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Kristen Stewart & Nicholas Hoult Get Up Close & Personal In 'Equals' Still

Kristen Stewart & Nicholas Hoult Get Up Close & Personal In 'Equals' Still

Kristen Stewart rocks a backwards cap while arriving at Narita International Airport on Saturday (September 27) in Tokyo, Japan.

Check out a new still of the 24-year-old actress and her co-star Nicholas Hoult in their upcoming romantic film Equals, which centers on the distant future when “emotions have been eradicated, but a disease can cause them to return.”

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“I’m definitely not afraid of ‘feels.’ My life revolves around it actually,” Kristen recently shared to Variety about the movie’s theme. “Finding the balance between the head and the heart is important but I’ve always been very driven by the gut. Every thought or articulated emotion starts in shapes and colors and putting your finger on that is cool, but it’s not necessary.”

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  • joy

    When will she admit that she is a lesbian

  • mariah

    Funny how Robsten and Kristen fans get angry at Robert Pattinson for dating FKA Twigs and conveniently forgot Rupert Sanders. Also funny how they always see Kristen as Baby Gurl lmao she grew up in Hollywood she is one tough nutty and she is also very rich, she cannot be forced to have an affair with Rupert it was her own CHOICE.

  • forrest gump

    so that’s why all the flees?

  • NYC

    Who the F??!!??

  • leo

    Kristen Stewart poetry, writing, music confirms her talent. Three music videos. All very good. The first directed by video went well for her. She is such a talent and a humble and kind person.

  • mia

    We love you Kristen!

  • Me

    @mariah: Too true! People give Pattinson such a hard time and he did absolutely nothing wrong!

  • Jim

    Eat food according to your gut.

  • sound

    I am so happy, that Scott is always with her the whole time. He was Kristen in Japan and was with her in Singapore. They were together in Europe. Kristen must trust him.


    Kristen & Nicholas, Silas & Nia = HOT HOT HOT !!

  • SCI-FI yeeesss

    Equals movie looks absolutely fantastic. Soooo beautiful Kristen.

  • lola

    Kristen has Clouds of Sils Maria in NYFF, wondering if she will be in NY at the festival.
    I like about her, she is still the same and beautiful girl. Give to thee of much credit Kristen.
    Good luck and love to you.

  • movie love

    Beautiful Kristen and Nico, Equals will be awesome!

  • rochelle

    @Jim: Candy makes me gassy!

  • mel

    Can not wait for this film, I’m excited. Kristen and her amazing movies this year and the year 2015, the American Ultra and Equals. I look forward to a lot.

  • $$$$$

    Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig hugs for Kristen! Relax a little darling!
    E Q U A L S $ e q u a l s $ E Q U A L S $$$$

  • leelee

    We know Jared likes to instigate these Hollywood “couples” but in reality most of them are fake. Kristen is a lesbo.

  • talia

    @mariah: this is a post about Kristen so why are you evwn bringing Rob’s name up. Highly doubt Kristen fans care who rob dates, I’ll agree that there might be robsten fans who don’t like rob dating Tahliah(FKA Twigs).

  • Ally
  • nathalie

    She is going back to Alicia…

  • amanda

    Here’s my question…Why are you all so obsessed with whether an actor or actress is gay or straight or bi or whatever? Every other post there’s someone saying I thought he or she was gay, when will they admit it, etc. etc.? It’s none of your goddamn business. What is your business is the films and tv shows they appear in. You are free to comment on those all you want. Commenting on people’s personal lives makes you sound either crazy, jealous, petty, or disturbing. There is no way one can comment on another’s personal life and can come across sounding good and well-balanced. None of us are informed enough on any of these people to discuss anything other than their films or shows. Some people here need serious psychological help. Rant over

  • Ruro

    @mariah: What r u doing here if u dont like her?

  • Larson

    @mariah: Uh, no one is even mentioning Rob Pattinson on this board until you brought it up.

  • Ruro

    @Me: Yeah he is the new Jesus christ for u.Please go and worship him and his new gf.Leave KS alone

  • Babystew

    @mariah: Oh u got it wrong.It’s the opposite.Kristen’s fans r really happy now that he has his gf.Now these tabloids will stop attaching his name to her every article.We’ve been dreaming about Rob -free Kristen zone for years just like u wanting kristen free Rob-twigs zone.
    Please go and enjoy articles and news about ur drinker and his gf.

  • Theresa

    Finally a celebrity I can respect, a normal person who wears sweatpants and a tshirt in the airport!

  • lulul

    mi niña cuanto te quiero… sus pelicula estan increible todas …..un año excelente para ella



