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Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis: Baby Wyatt's First Photo Revealed!

Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis: Baby Wyatt's First Photo Revealed!

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis played a game with their fans when officially announcing the birth of their daughter Wyatt, but now it seems their puzzle has been solved!

“One of these is Mila and Ashton‘s baby….and her name is Wyatt,” a post on the 36-year-old actor’s website read.

“Can you guess which one is ours, or does it really matter? All babies are cute,” Ashton said in the post along with photos of six babies, a dog, and a llama.

Well, according to TMZ, the first photo on the page is their daughter Wyatt. The site came to the conclusion because that is the only baby wearing the swaddle and cap provided by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where the baby was born on Tuesday.

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ashton kutcher mila kunis baby photo revealed

Photos: Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis
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  • marie

    Cutest baby ever and I like the name its unique. Cmon #HeForShe

  • Sayer

    Cute. Too bad Ashton is still a douchebag. A nice brown-eyed baby.

  • Arwa

    All hospitals give out those same newborn caps and swaddle, not exclusive to cedars-sinai hospital.

  • Jill

    My niece just had the exact swaddle blanket. She was born in Ohio.

  • Candy

    Cutest baby yet that i’ve seen from celebrities and this one got me wanting a baby. She has her mother’s eyes and shockingly i love and adore the name.

  • adorable

    she has mila’s heavy eyelids ^_^. she’s going to be gorgeous and will possibly be taller than mila too cause ashton is so tall. girls take after their father more than their mother so I think she will look like a beautiful combination of milas bone structure with ashton’s brown eyes. awwww

  • Lucky she looks more like Mila

    What are they gonna name the next one if it’s a girl…Bob? Jeffrey? Albert?

  • Jim

    The gals are getting ‘clucky’ all of a sudden.

  • Stephanie

    I usually find most all babies cute at this age but there’s just something extra special to this little one. She’s gonna be a real stunner!

  • Liz

    So much for her privacy dude. What a moron these two are. Wyatt is a stupid name for a girl.

  • Linda

    I think your baby Girl is beautiful, perfect features! Congratulations, enjoy every moment, it goes fast!

  • daisy

    cute baby but the name is ugly..especially for a girl..Too bad Ashton is a cheater and this temporary happy union is just that. Until a hot babe walks by him and he has a chance to cheat on Mila.

  • kelly

    @Liz: it bugs me. they want privacy and complain when pics of their kids are taken, and then they go and distribute it all over the place. crazy celebs. they are all egoists and just love to have attention. and a stupid name, it sounds so redneck and manly.

  • Uk

    @Lucky she looks more like Mila: LOL may as well.

  • traveler

    @kelly: I agree, Wyatt sounds like a name for a cowboy haha

  • guest

    Aww. She looks just like Ashton.

  • JJ

    Wyatt sounds like a sound you hear from a child who’s whining about something…i.e. mommy I wyatttttttt thatttt not thisssss wyatttt *sniffle*

  • Emme

    @kelly: I think they released the picture so people wouldn’t be fighting for first pictures and harassing them. By eliminating the exclusivity of when people will their daughter for the first time, the pictures will be less valuable and less paps will bother to take them.

  • Nonsense

    Somewhere Demi is having a meltdown….

  • dingus

    Poor baby has the name of a 72 year old male farmer.

  • Danae

    Ooh. She’s just amazing!

  • J

    that baby looks like her mother.

  • amazing

    Absolutely beautiful baby. More so than most. As soon as I saw the photo- she looks like both of them and their love- I just felt this thing of- wow that is a beautiful and amazing baby, Yay!

  • sillyme

    When I saw the pictures, this is the one that I picked. Looks just like Mila. Really a cute baby. And, no, Ashton, not all babies are cute.

    I hope these two stay together. I love them as a couple. Seems like such a good match.

  • Becky

    Hope they get married before she gets pregnant again. Seeing how beautiful that baby is, and how good Mila’s pregnancy went, it’s possible.

