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Gerard Butler & His Mystery Brunette Girlfriend Take a Flight Together

Gerard Butler & His Mystery Brunette Girlfriend Take a Flight Together

Gerard Butler makes an entrance at LAX Airport to catch his flight on Wednesday (October 1) in Los Angeles.

The 44-year-old actor was joined by his mystery brunette girlfriend – the duo had been spotted together last week kissing while hanging out on the beach. You must see these pics if you missed them!

In other Gerard news, his Olympus Has Fallen sequel London Has Fallen has found a director! Swedish director Babak Najafi is in talks to replace Fredrik Bond in the film, THR reports.

The film is set to come out in almost exactly one year on October 2, 2015.

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler and his mystery gal at the airport…

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gerard butler his mystery brunette gal pal fly out together 01
gerard butler his mystery brunette gal pal fly out together 02
gerard butler his mystery brunette gal pal fly out together 03
gerard butler his mystery brunette gal pal fly out together 04
gerard butler his mystery brunette gal pal fly out together 05
gerard butler his mystery brunette gal pal fly out together 06
gerard butler his mystery brunette gal pal fly out together 07
gerard butler his mystery brunette gal pal fly out together 08
gerard butler his mystery brunette gal pal fly out together 09
gerard butler his mystery brunette gal pal fly out together 10
gerard butler his mystery brunette gal pal fly out together 11
gerard butler his mystery brunette gal pal fly out together 12
gerard butler his mystery brunette gal pal fly out together 13

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    yupi!! mi gerard sale de nuevo..espero que el y su novia tengan unas lindas vacaciones…un besote ,,amor,,amor,,amor..chau!!.

  • Nice bra


  • He should marry her

    She’s what 50? Perfect for him! He needs somebody mature, somebody he can grab the butt off in full view of people on a beach! Somebody who will let him get away with everything & who loves the paps just as much as he does. She sure loves the paps too!

    I think she’s perfect! She probably will need makeup & some plastic surgery for the Red Carpets though but if he buys her dresses showcasing her bikini body maybe nobody will notice. If she smoked less maybe she’d look younger.

    Don’t think she wants children though at her age but maybe he doesn’t either.

  • Lol

    @He should marry her: I agree with you, she loves the attention. And she has time to follow him everywhere. She’s perfect.

  • Lol

    Does she get smaller, or does Butler get taller?

  • Question?

    Does she mind he severely smacks his lips as he eats? Or that he talks with his mouth full? He has atrocious table manners!

  • she is a beauty

    they flew to Thailand


    Yes, I think she is close to 50. But then again so is he, and you have to agree he looks old himself. Maybe she will be the one that looks the other way when he cheats, as long as she gets some of him too hmm?Saggy ba/lls meets saggy pu/$$y LMFAO! Those 2 will not have to worry about pregnancy though, she had to already pass menopause(which they are no doubtly pleased) for he does’nt need any more kids.


    @she is a beauty: Are you blind? Tell us what is beautiful about her. Her old, aging skin that is what, orange? Her bony body that doesn’t look fit, but ill with skin sagging in various areas? Her non existent a$$?

  • He should marry her

    @she is a beauty:

    Mistaken her for MG? More likely he’s on his way to New Orleans for Geostorm.

  • cat
  • she is a beauty

    @He should marry her: no New Orleans. he like Thailand !!!!!

  • climb off of it

    Quit hating on her jealous hags


    @climb off of it: Tell me why we are jealous? Because she is old, and ugly? No, We are not jealous and hating her for that

  • Heh

    He’s probably headed to NYC for his Boss live tweet tomorrow. She’s really starting to like the attention now, LOL. Someone get her a stylist asap. The Madonna look went out of style in the 80′s.

  • climb off of it

    Maybe girlfriend should grab his d*ck and mark her territory with the fans.


    @Heh: She sure is! She has the look of someone who is gloating also, like she has won a “priize”. Butler is no prize with his sleaziness.

  • @climb off of it

    Grow up, moron. It’s called telling it like it is. Do you want everyone to pretend she’s something she’s not? Go back and live under your little rock and live in fantasyland where you can pretend she’s young and hot, lol.


    @climb off of it: I’m sure he would really love that ! Lmfao! Anytime a fan comes up for his autograph, I can see her grabbing him with a “He’s mine!” look upon her face

  • Heh

    @LMFAO: ITAWY. It’s too bad. It was nice to see him with someone his age for a change, but this one is getting the “bug” already, and it’s also disappointing that for an older woman she doesn’t seem to have a life of her own and is another hanger-on type, like his ex.


