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Katie Holmes & Olivia Wilde Look Darling in Denim at Global Citizen Festival 2014!

Katie Holmes & Olivia Wilde Look Darling in Denim at Global Citizen Festival 2014!

Katie Holmes and Olivia Wilde walk the black carpet backstage at the 2014 Global Citizen Festival held in Central Park on Saturday (September 27) in New York City.

The ladies were at the event to support the organization’s mission to end extreme poverty by 2030. Also in attendance was Bridget Moynahan.

“This festival is very special because not only is it a really neat destination and an awesome event but it represents something so wonderful and positive and you can wear all these items that really send the message that you’re a part of the movementā€”you’re not just here for the music,” Olivia told InStyle about the festival.

FYI: Olivia is wearing a Current/Elliott jumpsuit. Celebs backstage at the event were offered Starr African Rum cocktails – which donates a percentage of all profits to various organizations that seek to help foster economic development throughout the continent.

15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Olivia Wilde at the event…

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katie holmes olivia wilde global citizen festival 2014 01
katie holmes olivia wilde global citizen festival 2014 02
katie holmes olivia wilde global citizen festival 2014 03
katie holmes olivia wilde global citizen festival 2014 04
katie holmes olivia wilde global citizen festival 2014 05
katie holmes olivia wilde global citizen festival 2014 06
katie holmes olivia wilde global citizen festival 2014 07
katie holmes olivia wilde global citizen festival 2014 08
katie holmes olivia wilde global citizen festival 2014 09
katie holmes olivia wilde global citizen festival 2014 10
katie holmes olivia wilde global citizen festival 2014 11
katie holmes olivia wilde global citizen festival 2014 12
katie holmes olivia wilde global citizen festival 2014 13
katie holmes olivia wilde global citizen festival 2014 14
katie holmes olivia wilde global citizen festival 2014 15
katie holmes olivia wilde global citizen festival 2014 16
katie holmes olivia wilde global citizen festival 2014 17
katie holmes olivia wilde global citizen festival 2014 18

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  • Ali

    Oh dear.
    Katie trying to be with the cool kids looks a bit silly. It doesn’t suit her.
    She looks a bit drunk. Maybe she is trying to drink away the embarrassment of her latest flop

  • Nathan

    Katie looks so cute i love the hat. she’s such a sweetheart.

  • Lidia

    I am cringing from 2nd hand embarrassment in these pictures.
    Katie Holmes looks like a soccer mom that chaperoned her kid to rock concert and tried to fit it.
    How come Gwen Stefani can pull it off at 44 years old but Katie Holmes looks so awkward?

  • Nathan

    God Katie’s hips and thighs look good in this picture, so SEXY. No one wears skinny jeans like Katie does.

  • Loca

    Dang Katie Holmes looks so hot! Love that look.

  • Days and Nights -Reviews
  • Danelle

    I like Bridget Moynahan’s style in these pics – cool, casual, laid-back.
    She pulls off casual, yet fashionable, really well.

    She is also aging beautifully and naturally.

    One of my favorite tv/movie working actresses.

    At the opposite fashion spectrum, Katie’s look screams – try hard. Too much going on with the hat and gold jewelry (80′s throwback?).


    A meeting of the giants!!!! 8O

  • annie

    Love what she’s wearing, love it!
    She’s doing different styles lately, and looks great in all of them.
    I agree with Nathan about the skinny jeans, she looks good .
    Love the top with all the bits of jewellery.
    In the previous thread she looked classy, this is a bit hippie and different for her. Sagi part of Katie that she lost for a while is coming back, in every way!
    Of course with Jupiter crossing her ascendant, she’s brimming with confidence at the moment. Just a little astrological fun fact, thought I would share with you.

  • Desperate & Awkward

    She leaves me speechless.

  • Deanna

    Didn’t Katie move to LA? Why is she doing all of this PR stuff in New York? If Suri’s in school in LA then why is she always in New York? I really don’t get this woman!

  • Days and Nights reviews

    Her film get worse and worse. I think the NY Times is through with Katie and her production games.

  • Dawson

    Chain smoker lips.

  • SE

    @Lidia: i agree with you, but Katie is not the only celeb in Hollywood who can look great in skinny jeans, although thereĀ“s few actresses in Hollywood who can look good in skinny jeand because not all of them have beautiful legs

  • Ash

    That jumpsuit looks good on Olivia Wilde because it hides the shape of her ugly legs, and Katie Holmes looks good and her tight jeans although a little older (but still good)

  • Just a Comment

    #11 – Katie needs exposure and the events that are involved in her projects happened to be holding their events in New York: Dujour magazine featured Kate on the front cover so she had to show up. The premiere for Days and Nights is only playing in 1 theatre and that’s in New York. You can stream Days and Nights on Amazon for $6.00 and the other events are PR for her. She has 2 more movies coming up: Mania Days and Miss Meadows and its a wrap for 2014.

