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George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin: First Post-Wedding Photos!

George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin: First Post-Wedding Photos!

George Clooney holds hands with his new wife Amal Alamuddin as they leave The Aman Canal Grande Hotel for the first time as a married couple on Sunday (September 28) in Venice, Italy.

The day before, the happy couple tied the knot at the seven-star hotel in front of family and friends, including Matt Damon, his wife Luciana, Anna Wintour, Cindy Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber.

In case you missed them, check out all the luxurious photos from their gorgeous wedding venue!

FYI: Amal is wearing a Giambattista Valli Couture dress and Heidi London sunglasses.

20+ pictures inside of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin seen for the first time as husband and wife…

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george clooney amal alamuddin post wedding italy 01
george clooney amal alamuddin post wedding italy 02
george clooney amal alamuddin post wedding italy 03
george clooney amal alamuddin post wedding italy 04
george clooney amal alamuddin post wedding italy 05
george clooney amal alamuddin post wedding italy 06
george clooney amal alamuddin post wedding italy 07
george clooney amal alamuddin post wedding italy 08
george clooney amal alamuddin post wedding italy 09
george clooney amal alamuddin post wedding italy 10
george clooney amal alamuddin post wedding italy 11
george clooney amal alamuddin post wedding italy 12
george clooney amal alamuddin post wedding italy 13
george clooney amal alamuddin post wedding italy 14
george clooney amal alamuddin post wedding italy 15
george clooney amal alamuddin post wedding italy 16
george clooney amal alamuddin post wedding italy 17
george clooney amal alamuddin post wedding italy 18
george clooney amal alamuddin post wedding italy 19
george clooney amal alamuddin post wedding italy 20

Photos: WENN, INFPhoto
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  • Banana

    Love Love Love her and that dress.
    Love even more that she doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

  • sarah

    Congrats! The dress looks like it was a good idea. Then the designer go fed up and tossed so left over red pieces of fabric. Miss Joan, she would have had a field day with this dress.

  • sirine

    I really don’t mean to be mean but this woman looks like a man in drag. She seems to have all the great qualities, smart, successful, intelligent, chic, but when it comes to her looks, good god she’s terribly unattractive.

  • sarah

    @sarah: “some”

  • olive

    They look good and happy, congrats!

  • cloco

    lol … at this wedding !

  • OhCanada

    Urgh…ENOUGH already. Just get on with your fake life. I don’t want to see it everywhere in every news feed.
    I hope Hollywood chase this loser and his Anti-semite wife out of town for good.
    George-y Porridge seems to have his ‘politician wave’ down pat. (barfs)

  • fruit

    Amal is unattractive but smart (i guess)

  • lol

    perfect famewhore couple!

  • siennagold

    Best wishes to both of them!

  • Sayer

    For those who think smart/successful women cannot become starstruck: I present Amal.

    Why would a young, smart woman want to marry a man nearly old enough to be her father, who has a history of womanizing and claiming he does not want children?

    She is obviously very interested in the celebrity status of Clooney.

  • Registered Nurse

    I agreed on comment #3 ha ha c is ugly with big nose ,Grandpa George Clooney omg d same both ugly

  • Wow

    She looks stunning & that dress is gorgeous. She has really good taste. They both look fabulous & so happy.. Aww so nice to see happy news! :))

  • Rose

    @Sayer: Exactly! It doesn’t matter if she’s educated and has a good career. She can still become totally starstruck and want fame for herself. If anything, being known to the world as “George Clooney’s wife” can help get her more clients.

  • lyr

    She seems to like all this attention a bit too much and she looks like Jerry Seinfeld in drag.

  • Cari

    @Rose, @Sayer, @OhCanada.
    I know several people who have met or worked with Clooney and they all have raved about him which is unusual in the film industry. He is very smart, kind, professional and caring. He doesn’t do drugs and arrive at work drunk or high like so many actors. He is kind and supportive to other actors. He is good to his fans. He also is passionate about his causes and well informed. Maybe she fell in love with the man and not the image.

  • Sophia

    He married her for his political ambition.

  • Anna

    Always well-dressed , but not attractive at all.. too thin and big nose, too large mouth.

  • OhCanada


    You have had no direct contact or experience…here-say has no bearing in court.

  • drunk George

    ummm- what about his fights with Fabio & Steve Wynn? Even his million dollar PR couldn’t cover those up.

