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FKA twigs Speaks Out Against Racist Remarks After Robert Pattinson Relationship Revealed

FKA twigs Speaks Out Against Racist Remarks After Robert Pattinson Relationship Revealed

FKA twigs, the entertainer currently in a relationship with Robert Pattinson, took to her Twitter account earlier in the day (September 28) to comment on racism.

“I am genuinely shocked and disgusted at the amount of racism that has been infecting my account the past week.” the 26-year-old singer wrote on her Twitter account. “Racism is unacceptable in the real world and it’s unacceptable online.”

These tweets came at the heels of new photos of her and Robert, where the rumored new couple can be seen holding hands.

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  • chloe

    agreed. there is no need for hate

  • Ava

    What a downgrade

  • Rob’s ans love her

    Rob’s fans totally support her and their relationship. The hateful remarks are coming from Kristen Stewart fans. All you have to do is click on their name and look at their profiles.

    They’re bitter and jealous that Rob’s not with their queen any longer. They sent hate to Bobby Long’s bride a couple of weeks ago, it’s what they do.

  • Emi

    @chloe: You are so right, there is no need for hate and racism. It really has to stop. She has done nothing wrong. Rob is allowed to be happy and she’s a beautiful, talented woman.

  • Anna


  • Fleet

    What an upgrade. She has no history of homewrecking, so she has my support.

  • Jane

    She is beautiful. The jealousy and racism is stupid and abusive.
    Do these jerks actually think it will win Robert Pattinson over to abuse the woman he is seeing?

  • Living in a box

    Uncool people, really uncool! Racism is horrible!

  • “BlogBrat”

    Hey Twigs ~ You know what??? Black people hate & are full of racism too…Get over your self loser…Cry that race card somewhere else…It’s getting old…….Very old…………………………………

  • Meh

    She’s disgusted? She should be. She’s shocked? She shouldn’t be. People can be horrible. She should know though, they don’t really hate her based off of her skin…they just can’t think of any other way to be angry at her so they resort to the dumbest and most disturbing ways ever. I don’t care for “shipping” their relationship, I don’t think she’s very pretty and her music gives me a headache…but damn, she does not deserve that utter abhorrent bullsh*t. She didn’t do anything wrong, and even if she had done something wrong…she still doesn’t deserve that. No one does.

  • KKKatie

    @“BlogBrat”: When Kristen Stewart’s petty, jealous LOSER fans stop making racists comments, then she move on. Until then, she will call them out, as is her right. They are using hate speech and it isn’t going to be ignored. This is going to backfire and Kristen is going to end up getting the blame for this in the media. Wait and see.

  • cate

    Absolutely appalling and good on her for saying something. Those nasty Kristen Stewart fans making those disgusting comments are scum.

  • Mary

    @cate: Kristen has this weird cult of followers. They excuse everything she does, like hook up with married men, and try to blame Rob and his fans for her being unpopular. It kills them that he rejected her. They act like he rejected them.

    And then she has those fans who think she got pregnant and had a baby, while the whole time she was photographed drinking and smoking, and never looking pregnant, so, they’re just nuts. They hate everyone who doesn’t worship her.

  • jon m’shulla

    A relationship is the business of the adults involved and no one else.

  • Sonia

    Majority of the hate she received was from Kristen Stewart fans and they are justifying their hate with the hate Kristen got in 2012. Kristen was judged because she had an affair with her married director while still in relationship.Kristen fans are hating on a mixed race , single girl that started dating a single guy.

  • Emi

    LOL. Don’t blame Kristen fans – haven’t heard a peep from a one. Nobody cares! But shame on the old Robsessed shippers that are disappointed in their ship sinking. Funny while this horrible stuff has been happening to FKA the Robsessed are posting hate on every blog, every movie site that so much as mentions Kristen’s name – to no comment or defense from the press. Typical. I’d love for all of the nastiness to stop.

  • Shay

    When will Kristen Stewart fans stop?

  • jmp

    @Ava: The only thing that is a downgrade is your pitiful life who are you to judge this girl. You need to get a life and stay out of others you do not know Rob Patterson.

  • Lane

    WOW..looking at her mentions on twitter and the take away from it is that Kristen Stewart fans are awful human beings! Sending her pics of Kristen, telling her she’ll never be as beautiful and disgusting racist remarks. Why is that something Kristen Stewart would be proud of?
    I know nothing about FKA Twigs but I already kind of love her for speaking out against stupidity!

