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Ben Affleck Kisses Wife Jennifer Garner After Gone Girl's Opening Weekend Success!

Ben Affleck Kisses Wife Jennifer Garner After Gone Girl's Opening Weekend Success!

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner hit up the farmer’s market together with their kids (not pictured) to grab some fresh fruit and veggies for the week on Sunday morning (October 5) in Pacific Palisades, Calif.

The 42-year-old Gone Girl actor planted a kiss on his wife as they loaded their car – cute!

Ben‘s film Gone Girl did very well at the box office this weekend – it narrowly beat out horror film Annabelle for the top spot! Congrats to Ben, Rosamund Pike, and the rest of the cast and crew.

FYI: Ben is wearing Bally sneakers. Jennifer is wearing Mother jeans.

10+ pictures inside of Ben Affleck giving his wife a peck at the market…

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ben affleck kisses his wife jennifer garner after gone girl weekend success 01
ben affleck kisses his wife jennifer garner after gone girl weekend success 02
ben affleck kisses his wife jennifer garner after gone girl weekend success 03
ben affleck kisses his wife jennifer garner after gone girl weekend success 04
ben affleck kisses his wife jennifer garner after gone girl weekend success 05
ben affleck kisses his wife jennifer garner after gone girl weekend success 06
ben affleck kisses his wife jennifer garner after gone girl weekend success 07
ben affleck kisses his wife jennifer garner after gone girl weekend success 08
ben affleck kisses his wife jennifer garner after gone girl weekend success 09
ben affleck kisses his wife jennifer garner after gone girl weekend success 10

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  • Sara

    They are adorable.

  • eye-roll

    Not buying his act. He spotted the cameras before kissing her on the cheek. Everything is about PR in Hollywood. Jennifer is just a baby factory to him. They don’t have any chemistry or passion for each other.

  • Audi Q7

    Why on God’s green earth are they driving a Ford????!!! I thought they rotated between a Lexus, a Landrover and a Mercedes SUV. Next thing you know, they’ll be using a minivan. Dont. Do. It.

  • lea

    He looks sooooo happy to kiss her! Not.
    He makes it look like a chore he has to do for the paps.

  • Jyn

    He could act a little more natural! Oh the paps are here, time to kiss my patient wife!

    He could at least smile!

  • Jen Garner’s mom

    Whenever he needs something (Oscar votes, box office receipts), he trots out the family and plays Happy Husband and Father. We all know he spends his free time in the casinos and strip clubs but nice try Ben.

  • Bucky

    @Audi Q7:

    Ben said in an interview that he and Jen visited car plants in Detroit while he was filming BvsS and they decided to trade in their foreign made cars for American made to help the struggling city of Detroit.

  • Audi Q7

    @Bucky — I know he has a few vintage American cars and I do think he had good intentions, but there is no way in H*ll I could see Jen sacrificing her beloved luxury SUV’s. Nah…

  • matt

    @eye-roll: I always thought she was more into him than vice versa, and I think she still is. It’s him that’s the problem, with all of the cheating rumors, not to mention the gambling.

  • :)

    Gonna throw a positive comment into all of these negative comments by saying I love them :)

  • Southie


    Ben may have harmed his marriage when he directed the Oscar-winning film ‘Argo’ because the time he spent away from Jennifer and their kids allegedly drove a wedge in their relationship.

    Ben Affleck‘s marriage to Jennifer Garner may be on the rocks. According to a new report, the couple grew further apart while Ben was overseas directing the Oscar-winning film Argo. He have inadvertently aired their secret when accepting the Oscar.

    Jen, was upset at Ben, for not wanting she and their three children to visit him on the Argo set in Iran.

    Ben Doesn’t Want Jen And The Kids To Visit The Set

    “Jen wanted to bring the kids to visit him that summer, and he said no,” a source told the publication. “This turned into a very big rift because it was another two months before he came home and saw anyone.”

    And it appeared that Ben let the world into his marital problems on Feb. 24, when he accepted the Best Picture award for the film.

    Ben’s Awkward Acceptance Speech

    “I want to thank you for working on our marriage for ten Christmases,” he said. “It’s good. It is work, but it’s the best kind of work and there’s no one I’d rather work with.”

    One source said that Jen “thought it was ironic that he described their marriage as ‘work.’ It was supposed to be this beautiful moment and he’s letting everyone in on their dirty laundry.”

  • Zoee

    I’m very curious to know about those rumors of Ben cheating , I want to know, many people mention it but i cant find them

  • Zoee

    Ben´s face kissing Jennifer is like that face kids put when they are force to eat something they dislike or the medicine lol

  • Lena

    Kissing your wife should not be painful Ben. He looks like he is doing the worst thing ever.
    Their need to act for the paps especially when their movies are out is obvious.