  • Banana

    Why does Katie always stand so weird?

  • DTBH

    Of the 18 pics, 3rd from the left: Katie, “I didn’t know if I was to bring my own sheet for the couch or not? And did you know you were supposed to wear a loose fitting dress without any undergarment? All these technical things. So hard to get it all right. At least with Tom; the couch was on his jet and the sheets were linen. Are we supposed to keep putting out or just look desperate?”

  • DTBH

    Correction! 2nd pic from the left!

  • YR

    Katie Homes looks by far better than that overrated actress in her sexiness (Olivia Wilde) who is next to her, Katie is a beauty

  • lol

    someone is trying desperately to change the record on RT.
    No positive reviews from critics but 3 brand new user audience reviews making it sound like a masterpiece is a bit much. Only members since Sept. 2014
    What a crack up. Even if you liked it I am sure the critics weren’t that off and didn’t notice a masterpiece/moving of the year before their eyes.

  • Missy

    huh. I went to RT and it said there are no audience reviews for Days and Nights.

    Katie looks fab!

  • cari

    “Someone” is definitely advising her on what venues to attend/do, make up, hair, clothes and even posing. If you look at the last dozen or so threads vs. much of the ones before she switched management/PR, hooked up with Weinstein etc., she more than often appears with messy, dirty hair, no make up, awful clothing choices etc. Now she is much more polished. Yet I think she has kept her “down home” look. Not too polished, but looking much more put together. She always struck me previously between when she decided her marriage was in trouble and started her Brit Spears look to recently, well dirty. Her hair looked greasy. Her face unwashed. Clothing stained often and wrinkled. Now she looks clean and put together. Such an improvement.

  • lol


    all except Kevin (who didn’t like it) are brand new and are way over the top with this movie. They never reviewed any other movie but just rushed in to review a movie that the critics all hated? Sure. Someone is having fun doing it though.

  • BoxOfficeMojo

    Days and Nights weekend total (9/26-28) $6,700.00

    Est. production cost $500,000 to $15 million (re: Slated financing)

    Est. Gross Domestic sales – $16, 000/week for 10 weeks is $160,000. This is a high estimate, which includes daily intake $2000 and high weekend sale of $6000. This estimate is still unrealistic, but still, $160,000 is way under a $500,000 estimated production cost.

    The above does not include VOD sales, which are around $3-$6 (Amazon, iTunes, et) rental/streaming cost.

  • @25

    Wow, I first read that as 6.7M and thought someone is playing!
    6thousand is low though and you are right that is a high estimate for ten weeks to think it won’t have drop off.

  • cari

    @BoxOfficeMojo: To be fair it was only in one theater and we don’t know how large the theater was. In a large theater a good showing for the weekend would be about $13k-$15k. So it did tank if it was a large theater, but if it was a smaller one then it did okay. I love the acting of Janney and Hurt and Reno so I’m hoping to see this for them alone!

  • Box Office Adjusted Gross
  • Nathan

    Katie Holmes at the “Days and Nights” NY Premiere.

    She’s beautiful.

  • cari

    @Nathan: Sorry Nathan, although she sounds more intelligent than she has in the past, that is a dreadful make up job and hairstyle on her! Makes her look older than she is and very harsh. But I do know guys go for the red lipstick and seem to be blind to the rest. So go for it.

  • annie

    I think she looked really nice, and quite young looking, has a lovely face.
    Loved the whole look. Don’t like such red lipstick, but I think in the video it looked nice on her. l liked her hair as well, something different.
    Thanks Nathan for the link.

  • @BoxOfficeMojo

    I see where MOJO posted the final figure but where did you get the estimates? Do you have a link?

  • Just a Comment

    I think this movie is done and that’s why Jan Allison, William Hurt, and Jean Reno didn’t want to show up for this “premiere.” Katie should now look towards the next two movies she has coming out: Mania Days and Miss Meadows. Tomorrow is already Oct 1 and Miss Meadows releases in November. I don’t know what the budget was for Miss Meadows but I think that will be a turning point for Katie Holmes (good or bad). But the good things is that she is not struggling financing like many actors trying to break into the business or survive in it. But I just don’t see her having a long successful career as an actress. In the interview that Nathan posted the interviewer tried to get more information from her as far as being a director and she said twice “its still very early, its still very EARLY” almost like trying to get away from that commitment. Katie has had many, many, many career opportunities which can be a blessing or a curse. Depends how you look at it. Its either one more chance you had to come to succeed OR one more time you failed. No matter what all the times she tried she wasn’t worrying about how she was going to pay the mortgage and still not a lot of success. Good luck to her.