    @Heh: She does seem like MG in that respect doesn’t she? That’s what he likes for awhile. Then he feels suffocated, and well we all know what happens then

  • He should marry her


    Because one person has a bag with a Thai name on it? Really? Where does it say on the terminal Thailand? How do you know he loves Thailand? Because of one trip there with MG? He said he loved Thai food but you can love that without going to Thailand. He also wanted to be a monk while in Thailand. Maybe he’s going back to being one, snicker!

  • He should marry her

    @climb off of it:

    Old hags hating an old hag! Never laughed so hard! She’s older than most of us! Think he’s giving the finger to his older fans who wanted him with one of their own.

  • commonsense

    Too much togetherness, too fast and early, will burn out just as fast as the last one did.

  • Ho & Ho

    I hope she has all her health shots, because Butler will sleep with a stone.
    He is about the most gross celebrity out there, never thought any one could beat Shia Le Beef, but Butler is grosser, can’t get that picture with his in Jennifer Aniston’s ass, out of my head, my eyes.
    His career is in the toilet like his body.

  • Pamela Scarlett

    Hey now, #28, that’s mean.

  • Aquafina

    Wow, this is just the SSDP style of story.. A do nothing actor and his “mystery” gf. After all this tie we are supposed to believe its a mystery? They were able to figure out everyone else. So why stop the games with the mystery nonsense and just identify him. Not sure why they waste our time with posting this garbage. Is it a way to let the crazies run amok one more time on a “new” thread. All this is the same garbage and different setting.

  • Pamela Scarlett

    Funny you felt the need to share…Caught thy attention, did it not? lol

  • Cat

    He’s heading to NOLA with his honey, they”ll be hunkering down for the next few months together. She doesn’t work and can be at his beck and call. At least until he finds some young thing on set to fool around with. He sure does like them skinny. She’s wiry looking.

  • Cameltoe

    The 4th pic from the last, as he’s heading into the terminal, he looks like he also has a camel—-toe. HAHAHAHAHA. One behind him and one he’s packing.

  • Cameltoe

    I’m just a cameltoe and everywhere I go
    People see what I’m displayin’
    Paid for every glance, hopin’ for romance
    Ooh, I’m sashayin’

    There will come a day, my jean shorts drop away
    What’ll they say about me?
    When the split comes I know they’ll say just a cameltoe
    And Ger goes on without me

  • Now I get it

    People talk about others when they feel jealous. A person who feels jealous will try to put the one he is talking about down so that he feels good about himself. If the person has really bad intentions then he will talk about the person he is jealous of in a bad way that makes others hate him
    Inferiority: People talk about others in a bad way in their absence in order to appear better than them. If a person feels inferior to someone then he might talk about him in a bad way in order to appear superior to him in front of others.

  • Now I get it

    And so does Gerry and his girlfriend.

  • Pamela Scarlett

    No sense discussing it…it’s not going to change anything. That pattern of behavior has been in loop for many years.

  • yawn

    he’s so overrated

  • Van Halen


  • i think you are right
  • No you don’t!
  • No you don’t!

    @Now I get it:

    Nobody is jealous of the way she is treated. Look at pics of other actors with their girlfriends & you’ll see there is more reason to be jealous there. But I bet she would be jealous of some of them if she saw they are treated like queens while she has to carry his paddleboard so he can asks for phone numbers. I feel sorry for her. I’m jealous of Amal but in a good way. She’s beautiful, intelligent, got treated like a queen with respect & got the gold ring.

  • GFW

    I’m jealous of anyone who gets close to him. They don’t know him like I do. He still visits my blog and we have a special bond.

  • Why is gb hiding fred?


    I think gerard might have had to hide freddie in the hotel and can’t bring him out for these two macho publicity events because it would be scandalous if anyone found out that gb is really gay and has been fooling everyone for a very long time about his sexual orientation and his secret lover fred

    I think its only a matter of time before fred gets fed up with this and wants to come out into the light with his secret unpublished sexual relationship with gb

    Looks like they might have had a fight on Tuesday morning (09-02-14)

  • Sexual Assault

    Don’t be fooled folks, here is why gb is afraid:


    Bravo to whoever posted the following–It needs to be said again and again and again and AGAIN:

    This qualifies as a date from hell along the lines of sexual assault, sexual harassment, etc. this is a date rape situation. These pictures are not something to be celebrated they show sexual assault in progress. They are proof that gb cannot be trusted around any woman and all kids should stay the heck away from him.

