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Jonathan Rhys Meyers Makes First Official Appearance with Girlfriend Mara Lane

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Makes First Official Appearance with Girlfriend Mara Lane

Jonathan Rhys Meyers stops to pose on the red carpet while arriving at the 2014 Barretstown Anniversary Gala Ball held at Convention Centre on Saturday (September 27) in Dublin, Ireland.

The 37-year-old Irish actor was joined at the event by his girlfriend Mara Lane, in their first public appearance together.

“TY @Barretstown 4letting us be apart of such a fun&enchanting evening. Can’t wait2volunteer &dance before meals w u,” Mara later tweeted.

According to the Irish Independent, Jonathan has been dating the actress for about six months.

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  • Charity Gal

    I love everything Paul Newman. He left behind such a legacy.

  • just me

    what happen to his wife?

  • WrTq

    She’s okay with him going to events coked out of his skull?

  • JoanMyers

    Didn’t know jrm was married. She is a girlfriend. As far as I know he isn’t married.I could be wrong.

  • Saoirse

    I would never be able to get used to the flashing bulbs in my face especially after a flight from LA. So cool how they flew so far to help raise funds for sick kids. I needed to find a charity to give to and think I found it.

  • Klassy

    He does look coked out all the time.

  • Darn

    Everything was going alright and then that fugly purse happened. Cute couple though.

  • Natalie

    @just me: He’s never been married.

  • Why

    Doesn’t he just look like a miserable old sod all the time?!

  • happiertoday

    Well, something looks right, he looks good, agree with Saoirse’s comments,

  • Sad eyes

    These pictures sadden and worry me. Jonathan looks sad and appears to have pinned pupils. He looks like a lost soul who needs rescued. I’m sorry everyone but denying the truth doesn’t help. I was expecting to see him glowing with happiness (like Mara seems to be) and what we see is the opposite. It is confusing since I thought he was in love with a career on the up. I hope Mara takes good care of him…Please God don’t let him go the way of so many celebrities before him. I hope his family help him. He gives us all joy yet does he get any in return? I am so sad seeing these pictures. Please look after him Mara. I say this with no malice but as a concerned fan.

  • Rebecca S

    @Sad eyes: he doesn’t exactly seem like the easiest person to be in a relationship with. Please God take care of them both. He still looks happier today (going to support charities) with clearer skin and brighter eyes. Good health and happiness to you both.

  • I think

    He looks great. She looks great. Haven’t yet heard of Barretstown but my dogs will only eat Newman’s Own. Do profits from sales fund go towards charity?

  • xyzc

    @Rebecca S:

    Oh dear, u still believe in imaginary friends and the sparkling shit of Hollyweird?

  • xyzc

    “Actress” Mara Lane? Who the hell has heard of her, coz I havent? Perhaps shes just another call-girl trying to make it big in Hollyweird, which is a good old tradition, ask Denise Richards and Sharon Stone for instance…. Well IMO, the looks on their faces tell all about their relationship….

  • LOL

    @Darn: LOL I am in love with her jumpsuit but her purse has got to go. They look good. I wish my husband and I were 15 years younger and looked like them. Add a few stones here, a time machine and there and almost :-|

  • Zoe

    Why are people so quick to judge?! Not everyone photographs well. Photos only catch a tiny snippet of one’s experience and can be misleading. I’m sure if you watched video of the two of them you would see that they are both doing just fine. He looks healthy and happy and she seems very down-to-earth and a good influence on him.

  • Not

    @Zoe: doing just fine, he is so far ahead of her walking to the door, is he trying to lose her? His blank look and her simpering smile is not a happy couple. If you look at the pics inside where she is pouting like a spoiled little brat who wants her way NOW, and he is looking peeved at her, you can see they are not just fine.

  • Pinned

    @Sad eyes: pupils? Are you on drugs that you think he is? He does NOT do drugs anymore. Don’t expect mara to take care of him, she has had men take care of her all her life and it’s not about to stop now. Are you really praying to god on an internet forum?

  • MarciaMara

    The purse is horrid and the jumpsuit very covered up for someone who was a Perfect 10 girl years ago..

    Actress – if web-series counts, I guess so. Otherwise, parts have been limited to a couple of minutes screen time her and there.

    The pouting looks like it went like this

    him- “let’s go walk the carpet”
    her “I want to, but people on the internet will say mean things (pout), you go.”

