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Kim Kardashian Tackled Before Paris Fashion Week Event (Video)

Kim Kardashian Tackled Before Paris Fashion Week Event (Video)

Kim Kardashian was just tackled by a crazed person as she was walking inside the Balmain show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015 on Thursday (September 25) in Paris, France.

The 33-year-old reality star was getting out of her car with her husband Kanye West and mom Kris Jenner when a man attacks her at the legs and tries to bring her to the ground.

Security immediately took action and Kim made it inside – in fact, she seemed totally unfazed as she sat and watched her sister Kendall Jenner walk the runway!

We hope Kim is okay after this terrifying incident.

Watch the shocking video over at TMZ.

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  • Manu

    are they filming KUWTK by any chance? .. ;)

  • Meaux

    Um, I think the word you are looking for
    is “unfazed”.

  • Yakasuri

    It’s halloween already?

  • alien

    Kim looks like an alien
    and that “model”sister of hers- omg what has happened to the model world? As long as someone is famous thy can model even if they are ugly?

  • shhhhhh

    STOP IT!!! Mama bear yells…

  • Nikki

    She won’t press charges because the man was probably paid to do this.
    That family will do anything to get people’s attention & sympathy.

  • Spark

    Kris humpries looking for a front row seat at the fashion show.

  • zing

    Call me when someone punches her hard in her plastic that would be a sight to see.


    Shocking… hmmmm… sure.

  • allison

    Why didn’t security have opened a space for them to walk before they got out of the car? This is normally how it is done. Sounds like it was staged for attention.

  • courtney

    “Tackled” ??? Hardly! looks like she lost her footing for a second. Well now they’ll at least have 2 episodes worth of drama from this non incident on their stupid show

  • mean

    That would of been funny if she fell on her ass. Because i hate that women. The family like to get attention when they can get it.

  • caryn

    too bad he didn’t stick a pin in her bu-tt so we could all watch it deflate.

  • fatalreview

    oh the drama cause she stumbled on her stripper heels-can someone just do the deed for real-the world is waiting

  • janet

    @caryn: lol. Love it.

  • mel

    “shocking video” WTF ?!

  • rossy

    Hate on her all you want. But she has a child, family & friends. And if he’d had a knife or a gun & what if the idiot had done this while she was holding her child. Still laughable?
    These kinds of things happen to ordinary people as well. It’s called stalking. A stranger, ex, or a ‘friend’ fixates on someone & makes their lives a living hell for no other reason than they [stalker] can. And guess what? It usually ends badly.
    I bet you guys would blame the ‘victim’ for letting it happen in the first place – An ordinary person, mind you, Kim K. If you are like that… let it happen to you, once & for 1 week. Maybe you’ll gain some empathy for others. I doubt it though.
    Lastly, I have some advice. Go help somebody instead of acting like 12 year olds, volunteer at a homeless shelter or nursing home. Don’t waste your time typing insults about me. Won’t be here to read them.

  • rossy

    Somehow lost ‘spoilt’ 12 year olds.

  • Carin

    @rossy: You need to get a life…..

  • Pure Klass

    The Kardashian-Jenner family should be awarded the highest honours for its unparalleled contribution to the cultural and intellectual advancement of the USA. Singlehandedly this family has set us forward at least a thousand years in cultural and intellectual advancement. Not all of the philosophers, writers, scientists, inventors, or outliers in history combined can give humanity what this family has selflessly given to us.
    This family has demonstrated to the world just how intelligent and cultured one can be if one simply gave in to the God-given impulses of $elf-exposure, $elf-admiration, fame-loving, and infantile narci$$ism of the highest kind.
    Kim, the most famous and best loved of all the family members, is known for her singular skill with taking selfies, photoshopping, and uploading countless daily documentations of her incredibly admirable and meaningful life to Instagram.
    Her royal Klassiness Kim’s commitment to cultural and intellectual achievements in making the most modest poses go viral and her braveness and in offering her body parts up for the visual consumption of all humanity cannot be overstated and indeed, reflect the highest level of selfless, generous charity; self-awareness; and maturity – qualities all of which each of us would all do well to imitate (with our smartphones and social media accounts).
    Kim is also known for her ability to draw a crowd by frequenting every single frozen yoghurt store along the western seaboard and any paid event that has been $ufficiently endowed to attract the charitable genero$ity of Kim and her clan, who are happy to lend their name$ to cau$e$ that are dedicated to the cultural and intellectual improvement of the USA. (How future generations will celebrate and respect these cultural and intellectual icons and giants of the 21st century!)
    Kim’s perfected gaze-down, demure look that bestows upon her most honourable person a completely natural and genuine look of modesty despite her most welcoming attitude to photographers and the gaze of the public to the most private crevasses of her royal Klassiness’s life. If there is only one public person who represents the best example of the examined life in all of human history, that person must be none other than Kim Kardashian.

  • jorge

    @Nikki: Eaxtalty. He must have been paid to do this for them. He only does this to real celebs. I mean, Kim must have saw how much attention Brad Pitt got from being pranked by him. Kim is a nobody and is not wroth getting attention for this Vitalli guy. He has pranked bigger people then her.

  • uuu

    Oh please this is the same faux prank that Brangelina used to drum up hype for Maleficent.

    The trash hooker and her retarded gay PR husband need to go away!

  • Fred

    HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAAHA! COWdashian attacked! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I wonder how much Kris had to pay the guy to do that. I wouldn’t touch COWdashian with dip-shit Kanyay’s dick (Don’t really care how u spell it – got dip-shit right though), we don’t need them depleting the gene pool any more than they already have. Hopefully the will move into their new home and COWdashian will get lost inside!

  • Fred

    @Pure Klass: I couldn’t read all of it, so if i repeat anything, sorry, don’t forget that the whole COWdashian clan is famous because of COWdashian’s shitty sex tape. And now she has dip-shit by her side and procreating – did u see the movie idocracy, that is where we are heading if COWdashian continues to deplete the gene pool with “land of disillusion” kanyay, i feel sorry for “south east”, she doesn’t have a chance.

  • Nedsdag

    What, no flour to throw at her?

  • Janette

    It is disgusting that some think that this is okay. Just because of who she is, do you guys not see the bigger picture? She was assaulted, no one deserves to be shoved like this. This is not the first time that this guy has done this. He has to be arrested. America Ferrera, Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper.

  • candygal

    Poor thing!! She must have been traumatized. This was unexpected and I pity her.

    She may be a fame whore at other times, but this time she clearly was a victim.

  • Nona

    Don’t be stupid people, this guy is HIRED every time some stupid celeb needs extra PR and an headline.

  • Whatever

    I find it interesting Kris Jenner looks so unfazed while Kim is being “attacked.” This family’s whole life is a stage for the cameras.