    Looks like a sexual assault to me
    If I were her I’d complain about him to the police department
    No woman deserves to be touched inappropriately. NONE.
    It is so obvious to me that gb and his male fan who is posting on this thread hate women and go out of their way to offend women. He and his male pr are intentionally sexually offending and sexually harassing all women including the one in these pics. the comments are proof of that.
    His male pr friend that is posting on this thread sounds like a sex offender to me, might even work in the sex industry from the sounds of it and should be arrested for sexual harassment and stalking as well. I bet he has a record and if not, he can be investigated and spied on by the authorities to prove intent to sexually harass and stalk women.

    Also, this woman in the pics and all others as well, should never allow any man to see what he can get away with and that is what gerry is doing here. He is not a gentleman at all, and whoever says so needs their head examined. this is not a worthwhile man. he is a worthless piece of s/h/i/t.
    She should have smacked him in the face and beat the s/h/i/t out of him. His advances are unwelcome. How do I know? She immediately needed a cigarette. If it was good, which it wasn’t, she wouldn’t have needed one.

    Too bad I missed speechless’ post. I would have liked to have read it. Can anyone fill me in on the most pointed things that got to you?

    I don’t think hugo boss wants to be associated with sex offenders.

    Thank God tmz was there to document his sexually harassing behavior. I’m sure it breaks indecency laws as well.

    This current escapade (9-25-2014) is just damage control, as are previous outings.

  • good advice for mg

    Fire the getty images photographer, venturelli, and get a different photographer
    He’s not photographing you correctly if an acting career is what you want.
    He is photographing you as one of the girls who model for car magazines (audience is low-life men) you deserve better than that.
    He is not talented for you and your goals.
    He is sabotaging your image and your acting career and your pursuit of happiness.
    He is not giving you the right image that would catapult you correctly to where you want to be.
    His eye for women is incorrect and this reflects in the lens and photographs he has produced of you recently (black dress at the beach at night).
    He does not see you in the correct light and never will.
    You need someone else who views women with respect.
    The one you presently have does not do that.

    * the one who should be fired is the photographer, venturelli, who took pics of you in the black dress at the beach at night just in the past 2 weeks or so.
    He did a series of photographs of you, not just that one (1) set.
    What I see in all his sets is that he is not marketing you correctly and he may not be talented enough to photograph you correctly as his pics consistently posed you as a girl that would be photographed in a car magazine. You are better than that. Those are scuzzy girls in car magazines. They are fat for one thing. Men who like those kind of girls are a different kind of man than the target audience you want and what you should be going for and what you want and deserve. Its a low class audience of men. If you want to become an actress, you need a photographer who does realistic portrait photography that captures the beauty of your soul, your inner self. A good example of what I mean is when you were photographed inside a jewelry store at a jewelry counter, you were dressed in black and white outfit. Also, the photograph of when you were first pictured with gb and both looked smitten. Those kinds of photos I feel are the real you and someone who can do those kinds of photos of you should be your photographer. venturelli is not it.

  • good advice for mg

    With crappy, untalented photographs how could anyone care about her.
    I don’t care about fat, scuzzy models in car magazines and the men they are marketed to.
    The photographer (venturelli) is 3rd rate or worse.
    His abilities are limited; mostly because of his impure mind.
    Invariably, men with impure minds do not succeed in putting women in their best light.
    I would go so far as to say that this particular photographer, venturelli, is a woman-hater and not a Leonardo da Vinci.
    He does not appreciate women and that is his main fault
    He fails to capture the beauty of the soul and could not do portrait photography, for example.
    He simply lacks the gift to photograph others in their best, most realistic, natural light.
    Funny I should say that because jj hires crap photographers too.

  • OMG
  • Diana Gump

    Hard to believe I still want him too. It’s been hard since our daughter is now old enough and in college. I think most people know I gave birth to Gerry’s kid years ago. He never really liked me that much but he was good in the sack and girthy. I think he likes men now.

  • Now I get it

    @No you don’t!: Yeah I do. Psychology 101.
    Isn’t that hard to figure out. You all bash him and her and expect everyone to jump on the band wagon and do the same. What does that say about who you are?
    If you hated him and her what reason would you have to be here? Or why would you want to be?
    Sure you all have better things to do but you have a need to know, bash and make yourself look and feel better.
    He is in NOLA and loving it and her. And he doesn’t care what you think or say. Cheers oh happy and contented jealous hags. HA Carry on..