  • Al’s Marmot


  • sillyme

    Yeah, I agree with whomever said above that this is about politics. Clooney wants to run for office in a few years. He needs an arm candy wife – his version of Jackie. The far left loves Muslims and especially those who hate Israel,and were putting their hopes in Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin, until Weiner screwed up.

    Expect a baby in about a year, and for Clooney to run for something (Senate?) in 2016 or 2018, maybe in California where he has a home, or NYC where his wife is (and I bet we won’t be hearing about his Lake Como home much when he runs). I wouldn’t be surprised by a eventual presidential run in the 2020′s.

  • janet

    oh boy… a woman that old should not be dressing like a child. she looks hideous but i suppose soon enough his money will buy her some style.

  • 007

    I bet George whacks off to pictures of himself shaking hands with prime ministers.

  • To lol

    @ 09/28/2014 at 11:36 am

    are you upset that you weren’t invited.

  • Jo

    I found the dress a little too short for a marriage dress, otherwise it is very class and nice !

  • Where are Matt Randi Etc

    Where are the pictures of Matt Damon Bill Murray and the rest of the so called people at this wedding! Why aren’t walking around town with George and Amal ! Ni she does not look like a drag queen! She dresses Like a woman her age! It is so nice thsf George did not Invite Ellen Barkin and Nicole Kidman who are also good friends with him! And the bet snow over! He did it he got married! Those pix of Matt Damon were taken when he was at the film festival not now ! Nice to see the docks of where the so called wedding guests came to shore! Is the same one that The Venice Film Festival is at. So show us Matt and the rest of the cast!

  • Kara

    That dress…it’s amazing! Yes, George can have any woman and some of his girlfriends were more attractive but she is smart and beautiful in her own way.

  • lulu

    I don’t really know how to judge how men look at women, I certainly don’t find Amal to be attractive, but I’m a woman. Yesterday my bf saw pictures of Amal and George, and he said “what an ugly woman”, so I guess I see how some men judge her. For the dress, it’s too short for her, she’s 36, not 26, and they keep trying push her as some high powered lawyer, yet she’s dressing like one of George’s regular 2 year contract bimbos.

  • UGH!!

    Ugly broad. No wonder he looks like a defeated man.
    2 nose jobs in Beirut this year, and that mutherfukker of a beak is just menacingly dangerous. Nearly poked his eye out when she bent to kiss him.

  • Blue Sea

    Such an unattractive woman.
    Looks like those drag queens in Rio at the Mardi Gras.

    She’s dressed like a flamingo on two shapeless stilts.
    Her face is like some predatory bird species. Raven, Crow, this….

  • Hanna

    @Al’s Marmot: Why do you keep saying Fake? Any proof that it isn’t real??

  • Lesley

    He looks great, so dashing and amazing. He was so funny in <—-

  • etiquette??!!!

    Probably chose a short dress to draw attention away from her fugly face to her crotch.
    The boatmen threw up after she flashed them getting onboard.
    Clooney’s uncouth embarrassment.

  • Ok

    @lulu: your friend is an ass. Maybe George sees something more than just outter appearances

  • georgette

    She is so tacky

  • gillian

    The dress is pretty but too short for a woman her age. It’s like she’s trying to dress like a 21 year old model.

  • GC’sBoyontheside

    So is this what she ended up wearing to get married or is this dress for one of the other parties or ceremonies they had? Isn’t this like a four day event? What a PR circus this is. I agree with everyone saying she is one fugly, big nosed bird. My god, if this is what she looks like after a couple of nose jobs, he needs to make sure there is a good plastic surgeon on standby ready to help the kids they may have. Poor kids, but maybe they will get lucky and look like George, but have Amal’s brains. It’s probably best they call casting and adopt.

  • Clooney’s wife:
  • Chicken wings w/ Fries

    I give it three years max.

  • http://ffacebook Iamcurious

    Jo in Comment 26, I don’t think the dress Amal is wearing in these photos is her wedding dress. That ceremony took place Saturday evening. This is just their first public appearance as a married couple. This dress is a little overdone for a Sunday party while George is just wearing an ordinary suit.

  • tilt

    She’s not ugly at all. She’s beautiful! I married an older man. 25 years, 2 kids, and still going strong.

