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Ben Affleck & Bill Maher Clash Over Views On Islam

Ben Affleck & Bill Maher Clash Over Views On Islam

Watch Ben Affleck get into a heated argument with Bill Maher on Real Time With Bill Maher on Friday (October 3)!

The 42-year-old actor and the 58-year-old host fought over their views of Muslims and Islam.

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“Hold on – are you the person who officially understands the codified doctrine of Islam?” Ben asked. “(Your characterization) is gross and racist. It’s like saying, ‘Oh, you shifty Jew!’”

Bill responded, “It’s the only religion that acts like the mafia – that will f–king kill you if you say the wrong thing, draw the wrong picture, or write the wrong book.”

“What is your solution? That we condemn Islam?” Ben questioned. “We’ve killed more Muslims then they’ve killed us by an awful lot, and we’ve invaded more Islamic nations. But we’re exempted from this things?”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Ben Affleck and Bill Maher’s argument over Islam?

Ben Affleck – ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’

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  • Truthie

    They’re both right. People pretend that Islam is the same as other religions. Other religions won’t kill you if you don’t part to be part of it anymore. You are allowed to no longer be Christian, and no one will kill you for it.

    Muslims can’t convert–they’ll kill you.

    Bill Maher is arrogant, but he’s usually right. Ben means well–Muslims are people, too.

  • Ame

    Ben Affleck (Y)

  • Ame

    That is not true. Those people who “kill for leaving religion” are not muslim people. Those are sick people.

  • Sam

    Being a jew Bill Maher of course will diss Islam

  • Ama

    Well said Ben!!

  • katie

    One was using facts, and the other emotion. Pretty clear who is right.

  • Violent death in movie

    Yeah same can be said about the Jews too! Israel has been killing people too.. Just because Muslims who live in the USA does not mean they are terrorists and killers… Just like the Japanese in Pearl Harbor all Japanese were considered to be bad people! This so wrong to do this!
    This is not even Obama’s war! It is the Middle East war! Hey Ben nicw scenes in your movie where Amy kills her ex boyfriend setting him up and Violently Stabbing him .. While she is in hiding ! Fail to show that scene!
    Some people do not like to be surprised that way! The love secenes are a joke too!

  • NYC

    Hey jew hater- (moron) Bill Maher is an atheist and go get a life.

  • ugh

    Did you all catch Bill Maher making the devil horn sign just before he went on his rant? He is jewish so of course he doesn’t like Islam even though jews are the ones who started all the major wars, let’s be honest.
    I am a Christian so I have no dog in this fight but I can’t stand hypocrisy and liars, plus i’m a truther (in that I seek the truth, not talking about the conpsiracy theorist although they aren’t far off).
    Thank God for people like Ben.

  • hey

    @katie: Yep! Ben is right

  • Sh

    I have one thing to say- not every Muslim is a terrorist, but every terrorist is a Muslim. Bill is right, Ben is an idiot.

  • Alaia

    @Truthie: But there is a difference between Islam and Radical Islam. I imagine the former group of people do not want to be associated with the latter.

  • Nasim

    And this is why i love Ben Affleck. Well said!

  • patw


    Ben, Ben -so, so naive.

  • hey

    @Sh: Not true. You are a moron for saying that because plenty of terrorists have been non muslims.

  • patw


    well, not EVERY terrorist, but i get your point. Ben’s viewpoint is admirable in its idealism, but very removed from reality.

  • hey

    @patw: You’re the naive one who believes someone like Maher. A jew. Duh of course he will say all muslims and Islam is bad.

  • hey

    @patw: lol many of these terrorists are actually jewish or jewish funded, like ISIS. America gives billions in aid to Israel, hmm, I wonder why. Oh to finance their weapons among other things.

  • UGH

    I’m not talking about this debate, but he is JUST LIKE George Clooney. they both gets political when they have something to promote. He talks a good game but neither of them are that involved. He makes a few trips to these countries then goes quiet until he has something to promote. Same as Clooney. I’m sure we will hear a lot about Dafur when 2015. Clooney has movies to promote.
    Both of them should just STFU

  • J

    The kind of religious people they’re talking about is fundamentalists and extremists; ‘normal’ religious people don’t act or think that way. I’m not so knowledgeable about it as I would wish, but my cousin recently married a Muslim and converted to Islam. I am an atheist and I personally feel religion has done more damage than good (every mass murder and destructive way of thinking up through years has been motivated by religion — mainly Christianity), but it’s wrong to condemn a whole religion just because these extremists are out of their minds. Bill should keep in mind that Christians too have (and some still do) behaved and acted in the same way of these extremists.

  • annie


    and…so r u!

