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Jennifer Lopez Gives the 'Frame by Frame' of Her 'Booty' Video

Jennifer Lopez Gives the 'Frame by Frame' of Her 'Booty' Video

Jennifer Lopez rocks a cute grey dress while leaving Craig’s restaurant after having dinner on Sunday evening (October 5) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 45-year-old entertainer recently chatted with MTV about her new “Booty” video, which has racked up more than 46 million views since it’s release.

“When you get on set, you just hope that magic happens and the minute that me and Iggy were in the frame together, everyone was going like, ‘Oh my god. This is so good. This is beautiful. This is exactly what this video needs to be,’” Jennifer says in the clip.

Jennifer Lopez Gives the ‘Frame by Frame’ of Her ‘Booty’ Video
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jennifer lopez gives the frame by frame of her booty video 02
jennifer lopez gives the frame by frame of her booty video 03
jennifer lopez gives the frame by frame of her booty video 04

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  • She Stinks!

    This was magic? No its not, its soft core lesbian porno by an untalented classless old desperate HO. You’re embarrassing yourself JHO Bag.

  • geez!

    Jlo you forgot to get dressed, dear. Desperate old hag!!

  • Elena

    Terrible outfit and her legs look bad. She needs to ditch the no-pants look

  • man

    why is she pretending, Love, just admit you sold out!

  • Ashley

    JLO, guess which girl is my favorite? THE ONE WHO DOESN’T SPEAK OF HERSELF IN THIRD PERSON

  • guest 2

    She needs to grow-up.

  • Sophia

    I think jlo is desperate for attention…and is afraid of losing the title of big booty to up and coming younger artists…she propably figured if I can’t beat them…join them! Look..look at me….I still have it!

  • jj

    Disgusting how a 45 year old mother of 2 goes out!! THERE’S DEFINITELY SOMETHING WRONG WITH HER – SHE’S DELUSIONAL!!!!!

  • jj

    As for her ‘BOOTY’ song – 1st week #18 on charts and 2nd week down to #45 – why is she so smug and adores herself so much??? all she does is parade half nude NOTHING ELSE!!!!!! GO AWAY HASBEEN!!!!

  • http://comcast Audra

    Keith Urban most talented judge on American Idol. This article just reminds me that J Lo gets all of the attention in her teenager dresses but Keith Urban should be getting the attention, he is tremendous

  • elayne

    @She Stinks!: shut the hell up .. dumb hater.

  • tammie

    After her desperation to showcase her behind and make a video with a 24 year old woman displaying soft porn and lesbian overtones, the song still flopped. Its under 100 for downloads on U-tube, and never even made it to the top 50. No matter how much she tried, nobody cares about JLO’s rearend. She should be ashamed of herself.

  • tammie

    I mean to say I-tunes, not U-tube.

  • j-loser

    This bitch can neither sing , nor act . Yet she goes around pretending to be an artist. Talentless slut is what she is.

  • j-ho

    Jennifer Lopez is an air-headed trashy ghetto $lut with no professionalism or decency or self-respect.

  • whatismyname

    What I really dislike about this woman is, she mistreats the underprivileged and the financially disadvantaged. What makes her think she is special ? Talent? She has none. Beauty? She is a flat-chested man with a fat ass. Popularity? Isn’t is popular for winning nobel prize. She had an oversized back at a time flat was beautiful and that made people notice her. Money ? Did she earn it through honorable ways? She earned money through prostitution and fur business. JLo is a waste of space on earth.

  • Miriam

    All of you are just jealous because there is a beautiful woman that at age 45 can look better than a 20 year old!
    She is beautiful, and has talent. Wether you bunch of haters want to acknowledge it or not. Don’t you wish you had her life…. She is free and does what she feels, without a care to see who is going to judge her. She’s the best! Go jlo!!! Don’t listen to theses bitter people hahahaha

  • Not So!

    @miriam. >>>All of you are just jealous because there is a beautiful woman that at age 45 can look better than a 20 year old!>>>>>

    So at age 45 she looks good, but she has got to be miserable in her quest and determination to compete with successful 20 year olds. It also has to be hard and frustrating for her to realize that regardless to how “great shape” she is in, even resorting to rubbing her behind up against a 24 year old in a video to prove that point, that song still flopped. She will just try harder, and harder. One day she will give up.

  • Excellent

    WOW, she looks fantastic. I hope I look as good as her at 45. Forty-five and the mother of two children and, she looks this good! Amazing!

  • not so sour

    @Not So!: Yeah but, she has a great butt, IMO. Hope my butt is video perfect when I’m 45.

  • I agree

    @Excellent: I agree. This woman is amazing. She has achieved so much and all on her own hard work and efforts. Not the daughter of some celebrity or relative of some hollywood or music industry power broker. Haters will hate.

  • Amazing

    It’s amazing. All the haters here would be the first one’s to say they are strong supporters of women and women’s rights and well-being all around the planet. And yet here is this amazing, creative, multi-talented woman, who’s taking care of business and succeeding and all these people (probably mostly women) are trying to tear her down. It’s true what they say that women are their own worst enemies.