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Leonardo DiCaprio Continues To Bring Awareness to Climate Summit By Tweeting Tear-Jerking Video

Leonardo DiCaprio Continues To Bring Awareness to Climate Summit By Tweeting Tear-Jerking Video

Leonardo DiCaprio wears a newsboy cap while out and about with some friends on Monday (September 29) in West Hollywood, Calif.

It was recently announced that the 39-year-old actor acquired the book rights for Nate Blakeslee‘s “American Wolf” and will adapt it into a movie under his production company Appian Way.

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“Poet & activist Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner moved world leaders at the @UN #Climate2014 summit to tears,” Leonardo recently tweeted with a video. Check out the video below!

Leonardo DiCaprio – Youtube Video

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio spending time with his friends in West Hollywood…

Just Jared on Facebook
leonardo dicaprio awareness to climate summit tear jerking video 01
leonardo dicaprio awareness to climate summit tear jerking video 02
leonardo dicaprio awareness to climate summit tear jerking video 03
leonardo dicaprio awareness to climate summit tear jerking video 04
leonardo dicaprio awareness to climate summit tear jerking video 05
leonardo dicaprio awareness to climate summit tear jerking video 06
leonardo dicaprio awareness to climate summit tear jerking video 07
leonardo dicaprio awareness to climate summit tear jerking video 08
leonardo dicaprio awareness to climate summit tear jerking video 09
leonardo dicaprio awareness to climate summit tear jerking video 10

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  • Zzzzzz

    He looks nice and relaxed. I guess the start date for The Revenant has been pushed back. :(

  • Zzzzzz

    The video is amazing. Hope everyone watches it.

  • also…

    @Zzzzzz: He does look good but I was sad to read that unflattering tweet of him today in LA.

  • ####

    He looks good! I wonder when he’ll start filming.

  • Zzzzzz

    @also…: Hi! I’ve read where he is incredibly nice and I’ve read were he’s a bit of a jerk. I guess it depends on his mood and how the people are towards him. Not trying to make any excuses for him, but I think people forget that he is human. Also, he probably isn’t all that happy since he was supposed to start filming and it’s been delayed. I wonder what the problem is?

  • ####


    I can’t imagine it’s been pushed off too long bc toms been in Calgary along with leo and lukas.

  • Zzzzzz

    @####: Hi Lady! Me either. Maybe a week?From BZ – great photo – taken after the Global Summit mtg.

  • offtheproperty

    One thing about movie stars, when they’re wrong, they don’t stop being wrong. Everything watermelon liberals do to “save the planet” only makes things worse — but he won’t ever have to worry about our economy going under. In fact the more Americans he helps put out of work the richer he becomes by comparison. Actually, he’s just as supercilious as he looks.

  • ####


    That is a nice photo. He’s smiling and looking at the camera! :-)

  • Jeanie

    As he boards his G-5 headed for a short flight to his gas guzzling yacht….

  • forrest gump

    Grizzly Adams is directing his steps…………

  • Brenda

    Love him, he is so gorgeous. All the Hot guys are on HookupCollege. com and love meeting new girls all the time.

  • Bad Leo

    How horrible is he, using other ppl’s misery for his own personal gain! I wish someone like some reporter or someone would call him out for his hypocrisy when it comes to the environment and his use of yachts and private jets, sadly that won’t happen cause he is too powerful and no one would be able to ask him a question like that in an inteerview :((((((((((((((

  • lurker

    Holy shitte…how big is that hideous beard gonna be…that boycap, cargo short pant and the blue sneakers….yikes…so passe and tiresome…
    He’s not quite fat just yet…softie like that doughboy in a commercial….lol

  • S

    This is such a touching video! Nice to see new pics of Leo! Looking handsome! :)

  • NJH
  • toni “no eyebrows” garrn



  • Icy

    Love Leo. Don’t blame him for his high consumption lifestyle. At least he’s doing something. Why not hate on those stars who do nothing?

  • hmm

    what tweet are you guys talking about? what did leo do in la that was so unflattering??

