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Nikki Reed & Her Dog Ira Are Travel BFFs!

Nikki Reed & Her Dog Ira Are Travel BFFs!

Nikki Reed stays undercover in a black hat as she arrives at LAX Airport on Wednesday afternoon (September 24) in Los Angeles.

The 26-year-old actress brought along her adorable dog Ira as a travel companion.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nikki Reed

A few days before, Nikki shared a picture of her other beloved pup, Enzo.

“Gorgeous picture of my boy. This kid looooves the sand…maybe a little too much. Totally worth the mess. Photo cred his uncle @NathanReed_I_am,” she posted on WhoSay.

FYI: Nikki is wearing a WAYF plaid shirt around her waist.

10+ pictures inside of Nikki Reed at the Los Angeles International Airport…

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nikki reed ira lax airport 03
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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Sara

    Service dog vest! Really? Slap in the face to those who really need service dogs. Its awful she’s doing this …especially as a celebrity who is going to get photographed!
    If she really has a need for a service dog, I apologize for my rant.

  • Loop

    You’re ridiculous, you Don’t know if she has issues flying alone or if she can’t be away from her dog. She’s paying for a seat so her dog is in the cabin with her, her money not yours, not your plane either. So, how exactly is this a slap to those who “really” need a dog service??
    If the person in need has everything in order, the right airline, plus the fee, they will fly with their dogs. And that’s none of you f business.

  • Loop

    B ! tch trained your dog, shock collars are vile and abusive.

  • couper

    Just because “you can’t be away from your dog” doesn’t make him a service dog. Even if you have emotional issues and your dog is a therapy dog, they do not have the same rights as service dogs.

    Service dogs are not pets, they are working dogs and have require special training. There are specific physical and neurological disabilities that qualify the care of service dogs. Unless she’s hiding her blindness, deafness, seizures, or serious psychiatric disability where the dog needs to remind her to take her medication, then she should not be using “service dog”. Service dogs usually travel with you, even locally.

    The law specifically states that the comfort of animals solely for emotional reasons are NOT and do NOT quality work for service dogs.

    I’ve seen her with her dogs before, including Ira. She’s never had a service dog vest on her before, so I would put money on her buying a “service dog” vest so her dog doesn’t need to ride in cargo.

  • couper


    Also, you don’t pay for a seat for service dogs, that’s part of the reason why so many people abuse the system. Dogs over 15-20 lbs have to ride in the cargo area of a plane. The only exception is a service dog.

    Her dog is clearly over 20 lbs so the only way to sit beside her is to make him a “service dog”. So no, she did NOT pay for his seat or have a ticket for him. The airlines had to allow him because he’s a “service dog”.

  • Suzi

    Those stupid schock collars, I really don´t get it. It makes me so angry.

    How can something so cruel be legal. And just any idiot can buy it and torture their pet ???
    It´s not legal here in Germany and, sorry for sounding arrogant, that´s just the right thing.

    What an idiot this girl is. Train your dog, have a good connection with it and you don´t need this awful thing.
    To use it and call yourself an animal lover is just pathetic and shows how shallow and lazy this girl is. Sorry

  • Hannah

    I seriosuly doubt that Nikki Reed has a disability that requires her to travel with a service dog. If she did, she would travel with her dog all the time, and would have her dog with her at all times and she doesn’t. There are plenty of pictures of her at airports and out and about in LA and her dog wasn’t with her. Secondly, for someone who is supposed to be a proponent of animal rights, why is her dog wearing a shock collar? Service dogs are highly trained animals who are trained to be obedient, why would he/she need a shock collar? Shameful!

  • erica

    Beautiful Girl and beautiful dog, She has every right to bring her dog along , She is paying for it, like I bring my cat when I am traveling a lot of times, when I am visiting for a while somewhere.

  • Angelica

    @erica No, she didn’t pay for it to ride in the passenger section. Airlines don’t charge for “service pets.” Sorry, but there is a major difference between bringing a cat or small dog onto an airplane in a carrier and someone bringing a dog that size onto an airplane. She’s flown plenty of times (tons opf photographic proof of that) without her so-called service dog, so it’s obvious that he/she isn’t a service dog at all.

  • Loop

    “Abuse the system” HTF does that affect you at all?? That she is able to have her dog with her instead of having it riding cargo is none of your business.
    People that need to have service dogs with them will anyway, if they have everything in order.
    That’s a big dog if she wants it to be confortable, she will most likely pay for a seat.
    You don’t know what problem she might have, you don’t know if she has serious anxiety, which is among the disabilities that can be treated by a service dog. You DONT KNOW her.
    The airline allowed her to bring her dog in, so that’s Enough.
    If you don’t want big dogs in cabins, because “some people really don’t need a service dog” (which you don’t have a f way of knowing at all) you should f charter, cause it ain’t your plane nor your airline. :)

  • Loop

    It’s none of your business that she is allow to bring a dog that size into the cabin. It ain’t your plane or airline. The airline allowed her, soo
    you know all the ins and outs bout her lol what might have happened between her last trip and this one???

  • Mindy Ann

    Gorgeous Nikki……. Beautiful Ira…. I love the fact that she travels with her dog. I don’t know the circumstances of how or why Ira is defined as a service dog, but obviously Ira is airline approved.


    They are adorable. Nikki is gorgeous as always and Ira is Ian’s dog best friend, doggie love

  • IngeC

    How do We know She brought Ira as a Service Dog, or what the Airlines requires, for Her to put on the Dog, to be able to bring Him on the Plane and through the Terminal. She more likely flies First t Class and more likely paid for having Her dog with Her. Agree SOPHIE, Nikki is gorgeous. s and probably brought Ira to visit Nietzsche and Ian.

  • Angelica

    @IngeC – Her dog is clearly wearing a Service Dog vest. Service dogs aren’t required to have a plane ticket so no, she didn’t buy the dog a seat in the cabin, First Class or other wise.

    @Loop – My cousin has a Service Dog because she has epiliectic seizures and her dog is with her 24/7 because he can sense when she is going have a seizure. Someone utlizing a Service Dog when it’s obvious they don’t have a disability, is a personal affront to people who have a legitimate reason to have a Service Dog. Nikki Reed clearly doesn’t have a disbaility since her “Service Dog” isn’t with her 24/7 and doesn’t always travel with her on an airplane. And in response to your comment about not knowing what might have happened between this trip and the one before. She was on a plane the Saturday before and I’m sorry, no one develops a disability over the weekend and has their dog trained and certified as a Service Dog in 3 days. Maybe you should educate yourself on a subject before you post rude comments.

  • Jamie

    Angelica, you should follow your own advice and not comment unless you know all the facts either.