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George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin's Honeymoon Details Revealed!

George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin's Honeymoon Details Revealed!

It has been a full week since we saw George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin departing Venice after their wedding, and that’s because they’ve been secluded on their honeymoon ever since!

The newlyweds are reportedly spending time together at a new estate in England that they recently purchased.

“They wanted a simple break,” a source told Us Weekly. “Just somewhere to enjoy time together with no interruptions.”

The couple is completely isolated in their home, which is set back from the road in the British countryside. They haven’t hired their live-in chef yet, so they’ve found a different way to get food made for themselves every day.

“It’s just George and Amal at the house at the moment,” the source added. “A small private catering company delivers their meals every day.”

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Credit: Andrew Goodman; Photos: Getty
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  • Miapocca


  • stan

    Why do u have to reveal everything?

  • rosana

    i think we had a lot of that, they all acted as though it was the only couple that got married,

  • rochelle

    At George’s age I’m not suprised he’s using Meals on Wheels.

  • Tammy

    He looks like her Sugar Daddy…smh!

  • Nutty

    I’m trying to care but nope, I just don’t.

  • grondcontrol

    “They haven’t hired their live-in chef yet, so they’ve found a different way to get food made for themselves every day.”

    What a bunch of pretentious t.w.a.t.s. They are incapable of turning on a stove or a microwave and cooking?
    These are some high maintenance people.

  • wait


    I’m not a huge Clooney fan or anything but why are you calling them tw@ts??

    George was a single multimillionaire bachelor who mostly resided in Italy. Do you really think he can cook?? Make a sandwich yeah, cook no. He can like many other rich people have a cook come cook daily or prepare weekly meals.

    Amal was a career driven woman and cooking was not probably on her radar. So I highly doubt she can cook at all even with her traditional background. She made enough money to eat out everyday or have weekly meals cooked.

    So in the end them having a chef is not surprising or uncommon. Especially, for two people who don’t know how to cook. I know everyday working folk who eat out or order pre-cooked weekly fresh meals.

    Be nice. The only issue I see is that we don’t need a daily news feed of every detail of the honeymoon.

  • zac

    please live in America we don’t need this shit hear!!

  • Reality Bites

    She is was raised in Britain and with money so she probably never learned to cook (saw an episode of Gordon Ramsey’s F Word and all the women at his restaurant he polled and they claimed they never cooked.. they all ordered food or went out to eat every night). George can cook but probably doesn’t want to every day of his Honeymoon.

  • Fat government worker

    Rochelle and ground control thanks for makin me lol.

  • Fat government worker

    @wait: There is always simple meals anyone can make. It is a huge waste of money even for rich people to have private chefs every day. I’m sure Matt Damon cooks his own shiiit.

  • geriatrics please

    Wow, he’s gotten old. He looks like her dad in these pictures. It’s funny how when people have money and fame nobody can really see them anymore.

  • groundcontrol

    “Amal was a career driven woman and cooking was not probably on her radar.”
    LOL! You’re very sweet in your defense of the couple. But I have been a career driven woman my entire life and at 36 I could handle my career and cooking as well. It’s not rocket science. In fact, dinner parties with home cooked elements are perfect for entertaining. Even if you do get some help with it. ;)
    Having money and the ability to cook are not incompatible – these are not 1900s aristocrats. I’m sure George can cook and if Amal can’t cook it’s because she’s more interested in other things like manicures, etc. Like I said this article just reeks of high maintenance.

  • Okay

    I know you from the Angelina and Brad threads. It’s funny you’re hear berating and belittling Clooney and his new wife and yet you will go and defend or curse others in Angelina and Brad threads from others doing the same thing you are doing here. Double standards much, huh.

  • Okay

    Sorry: “hear” – I meant “here”

  • DonnieMarie&AnnMarie PR

    ELITIST George Clooney in his new role of husband to a manly cocaine addicted anorexic S.K.A.N.K with delusions of grandeur.
    Clooney is pathoologically jealous of Brad Pitt’s success as the biggest power couple in Hollywood. But Brad has a beautiful wife with a small nose, natural big lips and almond shaped green eyes.
    Clooney married an ugly monstrosity illusion who is photoshopped to the max in every photos just to make her less offensive.
    TALLER THAN HIM as he has short old man complex.
    Calls ugly Amal’s job “real.”
    He could cook omlelettes once. Now Lady-Boy AMAL needs a chef.

  • Amanda

    Totally don’t believe this. She was seen flying into Heathrow ALONE. No one with any sense believes this is a real marriage.

  • DonnieMarie&AnnMarie PR

    Amal Alamuddin ugly fameho S.K.A.N.K used to be full figured not long ago.
    Her quest was to reign as the conceited Islamic Arab drag show who outdid all the dirty Western infidel bit*ches (Jews & Christians) and conquered a rich, famous, old, passive-aggressive disillusioned alcoholic control freak.

    BRAD PITT won the heart of a born naturally beautiful woman.
    Petite 5ft6″, and feminine.
    CLOONEY compromised with an ugly, manly, Islamic terrorist-linked live drag show.
    Ugly Amal Alamuddin Witchy-Poo’s MASSIVE BAZOOKA nose touches her chin when she smiles.
    Droopy ghoulish eyes the color of manure.
    Huge buck-tooth overbite.
    Asss chin.
    Tiny pinhead skull.
    Coarse, Witch hair like Amy Winehouse.
    Skeletal, gangly body on twig junkie legs with freak big feet & hands.