  • Violent death in movie

    Yeah Every Jew is a terrorist 2 .. All Jews should be the same as Muslims!

  • just_me


    OMG that’s so UNTRUE! there are all kind of terrorists and for all kind of reasons. Although the only and real reason why anyone is a terrorist is because he/she is a psyco!
    I’m from Spain and we’ve been suffering terrorism for decades and decades and it does not have anything to do with the Islam.

    I’m a born Christian, but actually I’m atheist (i think i’ve been all my life) but I’ve read about Islam and it could be a beautiful religion if people wouldn’t interpret in its most radical way. All religions could be like that if we read them in its more conservative and literal way.

  • Barbara Brandao

    Ben is right!!! EUA leave Islan alone. We don’t want war. Islam can care of their internal problems alone.


    Ben needs to pack up his suitcase and catch the next bus leaving Las Vegas; before it’s too late. And he has no home to go back to anymore.

  • akari

    @Truthie: I’m Muslim and I don’t care if you leave my religion because it is their choice and if they ever want to go back then that’s their choice

  • Sh

    All you idiots saying what I said is not true… Open your eyes!!!! Unless you’re muslim and then I get it….

  • Joe

    I have spent a great deal of time in the Middle East, spoken and met with MANY Jews, Christians and Muslims. Bill Maher is so wrong. His hatred for religion and his non-belief drives his over reaching and ignorant views on religion. Spent time with those who belief and you will come to understand that the majority of people of all faiths simply want to live in peace. Bill Maher’s “mafia” comment is so troubling, racist and just plain wrong.

  • Muslimah

    It is a fact that what is represented to viewers is only the negative part of islam and never the positive. Islam is a religion of peace. Anyone who kills is not considered a muslim and they should be punished according to the islamic religion.

  • Moi

    Bill and Ben……Says it all really doesn’t it!

  • Shane

    Ben Affleck reminds me of Kanye West here… just an out of control dumbass who knows absolutely nothing of the matter he’s talking about. The idiot knows absolutely nothing about Islam, yet he defends it “because he’s so liberal” LMAO!!!! There’s absolutely nothing “liberal” within Islam, Ben, get informed on a matter before you start barking to defend it like a blind fool.

  • Nat

    @Sh: you realize that the US are also terrorists right?

  • HS

    How ignorant could you be? How dare you attack a religion that you know nothing about. Your dense uneducated mind knows nothing about the peace and love that Islam preaches. If you would care to get over your shit and actually research what you criticize, you’d know that Islam is the least violent religion and the sects and groups that practice terrorism are going against everything Islam stands for.

  • Sssssss

    I can’t believe how ignorant some people are. I am a Muslim woman and I’ve never in my whole life felt that I was treated bad,but the opposite I felt like a jewel that every one tries to protect. Islam always asked for peace and condemned killing infact a person who kills in Islam is like a person who killed all humanity and this is what is taught to us. I live in a Muslim country where more than 200 nationalities with different religions live at peace, I have friends from different religions and I only have love for them, so why can’t the Muslims living in America or Europe or any country live the same way Christians , hendos etc live in our country with complete freedom. I believe that the media is so corrupt that it’s feeding the public ignorance and fault facts and shaping Muslims and islams as monsters. I’m not a monster and neither is more than a billion Muslims around the world, and it saddens me that someone would call me that. Saying that there are some people who went and searched for themselves about the truth. Muslims are generous, compassionate, and peaceful people. Almost all the time that I ask some one who’s not a Muslim who immigrated to my country about what shocked them the most, they almost always say that they had wrong ideas about islams and Muslims

  • Female Chuckie movie #1

    Hey Feminists out there ! There is finally a female Chuckie the evil doll.
    Every woman out there should be happy that Annabelle is. #1 movie

    Instead of Ben’s Gone Girl! #2. 13 million on Friday!

  • Sssssss

    @Shane: and what do you know about Islam that is true?

  • Maria

    Who pointed you, American government to decide the laws and policy in other countries? Who the hell gave you the right to decide which religion is more true? And more violent? Muslims? Yes, the are the most loyal people in the world, they stand for each other…. the stereotype based on that loyalty – that they are all terrorists is just horrifying…. and again…who the hell said that you, american government should decide how other countries should live? Worry about your country and your people. Each country and religion has its own beliefs… so you authorized gay marriages, so what? it doesn’t; mean that everyone should follow this. I;m not homophobe, I like all people, I don’t judge. Gay, straight, bi, trans, doesn’t; matter to me, it’s not my business who you sleep with… so it should be none of your business ,America, to decide that other countries should do as you do. I’m not hating on USA, I love USA… i just don’t like the police and the means that has been made. You’re not the ruler of the world.

