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Amal Alamuddin Gets Fitted In Her Oscar de la Renta Wedding Dress - See the Photo!

Amal Alamuddin Gets Fitted In Her Oscar de la Renta Wedding Dress - See the Photo!

Amal Alamuddin gets fitted in her Oscar de la Renta wedding gown by the designer himself and head tailor Raffaele Ilardo at the brand’s New York City studio ahead of her wedding in this brand new picture from Vogue‘s October 2014 issue.

“He is the man every woman wants to hug!” the 36-year-old lawyer said of the designer. “George and I wanted a wedding that was romantic and elegant, and I can’t imagine anyone more able than Oscar to capture this mood in a dress. Meeting him made the design process all the more magical, as he is so warm and such a gentleman.”

“It’s the most important dress in the life of a woman,” Oscar told the mag. “Any girl from any walk of life dreams of that special dress, and I try to make that dream a reality for her. Amal and I looked at a lot of evening dresses and wedding dresses together, and we discussed what she liked. That gave me the idea of what she wanted.”

Be sure to check out George and Amal‘s wedding photo – which shows the dress all finished up!

For more from Amal, visit Bigger picture inside…

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Credit: Annie Leibovitz/Vogue
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  • seriously

    Looks like a king and a queen have just got married. It should have been live broadcasted.


    Correction: He’s the “camera” man every woman should have.

  • Cammie

    I like her, she seems nice and I like that she has a good career, but this whole PR driven relationship is strange too me

  • B

    Absolutely STUNNING wedding photos of these two are online! I can’t believe how happy I am for George Clooney. Amal is beautiful, classy and elegant!

  • oh, oh

    Somebody in the JP threads have egg on their face. She claimed the Clooneys weren’t going to be in Vogue….Well look who it is!

    Also, Kanye is somewhere with massive head swell ready to explode! Not only did Anna not attend his fiasco of a wedding but she did premier his porn bride KK. HAHAHA! !

  • Susan

    She is stunning and has the most incredible style!!

  • oh, oh

    Excuse me: she didn’t premier KK in Vogue after their show boat weddi g.

  • Susan

    I am glad George found a Stunning girl that was also smart and intelligent.

  • Mendacity in overdrive here…

    OH, wow, transvestites for the Rio Mardi Gras have a new fashion icon.
    Amal AlaDragQueen in Oscar De La Rent-a-Ho

  • LOL



    Clooney couldn’t have found a more manly skeleton bag o’ bones to marry.
    The curtains are draping off the bean pole.
    No shape.
    And she needs an air fan to blow her coarse hair windswept at a fitting?

  • s

    Beautiful, stunning, gorgeous! Amal has everything. She is extremely intelligent, GORGEOUS, has a man who Loves her and lives a life people like me and most people only dream of having. Designer clothes, homes around the world, a dream life style. God certainly blesses some a little more than others. If I sound jealous, I am.

  • Sayer

    She is fame hungry. That’s why she married a man nearly old enough to be her father, who has a history of womanizing.

    Sadly, she can do better.


    Even G calls her “Witchy” behind her back to his closest buddies.

    Needs all the photoshop in the world:
    *Ghoulish droopy eyes.
    *An overbite bucktooth mouth.
    *A massive humped fat nose.
    *pin head
    *and a skeleton famine victim body.

    Vomit inducing ugly woman.

  • peter

    Why would you put this drag queen in Vogue.

    Not even brad and Angelina were in vogue and what a beautiful couple they are.

  • zzz

    @Sayer: Yes, Brad is better than him. Everyone should love Brad instead of saying he’s the man every woman wants to hug.

  • zzz

    @VOGUE: American fake lifestyle

  • forrest gump

    ………….so they really care for the poor.

  • zzz

    @forrest gump: He’s just married a light terrorist. Idk

  • LouLou
  • Tara

    I can barely read some of these comments. She is the most beautiful, stunning, elegant classy woman. Why would you people take the time to write something so negative about someone you don’t even know when they haven’t done anything WRONG, per say. You are absolutely pathetic and should be ashamed of yourselves, just because you can hide behind your computer does not mean you can verbally abuse people! I think she will be too busy loving her life than to read your vile, racist and disgusting remarks. Just because they have a beautiful, pretty lavish but overall tasteful wedding doesn’t mean they don’t help the poor! WTF have you done, get a life

  • Nikki

    Why are they wasting all this fine material on a Lebanese drag queen?

  • latintruth

    @Tara: woW girl you should stop watching movies or other people’s moves and express more what you really think.

  • Pure PR

    Dont you see this is pure PR. I do not see anything private in taht wedding . Photos and paps followed George Clooney for his wedding and teh pre and after parties. He want the attention he wanted to be seen. I thought he was a private man. Even his now wife likes the attention, photos here, photos there, photos fitting her dress, photos of her everywhere and she does not seem to mind paps following her or George to take pic of them together.

    The wedding is just for appearances cause it is not for money she has more money than him anyway, she can even be on her own if she wanted

  • adri

    @Pure PR: I agree. They aren’t what they seem to be.

  • cari

    She is stunning and George is lucky to have found someone who is smart, beautiful and puts up with him and loves him for who he is. It is amazing to me that there are so many critical of him and his love. When he was going out with all his ding bats the commentors were criticizing him for being single and going with brainless bimbos. Talking about how he would be lonely in his old age. Now he has found a smart, successful, well-off (by most standards) woman and people are still criticizing him.
    Well I love George. He is one of the last Hollywood gentlemen. He dresses and acts with class and distinction. He does a lot of charity work. And if you look at comments from his coworkers–all of them are positive.
    Haters gonna hate, but wow you need to get a life.