  • Ava

    the hypocrisy of the rob fans lmao. They were horrible (and still are) to kristen for 6 years .all those homophobic remarks are just as bad. Where was the respect rob’s decision petition three years ago?

  • Emi

    @Emi: It’s all Kristen’s fans. maryod23: She posted a pic of her tearing Tahliah’s page out of a magazine because she didn’t want it near her goddess, Kristen.

    ratnapattinson, a KStew fan with manips of KStew having kids.

    twimom61, a KStew fan who’s twitter is full of racism. I could go on, they’re all Kristen fans. Rob fas have no motivation o hate Tahliah, she’s literally done nothing.

  • kate

    @Ava: Another jealous Kristen fan.

  • get over it

    @Ava: Some of Rob’s fans never liked Kristen, so what? She proved they were right. She had an affair with a married man in public. She betrayed Rob in the worst way.

    His fans who thought she lacked character to start with were proven right. That’s no reason to send racist hate to Twigs. You all have hated on Katy Perry for years, simply because she was Rob’s friend. It’s no secret what kind of hateful fans Kristen has.

  • Ava

    @get over it: you’re missing the point . You all act like she cheated on you . He took her back after that and his fan still didn’t respect his decision.

  • LOOK in the mirror

    LOL, it’s not Rob’s fans who are homophobic, it’s Kristen’s fans. If KStew wants to be bi or lesbian, that’s great. Her fans are scared to death she will come out of the closet with Alicia because they think it will destroy her career.

    Well, it didn’t hurt Ellen Page, Anna Pacqin or Evan Rachel Woods, so they can relax. But they live vicariously through her, and they want her with a man, preferably Rob. They’ll take Nick Hoult over Alicia, but she’s been wearing Alicia’s “A” ring for months, and she’s wearing Alicia’s gold watch, and they have matching necklaces. They seem happy together, it’s too bad her own fans are so homophobic they can’t accept it.

  • kim

    these stories about rob and kristen has me sick, I’m not a fan of rob and kristen but I do not like this girl either, I do not like his music, it has nothing to do with the color of her skin or anything. I just do not like it, and it’s my opinion, I agree that we should not be racist to anyone. But we must be fair to all. she knew who he was getting into, rob and kristen never talked about their relationship and less on the social networks, I think it is attracting more attention to the issue. I do not like kristen or rob or twilight, but I have to remember also that people always talk kristen pests and nothing ever came out. I must say that I am against racism in all possible ways, we are all equals, and I’m sure rob and kristen are not racist at all, it’s just my opinion.

  • Rose

    Who the heck would name themselves FKA twigs? And what exactly is she famous for (besides dating Rob Pattinson of course)?

  • get over it

    @Ava: You have no idea if he “took her back,” or not, since he never said anything. He made the BD2 promo easy for her, but you see that they split up for good in May, 2013.

    So whatever they had, it’s over. And I don’t care who she cheated on, she’s a cheater, and no one who cares about a man wants him with a cheater. Not if they have a brain. She proved she couldn’t be trusted, and he eventually realized that. He’s sure not with her now, is he?

  • JustSaying

    Maybe is not that she’s black, maybe is that she is ugly…

  • Meh

    @Rose: Her name is Tahliah…her dancing nickname is Twigs because of her joints cracking or something…some band was named Twigs so she changed her name to Oh Twigs and then to FKA Twigs (formerly known as twigs). To @JustSaying: Still not a reason to say those things to her. She’s not pretty to me, I think she’s kinda funny looking…but I would never say that to her. Just because you don’t find someone attractive doesn’t mean you should harass them with vile comments.

  • Sarah

    I posted this under a Kristen post yesterday, but I felt like it needed repeating…. …………..

