this planet!

  • Ha

    @Rach: I KNOW RIGHT!!! Dude doesn’t age!

  • xvlmxx

    I’m pretty sure that’s not his magnificent peen.
    @LoL: I used to nickname him ”Owl” because his eyes are too close. He’s still my baby owl ^^

  • Vo

    I know one thing for sure: I would NEVER want to have that creature close to me. Such a low leveled human being , only thinking through his genitals… burrrpsss…

  • allison

    He looks his age. He just acts like a immature 20 year old.

  • Vo

    oh, one more majore detail: he gets a hard on because he thinks of himself.
    NOOooo way I find that attractive.
    Go play with your weeny boy ,but not with me.

  • scarlett

    He’ll always be Jordan Catalano to me.

  • wow

    Honestly, girls, he’s so damn hot. The move is certainly not so classy, but if we condone any, and I mean ANY woman in the same industry for how (little) they wear and how they “have to” show their sexiness, isn’t it hypocrite to criticize him?
    I feel like if you simply hint at seduction and sex during your show and then conduct yourself correctly and with integrity in normal life, where’s the problem?

  • wow

    And btw he’s too sexy for words!
    I don’t even think he’s that beautiful, but he’s def super sexy! Just look at that body…. I’m dying…

  • allison

    @wow: Please Kim K is criticized all the time for promoting her butt. This little boy is doing the same thing.

  • miapocca


  • miapocca

    jlo is on a video showing off her butt…same thing..a guy is selling what he got..and this is way better looking than jho and kardashit…too HOT

  • GFW

    Ticket sales must be really down. He must have got booked for big venues based on his Dallas Buyers Club Oscar so felt since he might not have made that much making that film, here is a way to score?
    What do we consider of men who feel a need to grab their cOcks when performing? Morrison wannabes? Isn’t his music, lyrics, and his presence enough? COck-grabbing? Really?

  • spirit7

    @allison: Excuse me. He is definitely NOT little by any means..

  • spirit7

    @wow: I completely agree with you.


    Such a large looking member must be celebrated. At least in Rock Star regalia if not actor personification. Long live the Hog Man!

  • comoyo

    Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

  • farila

    I think you don’t get why he grabs his s.e.x.
    It’s not a prom thing. It’s more about his song End of All days.
    Nothin to do with him wanting to touch himself in front of people. He can do that when he’s all alone.

    Good looking man, gorgeous body :) his complete body :)

  • Sharon

    Today I was watching Ken Russell’s Women in Love, starring Oliver Reed and Alan Bates. Imagine Leto and Fassbender in the wresting scene from Women in Love..Good Lord. I need air just imagining it. I’m normally against remakes of classics, but this needs to get made. ASAP.

  • Hypocrites

    and what do u call Miley Cyrus twerking on stage? What is that less vulgar than Jred grabbing his crotch on stage?

    People really is double standars for soem things they do not condome women for doing vulgar stuff on stage but when it comes to men doing the same they all criticize them,. bunch of hypocrites !!


    MR. KGB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hhhhh

    I’m a big fan of the band and Jared, but it’s really lame. 😐😐😐

  • norah

    I think that it is seriously gross and pathetic that a 42 man who is both talented and sexy needs to do stuff like this to get attention – either he is high or something else – god knows what. It makes him look cheap and takes attention away from his music. Same as miley and jlo

  • wow

    Honestly I think it has less to do with getting atteention than with the story his music tells. It’s not like the whole show is about sex, he just does it in that moment in that song because it has a meaning. I mean, no big deal!

  • Mia

    He have learnt a thing or two with Miley, that is disgusting…

  • coco

    Come on, Miley Cyrus does entire shows half naked and doing sexual stuff, and she also does music videos fully naked, and so on, he just does this one little thing one moment during his band’s show, and when the song talks about it.
    Come on, there’s a HUGE difference.

  • norah

    oh so now because the song/music demands it that is why he needs to grab himself in public ?? still the same as miley and jennifer lopez etc – we can justify everything i realise but it is still obscene. he doesnt have to do stuff like this – there is no one forcing him to do this while singing – his choice and my choice for commenting- he sd know better – very disappointed

  • norah

    also another thing – music videos can be stopped at any time but live concerts like his in front of an audience who are mainly kids not cool. maybe they sd expect it but still pple attend to enjoy themselves etc -

  • Eyes round as pies

    He and KATY PERRY could be siblings bc of their round shaped eyes.
    :- )

  • Danae

    Oh wait.
    So, the logic is: when Jared Leto grabs his crotch it is terrible and disturbing, because 30STM has a strong following among youngsters.
    But when Miley Cyrus, flashing all of her private parts at once, rides on a huge inflatable MALE GENITAL, to call it gently, it is perfectly fine. Although it is HER music which is addressed to all of these 14-15 year olds.


  • wow

    I’m the first one who said it’s not classy, if you look back in the comments, and of course it’s a choice. I simply don’t see anything too bad in it if it’s just in q pecise moment and not for the whole show, and it’s justified by the meaning of the song. It’s all about measure.
    Just in general, I find so funny that Americans are always shocked about anything that concerns sex and yet they justify normal people buying guns as if it was candies. Guns kill people, a guy who grabs his crotch doesn’t.

  • Mia

    @coco: That’s why I said a thing or two… :P

  • Whatisthat

    If i had a p***s like that i would grab it. But that couldnt be real, could it? What is that thing? Really.

  • http://alessandraconte alex

    OH MY GOD!this is a really show!!!!!!jared,you’re wonderful in every way,and you are fantastic like TOM HIDDLESTON!who are the best between tom and jared?

  • Philiswa

    @Ha: No he is noy will never be there is only one God and no other I mean you can use other word to describe him but not the one you chose. Guys you must be careful who you talk about.