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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Take The Family Bowling in Malta

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Take The Family Bowling in Malta

Brad Pitt sports his favorite orange fedora while getting into a car with wife Angelina Jolie after a fun day at Lucky Jack’s Bar, Grill and Bowling on Sunday (September 21) in Rabat, Gozo, Malta.

The couple was escorted out by security through a back entrance and were accompanied by their children Zahara, Knox, Vivienne, and Shiloh (not pictured).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

The week before, Brad was spotted getting into character while sailing through the sea on a yacht for his new movie By the Sea.

10+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie enjoying their day off together…

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brad pitt angelina jolie family bowling malta 01
brad pitt angelina jolie family bowling malta 02
brad pitt angelina jolie family bowling malta 03
brad pitt angelina jolie family bowling malta 04
brad pitt angelina jolie family bowling malta 05
brad pitt angelina jolie family bowling malta 06
brad pitt angelina jolie family bowling malta 07
brad pitt angelina jolie family bowling malta 08
brad pitt angelina jolie family bowling malta 09
brad pitt angelina jolie family bowling malta 10

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  • awwww

    thanks for the new pics.

  • love them

    love jolie pitt family

  • Wonderbust

    Love them

  • sprite

    Happy family. Bowling fun.

  • Ⱦamsіn


  • susan123

    brad doesn’t look happy, why can’t they go bowling like normal people, they don’t need security 24/7. They are so stuck on themselves.

  • Ⱦamsіn

    Another completely staged photo op with the kids in tow just in time to remind them that they are in Malta for a reason. Was it work-related? Nobody knows. We’ve seen Pitty “filming” scenes but the director was NOWHERE in sight.

    Of course, this vapid FLOP By the Sea is not getting finished anytime soon unless they have financing, so what are two hasbeens to do? Why what they always do of course, pimp out their kids to the highest bidding tabloids! Gross as always!

  • Kathy


  • Rose from Temecula

    So great to see this family :) Love them.

  • Dame the ring


  • Ⱦamsіn

    Poor kids, always as PR props to fulfill their legal guardians’ most selfish, vain desires. What could they possibly learn from such negative role models? Two drug using, self obsessed, narcissistic miscreants.

    What will the girls learn from a woman who has taught them that their life is worthless unless they have a man by their side? No matter if he’s married or if it happens to be your mom’s boyfriend, you should always try to seduce men. What can they learn from a woman who brags about being sexual from kindergarten anyway?

    And what can the boys learn from a man who has lived off a gay man for years, and then moved on to date underage girls? How do their kids feel with this man who can’t be happy unless he’s drinking and toking up? What can they learn from a man who brags about scoring any type of drug in any major city?

    I pity the souls who find anything worthy of admiration in these filthy, godless creatures.

  • well

    I am pretty sure Maddox and Pax were there too. no way they’d miss the bowling fun.

  • IN 90 ‘S


  • Dakota

    Great parents! Great family!

  • IN 90 ‘S

    Tasmin ,OK ,OK YOU ARE RIGHT..

  • IN 90 ‘S
  • @Tam$hit

    #11 @Ⱦam$hit:

    Thanks for giving us your family history.

  • susan123

    The kids are being raised by nannies not these two morons. They are not parents.

  • Wonderbust

    Another possible reason for the Sunday meltdown

    As I noted in my Deadline TIFF coverage, Jennifer Aniston wowed the Toronto audience with her powerful dramatic turn as a woman suffering from chronic pain in Cake. Initial talk after the Sept. 8 afternoon premiere (just before Still Alice) indicated lots of interest. And I am told some smaller distributors have gone after it, including indie Ketchup, which if nothing else would make for a nice trade headline (“Ketchup nabs Cake“). But so far no word on an official home for Cake, let alone whether a distributor will position it for the 2014 competition. er-jennifer-connelly-837368/

  • a fan

    Brad, his wife and their children were having a fun weekend. Love it.

  • Wonderbust

    Nothing any troll here says has any effect on Angie or Brad so let’s just ignore it and let it talk to itself

  • @susandumba$$


    You really need to quit projecting your parental issues.Do your parents know that you call them morons?

  • IN 90 ‘S

    @Wonderbust: CONGRAT S ,AT 19

  • IN 90 ‘S


  • http://Justared Susan

    This is going to be a rough eight weeks for tampon.
    Boating and Bowling what’s next for the family, because these guys are pretty active.
    Photo op is turning on the Red Carpet, braless with saggy tits, and no one was buying the soggy cake either.