  • Shalla

    She has wide set eyes like Ashton, his chin, and Mila’s facial features as well. If this newborn isn’t their baby, it would be strange that she looks so much like Ashton and Mila. Congrats to them! She’s beautiful.
    If he would have stayed with Demi, precious Wyatt wouldn’t be born, and he deserved to have that in his life. I think Mila and Ashton are going to make wonderful parents.

  • Shalla


    You negative Nellies, you’re all the same. Wyatt is a cute name, just like Dylan for a girl. As for Ashton cheating, if that was true, I’m sure he learned from his mistakes, and he seems to love Mila. Something just tells me there will be no cheating with Mila and he’s going to spoil his little girl rotten, I can already tell it.

  • Why Wyatt?

    What the heck? What’s with the name?

  • Why not

    He cheated on Demi not the love of his life Mila! Wow now Demi is with her 19 year old boyfriend drummer of a band! So she could care less!

    This is a great thing for Ashton and Mila a real start foe them both! A family and he has his show for this year! Wyatt is going to get a lot of love!

  • Pffft

    @Shalla: IF THAT WERE TRUE??? Please. Did he deny it?

  • Macy

    Beautiful little baby girl!!

  • monkeyjunky

    That’s the baby I thought was theirs too! If so, she’s such a cutie pie!

  • monkeyjunky

    But my baby had the same cap & blanket from a hospital on the other side of the country so it’s not like it’s exclusive to Cedar Sinai.

  • b

    TMZ does realize that that blanket is like THE blanket that every hospital uses in America, right?

    As for that picture, if that isn’t their child then it has to be a relative of Ashton’s. You can see Ashton everywhere in that little girl’s face. She’s adorable. The name is horrible though. Maybe she’ll go by her middle, Izzy Kutcher.

  • gail

    cute baby but her name sucks

  • LOL


    dum arse
    thats Mila

  • LOL

    that’s Mila
    their girl is mangled and ug

  • cl

    he’s gonna take care and what not, just like Charlie did with his 2 girls
    neither of these narcissistic could care less

  • Kiley

    of the 6 baby pictures Ashton posted this one, in my opinion, looked the most like the two of them. However, it may not be her. Most hospitals have the same type of swaddles and caps. I’m sure in due-time it’ll be revealed (or confirmed). Either way, this baby is Absolutely adorable & No Ashton, not all babies are cute. LOL

  • http://@shanadkk Shana (@shanadkk)

    Glad the child is healthy, but I think it was a real error for Kunis. This is the guy who said he was devoted to Demi Moore for years, and acted as stepfather to her three daughters. To leave a woman after several years, is one thing……To leave her three kids, whose emotions are developing, who are learning about men and women……so you can be with some woman you worked with in TV years ago……no, no, no. Imagine how that felt to Rumer, Tallulah, and Scout . He’s a jerk, and I don’t think the leopard will change his spots.

  • How adorable

    What an adorable baby. Congratulations! God bless you guys and your new baby.

  • herta

    Silly game,cute baby

  • Libby

    Baby is beautiful. I bet she’s thankful to be out of Milas tummy cuz she’s had her fill of sauerkraut. (Watched her interview on Ellen) Amazing how sometimes what a mother craves during pregnancy, the child winds up disliking it.

  • Lily

    Beautiful baby. Horrible name for a girl.

  • Valerie

    @sillyme all babies r beautiful n for u 2 make such a comment makes u ugly both inside n out!

  • Times

    i hope the baby will look more like ashton as she grows older because mila is a buttaface

  • nobody

    They’re going to be the cutest little family ever!!! Congrats Ashton & Mila!

  • iluvbbs

    Emme #18 is right. Their baby girl’s name is Wyatt Isabelle.

  • Laura

    I knew it! I guessed it was her she has her mother’s eyes and lips. Really beautiful baby.
    Congrats to the parents, hope she has a healthy happy life :)

  • Crista Parker

    Awww He Look such a Cute kid. Congrats Ashton and Mila. God Bless the Happy Family.