  • Molly

    @Just a Comment:
    I think it was Danelle who said this directing thing is probably another “Molly” situation.

  • Missy

    Molly was never even officially announced. This project has a production company and a writer. I think it’s a lot more likely to get made. She just optioned the rights to the novel 2 months ago. Not sure why it’s surprising that they’re still in the early stages. Movies don’t get developed overnight.
    She’s talked more about her plans for All We Had in interviews with Gossip Cop and the NY Post if you’re interested.

  • Just a Comment

    I am glad we don’t see pictures of Suri anymore. Good for her. Poor little Nori West the child of Kim and Kanye the way they are putting her out there in front of all that paparrazi. The little girl looks miserable. Reminds of the TOMKAT period where they would take Suri out at night or day in the middle of the paparrazi. I knew once Suri started getting older she would have no part in that. Good for her.

  • Huge Fees

    “On the same panel, Harvey Weinstein of Weinstein Company said fashion brands were giving stars such huge fees to wear their line that many were able to accept small fees to work on indie projects.”


  • annie

    If the movie is done, and the above stars didn’t want to appear at the premiere, why then did these very seasoned actors sign up for it in the first place. they have been around a long time, something attracted them and it obviously wasn’t the money.
    I think Katie wanted to buy a house for a while, somewhere out of LA. Takes time to find something that you really want . I love the house, she bought for herself and Suri, it’s gorgeous and they have their privacy.
    Wonder if Tom goes back to LA when MI finishes, or has he relocated to the UK or does he devide his time between the two.
    Interesting because Suri will be living much closer to him, than she has for past 2 years.

  • Just a Comment

    This movie Days and Nights was completed by the Spring of 2012 right before Katie and Tom filed for divorce June 2012. I said in an earlier post that Christian Camargo appeared in the Broadway play All My Sons in 2008 (where Katie Holmes made her Broadway debut) and that is PROBABLY where they met. In the above interview that Nathan posted, Katie says that is where she met Christian. Now there are many people that say you can’t know for sure about what is going on in Katie’s life by pictures alone. I agree, but it was pretty safe to say that Katie had met Christian in All My Sons and that’s where she met him. I assumed that was how that connection was meant because that’s usually how people meet or are introduced and Christian Camargo is not a very famous celebrity. Could it be that Christian asked Katie to appear in this picture because she was still married to Tom Cruise? Who knows? I think Mania Days was the first movie made AFTER her divorce from Cruise and THEN Miss Meadows. I think Miss Meadows will be a turning point for Katie. Good luck to her.

  • Just a Comment

    And Mania Days was filmed in the summer of 2012, then in the fall 2012 she appeared on Broadway in the play Dead Accounts, last summer she filmed Miss Meadows in Ohio. So Mania Days in spite of the Spike Lee connection has taken awhile to get released. I hope Katie picks better projects. But maybe the mentality is take what they offer, its work. That’s not always a good idea.

  • annie

    Can’t understand the mentality about Katie being married to Tom Cruise and that’s how she got work or that’s how it is always implied around here . What about the years before Tom , she was working and going about her own business just like now.
    Like I have said before Katie is good at complicated roles, and I gather her role in Days and Nights is that.
    Regardless whether or not her movies have been successes or not she still got paid good money for Batman, Jack and Jill, DBAOTD, maybe not so much for the Indies, but what about the endorsements, like H Stern jewellery , Bobbi Brown, co owner of Alterna, now Olay, sure she got good money from all of them. Her pics were on huge billboards all over the world for all of them.
    And Tom, sure she got money from him, bet not as much as his other 2 wives. So he gives money for Suri, other celebs get more.

  • Meg

    @Just a Comment: #36 – odd how there r now NO pictures. Have to agree that she is at that age where it matters. Hate to say it but I looked forward to seeing her more than Katie.

  • Meg

    @annie: #41 – you r clueless! Marrying tom is what put her on the map!!!!

