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Jennifer Lawrence: New Nude Photos Leaked in Celeb Photo Hack

Jennifer Lawrence: New Nude Photos Leaked in Celeb Photo Hack

Jennifer Lawrence‘s privacy has been violated yet again in the celebrity photo hack, according to Buzzfeed.

A new set of nude pics of the 24-year-old actress surfaced on the internet on Saturday (September 20).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Lawrence

On the same day, it was reported that Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Aubrey Plaza, and Hayden Panettiere were also victims after private pics of themselves leaked onto the worldwide web.

In case you didn’t know, nude pics of Jennifer were first leaked last month when a hacker got access to her iCloud.

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  • Alaia

    You forgot Kaley Cuoco.

  • god

    Saw her lady parts very nice thank you weinstein

  • Harvey Weinstein

    Thank for tip

  • http://GOOGLE DESIRE

    she is so nasty like always…but hey! GOD BLESS AMERICA JAJAJA VIXEN!

  • jay

    I feel sorry for her .She must have expected this. Not that she must have expected her photos to be leaked, I mean she knows how many she’s taken so she must have known that the creep had more. Sadly these are worse and supposedly theres a video :(

  • Harvey Weinstein

    Casting couch

  • Amy

    why do people blame the celebs instead of hackers for violating their privacy?

  • toby

    She should get a hobby

  • Amy

    why do people blame the celebs instead of blaming hackers for hacking their privacy?

  • miki

    @Harvey Weinstein:

  • angst

    This is starting to get funny. They are always under the threat of: “Are they going to publish these pics I took nude?” like “Who’s the boss?” lol
    Or like an oral exam in class when the teacher each day chooses one to test LMAO Who will be the next nude celeb?

  • nsaez

    who cares stop promoting

  • Harvey Weinstein

    I hear the iPhone 6 takes good pictures so better quality soon

  • reba

    I think it’s disgusting to blame these women for the actions of bored, pathetic males who think it’s their right to violent someone else’s privacy.

  • Deborah

    @reba: Why do you care so much? Is that the truth of USA?

  • not so innocent

    She took a phenomenal amount of pictures of herself naked. Like what the f-ck. She must be a s€x addict or some sh-t.
    Good luck with that, Chris.

  • Cate

    More pics? How many does she have? She must really like taking pics of herself naked.

  • suggestion

    There is a happy medium in all of this. They’re called POLAROIDS

  • Janice

    Was just on Tumblr, wow, I understand taking a few nudes but damn, girl has like thousands on her phone! Does she do anything else but take nudes all day? lol

  • WTH

    The hacker(s) need to go to jail.. and these women need to stop taking nude pics of themselves. They and everyone on line should wake up and realize that nothing is safe on line. NOTHING.
    and just as these women were hacked it could happen to anyone posting. Don’t put anything on your phone or computer that you wouldn’t care if everyone sees.
    New rule of the land..

  • go go
  • Dieter

    I really love her a$$hole !!!

  • OH BOY


  • Sara

    who cares? this has happened to me but nobody gives a f**k… why are these women’s privacy more important than mine? or another “average” women?

  • akex

    If you had her body i bet you would take a lot of nudes as well. This isnt a big deal. She did nothing wrong. Too bad FBI doesnt care enough because this is beyond ridiculous. They are dragging the leaks like they are their boss and nobody cant do anything to stop because the world is full of perverts.

  • Kat

    I wonder who’s fingers were up her a$$hole in that one shot. I’m not sure why someone would want a close up of that on their phone?! And the shots of her passed out on the bathroom floor? Nice friends :-/ Some of the non nude shots leaked were very disturbing…

  • Jess

    @Janice She is 24 years old and is proud of her body. Good for her. Nudity shouldn’t be a big deal but having them released without authorization should be.
    @WTH The “she shouldn’t have taken them ” is a pathethic argument and speaks volumes about what kind of human being you are.

  • Tom

    What a narcissic trash. Jennifer Lawrence is gross.