    Looking for that Brangelina life.

  • I agree

    I agree. So basically the dirty look she is giving him is to mean commenters like us. In comments on her instagram it says they just got off a flight and he just spilled coca cola on his suit which explains the t-shirt. I may be stressed and in a bad mood too. They actually just look like normal people living their lives (one very famous) and have normal relationship issues with normal coca cola spilling on suit problems and just happen to be supporting a charity out for the evening. Happy to see him out but still wish he was in black tie.

  • spilled

    @I agree: coca cola on his suit? Just got off the flight? They flew dressed like that? He owns only one white shirt? Huh? He has worn the t-shirt with suits many times before, what does it matter? Did she try to explain away all the childish pouting? Why did he leave her behind getting out of the car? Why did he look so aggressive and upset at her poutiness? If an actor and wanna be actress can’t ACT like they are in live in public, something is very wrong.

  • spilled

    OOPS “are in love” in public

  • Damage control

    The spilled soda comments were likely preemptive to address the lack of black tie. everyone knew the comments about no black tie at a black tie event would be coming and she addressed them. Big deal. That way people can stop speculating. They did not fly from LA to Dublin for the ball.

  • I think

    @MarciaMara: the conversation went more like this:
    her “but I wanna go walk the prettyr ed carpet and you can tell everyone you are gonna be MY husband.”
    him ” Not gonna happen, and stop acting like a child. You have already turned off most of my fan base.”

  • Lucky Girl

    If pouting and putting on childish scenes will make a man like Jonathan take care of her 24//7, she must be doing it extremely well. At least, give her credit for that and for keeping him grounded and entertained.

  • I like her

    @I think: fans like her. Go take a gander at any of her social media where people actually have to be accountable for what they write.

  • I don’t.

    @I like her: The fans are all kissy butt on her social media sites so she will post more about HIM. It is not about her and they will run away very quickly when he breaks up with her. It happened to Vic.

  • I agree. Likeable

    @I don’t.: she already had her own friends and little following before him. She’s genuinely nice seeming. Some will like her some won’t doubt she cares either way and Jonathan is probably so used to haters and jealous people on the net can remind her none of us matter anyways at end of the day.

  • To I don’t

    Female fans love her up to manipulate and hope she continues to trickle information and pics and they can claim to be in the know. Then-some pretend to be in the know about where he will be and what he’s doing based on whether she has liked or commented on their post or tweet. It’s all manipulation. for info and the “chance” to get closer. I hope she catches on. Just like they stopped commenting on all of the last GF’s pics and tweets, and the IG pics of the reality show broad. Will he attend the Irish post awards you think?

  • trish

    they came from london to dublin not from los angeles.

  • Yes

    @To I don’t: I think he will, it was confirmed. Hope he doesn’t bring the pout with him. You are right about the manipulation, but I think it goes both ways…she is manipulating them too. We are even called haters and jealous if we dare to say what we really think and not go along with their agenda.

  • To I agree. Like able

    She had half the twitter followers in January she has now. Increasing by 100% is def an increase b/c of the BF.

  • To Yes

    Confirmed by who? Not his PR. Not him. Nothing public from her confirming unless you count a few likes given to tweets as confirmation.

  • The Irish Post

    @To Yes: said he would be attending the black tie event this October. wonder if he’ll wear his v-neck? :-)

  • I agree. Likeable

    @To I agree. Like able: half of her followers is still quadruple more than any of his ex’s. Like I said she is likeable and seems without agenda. Have you been stalking her since January why do you even know this. I am entering weird fandom world here even commenting.

  • I like her too.

    @I agree. Likeable: Some fans nice. Some a little off. Ignore the die hards. Good luck to them and to charitable cause they supported.

  • HUH?

