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Jennifer Lawrence Leaves Rumored Boyfriend Chris Martin's Coldplay Concert (Photos)

Jennifer Lawrence Leaves Rumored Boyfriend Chris Martin's Coldplay Concert (Photos)

Jennifer Lawrence tries to keep very incognito while leaving Chris Martin‘s Coldplay concert on Wednesday (September 17) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old entertainer supported her rumored beau at his big show, and looking super sexy in a slinky dress to boot!

Chris gave a good look around the room and then spotted someone up on the balcony,” a source told Us Weekly about the duo. “He pointed and said ‘Aha! I see you!’ and then smiled and waved. He kept looking up in the direction during the show and smiling, pointing, singing to her.”

FYI: Jennifer is carrying a Reece Hudson bag and a Chan Luu wrap bracelet.

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jennifer lawrence leaves coldplay concert 02
jennifer lawrence leaves coldplay concert 03
jennifer lawrence leaves coldplay concert 04
jennifer lawrence leaves coldplay concert 05

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • g

    Dear Jen, I’m officially breaking up with you. You turned out to be just another dumb hollywood girl..
    Really? This dude? REALLY??? tsk tsk tsk

  • Jack

    anybody else find her attraction to homely british guys creepy?

  • leigh

    I read she had a crush on him when she wasn’t famous. I’m not surprised now that she’s a bigger star, she can hook up with her teen crush. the question is, WHY WOULD HE BE YOUR TEEN CRUSH, GIRL???

  • katelin

    my girl crush on her is officially dead.

  • Guest

    Her fame and popularity was going to go down after the Hunger Games anyway. Harvey Weinstein will move on to another blonde like he always does

  • Jennifer

    I’m so embarrased because now everyone knows what i did on the casting couch to stay relevant.

  • fruit punch

    those who choose to be public figures with enormous salaries and who pout and hide like this are lame and phony, period. and what is even more comical is the guy with the flash light “protecting” her is probably the biggest thug out there, just a guess.

  • Partyman


  • go go

    He’s so ugly with thise big yellow teeth, I think that’s why he wrote that awful song Yellow. CP’s music is such one note crap and they play the
    f—- out of that horrible new song I need ear bleach! Payolla is alive and well, funny new song out during this prob fauxmance. At least she does Xmen so she is redeemed with me.

  • J-Lo

    Never understood the hype around this chick. She’s plain dumb not goofy and a total butterface. Chris could do better.

  • anon.

    i feel like this girl gets paid probably millions a day and her fashion sense outside of the award shows seems to be getting worse and worse..

  • Estelle

    You are TROLLS! sha can date anyone her likes

  • Guest

    You’d think she’d wear more clothes after her $lutty pics got leaked but no. A friend of mine was there, apparently she was up on a balcony with some girlfriends drunk and screaming “You’re so hot!” at Chris Martin all night. What an overrated wreck she is.

  • Sandra

    you’re friend read rumour fix?
    You’re pathetic a real loser

  • Paul

    She’s wearing like a normal girl. what is your problem?

  • Nik

    LOL she wasn’t even in the balcony. These stories get worse and worse by the minute.

  • na

    @Jack: she’s homely herself so no

  • so

    @leigh: why the hell not??

  • Poppy

    This hiding looks ridiculous. Everybody know it’s you. Just stop it.

  • ia

    @J-Lo: I agree

  • LOL

    Goodness a lot of unhappy jealous people who don’t like her..YET they care about her dating Chris Martin. She’s like the next Angelina.

    As for the pics..Old News.

    She’s hiding her face because paps are hounding her, with their camera flashes in her face….and why is she’s obligated to posing for them on her own time.

  • Whatamess

    What a mess this silly girl has turned into, Kstew 2.0. She looks drugged out of her mind.

  • em-n-em

    @Guest: damn…hadn’t realised till you mentioned it, he does like them blondes!

  • Yvette

    @LOL: Yeah, everybody’s sad and jealous because they don’t like your fave… I bet you’re spreading just love all over the Internet. People will always get bored of every media created persona. She’s no better. Her antics got old.

  • HAHA

    well we now know how she got into the business, on the casting couch.

  • but

    @LOL: funny that you say that cause people that I know that work inside the concerts as part of the crew know that things like this are staged, their PR sets up the time paps come to the arena to see the celeb, it’s not unintentional or a surprise that they spotted her. it’s actually very easy for celebs to go to the concerts without paps seeing them, you can actually get away with going unnoticed by not calling the paps up, how simple is that? Lol I like Jen but she knows that these pics were set up and the whole hiding thing she’s doing is ott and ridiculous.

  • Ha

    They haven’t even been photographed together yet and I’m already sick and tired of this “relationship” ugh….

  • Eric

    You’re silly and dumb. Her first movies were directed and produced by women like Theron, Jodie foster and Debra Granik

  • gram

    Harvey is that you .lol. How to win an Oscar like Jen 101: sleep with Harvey, be fame hungry and willing to go down on all fours. Lindsy called Jen out long ago.

