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Leonardo DiCaprio Will Adapt 'American Wolf' For The Big Screen

Leonardo DiCaprio Will Adapt 'American Wolf' For The Big Screen

Leonardo DiCaprio and his production company Appian Way have just picked up the book rights for Nate Blakeslee‘s “American Wolf,” according to THR!

The 39-year-old actor will team up with Kevin McCormick to produce the feature, which centers on the story of female alpha wolf O-Six, “who in some circles was the world’s most famous wild animal.”

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There is no word who will be starring in the film, so stayed tuned for more details!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Leonardo DiCaprio producing American Wolf?

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  • Ugh

    Armpit Way Suck!!!

  • mp

    Oh please this is not real Leo news…

  • ####

    Never heard of it! Doesn’t sound like a movie Leo will star in.

  • @BZ girl

    Hi hillbilly loser! Glad you are baack!!

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  • Amy

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  • Repost

    ?? @ 09/26/2014 at 7:25 pm

    Calgary lol

    Ronald ‏@RonnnieWu · 2h
    oh and leonardo dicaprio was at model milk today. #funfact

  • ####


    So I guess he got in to Canada! :-)

  • Bloated
  • Bloated

    From last thread : twitter sighting : Toni left her visa so she could stay longer. Hahahaha.

  • Guest

    Not a good idea

  • Jessica

    He is so hot and cool. He uses to meet all his lovely women who love tall guys

  • Models

    Working models together while Leo’s lapdog so called model work out in the gym alone.

  • Bloated

    @Models: soon she’s gonna have half of LEO ‘s money sooo she doesn’t care.

  • poor leo

    @Bloated: Sorry but Leo’s fortune is already divided into trust funds for Irmerlin, Lukas, and his foundation.

  • S

    Interesting! Hope this will help raise awareness for wolf conservation and wolf sanctuaries. Wolves are smart, fascinating, beautiful animals.:)

  • Leo
  • terrible

    awful beard, awful haircut

  • Leonia
  • Blacksharpie

    “After four weeks of catwalk pouts and front row poise, it was time for the models to go off-duty.”
    Has TG been “on duty” in the past four weeks? Lol
    This article says this dinner closed PFW. I thought it continued until10/1?

  • Picture of Calgary
  • also…

    Got read that book. Lukas part must be a small part because he’s still not listed in the The Revenant Imdb page. They added Paul Anderson and I noticed both Hardy and Lukas took a picture with him.

  • Amy


    I’m sure Lukas’s part is small. He only got it because he’s friends with Leo. Just like with Inception.

  • also…

    Model Milk? Quite a funny name for a restaurant. That’s a weird tweet about the travel visas. I would assume Leo needs a work visa and wouldn’t forget something like that.

  • also…

    @Amy: You responded to the fraud

  • also…

    So was he alone at the restaurant? Nobody noticed a tall blonde giraffe with him? Maybe he left her in the gym while he was out.

  • Blacksharpie

    So I just picked up on this tweet posted on the last thread.
    This must have happened Wednesday or Thursday since she posted from Canada yesterday?!
    Americans need a travel visa to go to Canada?
    # 532 ?? @ 09/26/2014 at 7:24 pm
    stevetony trash/lucy ‏@youngavengrs · 1h
    Leonardo dicaprio was at the private airport my mom works at and he had to go back to where he came from cuz they didnt have a travel visa
    @reply | flag this

  • also…

    @Blacksharpie: That’s what I was thinking about. Does Leo need a travel visa to Canada? And travel visa not work visa?

  • also…

    So what? I can use any username I want and Amy has responded to me before. Why do you care? No one has a permanent username. Go F yourself

    @Amy: I didn’t think his part would be big or anything but I’m curious to see who he’s gonna play. He wasn’t in Inception that long either . He’s not the worst actor. I’ve seen some of the indie movies he’s done and he can good in the right role. Not every actor is gonna be like Leo. But yeah I’m sure Leo helped him get a part.

  • @@Bz girl

    Hey loser too bad your mom did”t go through with her abortion!

  • @also

    I can smell the stinch of some bittera$$ BZ Toni stans they know the iceberg on legs is now the non-working model we all predicted .people still dont know who she is even with her falling and hoping on Leo, she is just another clingy puppy who’s gonna get sent back to the pound once Leo is done! LOL

  • Zzzzzz

    @S: Hi! Agree with you re the new project. Wolves are amazing beings. But I do have to say that it is very different from his other movies in development. Do you remember the project about poaching that Leo is supposed to be in developing? I believe, Toby and Tom H. are a part of it. I do wonder what the status of it is.

  • Zzzzzz

    typo to be *developing…

  • S

    @Blacksharpie You would not need a work visa to enter Canada (I do it all the time) just a regular passport. Unless of course you are not an American citizen.
    @Zzzzzz Hi! :) You know I had forgotten about that project.


    @Picture of Calgary: That looks just like the puc Toni posted on her Ig acct.

  • @BZ girl

    @@@Bz girl: hi hillbilly loser. You need to go back to school and stop hating on Toni. I bet you look like a monster and i know that you are a dwarf–>too short for Leo. :)

  • Funny
  • Funny
  • poor leo

    @also…: Maybe was a hint from Leo to Toni “Models Milk”

  • ??

    Jacqueline ‏@jackie_fraser · Sep 24
    Omfg. Leonardo dicaprio wants to book a room at my work omfg

  • Posh Spice UN Ambassador

    What a joke….Posh Spice is named UN ambassador! Well this just puts Leo’s “honor” in perspective now doesn’t it?! They give these things to celebs while I’m sure “regular” folks would have to really work for years doing the actual boots on the ground work everyday not just twice a year or when its touches their fancy…The unsung heroes that receive no recognition, are just as important if not even more…

  • Blacksharpie

    Where does this person work? This was Wednesday.


    @??: I hate tweets that don’t say from where. Annoying. Plus it sounds weird since Leo and Toni already have a HOTEL ROOM, unless he’s moved too a different part (city) of CANADA.
    ?? Could you please state where the tweet is from.
    @Funny no one cares about posh spice . This is Leo ‘s thread.

  • Too bad

    @Posh Spice UN Ambassador: Too Bad Leo doesn’t get any awards. Cuz he’s a loser.