  • #truth

    @Zoee: He cheated with Blake Lively while filming The Town, among many others. The pictures from the set are proof enough.

  • Sandy

    Well, well, well… color me surprised. They both have a movie out this weekend. How dumb do they think we are, lol? It looks forced and staged.

  • shamrock7

    Go see “GONE GIRL”!! It was a delightful thriller that surprised the bejeezus out of me.

    OK, I never viewed any full frontal on Ben, and when he mentioned brief, he meant it. I will have to wait for the DVD version and pay closer attention. lol

    Anyway, I’m sure these two are going strong, but shucks, if my hubby was filming some of those scenes with Emily, it surely would be a true test to our marriage. I have no idea how Jen deals with that. How can these attractive peeps have such intimate scenes together and not get turned on?

    All the best to them!


  • Pluck

    There’s lots of rumors about Ben cheating on Jennifer. He also cheats at cards. That’s why he got kicked out of the Hard Rock Cafe. He’s had a serious gambling problem for years. Dude has issues. He is anything but perfect.

  • Lisa

    @#truth: There was one photo of him laughing at a joke she was making and suddenly its “they must be having an affair”. Give me a break. Proof of an affair is if you break up with your wife and then the next month are at the beach with the new **ore and before a year is up you have knocked up your mistress (story of that REAL cheating husband Brad Pitt). There is absolutely none of that with Blake LIvely and Ben Affleck so people should stop trying to make it so. Funny his new movie is about the tabloid press making up crap to sell their shows and that’s what he has to put up with on sites like this.

  • Lisa

    Actually, that is a sweet photo of him kissing his wife. You all are a bunch of sour old hags *(and jealous!) Thank you Jared for not posting pictures of the kids. You are classy!

  • delusional

    @Lisa: Sure, just like Justin Timberlake never cheated on Jessica Biel. Ben’s dull wife is a huge doormat. She let him get away with anything as long as he stays married to her and provide for the kids she keeps popping to save their marriage.
    Don’t fool yourself, Ben Affleck gets more tail than a toilet seat.

  • Bea

    @Lisa: True. Is everyone drinking the kool aid because you can’t honestly believe that Brad and Angie did not start the affair until after filming. She had a reputation for having flings/affairs with most of her co-stars and if they were married or attached the better. Hollywood wives did not trust her and as she herself has no inhibitions or religious leanings her morals were the thing of” I do what I want.” Vince Vaughn was present as he had a part in the Mr. and Mrs. Smith film and it was reported that he lost respect for his co stars. In fact next thing you know he was comforting Jennifer and started their own fling. I don’t that for sure but look at the evidence of broken relationships that involved Angelina ( who threaten to kill herself according to Billy Bob if he didn’t comply with her agenda). No man could refuse her at the time. She has changed and seems very committed as does Brad. A lot could have been heresay, but the same can be said about the Afflecks and Timberlake , etc. In fact a lot of the happiest couples appear to have open marriages.

  • April

    I’m late to the party but just want to say I love Jen and Ben and wish them all the happiness in the world. About the Ford SUV, It’s great that they support american car makers but foreign cars are much better made and body styles don’t change as drastic from year to year so cars looks newer longer.

    Good job if it’s true they want to buy for our economy but I have always had better luck with german cars.

  • Mean

    Don’t like him. He is getting gray hair. Where are their augly kids? Miss not seeing there messed up hair and clothes. Ben won’t kiss her out in public like that.

  • Char

    He just looks like an arrogant jerk to me

  • norah

    @Bea: this is a ben/jennifer garner thread right? why are we discussing bp and aj -

  • Happy 2

    Omg these two look like the couple on top of a wedding cake.
    Could anyone be more gorgeous than j and more handsome gorgeous than Ben. Omg tall. People have to be so jealous of their happy
    life and beautiful kiddies. Make a movie with this family.
    I have them on my iPhone windows for new photos everyday
    a new update. But there ARE other stores besides the
    starbucks at Brentwood mart. Hahahahahaha.

  • No life?

    Why do all these negative comments read like they are from the same person only minutes apart???
    Many, in fact nearly all Hollywood relationships don’t last. Jen and Ben must be doing something right.

  • Peter

    @Zoee: Idk about other rumors but I can tell that years ago he had an affair on the set of State of Play with Robin Wright. I worked on that production as an assistant and it was not a secret on the set, just nobody was allowed to talk about it, as Hollywood unspoken rules require. At the time she was married to Sean Penn and the year later they filed for divorce….

  • norah

    He always looks so bored anytime he is out with jennifer and we hardly see him with his kids either – i know he is filming but still very artificial vibes from him especially. with the kissing -

  • Jamie

    Wasn’t she pregnant when they got married? I always wondered if that was the reason he married her.