  • Ⱦamsіn

    # 23 susan123 @ 09/21/2014 at 5:43 pm

    I can only hope!!! That would mean they have a chance in life. We saw the pics of Pax going shopping with his nanny and he honestly never looked this happy before. Getting away from the prison where the sadistic Kween and her eunuch rule over them must be a relief!

  • So

    Cake still has no distributor. lol.

  • IN 90 ‘S
  • beautiful

    Beautiful JP family.

  • IN 90 ‘S
  • IN 90 ‘S
  • a fan

    Stop being jealous of jolie pitt. trolls.

  • @Tamsucksontoes

    #26 @ Tamsucksontoes

    After you gave us your family history in post #11, it explains why you have pedophilia tendencies towards a 13 year old boy and an 8 year old little girl. And how you seem to have first hand knowledge of having sex with a horse, probably more than just a horse and being an evil doer. And why you’ve threatened to kill Angelina if you ever see her. We get it, it sucks to be you!

  • Ⱦamsіn


    They always need to create these types of diversions to feed their own egos and sense of self importnace. They would come and go unnoticed if they dropped the entourage, especially in a small country where few people know who they are but truth is they need the validation from the media, and the paparazzi they hired are there to document their every move and help them maintain the illusion that they’re sought-after, in demand movie stars, which is far from the truth.

    We all saw the results last week when it was revealed that their People mag cover flopped and were outsold by Joan Rivers and Robin Williams. Even Kim and Kanye’s wedding was a bigger deal than these two hasbeen losers! It’s only the loons who still cling on to the lie that the famewhoring Brand’s 15 minutes of fame aren’t over. Good luck with that!

  • IN 90 ‘S
  • Saffron

    Good afternoon, all!
    Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I see Cake is still a Twinkie!
    How fun…the blessed one is here trying to get your attention.

  • lucy

    The Jolie-Pitt family gets papped once in a while, if the paps are lucky, and the trolls have a meltdown. Poor trolls, never happy, meltdown if the family is seen and meltdown if they aren’t, what a pitiful life the trolls live. lol

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Tampon is obsess with this family. The Gaylord can’t wait to be the 1st one posting on the new thread. Poor Tampon. So in love with the JP family.

  • IN 90 ‘S


  • busted

    Best thing is to ignore Tamshit.. bit@h is always here lurking and surely saying the same mess over and over and over..

    They are enjoying Malta.. good for them. I could see Madd and Pax being some place else.. but who knows. Kids love bowling.. well their version of it anyway.

  • IN 90 ‘S


  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    They are not parents.

    We know you parents are not good parents. That’s why you are so fcuking up. Don’t blame them. Its difficult for them to raise a stupid moron like you.

  • Ⱦamsіn

    Whoa, loons can be so depraved. Who knows what went on in their childhoods to justify their deviant obsessions with these kids. How quickly they forget that right here on these threads they were lusting over an 11 year old kid’s abs not so long ago. And of course they didn’t find anything wrong with calling Knox a “stud” and sexualize Zahara for wearing shorts and showing her legs.

    Disgusting loons, always trying to project their dirty minds onto others. Good thing that everything they say here gets recorded, in case the FBI or someone needs to start an investigation. Karma will get them sooner or later!

  • Ⱦamsіn

    # 44 Media Wh@re MANgelina @ 09/21/2014 at 6:06 pm

    You got that right when you say you “gaylords” can’t wait to be first to post on a thread. Why won’t you come on out of the closet and admit you want to suck on Heroina overused tvvat? After all she bragged about being the actress most likely to fkkk her female fans, isn’t that what you wanted? LOL.

  • just saying

    JP family is the best.

  • Saff

    What a pain

  • Ⱦamsіn

    # 48 IN 90 ‘S @ 09/21/2014 at 6:11 pm

    The loons are trying to derail the thread and distract us from posting about their filthy idols. Manjawlina is a mental patient who exploits her own children, and the junkie by her side is always too stoned and drunk to notice. All her cares about is fame and recognition, and get his deviant pleasures fulfilled every once in a while. So keep on talking about the filthy Brand. Loons will use lies against you all the time, because they have nothing else. But we don’t need to make stories up, we have truth on our side! :)




  • Saffronnnnnn


  • Wonderbust

    As someone stated, best to just ignore the troll