  • Domino

    Whatever at the people defending this b*tch. I understand taking one or two, maybe three, maybe five nudes. But this w*ore has at least a hundred, including sex videos which the poster has said he will release later (casting couch much?) and I really hope all of this comes back to bite her on the ass (she probably would like that anyway).

  • Domino

    @Harvey Weinstein: HAHAHAHAHA! I love you.

  • Elisa

    This is like a slow torture, the hacker should realese everything , i know is not right but with an update every month is really hard to move on for these girls who i agree , where really carefree with her personal pictures, but this is really humiliating .

  • Lara

    @Jess: Yeah, because the picture of her clearly drunk on the floor, sitting next to a toilet with her makeup running and her legs spread open is what every 24 year old should do.

  • Jackie

    I’m with you Janice. I am not blaming them for the leak but for the life of me I don’t understand the need/desire to take so many pictures of yourself like that. Even if you say she is young and wants a picture to remind what she use to look like this is not the same at all. This is weird obsession like the squeezing her boobs one and taking a pic. Why??

  • JLaw

    Do you know who I am? I’m JLaw The Porn Star. Chris Martin LOVES my sexy pics.

  • aubrey

    its so effed up that so many people (and most of them women) keep blaming the girls for this. Its NOT their fault someone thought it was ok to hack their private accounts and share their photos (and not only nudes, it’d be wrong if they shared ANY pictures, dressed or not).

  • aubrey

    and if you don’t think its cool to take nude pics thats ok, don’t take them, but don’t go around judging those who do.

  • Martin

    I like porn stars. I didn’t know Jlaw was a good actress, but when I saw her nude pics… Wow. Best porn star ever.

  • aubrey

    @Martin: that was so funny omg im laughing so much omg you must be so smart to write this omg
    (N O T)

  • Jackie

    hey aubrey how about not judging people for judging? you aren’t the thought police and people are going to think what they want. Deal.

  • Alaia

    @Sara: Well, do you really want us to answer that? For one, I don’t know you. But I do know who Jennifer Lawrence is. Idiot.

  • Rose

    Jesus christ she needs to stop taking nudes. It’s one thing to take one or two nudes of yourself, but when you’re taking nudes on a daily basis then maybe you need to find yourself a hobby. This makes JLaw seem a bit full of herself. lol

  • aubrey

    @Jackie: well you must think you’re pretty clever coming up with that, how about not judging people who judge people who judge? we could do this all night, honey. I know I’m not the “thought police” and I don’t even wanna be that, but the people who judge other arent the “action police” either, so they can’t judge whats right or wrong for other people to do, just whats right or wrong for them.

  • Jackie

    Knock yourself out Aubrey. Are you going to monitor this thread and comment to everyone who does support Jennifer?
    Do what you want to do but remember she doesn’t know you exist and probably could’t care either.

  • aubrey

    @Jackie: LOL i dont even care about Jennifer and tbqh I don’t really like her, but I know MY truth, and Im allowed to share it, its not okay to judge the victim, it doesn’t matter who she is, it doesn’t matter if I like her or not, she’s still the victim in this situation so yep, im gonna defend her. And don’t you think you’re being quite hypocritical saying Im the “thread monitor” when YOU were the one to actually find something wrong with my post and confront me with it?

  • Jackie

    um ,actually it was you who started going after people saying not to judge then going after martin.

  • aubrey

    @Jackie: That doesn’t make me the thread monitor, and you kindly awarded me with the title, I was just sharing MY opinion, if you don’t share it thats totally fine, you’re entitled to your own, but respect it mine and others, babe. Martin post was not an opinion, it was just someone being plain mean.

  • M

    In the end she will have the last laugh. The guy goes to prison and Apple will have to pay millions for her.

  • Dior

    I wonder what Dior thinks of her lovely new photos.

  • Courtney

    @Dior Shut up! She is much more than just a few naked photos. She’ll come out of this okay. I don’t see her star fading anytime soon.

  • Bill

    Between all of the nude selfies and the fake relationship with the Coldplay wimp, her manager has been working overtime.