  • Agree

    @Just a Comment:
    I do think MM will be the best of the lot of these latest projects and probably get good reviews. However, being such a small film idk if it can really be a turning point for her. We will see soon enough.
    As for Katie’s endorcements I don’t think she made that much. BB as we know didn’t last, being owner of a company you don’t get paid first you get paid last and we don’t know how it’s doing yet, and Olay? We don’t know if it’s a long contract or just a couple commercials.
    BB was right after the split and I wasn’t the first to say it but I recall many saying that job was mostly due to the media hype of her divorce and putting her out there so in a way, that is a job she got from her marriage.
    @42. I know.NO Pictures anymore. Makes me think those school runs could have been stopped much earlier but at that point she wanted the press. Now she is trying to change her image from not just Suri’s mother so it doesn’t suit it. So who was it about her or protecting Suri?

  • Agree

    I realize her few fans don’t think so but I do see it’s how she is perceived in most of the world and in the media. Remember the comment from the Huff Post article about her twitter “Katie Holmes of Dawson’s Creek and Tom Cruise marriage fame”. I have seen that type of thing many times. She is viewed as the girl from that tv show that married TC. I know her fans can list a bunch of projects she did before tc but the thing is they weren’t memorable and she wasn’t known by name but to a select few.
    So regardless if her fans thought she has done a lot more it’s pretty clear those in the media don’t see her that way since it’s still always a reference to DC or TC.

  • Missy

    I think suri is going to school in ca now. I think it’s a lot easier to keep the paps at bay when you’re living in a suburban environment. In NYC the paps can camp out on the sidewalk and take pics. Funny when news broke that Katie had moved to LA and in the same neighborhood as the Kardashians, her critics kept saying that we would see tons of photos of Suri. Guess they wrong. So far she’s only been seen once at LAX.

    Nobody is denying the fact that the Cruise marriage boosted her fame. What we’re saying is that all that attention wasn’t necessarily good for her career. IMHO she was getting better roles before she met him, and is starting to get more interesting roles since they’ve split.

  • Agree

    No, that is not what is always said. Most times it’s claiming how successful she was in her own right before him. My point is that is not how she is remembered in the media. Meg said TC put her on the map and he did and it shows since she is known as “Katie Holmes from Dawson’s Creek and Tom Cruise marriage fame”.

    So far from their time in Cali Katie has not been there much so it’s not clear yet how much Suri will be in the picture when she returns.

  • Missy

    I guess I can only speak for myself, but I’ve always stated that Cruise boosted her fame. The problem is that it wasn’t the right type of fame. DC is probably her most well-known role. She was on the show for 6 years. Not surprising that writers reference that in articles about her. Doesn’t mean that she didn’t also have a decent film career.

    How do you know that Katie hasn’t spent much time in Cali? She could be there now for all we know. Maybe she is based there and simply flies to NYC for events/work. I’ve seen some sightings of her out and about in LA. No pics though. I’m glad that she and Suri are having privacy and hope it continues.

  • cara

    @Missy: I agree with what you said about the fame. KH also once stated somewhere (I’m sure Annie and Nathan can provide a link) that she didn’t always choose the wisest film/roles to be in.

    What always irritated me about her defenders when she was married to Tom was how they defended her and Tom also being seen constantly with Suri. Yet you have more famous couples (the Brange, Kennedys, Princess Diana-Prince Charles, Elizabeth Taylor etc) that managed and do manage to keep their kids out of the limelight. I never understood how Tom with all his resources couldn’t manage privacy for this child. And how Katie, who I think tries to be known as the perfect mom, didn’t put her foot down and stop the madness, but perpetuated it by parading Suri around. Part of me thinks it was a strategy once she decided to leave the marriage to prove she was the better parent and so therefore she should be awarded sole legal custody. Which then means she was using this child for her own ends. If she truly had “stuff” on Tom that would decimate his reputation etc., then there was no need to take Suri out for midnight dinners, late night plays etc. I realize she probably didn’t want to leave her with a Scientology sitter, but Katie could have stayed home and gathered her evidence without exposing a child who obviously hates the paps to the madness. By doing this she has all but assured this child will be followed by the paps and public throughout her life.

  • Just a Comment

    #49 @ cara – I really believe TOMKAT subjected Suri to the paparazzi because they caught on that she was a magnet for them. Suri as a child got them a lot of publicity and Cruise probably was going for the “young father image”. If you goggle Suri Cruise or even by year you will find she was photographed consistently from 2007 to 2012 being one of the most photographed celebrity children. What did that do to her psych? Will that make her deluded thinking there is something special about her only to experience the paparazzi turn on her if she doesn’t grow up pretty and slender. Thank goodness Halle Berry and Jennifer Gardner united pushed the Assembly of California and got laws passed to not photograph celebrity children. You know Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes would have never done something like that. They love the paparazzi.