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Julianne Hough on 'DWTS' Judging: 'Honesty's a Bitch'

Julianne Hough on 'DWTS' Judging: 'Honesty's a Bitch'

Julianne Hough opts for an all-black ensemble while arriving on a flight at LAX Airport on Sunday night (September 21) in Los Angeles.

The 26-year-old actress and Dancing with the Stars judge recently opened up about whether she’s a harsh critic.

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“I know in the past with my guest judging, there’s been controversy or whatever. But it’s only because I really want to see them improve,” Julianne told TVGuide. “Sometimes the truth sucks and you don’t want to hear that, but hopefully the person receiving the truth and the honesty knows that it’s coming from a place of love and a place of where I want to see people improve. Honesty’s a bitch, but it really is the only way to be.”

Earlier in the week, Julianne was spotted hanging out with Ashley Greene at the Katy Perry concert.

FYI: Julianne is wearing J Brand jeans.

10+ pictures inside of Julianne Hough touching down in Los Angeles…

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  • Daryl

    She is so beautiful

  • Jack

    I am a big fan of Julianne Hough

  • Hanna

    She looks good in black

  • Hanna

    She looks good in that dress

  • Danielle

    She is doing a really good job as judge. She gives them constructive advice, unlike Carrie Ann, who makes no sense at all.

  • Shelley

    I loved the beautiful dress she wore last night on the show.

  • ..

    Every time I hear about people professing their opinions as the only truth and honesty and how important it is to them to tell the truth to someone, in situations as these, I am so reminded of my mom. “Your truth” is just an opinion. Try “Its my opinion …” its not the truth.
    minus one JH.

  • http://comcast Audra

    People still wath Dancing With Stars ????? She is such a Bimbo.

  • Sarah

    I’m so excited Julianne will be dancing tonight! I’ve missed her on the dance floor!

  • Franny

    The show was great last night. Good job Julianne! Looking forward to her dancing tonight.

  • Nancy

    This girl keeps trying to be relevant . . . . . . sorry Julianne, you are not. You are a dime a dozen. Sure you can dance, but so can a million others. I think you are a tad FULL of yourself. Acting also is not your thing. Just sayin . . . MY opinion.

  • Ben James

    @Audra: Ah, Audra the Ryan Seacrest stalker is back! Ryan and Julianne broke up a long time ago. Why don’t you spend your time worrying about your love Ryan. Did you see where he almost got beat up by Jason Stratham for hitting on Jason’s girlfriend. LOLOLOLOL Can you imaging Stratham and Seacrest in a fight. Talk about one-sided! Instead of hate-stalking Ryan’s girlfriends Audra, why don’t you tell him to not be such a jerk, and quit hitting on other people’s girlfriends. Plus he brought the Kardashians on us all. You should pick a new idol Audra. Oh, and RS current “girlfriend” Shayna took that dotcom guys car. Why don’t you worry about that.

  • Franny

    @Audra: Well Audra the Seacrest stalker is back. Instead of hate-stalking Seacrest’s girlfriends all the time, why don’t you tell him not to hit on other people’s girlfriends. Did you see that Jason Stratham threatened to beat him up for hitting on JS’s girlfriend. LOL What a one-sided fight that would be. What a tool Ryan is. You picked a loser to love Audra. And what happened to Shayna? Oh, she took that dot com guys car. You should spend your time worrying about that Audra.

  • Ben

    Jason Stratham and Ryan Seacrest fighting??? I would pay to see that. On second thought, it would only last a second. Seacrest out!!

  • Denise

    Audra, you’re going to start getting push-back for the way you trash everyone who even speaks to Ryan Seacrest.

  • Zinnia

    I read that about Stratham and Seacrest too. You would think Ryan would know better than to hit on a woman right in front of her boyfriend.

  • Ben
  • Kendra

    I thought Ryan was marrying Terrence Howard’s ex Shayna Taylor? Guess not. He’s not very bright messing with Jason Stratham’s girlfriend.

  • Ginny

    Julianne had a beautiful dress on last night’s show. I can’t wait to see her dance tonight.

  • Ginny

    Julianne had a beautiful on last night’s show.

  • lalaland

    She cares too much about what people think. I remember when Chuck Wicks was still on the show and she was instructing him. She was ‘tough’ on him and Chuck had to say that she sounded mean. I can see her being constructive (she wasn’t a champion for nothing) and honestly, if I were a dancer and if she was my teacher, I would be pleased with her criticism. But she comes across as way too sure of her ability when at her age she should still be evolving. She talks as though she has been through a lot when veteran dancers have been dancing more than she has. There’s a lot of “me” going on in her and that’s what keeping her from actually going somewhere. She reads tweets so that she can personally attack or answer them in interviews which means it affects her because they are all just attention for her. When people commented on her boobs, she addressed it in an interview after show. When people commented on her judging when her brother was on the show, she answered that too. I don’t know how they were trained but talented as they are, Derek, Mark and her have the show’s bigger talents and also bigger egos. They’re better off dancing than talking. :/

  • Kate

    @lalaland: No one has time to read your novel lalaland. Keep it short and to the point.

  • Vox

    Wait! Jason Stratham got in a fight with Ryan Seacrest? I’ll be laughing for days.

  • Hannah Sanchez

    I can’t wait to see Julianne dance tonight. She is my favorite.

  • Lana

    How come the Stratham/Seacrest dust-up isn’t bigger news Somebody always tries to cover for Ryan.

  • Gmaysie Kartofe

    The mormon syndicates skim away most of her earnings

  • lalaland

    @Kate: all that and you still weren’t pleased. I guess I’ll have to keep you in mind next time I write something.