  • HAHA

    @Eric what about Xmen Bryan Singer Jen’s big break into Hollywood or those provocative pics of Jen in swim suits so that she could get that part. O right you forgot about that so convenient. This girl is the casting couch.

  • shrug

    @Eric: and do you think she auditioned in front of those women or the actual casting directors and agents that are majority-wise men. Don’t kid yourself, I like her, but every celeb that you see in the media has done backhanded things when they weren’t famous to get the fame and money they have today. all these celebrities are souled out and signed their rights away to really powerful yet really bad people behind closed doors. Hollywood is far from kosher and Jen is very well aware of this even though she may not admit it in interviews just so she won’t get blacklisted in the future.

  • ab

    All haters.

    Jennifer Lawrence: Dior contract, two movie franchise, Oscar Winner = Living her life.

    You: Sitting in front of the computer. Being a hater. Commenting on a post about her. Doesn’t know you exist = ….

  • HAHA

    @ab: Jen life is drink, drugs, casting couch, Harvey, Bryan, and should I continue. So if doing all of that is justification for fame and money then the world is mad. Well i like my hating fake Celebrity loathing life better then her fake persona, she is white trash.

  • Eric

    Also Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, Julia Roberts, Marion Cotillard, Keira Knightely, Benedith Cumberbacht, Jessica Chastain have slept with Harvey? You know they have made movies with him and Meryl; Amy were nominated

  • TIM

    for (ab) comments on her articles create or destroy fan bases. Celebrities need those fans for employment and without them they are nobodies.

  • wellwell

    @Eric: How many on your list have naked pictures on the net? Well you now have an answer! Only Jen!

  • Scientific Analysis

    The Casting Couch is the only answer… all the accolades and praise for this girl are seriously without logic.

  • shrug

    @Eric: first off I’m not HAHA so I’m not implying that she slept with Harvey or slept her way through the top. All celebs that you see with massive exposure in the media have done salacious things with the elites of the industry to be recognized now in the media. Both men and women in the entertainment industry have gone through the “ringer” and had a huge contract that they needed to sign that basically says you’re signing your rights away and you won’t get them back. They do this at CAA and WME, the head honchos of talent agencies in Hollywood as well as major production studios that make you sign these agreements. Of course none of the celebs are going to tell you that cause they contractually agreed not to admit the bad things that happen behind closed doors or else they’ll get blacklisted in Hollywood. A good example of a celeb that has admitted this very lightly was Dave Chappelle, read his accounts on the real reason why he didn’t sign the 50 million dollar deal that Comedy Central wanted to give him for more seasons of Chapelle’s Show and he left America to retreat to Africa, then talk to me later.

  • Eric

    Also Scarlett Johansson and Mila kunis in 2012 then

  • http://jaredleto clara

    @Partyman: garbage is you, your words are ridiculous as you!

  • OhCanada

    JennFerr-al! We’ve seen your v-adge! We’ve seen j-zz on your face. A bit late to be demure and to ‘hide’. You should have hidden those pics better and keep up the foolery. We know you banged your way into the biz. Own it.

  • OhCanada

    Good thing Nicholas Hoult dumped you and moved on. Now you are trying to out-do/date him. Just go away already. You are gross.

  • Emily

    The pic j-zz is FAKE. it was posted on 4 August and it’s a girlfriend of an usert of 4chan. Are you dumb?

  • Sam


    The jizz photos are not of her. That girl has a nose ring. Get real.

  • http://alessandraconte alex

    jennifer it’s official: now you are another bitch on hollywood:and your boyfriend is a stupid boy,because he will be betrayed from you,dear jen,for another better man:chris but you don’t understand that jen need someone that help her career?after hunger games what you do?the same stupid comedy,like reese witherspoon?fool girl!

  • http://alessandraconte alex

    ah jen I forget one thing:are you sure to hide your face with your little bag?
    and your clothes?is the just dress to deserve for the rock concert…….but this love are making you fool? I think yes!!!!!

  • jp

    She makes millions, the less she can do is be nice to her fans, she refused to take pictures with my friend at the concert. Her fans is the reason she makes millions, not being nice to a fan is not acceptable.

  • bleh

    heels to a concert? im sorry but any girl knows thats a literal pain in the a$$ to wear heels to a concert unless you’re feet are made out of stone or glass. she’s obviously dressing up for somebody…. either chris or the paps *shrugs*

  • Tina

    @bleh: What do you expect froma a girl who *accidentally* trips every time she can get media attention from it? Lol. She wears awfully high heels for somebody who claims to be *clumsy*

  • Lena

    @jp: You are EXACTLY right! It’s the very least she can do….she’s a spoiled BRAT. She lives off of fans. It would have taken 1 minute. She had time to party. She has time to go collect awards for herself eh? Those awards don’t buy tickets to her movies. Her fans do. She needs to grow up…