  • abagail

    So he’s 53 and she’s 36 and they don’t know how to cook?? BS

  • Emerald


    At your age I’m surprised you’re still not wearing “pull ups”.

  • Jane

    To groundcontrol

    We have a deal in my family; I never ever cook anything. I admit that I am an unqualified disaster in the kitchen. If it cannot be microwaved then it’s not going to happen. I make fresh salads at home; that’s it. For every other meal I eat out or bring prepared food in from one of the many delis here in NYC. I just turned 30 and I’m a career woman. Believe me, If I could afford it I would also hire my own chef.

  • Jane

    To Okay

    From what I’ve read, some of the people are more than angry that George Clooney married a Muslim. To that end, they accuse Amal and her family of being terrorists. And they make racist comments about her.

  • sensei

    @wait: Don’t be so classless, it has nothing to do with money, you’re making it sound as if cooking is only for people who can’t afford chefs. Most rich people actually enjoy cooking and gastronomy and see it as a form of art and take cooking classes as a hobby.

  • Emerald


    Horror of horrors!! Amal was seen flying into Heathrow ALONE so that automatically means the marriage is not real. Nicole Kidman has been photographed on more than one occasion flying into Sydney Australia alone; are you going to claim that her marriage of Keith Urban is not real?

    Rachel Weiss has been photographed on more than one occasion flying into an airport alone; are you going to claim that her marriage to Daniel Craig is not real?

    Luciana Damon has been photographed on more than one occasion flying into an airport alone; are you going to claim that her marriage to Matt Damon is not real?

    Other married actors have been photographed flying into an airport alone; are you going to claim that their marriages are not real?

    Thousands of married people fly into airports alone everyday. Are you going to claim that none of their marriages are real?

    The answer from an intelligent person should be of course not. Amal flying into Heathrow means nothing other than the fact that she flew into England before George. Nothing new under the sun.

  • St Bange can do no wrong


    Nevermind that Castle in France with a staff, they are just like you and me!

    And every jolie Pitt child has their own nanny and maid, each.

  • Jane

    To abagail

    I’m sure that both Amal and George know how to cook. But with their money they can more than afford to hire a chef.


    Do they have someone to wipe their A.N.U.S.E.S too????
    I’m sure Georgie enjoys a good rimming.

  • ghostwriter

    His life became a spectacle ridiculed worldwide, this last year.
    He chose not to live it earnestly, so sabotaged his own happiness.

  • Anna

    Impulsive man.


  • Ml

    I wish them the best. I think it’s natural if we have less to rush to judgment. But we all have our own realities and challenges. Some may struggle to pay for groceries. Some may struggle to get to the store without being harassed by paparazzi (whether or not they can cook or cook well, no matter their education or heritage or skill set.) some may struggle to share a meal with their family because they live in poverty or in a land of war… Here or there, anywhere. But I would like to celebrate the love. I also don’t know a lot about the couple but have come to see they are a bright and caring couple who care about the human rights of others and that makes them even more beautiful in addition to their obvious charm. I wish them well and take pause to dial back a little envy about the cooks and British mansion… We all have our blessings and challenges. Peace.

  • WhatIsTruth

    True altruism includes all people. One doesn’t take sides in any conflict, but reserves their concern for the basic human rights and dignity of all people. She is decidedly anti-Israel, which in my opinion, makes her the antithesis of an advocate for human rights. Her client list is proof positive. While war criminals, racists and pedophiles must all have representation when needed, surely one is allowed to decide which bad guy is okay and which is morally reprehensible. Her politics inform her character and for as long as she remains in the public eye where she has launched herself so unceremoniously i will speak to those politics and her anti-Semitism

  • What a snooze!

    Uh, I thought this was a private honeymoon? None song for attention already. Another thing, what is it withheld men who marry h*o*e*s** who cannot or will not cook? They love those sewer bait women! It would be romantic and cozy to cook meals together. Oh wait! I forgot! George is showing true colors now he married hi us doppelganger. Everyone else is beneath their emancipated a**s*s**e*s**. Good grief!

  • MattDorg

    If he already spent 11.5 million on her and it has been this short of a period? and I think he spent even more than that… calculate that times 10 over 10 years he will be broke in 10-15 years if he stays with her… he will, she will make him bankrupt… he has always been savvy with his money….#Goldigger will take him for all he has and drug him to sign over everything watch… he is done…. wow so sad,

  • Lani

    This woman is so cheap and tacky. A perfect match for George Clooney.

  • No more

    Please. No more articles about them.
    This is ridiculous. There is such a thing as saturation point and GC and AA have gone far beyond that.

  • Duh

    AA is what he should join, not who he should marry. And besides, her name is so akin to Anal. Like, he couldn’t see these jokes from a mile away? Come on! What a dumb a##!

  • Picking too much

    Clooney picked, picked and picked among women and none was enough good for him and in the end he over-picked.

  • Just a fan

    @Emerald: I think a couple of people were just wondering why she was alone at Heathrow the day after her wedding. None of the stars you listed, I bet, were on their honeymoon! No need to overreact, either way.

  • zac

    @Picking too much: No Photoshop here! Lol

    Strange how she looks more loving in these pics than on her wedding.