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Chris Martin & Jennifer Lawrence Are 'Definitely Getting More Serious'!

Chris Martin & Jennifer Lawrence Are 'Definitely Getting More Serious'!

Chris Martin keeps his head down while exiting a medical building on Friday (October 3) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 37-year-old Coldplay front man has been getting much more media attention since his new relationship with Jennifer Lawrence was made public.

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“It seems they are definitely getting more serious,” a close source recently shared to People about the couple. “Whenever Chris is not spending time with Apple and Moses at his Malibu, [California], house, Jen is there.”

The source added, “Chris and Jen always time it so that after Gwyneth [Paltrow] picks up the kids, Jen will arrive in Malibu minutes after.”

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  • Deni

    JJ is smart. To make interesting pics unnecessary..puts this title. Old things and false! Jen & Martin are doing their own business. The tabloids not give up…is all ridiculous.

  • Spencer

    And People Magazine got that “source” from what X17Online posted about Jennifer showing up 10 minutes after Gwyneth. Or I guess it’s just a coincidence that People’s article came not long after what X17 said.

    And really Jared, you turn pictures of Chris ALONE, exiting a medical building into something Jennifer related? Shocking. Could have just made it about Chris, but I guess that’s not exciting enough, so better take a week old article from People and use that to juice it up a bit.

  • summer

    if they are “getting more serious” then why the hell isn’t she hanging out with his kids? I mean, thats the whole concept of getting serious, not banging their brains out whenever their kids are not close lmao

  • pah-lease

    @Spencer @Deni I wrote this only 2 days ago-(Gossip Cop) “Refuting the ‘moving in’ story makes it hard for tabs to make people believe any story which drives this ‘relationship’ forward. Where can they possibly go from here, if ‘here’ isn’t true?

    Who’s going to believe Martin introducing Lawrence to his kids? Why would he, if she’s not living there for them to see her? Why would he introduce her now if there was no pressing need to? And any stories of them getting more serious (possible engagement or marriage) with the current ‘serious step’ (as the tabs have already deemed the ‘moving in’) in their ‘relationship’ proven to be a lie, will be even harder for the tabs to get people to believe.”

    So now this is their (or at least JJ’s) next step-resorting to rehashing stories by other tabs, putting it with a picture of Martin, and adding Lawrence’s name in the title to get people to click on the story. Now that the “moving in” story has been proven to be a lie, they’re trying to get people to believe Lawrence is still visiting him without Paltrow and the kids around. She’s not living with him, but she’s still visiting him and avoiding the kids. Yeah, right. How convenient.

    This is a story that reeks of desperation. The tabs are scrambling to figure out how to keep this “relationship” in the news and keep people believing it. Sorry JJ and other tabs, you blew it. More people are seeing the stories of Lawrence and Martin together for what they are-LIES! Not like that many people believed this “relationship” was real to begin with. And JJ and the other tabs STILL haven’t acknowledged Gossip Cop’s story, and chances are they never will, because they don’t want to admit they’ve lied.

  • Courtney

    @Spencer Was that People article a week old? I also noticed how People seems to have picked up that bit of Jennifer and Chris’s “rendezvous” from x17. I thought that was old news. Seems like now that it’s been revealed Jennifer hasn’t been staying at his house, they’re turning to old news to keep this couple “relevant.” Spending time at his house for the occasional date, I can believe, but it’s not like they’re spending 24/7 together. Just Wednesday, Jennifer was seen in Brentwood and now Chris is seen alone in Beverly Hills today! Either Chris and Jennifer do keep low key, or they are just going about their own business every day. Funny, how there’s always pictures of them alone, but not together, even by “sources” who claim to have seen her visiting Chris’s place. Gwyneth has been in New York for I don’t know how long, so Chris may have the kids and Jennifer hasn’t been to his house. Still, the concept of them being able to spend SOME time at his house for the casual date isn’t totally impossible.

  • pah-lease

    @ Courtney Except you’re forgetting lately the paps seem to be staking out Martin’s house and following him pretty much everywhere. But yet none of them have been able to snap a pic of Lawrence entering or exiting his house.

    Is she sneaking through a back window? Does he have a system of underground tunnels? Does she possess some ninja-like stealth skills?

    Pretty hard to have a “date” at his house when there’s no evidence of her being there.

  • Deni

    @pah-lease @Courtney @Spencer I wrote this in the other post : “It’s evident that they don’t have a serious relationship, but more time passes and most believe that it’s all fake! Because,also a occasional relationship would make no sense; a still married man with 2 kids with whom he spends most of his time..Jennifer is not that kind of woman. And now,(according to the tabs) are two months..but in two months we have seen this “couple” together only during the concerts. Before and after everyone has done their own business. The time passes. For example..the couple RPatz-FAKA twings began with rumors, but then are exits photos that proving the relationship. In less than 2 months and at the same places that according to the tabs, were Jennifer & Chris (BHills, WeHo, Hollywood..). If the paparazzi spotted this strange couple that affects less than the “couple” Martin-Lawrence..why in 2 months, fail to take nothing of Jen & Chris, excepts the concerts? Mystery. @pah-lease had reason from the beginning.”………….Martin was photographed twice the last week at his Malibu house..the paps revolved’s impossible that they have left pass under the nose, Jennifer Lawrence, one-two-three times. Besides, she was photographed last friday in Malibu at Nobu. We are not stupid..and also the paps are not stupid. If Jen & Martin are photographed alone, separated two or three times a week..but never together…something does not return! Because Los Angeles is this..the places that they frequent are this; don’t exist a ghost island. And knowing that everything written from tabs in recent weeks, is false..there is to think.

  • Courtney

    Evidently, these “sources” didn’t know Jen was in Kentucky for the weekend, so they obviously don’t spend time together all the time. Also, “Chris has been getting much more media attention.” No, duh! Tell us something we don’t know!

  • pah-lease

    @Courtney We get they wouldn’t spend time together all the time. But with the “sources” “seeing” Lawrence entering his house with no pics, the paps staking out Martin’s house and following him around, and paps finding Lawrence on quite a few occassions, there STILL aren’t any pics of Lawrence at his house or of them together at ANY time. Unless you want to count the fleeting “two ships passing in the night” pic at the iHeartRadio concert and the airport pics, which don’t “prove” anything about a “relationship”, only that they shared a plane ride.

    The tabs are pathetic! They’re really trying to make something out of nothing, especially now that Gossip Cop has debunked one of the tabs’ biggest stories in this “relationship”, that of Lawrence “moving in” with Martin. They’re taking stories that are days or weeks old, and passing them off as “new” information. They’re still running stories that directly contradict each other, but they don’t care.

    They’re throwing the proverbial spaghetti at the wall, hoping something “sticks”. But more people are finally wising up to their games and realizing there’s nothing to their stories. It’s all smoke, mirrors, and lies.

  • Lame Martin

    I can’t believe this loser is dating that pornn star. He is 37, but he acts like a teenager. He is desperate.

  • Chuck Taylor Sneakers

    They look just like normal couple to me.

  • Jules

    Couple of friends ?

  • Patrick

    No one gets serious this quick and no one should introduce kids untill you are very sure, but these folks don’t understand how real relationships work.