  • ShutUp

    Im muslim and Islam does not say to me to kill people. Its consider the biggest sin. So this arguement is INVALID! Dont agree?? Just real my username.

  • http://justjared anne

    @Sam: Maher was raised Roman Catholic as was his Irish father—–his mother was non-practicing Jewish.

  • Jen

    Ben is the MAN. Love him.

  • Shane


    I know that no muslim actually knows what their so called “prophet” Muhammad even looks like. His description could fit any Arab pedophile & criminal. I do know a lot of what’s in the Kuran was copied and twisted by the creators of this death cult to fit their way of life of slaughtering all who didn’t share their beliefs.

    I don’t have hatred against muslim people, I actually feel sorry for them because nobody asks to be born a muslim, however, I could never like or support their so called religion, which isn’t even a real religion as far as I’m concerned.

  • Avery

    Just lost any respect for Ben Affleck..what a coward liberal ..especially since he did a movie on Iran …which became Islamic theocracy … where the state and Islam religion are the same , this year alone they hanged 20 teenagers because they were accused of being homosexual , stone women to death for infidelity, jail Christians Or Saudi Arabia, the Rome for Islam , women can’t drive or work outside the home, gays are hanged, women are whipped for the smallest ” religious ” infractions .. And Affleck pretends it’s some small minority when it’s actually whole countries in the Middle East, Africa , Asia who have Muslim majorities.

  • The Honest Truth

    Ben Affleck just made me fall madly in love with him. Thank you for being objective, open minded and honest about the way Muslims are labelled and treated by a good chunk of Americans and Jews. What I find astonishing is the fact that if you say anything non-favorable against Jews, you’re automatically labelled an “Anti-Semitic”. However, if you speak ill of Muslims, it’s your “freedom of speech”. There’s such a thing as being an “anti-sematic” but there is no such thing as “Islamaphobis”? The hypocrisy and double standards could not be more transparent. People want to disguise their hate of Muslims by pretending to be offended by censorship when you couldn’t even verbally discuss the massacre Israel committed against Palestines for fear of being called a bigot, racist or anti-sematic. As Al Pacino once said in The Godfather III, “Never hate your enemies, it affects your judgement”. The disgusting treatment of Muslims who are ALL being punished for something the US government themselves orchestrated (please educate yourself and do some research for the truth and not what you’re fed to believe in order to push an agenda. There’s no way 9/11 would have happened without the help of the US government. Hence former President Bush’ solemn reaction. Like in the mob, when you order a hit and it’s executed, you nod in acceptance because you were expecting the hit YOU yourself gave an order for).

    9/11 unveiled a lot of extremist that day. More so in white skins, American accents, clutching onto their Bibles and guns. Look at yourself to see who you are (or who you’ve become) before critiquing others.

    #ThankYouBenAffleck #NewFanForLive

  • Cecilia

    All hail Ben Affleck. What he is saying is so true, and I am so glad that someone is standing up for and brings attention to the MILLIONS of muslims who neither are extremists nor terrorists for that matter.

  • Rino

    Question: in which religion there is a law, that people are allowed to kill a woman by a crowd, which humiliate her and throwing at her rocks till her die you already know the answer just saw not a while ago in news, that they do this to some poor women this nation and religion hasn’t have morals at all!!!

  • Dee

    @ugh: If we were honest, we would say that when it comes to starting world wars, Germans have a perfect 2 out of 2 record. Now shall we exterminate them all then? And you, too?

  • veronica

    bill maher is an idiot jewish talmud allow jews to kill children and women if they are of other faith.the jew formed terrorist gang named haganah that killed women children by the southend in palestine, there’s alot of massacres committed in history by jews wonder why bill maher forgot these,

  • Anna

    muslims blame the US for “trying to shove their views upon them” yet everywhere the muslims migrate they built mosques, they have islamized European nations like Albania to a certain extent and Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Chechnya, all formerly Christian Europeans, the Kuran is so filthy and muslims are allowed to lie, cheat and kill in order to spread that filthy religion.

  • ADAM

    so lets gets its straight 2 world wars millions of dead by the hand of christians and atheist like hitler and stalin churchill and roosevelt a cold war that brought misery on millions invasion of iraq massacres of muslims by cristian serbs and bill maher claims islam is bad for the world well the numbers don’t add up, christians and atheist have done more harm to the world than muslims

  • Kurt

    The so called religion of islam has been spread by the sword with heads being chopped off since it was first created. The terrorists are the ones practicing the true islam, if anyone doesn’t believe this just read about its history. The peaceful muslims are the ones that don’t actually practice it and aren’t real muslims.