  • Al’s Marmot

    @Iamcurious: If I had just started my honeymoon, you wouldn’t see me for days or weeks, lol. I sure as hell wouldn’t put it on hold to do yet another staged photo op. This entire thing is fake.

  • Al’s Marmot

    @tilt: She’s very ugly, like Klinger from M*A*S*H in drag.

  • Leo

    My goodness .. I see so many jealous bitches commenting on Amal being ugly & anti-Semite !!!!! So stupid all of you !! She is so beautiful , slim , elegant & smart .. I am a man & find this women very attractive .. Not like some blonde bimbo … & one more thing !! She can’t be anti-Semite because she is a Semite :D & as we all know Phoenicians, Hebrews, Arabs are Semite ! Read history books .. Read any books
    Just wish them well .. Be a kind human being

  • Lauren

    ” A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.” – Andre Maurois

  • amethyst

    @Leo: well, Arabs are classified as Semitic people, however the term anti-Semitism actually refers to being anti-Jewish. I suggest you look it up. :-)

    Alamuddin & her family are anti-Israel, pro-PLO supporters.

    As for her appearance, she’s slim but shapeless. Boyish narrow legs with no hips & she seems to want to draw attention to them, because her face is her worst feature.

  • Don’t get it

    I don’t think she’s unattractive however I find her a change pick as her wife. This is a man who swore he was not marriage material. He dated all types of women and he chooses one that he has nothing in common with. The whole thing stinks of rebound relationship and we all know what happens to those types of relationships. They end with someone getting hurt. I read somewhere that he invited both Brad/Angelina and Jennifer Aniston. Yet neither showed up. In fact his relationship with Brad has deteriorated ever since he met Angelina. I wonder if George was feeling left out of the picture so he decided to marry so he would never be alone. Hate to tell him but getting married isn’t the key to not being alone. In fact some of the most aloe people I know are married. Happiness comes from within. I still think he is on the rebound from Stacy Kiebler leaving him and moving on so fast. everyone knew she wanted marriage, its why her last relationship ended. No matter how much she told people that she didn’t want to get serious, it’s what every woman wants. Her own happy ever after with a hubby and children. I’m betting Amal wants children, no doubt she told George she doesn’t but we saw how Stacey lied to him, does he really not believe that a woman in her 30′s doesn’t feel her biological clock ticking……..tick tock goes the clock.

  • Emerald

    @Al’s Marmot

    You’ve decided to come here to spout off the same insane nonsense you’ve posted over at IMDb. According to the emails from friends on that site you have definitely go through a serious meltdown. Cases in point:

    “Aside from the fact that there is no legal marriage nor any marriage in the eyes of any church, if Clooney were to really get married, it wouldn’t be a non-stop commercial with constant press releases and staged photo ops. If he were to really get married, it would be a private, quiet event”

    “How does not seeing him with another woman negate the fact that he isn’t actually married, and has only a fake marriage? It doesn’t. Whether or not there is a different woman has nothing to do with the fact that the fake engagement and fake marriage were fake and nothing but a publicity show.”

    “You gnomes seem particularly desperate today. Why is that? Too many fails, including the fake marriage fail? Clooney isn’t married, not in the eyes of any government or church. It was a publicity show. People know this.”

    But the absolute best of your insane posts is the one where someone asked why over 96% of your posts since joining the site was dedicated to George Clooney. Your response; what that you were doing it for a “friend” of a “former friend” of George who wanted to stop the wedding from happening. Now is the time for truth; there has never been a “friend” of a “former friend. Such a person have never existed except in your own mind.

    Now delusional one, George’s parents, family and friends would not have travelled all the way to Italy for a fake wedding. They are way smarter than that. Also, the former mayor Rome would not risk his future political career on a fake wedding.

    Many people these days do not get married in a church for various reasons. Instead these people choose to get married in private homes, hotels, privately/publicly owned gardens. And guess what, delusional one, these marriages are recognized as legal under the jurisdictions the weddings take place in. All that is required is the marriage license. On Monday, whether you approve or not, George and Amal are going to have a civil ceremony as well.

    The time has come, Al’s Marmot, for you to grow up and put an end to your obsession with George Clooney. And above all, PUT AN END to your lies about “Anna”. We all know she is a non-existent person created by your delusional mind. George is not now nor has he ever been involved with you.

  • Meena

    The dress should be the same length in the front than the back. It looks idiotic this way.