    Okay I have a lot to say. You can read it, or not, I don’t care….but #1 Why does she “have to admit” she’s a lesbian. Do people admit with they’re straight? It’s no one’s business. …..#2 To the poster who said “Funny how Robsten and Kristen fans get angry at Robert Pattinson for dating FKA Twigs and conveniently forgot Rupert Sanders.” Why do people have to bring up Rupert when venting about Twigs? Everyone knows what Kristen did and it has been brought up millions of times since 2012. On one hand RP/KS and Robsten fans say “don’t bring up Rob anymore, he’s not with Kristen” and “don’t bring up Kristen anymore, she’s not with Rob”, so why if they vent about Twigs must they bring up Kristen? ..#3 I’m not a fan of Twigs, I never have been since I first heard her (before Rob btw), but I’m also not dating her so I don’t have to like her. I don’t hate her, I’m just indifferent. I don’t think she’s pretty, but I don’t think she’s ugly…I also don’t think Kristen’s pretty either, but whatever…beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t care what Rob does, it’s is life. But what I don’t understand is…RP fans yell at the fans who are mad about Twigs and say “Respect Rob’s decisions, it’s his life”, but when Rob reunited with Kristen, they vented all the time and insulted her and never respected Rob’s decision to stay with her. So are you only supposed to respect Rob’s decision when it’s a decision that works for YOU? I don’t think anyone should be talking crap about Kristen or Twigs if they truly respect Rob, but don’t be a hypocrite. Don’t tell one side they need to respect who Rob chooses to be with if you didn’t practice what you’re trying to preach at the end of 2012/early 2013 when he was still with her. Just sayin’. #4 People insult Kristen by saying “well at least Twigs dresses like a girl”, ok? So what. Rob dated a girl who dressed like a boy too. Kristen’s dirty Chucks didn’t deter him, so why compare the clothing styles of both? I’m pretty sure he’s smart enough to date a girl for more than her wardrobe. #5 The racism against Twigs is not only wrong and disgusting but completely unnecessary. Complaing about a girls looks or clothing choices and everything else isn’t going to change anything either, but it definitely shows your true colors. And finally, Rob and Kristen are over and Rob has a new girlfriend so whyyyyyy are Rob’s fans still worrying about how Robsten fans are dealing with anything if they’ve been dreaming about a “fandom divorce” for so long? Just tune it out. I’m a fan of Kristen’s work as I’m a fan of Rob’s, I don’t like Twigs’s music, and I don’t like “Robsten” as a couple….but I also don’t HAVE to like something just as Kristen doesn’t HAVE to confirm her sexual preferences. That being said, I don’t insult Kristen, Rob or Twigs. Everyone is human, first and foremost, and they make mistakes and choices that they must deal with…not you, them. Kristen had to answer to Liberty and Robert, not any of you. It’s none of your business what she did. Bringing Kristen’s up isn’t going to change a damn thing just as complaining about Twigs isn’t going to change a thing between her and Rob. It’s Rob and Tahliah’s relationship, not yours. Stop telling him he’s wrong for dating someone he wants to date. I’ll always support Kristen and Rob in their careers, but it doesn’t mean I have to like what they do personally. That’s not my responsibility as a fan. I respect it, but I don’t have to like it. If Kristen is with Alicia or Nicholas, fine. If Rob is with Tahliah, fine. I’m not going to “diss” any of them, but I’m also not going to “ship” it. I don’t believe in being a “fan” of a couple. That’s weird to me. All of these people ‘up in arms’, no matter what the reason… Rob’s fans, Kristen’s fans and Robsten fans …all of you… seem to be either mean, hypocritical or just crazy and yet you’re all judging each other for the same stuff. The Robsten fans being racist? You’re wrong. The Rob fans blaming innocent Kristen fans for the racism? You’re wrong. The Kristen fans insulting Rob? You’re wrong.

    Maybe I’m in a party all on my own, but I don’t believe being a fan of someone means you have the right to judge their personal life. I don’t believe in insulting someone you don’t know. I believe in letting people live their lives and make their mistakes while I mind my own business. I’m still going to see Kristen’s movies and Rob’s, and I’m going to continue not to like FKA Twigs music (which I never did). I’m going to respect Rob and Kristen’s choices, but I “ship” nothing. In the end, you’re all still going to do what you want to do, and that’s your right…but remember: You can’t fight fire with fire, you guys. The End.

  • Ava

    @get over it: “no one who cares about a man wants him with a cheater.” Lmao serioisly?!? I doubt rob needs ur aproval . If he wanted to he could have broke it off after promo in november but he didnt, why would he stay with her till may?