    Are people who don’ t say how sweet and beautiful mara is not nice? Good Grief girl, it is not “off” to see through a fake personality. I think it is off to not see through it. You are just like mara with your veiled insults while pretending to be nice. Key word here is “Pretending”

  • Sad Eyes

    @Pinned: Don’t be so childish please. No I am not on drugs but I do have some experience and knowledge in that area. The pinned pupils are a well known sign. How many actors and musicians have we seen suffer (or worse die) due to drug abuse? The list is very very long my friend. And in many cases, up until the end the general public assumed they were fine. I am sorry that I cannot deny what is right in front of me. Many many people can see something isn’t right. So sorry for daring to show some concern and worry for another human being. We have lost too many people that way and I for one do not want to see another tragedy and hear the same old comments of “if only we had seen the signs, if only he/she had gotten help” etc.
    And no, I am not “praying to God on an internet forum” – it is a turn of phrase, commonly used.
    A spade is a spade. I call it as I see it. Denying a problem won’t make it go away.
    I wish him and Mara good health and happiness. And perhaps she looks troubled in some of the pictures because she too, like many of us, is worried about him. I hope I am wrong but that will remain to be seen.

  • Sad Eyes

    Anyway, there is no doubting Johnny did well in showing up for such a great cause and Mara is a *very* beautiful woman. I just wished he looked happy and healthy, that’s all.

  • sigh

    @Sad Eyes: I am childish? I am not the one accusing him of being on drugs. He HAD a problem yeas ago…it is over, let it rest. His eyes are NOT pinned. I find that people who think they know it all seldom know anything.
    Invoking god’s name and asking for something is a turn of a phrase? Okay, you are not talking to any longer

  • Sad Eyes

    @sigh: No offence but I have no desire to enter into a conversation with you. I guess you are one of those people who thinks those in need of help should not receive it and that celebrities life’s are always rosy. He may not be on drugs (although many people with life experience cannot fail but notice that may be a very real possibility) but he clearly isn’t looking well. A genuine fan would be concerned and want him to get help. Goodbye.

  • sigh

    @Sad Eyes: Than stop posting to me and making out like I am the one who is a bad person and fan. No, his life isn’t rosy with so called fans like you saying he is on drugs. I don’t like passive aggressive people like you………………GO AWAY

  • What, really?

    You guys get over it. Jonathan is NOT using drugs or abusing alcohol for a long time now, he’s over it. Now, Mara I still don’t know much to be any judgement. She’s not an actress anymore but maybe it’s sounding better to the media, more acceptable to his high society matters or whatever. She met him in 2009 in rehab, she’s lucky to know him and his family. That’s it. I admit…he’s better, prettier even, than her. She’s nothing without him…well, nothing in the sense as I am to him.

    He’s loves her but what does love have to do with anything. Mara does seemed pissed. I thought that was her just face. If things don’t plan out, so what, make the most of it and move on. I wouldn’t put up with half of that crap.

    Good luck to those two.

  • Mary

    @What, really?: Mara did an HBO series just last January called The Brink, so she must still be an actress, of sorts. Jonathan isn’t into high society, which, I think, is why is looks so out of it at those type of functions. I do agree he is not using drugs now. Mara did look pissed, and so did he on a couple of shots, a lovers quarrel perhaps?

  • What really is really wrong

    Mara said they met in 2000 at the Sunset Marquis (in LA).
    Mara said she has never been to rehab.

    This rehashed rehab comment is untrue and it should not be posted again.

  • The true test

    . I don’t know if she looks unhappy in the pic. She looks like she’s considering something and leaning towards no. If I had to guess its walking together.

    The true test will be when they are out of the honeymoon phase. I’m guessing he lost his sh!t€ (as most people would) when he soiled his tie and shirt, if that did happen.

    It sounds like they were frustrated already w/ flights and then the hotel was of no help w/ the shirt situation. No wonder they both look a little out of sorts.

    The test will also be how they handle those types of situations.

  • Well

    @The true test: they obviously didn’t handle it very well. A hotel in Dublin wouldn’t help a native celeb. with a soiled shirt? I find that hard to believe unless they have motel 6′s in Ireland.
    I do not trust what she says, anyone hiding their past isn’t being honest.
    She did post he had helped her get off “the hard stuff” in 2001, rehab is rehab whether or not you go to a clinic or go it alone.

  • What, really?

    Mara herself said Jonathan saved her from a lifetime of drugs in her Twitter and she met him a “second” time in L.A. She’s not a actress, not really. Jonathan is a social lite therefor he can not run away from that but yes he’s not into it…thank goodness. He aslo said he would never date a actress, so he doesn’t care anymore obviously…if she still wants to be a real actress?

  • armcia

    He also said he would never date a woman of leisure.

    Angelina Jolie is a humanitarian and a successful actress/director at the same time.