  • lourdes

    WOW princesa adorable que lindo se los ve juntos

  • sara


  • KRIS

    very very nice

  • Sarah

    Okay I have a lot to say. You can read it, or not, I don’t care….but #1 Why does she “have to admit” she’s a lesbian. Do people admit with they’re straight? It’s no one’s business. …..#2 To the poster who said “Funny how Robsten and Kristen fans get angry at Robert Pattinson for dating FKA Twigs and conveniently forgot Rupert Sanders.” Why do people have to bring up Rupert when venting about Twigs? Everyone knows what Kristen did and it has been brought up millions of times since 2012. On one hand RP/KS and Robsten fans say “don’t bring up Rob anymore, he’s not with Kristen” and “don’t bring up Kristen anymore, she’s not with Rob”, so why if they vent about Twigs must they bring up Kristen? ..#3 I’m not a fan of Twigs, I never have been since I first heard her (before Rob btw), but I’m also not dating her so I don’t have to like her. I don’t hate her, I’m just indifferent. I don’t think she’s pretty, but I don’t think she’s ugly…I also don’t think Kristen’s pretty either, but whatever…beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t care what Rob does, it’s is life. But what I don’t understand is…RP fans yell at the fans who are mad about Twigs and say “Respect Rob’s decisions, it’s his life”, but when Rob reunited with Kristen, they vented all the time and insulted her and never respected Rob’s decision to stay with her. So are you only supposed to respect Rob’s decision when it’s a decision that works for YOU? I don’t think anyone should be talking crap about Kristen or Twigs if they truly respect Rob, but don’t be a hypocrite. Don’t tell one side they need to respect who Rob chooses to be with if you didn’t practice what you’re trying to preach at the end of 2012/early 2013 when he was still with her. Just sayin’. #4 People insult Kristen by saying “well at least Twigs dresses like a girl”, ok? So what. Rob dated a girl who dressed like a boy too. Kristen’s dirty Chucks didn’t deter him, so why compare the clothing styles of both? I’m pretty sure he’s smart enough to date a girl for more than her wardrobe. #5 The racism against Twigs is not only wrong and disgusting but completely unnecessary. Complaing about a girls looks or clothing choices and everything else isn’t going to change anything either, but it definitely shows your true colors. And finally, Rob and Kristen are over and Rob has a new girlfriend so whyyyyyy are Rob’s fans still worrying about how Robsten fans are dealing with anything if they’ve been dreaming about a “fandom divorce” for so long? Just tune it out. I’m a fan of Kristen’s work as I’m a fan of Rob’s, I don’t like Twigs’s music, and I don’t like “Robsten” as a couple….but I also don’t HAVE to like something just as Kristen doesn’t HAVE to confirm her sexual preferences. That being said, I don’t insult Kristen, Rob or Twigs. Everyone is human, first and foremost, and they make mistakes and choices that they must deal with…not you, them. Kristen had to answer to Liberty and Robert, not any of you. It’s none of your business what she did. Bringing Kristen’s up isn’t going to change a damn thing just as complaining about Twigs isn’t going to change a thing between her and Rob. It’s Rob and Tahliah’s relationship, not yours. Stop telling him he’s wrong for dating someone he wants to date. I’ll always support Kristen and Rob in their careers, but it doesn’t mean I have to like what they do personally. That’s not my responsibility as a fan. I respect it, but I don’t have to like it. If Kristen is with Alicia or Nicholas, fine. If Rob is with Tahliah, fine. I’m not going to “diss” any of them, but I’m also not going to “ship” it. I don’t believe in being a “fan” of a couple. That’s weird to me. All of these people ‘up in arms’, no matter what the reason… Rob’s fans, Kristen’s fans and Robsten fans …all of you… seem to be either mean, hypocritical or just crazy and yet you’re all judging each other for the same stuff. The Robsten fans being racist? You’re wrong. The Rob fans blaming innocent Kristen fans for the racism? You’re wrong. The Kristen fans insulting Rob? You’re wrong.

    Maybe I’m in a party all on my own, but I don’t believe being a fan of someone means you have the right to judge their personal life. I don’t believe in insulting someone you don’t know. I believe in letting people live their lives and make their mistakes while I mind my own business. I’m still going to see Kristen’s movies and Rob’s, and I’m going to continue not to like FKA Twigs music (which I never did). I’m going to respect Rob and Kristen’s choices, but I “ship” nothing. In the end, you’re all still going to do what you want to do, and that’s your right…but remember: You can’t fight fire with fire, you guys. The End.



  • No

    sara porque no te vas y te pierdes sal de aqui si no eres fans de ella que mierda haces aqui ubicate bendiciones para nuestra REINA KRIS

  • Nicole

    @joy: why is this something to admit? her sexual life is not your or anyone’s business (including mine). besides, I might be wrong, but you’re using the word “lesbian” as something that is bad. she doesn’t have to admit wether she loves men or women or both, it all comes to the same thing: love.

  • Nicole

    @Sarah: can I say that I love you dearly for that post bless you

  • Nicole

    @nathalie: yayyy I cannot wait for more pictures of them they look so happy together

  • BB

    FANTASTICA ella es unica

  • Sarah

    @Nicole: Thanks! It was ridden with typos thanks to my iPad, but oh well…as long as my point/message was clear. :)

  • helen

    love love love her and cant wait for nyff next week shes gonna rock in any chanel she wears, her and nick have insane chemistry. that pic above was number one trend on variety yesterday in one hour, shes a movie star on a roll

  • luly


  • Sam

    Haters can’t let go of Kristen. They having been making fun of her and her fans and saying that Rob has been done and moved on from her a long time ago. Now, the haters act as if he just dumped her for FKA. Which is it? Kristen and Rob broke up over a year ago. Kristen has barely been in LA this year because she has been busy working. He has been in LA most of this year doing little. He has gone out with other girls and dated Imogene Kerr just before FKA, and all of his fans were happy that he was with Imogene. Maybe Kristen and Rob stayed in touch or maybe they didn’t. Rob had said that he cuts off for good those who hurt him but later on said that he was still talking to Kristen. Kristen moved on a long time ago yet her haters want to make it look otherwise.

  • :D

    Beautiful artists.

  • Cc

    Okay. They actually look really good together (hate the pair of NH & JL. KS & NH do have chemistry..on their looks and everything else.) Hope the movie will be good as well.