  • deadpig

    @cari: No, girl, that’s not the problem. He’s always been in love with Kelly Preston. The problem is that the romances he has had after her are all untruthful.
    Amal is muslim and in her country there are a lot of fake marriages. That’s why she doesn’t care.

  • Tara

    @latintruth, you can’t even spell. Go educate yourself, maybe you can watch a movie there

  • Diosa

    Did they have a wind machine at the fitting? What’s with her hair going up and over to the side?

  • Emerald


    You really are the jealous one. It must really hurt to know that George chose to marry Amal and NOT YOU. And it must also hurt to know that you could never, in a thousand lifetimes, afford such a beautiful dress.

  • Emerald


    Ok, how about providing us with the proof that George has always been in love with Kelly Preston. Wait!! You can’t provide proof can you. Also where is the proof, that is the link, that states there are a lot of fake marriages in Great Britain.

  • Ivy

    I can’t believe there are that many people who’d just come up here and post the most sucky-sounding drivel about this fame-loving lady.

    Let me ask you this:

    Why the heck have these two newly weds been promoting their marriage like a political campaign?

    She’s average looking at best and she’s certainly not going to be the next Diana.

    We do not care about them. I await to see what the real agenda is behind this.

  • wondering

    What is up with her hands? Is she ill or have arthritis? SOOOOOO many photos have her hands in a “claw” position. Look at all the published photos today of her in her wedding dress and look at her hands. All bent up and in a claw like position. WEIRD!

  • deadpig

    Emerald: He’s said in many past interviews he was still in love with Kelly and that he’d never forget her. He even used to sleep with the pig she gave him away after the split up.
    Amal may have the british passport but her family has lebanese roots and part of the lebanese culture.

  • upbeatred1

    @Cammie: The wedding photos seem to be saying that these people want want want to be noticed, in the public eye. I find it very offensive, for a wedding to be treated as a photo opportunity.

  • upbeatred1

    @s: If you want to be “blessed” with wealth and fame, DO be careful what you ask for. You just might get it, and it is not all that it seems.

  • B

    Lots of lies being said about GC here. He never said in “many” past interviews that he was still in love with Kelly Preston. That’s a lie. Why are people lying so much? Leave him alone now.

  • lisa2

    Why did they make such a big deal of her “family’ paying for he wedding then we find out that George is the one that paid for it all.

    Why was that necessary.. don’t get it.


    It’s a nice dress but nothing unique. Because she is no beauty you don’t get WOW. Look how plain angelina jolie’s dress was but she’s stunning and pulled it off.

  • Wedding

    what’s the story behind that wedding cake!

  • Jones

    She needs major photoshop to make her at least attractive. She’s not ugly by any means. Just very plain. Boring. Nondescript.
    She hair extensions which are obvious. Photos of her “modeling” in previous threads taken in May/ June show much thinner flatter hair.
    Maybe that was a haircut but it seems bizarre that it grew so long in 2-3 months. Even with the Nespresso ad where she’s flirting with an uninterested Jean DuJardin in early Sept, showed much shorter & thinner hair.
    Reminds me of a lesbian type.

  • Opinion

    She is not in Angelina Jolie’s league of beauty. Not even close.
    Dr Spock ears so can’t wear hair pulled back & up.
    NOSE. Tiny tiny pin head skull.
    Toooo tall & gangly. Taller than George.
    Dress is nice, common & nice lace. Bad fit.

  • B

    @Opinion: Amal is in Angelina Jolie’s league in some ways. No one in Hollywood can touch Jolie’s physical beauty, but Amal’s overall appearance and the fact that she’s obviously well-educated and seems to come from the “right side of the tracks” gives her a look of royalty and class. I think Amal has an “openness” that Jolie does not have. Jolie is more guarded and careful about people, which makes sense to me.

  • Opinion

    @B: oh, please. Keep your fantasist hogwash to yourself. Are you her wart-faced mother Muslim mother Baria???
    AMAL ALAMUDDIN is an UGLY woman.
    Masculine, hermaphroditic, grotesque.
    Photoshop can’t even make her pretty.
    3rd world UGLY!!
    She isn’t open. She has delusions of being “beautiful” & elite. Added to that, she is fanatically pro-Palestine & terrorism.
    Israel had every right to its land and more!!

    What makes it weirder is that Clooney and the drag queen Amal have zero chemistry.

  • B

    @Opinion: What???? I wasn’t expecting such a harsh response from you.. You are extremely sensitive about Angelina Jolie. Why? Jolie IS stunning! But even you must admit that GC’s wedding outdid theirs – and every other one I remember recently – by miles. And I see lots of chemistry. If they are happy with their arrangement and don’t hurt any of us, who cares?

  • B

    I think a lot of these comments are jealousy-related because GC really allowed us to get a glimpse of a fantastic wedding. We needed one after the Kardashians. George and Amal tended to every little detail perfectly. It had everything, even the location was divine and romantic. They are a truly beautiful couple to me, so that’s all that matters to me.

  • Cassandra

    I was glad to hear that the newlyweds will not profit from the money from all the glossy magazine pictures — It was a good move on their part to sign it all to charity. Judging from the photos, I think the wedding couldn’t have been more beautiful, and the bride looked amazing in her couture outfits. He looked pretty darn great too.

  • Al’s Marmot

    @Cassandra: LOL. None of it is going to charity.

  • Cassandra

    You are the first person(?) to say it is not going to charity. Are you their accountant? The money from Hello, Vogue, etc. is going to charity, not into the couple’s pockets. Don’t you want people in need to be helped? Have you thought of starting a collection yourself for people in need? Or don’t you care.

  • Emerald

    deadpig @ 09/30/2014 at 6:30 pm

    You obviously do not understand what George was saying in those interviews. He said that he loved Kelly NOT that he was in love with her. Just as you love your mother and father. George is, however, in love with Amal.