  • hmm

    apparently the gossip now is that leo and toni broke up. a few websites have been reporting that.
    he should just be single anyway. he is always cheating on that poor girl. can’t keep his dick in his pants :(

  • Derek
  • OMG

    I don’t know if JJ will make a post but Toni and Gisele both walked for Chanel today! Lol Leo. Dlisted would enjoy writing on something like that

  • about

    about the break up gossip its just the report of the old ok magazine article that has been denied they updated it again lol and some media are picking it ; toni just walked for chanel in paris ans she lookedgreat on the runway

  • cocksucker

    @about: she looks stupid…

  • no suprise

    Leo not in Paris where Toni works but Toni was in Canada(probably) all up under his butt where Leo works. See what I’m saying here? Get the picture?

  • google
  • what if?

    The gossip cop source is wrong? It didnt say which side of the couple it was denied from and Leo is the head…

  • @27

    @what if?: I think this is the third time so many media outlets are reporting a break up!

  • Rex

    Umm theres pics on instagram of toni posing and having a good time with gisele and then pics of her in some feminist march…interesting..

  • Partygirl

    @Rex: That’s not really a March. That’s the Chanel fashion show. They are actually inside a atrium with glass roof. They try to do creative things. One time Chanel show was made to look like a grocery store.

  • Partygirl

    I wonder when Leo is heading back to Canada.

  • Toni & Gisele
  • sexyback

    OBSESSION YOU PEOPLE – All comments about Toni again

  • also…

    @Rex: Why is that interesting? The march is part of the Chanel fashion show and this is t the first time we saw Toni and Gisele pictured together. This was an industry event and it seems they were all there wearing Chanel for the show.
    @Toni&Gisele: …. and others

  • also…

    *isn’t the first time

  • heh
  • @34

    @also…: Of course there are others pictured. Duh. But Toni and Gisele are next to each other, have their arms round each other and all look happy and non chalant. Love how that bothers you that you have to make a point to posters like Rex and 32

  • sexyback

    @@34: Its because Leo’s real girlfriends Toni and Gisele are more mature than his imaginary girlfriend also. HAHahaha))))))))

  • also in DENIAL

    dead beeitch. You were left in garbage can. Still spewing garbage now .lol. don’t be mad. so I’m not surprised you are in denial when I say DENIAL, I DON’T MEAN THE RIVER IN EGYPT.

  • Beard

    @about: She looks the same – PLAIN AND SAME HIR STYLE. Does she even no now to walk the runway????

  • also…

    @@34: So what? What if they stand next to each other? What’s so fcuking significant about it? What’s the big deal? They are bothe high fashion models at the same show. And? We’re they supposed to ignore each other and give each other’s nasty looks? I don’t understand what’s the big deal here. They were pictured together before and if I remember correctly Toni is a big fan of Gisele’s. So what the fcuk is your point and/or problem????
    Love how my response to Rec bothers you so much that you had to respond to me. Now what?

  • Beard

    @Beard: Sorry about the spelling. PLAIN AND SAME HAIR STYLE. Does she even no how to walk the runway??

  • also…

    *were they supposed to
    *reponse to Rex

  • also in DENIAL

    Lmao. Love how to start an angry rant just because someone posted a picture of Toni and Gisele together. Point or problem? Lol If anyone has a problem here its you.

  • also…

    Jared has a post on Gisele returning to the catwalk in Paris for the Chanel fashion show and he mentions Toni. They worked together and they were pictured together. What’s the big deal? They are professionals. So what?

  • also…

    Now see if it had been a story of Gisele dissing Toni I would have liked that very very much and would not have had to comment on it or butt in as I always do anytime someone posts something I don’t approve of on JJ. But other stuff like this must be stopped with a ‘so what’ and ‘who cares’ by me.

  • lol

    ………….Oh what a surprise another fight on JJ from the usuals.

  • also…

    The jester is up early. Never too early to butt in.

  • also…

    @lol: Let me ask do you even understand what this fight is all about? I honestly don’t. I asked why is it interesting that Toni and Gisele were pictured together while working at the same fashion show and now I’m in denial and attacked. What am I denying? What did I ask that was so outrageous that I get attacked? I do t see the point here!!!!

  • #46