  • Sonia

    @Ava: Kristen fans like yourself shouldn’t really talk about hypocrisy. You’ve spent last 6 years hating on Rob , his friends, family, costars and now his girlfriend and all because you couldn’t deal with the fact that general public doesn’t like Kristen.Do not disguise your jealousy with “respect for Kristen”. Kristen has her own life and doesnt care who is Rob with, so why do you care

  • People never complain like this about other IR couples in Hollywood…they’re only saying this to her because it’s Rob and some of his fans (whether strictly his or Robsten) are clinically insane. I don’t want her to back down, but part of me wants her to just get as far away from him as possible. I wish she had never gotten mixed up in his crazy life / fanbase. Two weeks ago she was a respected emerging artist with zero drama and now she’s got disgusting drama tainting her career.

  • UGH

    She’s focused and driven and now she has petty BS to deal with. She’s too good for this crap and, in my opinion, Rob ain’t worth it. I hope this “current” relationship (as JJ puts it) is only “temporary” so that her fanbase can get the unwanted company OUT. I don’t care if “all of his fans aren’t like that”, with the “good fans” come their crazy fandom/former fandom and that’s one too many. Besides his “true fans” only respect the fact that he’s with her, they don’t genuinely like her so it wouldn’t be a real loss to them if he moved on to another poor woman and left Twigs alone.

  • Ava

    @Sonia: you don’ t know me so don’ t ASSume that you do. I’ m a fan of BOTH, I’M just pointing out the hyporcrisy . They ‘ ve both moved and so should their fans.

  • Mimi

    @Rob’s ans love her:

    Sock accounts, delusional shippers. Kristen-only fans are happy for them and celebrating the news. We can’t wait to see what they are planning to do next.

  • Sonia

    @Ava: your first comment was “what a downgrade” and then you go on talking about respect, hypocrisy and how you are fan of both….LOL….

  • That HAIR

    Her response should’ve just been “I’M FKA TWIGS B*TCH!” #rickjames

  • Wow

    @Just sayin: you know who she was dating few years ago when she was a nobody? What were you following for a long time? Her dancing career?

  • jenna

    happy for Rob and tahliah.
    Kristen fans are sick and they have always been sickos. they support adultry and cheating

  • anna

    Rob is gorgeous and i wish him all happiness

  • She’s cute

    I don’t think Kristen or Robert are particularly attractive but if they were on social media no way would I send them messages about how ugly I think they are. It’s one thing to make fun of or talk trash about celebs but to actually send that stuff to the? Some people go too far.

  • Meena

    He should come out and support his girlfriend and tell people to knock it off as well. You like who you like and he likes her.

  • Kay

    @Rob’s ans love her: wrong!! These are fans of Pattinson and Kristen’s former relationship. Period. Aka “shippers”. True Kristen Stewart fans could care less he’s moved on. In fact most of us are celebrating and were hoping this would be the end of this war between Pattinson’s twisted, hateful fans (who for 6 YEARS have harrassed Kristen and made homophobic slurs against her, sent death threats and tried to defame her in every way possible) and the shippers. Some shippers have Kristen avis so you can’t go by that. I wish FKA Twigs lots of luck and happiness. None of us condone racism, homophobia or cyber bullying PERIOD. Stop trying to being down Kristen and get a life.

  • Ava

    @Sonia: oh please . Anyone with eyes see thats she’s a downgrade.

  • Ava

    @Just Sayin: what producer?

  • “BlogBrat”

    I am not a Kristen fan at all…I think she is a lousy actress & not pretty at all…I don’t care who Rob is with either…What I do care about is all the blacks crying race all the time….As a white person living in the South, I am discriminated against everyday & I am sick of it too…There is more racists in the black communities than in the white communities…Too many Obama’s & Holders fueling that fire for them…You have black skin…So what…I have white skin…That does not give you anymore rights than anyone else of another color…She is a celeb, she is a black celeb…What did she think would happen when she started dating a white guy???? It’s not all lollipops & roses out here anymore…She needs to suck it up, move on & shut the he!! up….People are being beheaded & she is crying about her twitter account…Boo Hoo..BTW ~ The man that beheaded that woman & stabbed the other was BLACK!!!!! I can speak just as loud about discrimination as any other person can!!!!!!!! I live with it everyday………………………

  • Karen

    @Ava: See…. there’s NO NEED for your ugly remarks either !

  • anna

    now the world knows about the nasty people following kristen stewart
    They support adultry and rascism