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Leonardo DiCaprio Hangs Out With Tobey Maguire In Venice

Leonardo DiCaprio Hangs Out With Tobey Maguire In Venice

Leonardo DiCaprio tries to keep a low profile while out and about on Abbot Kinney Boulevard on Sunday (October 5) in Venice, Calif.

The 39-year-old actor was joined by his close pal Tobey Maguire and his wife Jennifer Meyer during the outing.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

After Leonardo‘s fans started recognizing him, he made a dash into his vehicle to avoid a mob scene. Right before leaving, Leo made sure to give a hug to Tobey and Jennifer.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio meeting with Tobey Maguire on Abbey Kinney Blvd…

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leonardo dicaprio hangs out with tobey maguire 01
leonardo dicaprio hangs out with tobey maguire 02
leonardo dicaprio hangs out with tobey maguire 03
leonardo dicaprio hangs out with tobey maguire 04
leonardo dicaprio hangs out with tobey maguire 05
leonardo dicaprio hangs out with tobey maguire 06
leonardo dicaprio hangs out with tobey maguire 07
leonardo dicaprio hangs out with tobey maguire 08
leonardo dicaprio hangs out with tobey maguire 09
leonardo dicaprio hangs out with tobey maguire 10

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  • Moi

    Tongue! ;-)

  • harshtruth

    Leo is dumb white trash at heart with no personality and so are his friends/fans. His looks are long gone as well.

  • @harshtruth

    @harshtruth: Then what the F*ck are you doing here?Get lost!!!

  • lol
  • PaulinaT

    Thanks JJ for the latest pics…
    ..but where is Leo’s white asparagus??? She is usually dangling on his heels.

  • @5

    Well it didn’t take long for yet another drone to make a Leo/Tobey post about Toni

  • @lol

    Cute pics, indeed. The sweetest candids of Leo have always been with Leo’s kids.
    In one of the DM pics, we can also see Lukas going into the car.

  • @lol

    … I meant Tobey’s kids -:)

  • Stupid

    Why is he taking his tongue out of his mouth?

  • adrisfriends


  • meanwhile…

    …on the east coast a T-Rex was spotted watching Pocahontas!! Nice to see Leo hanging w/ the Tobester!

  • ?

    Leo was with Tobey at the vegan restaurant:)
    Sexyback thought Leo was with Toni there…..

  • @12

    @?: Sexyback/Cookie/Who knows what today is an idiot. She also said Leo was married and tbones is pregnant. Shame on you for believing her!
    Someone actually said it could have been Tobey in the last thread.

  • S

    The pics with Ruby… my heart is officially melted! :)
    @Zzzzzz Hi! I’ve had a busy weekend. In Savannah GA but headed home later today. Hope you had a great weekend too!

  • Aww

    @S: My heart too. Ruby is getting prettier and prettier isn’t she?

  • Kiki

    Haaaa livelys pregnant…Leo sure dodged a bullet there!!

  • #16

    Some would say Leo’s married exes dodged his bullet

  • YAAS

    Lets start talking about Toni or his exes again. What’s Kristen up to? Any kids

  • Loca

    HAHHAHAHAHHA He’s mad because Blake is preg!!!

  • #18

    @LMAO @ 10/05/2014 at 3:57 pm
    I just wish people would stop talking about Toni so much, its been exhausting reading about her, her Instagram, her life, etc. She’s so irrelevant TBF, not even the public payed her much attention. I only give a damn bout Leo, but everyone here seems to only care bout his side pieces and girlfriends more -past and present

  • also….

    Thanks for the link to the Leo&Ruby photos. Adorable as always. You can see how much they love each other. :)
    His shoes are killing me on these photos.
    @?: I thinkbthat was a different occasion when sexyback thought Toni was with Leo in LA in that vegan restaurant. These photos are from yesterday and the tweet was on Saturday night but she was in NYC out in a club. Sexyback is quick to jump into conclusions and come up with theories.

  • @Loca

    Wonder if that’s why we’re suddenly getting these pics with Ruby.
    Y’know Leo plays the game too right?

  • @lol

    Lovely pics in a LEO POST

  • Loca

    @@Loca: HAHAHAHAHAHA What game? The heaven’s or the down to earth game? LOL

  • Loca

    Id say evil’s fake heaven game wtf?

  • ####

    Great pics!!! Leo with ruby are the cutest pics! :-)

  • #lol

    Why didn’t JJ get those lovely DM pics with Ruby???

  • Loca

    He’ll still have more comments than Blake’s crazy girl fans competition LOL!

  • Whats up

    Hmmm if thats a tv that toni is watching the movie it seems pretty big, maybe its the same one that they watched leo get the golden globe on…aka the theatre in leos house and this is her new hint…


    Leo looks soooo Good. HE’S LOST A LOT OF THAT BELLY. Yaaaaaaay.
    #12 and #13 stfu
    I assumed they were at that vegan spot just like someone else before me. , someone said toni was vegan, plus you two thought it as well soo STFU keep my name out your mouth, and yes today I will be multiple screen names today, just LIKE YOU.!!!!!!
    Here’s another one of my crazy predictions., last time he hooked up with Tobey and jenn they got together WITH TONI and went to ANGUILLA. so maybe they are planning one last VACATION
    I’m sure its still on sense Jennifer is still following Toni on Ig. :)

  • Whats up

    Toni also still follows leo on IG surely if they broke up she would unfollow him, although that would be very obvious. If they are still together i really dont get it they both appear to be doing nothing and yet are not hanging out with one another…strange…we need a confirmation either way!!


    @Whats up: STFU the girl was in NYC NOT LA. She will be with him Soon enough, enough about tg.
    RUBY IS SOO CUTE. she looks like Tobey.
    Btw, why are you ( also) so obsessed with me? Is it because you now realize LEO IS INLOVE and will never be with you or your lapdog ####.


    I can’t believe BLAKE would rather have a baby with Ryan JUG HEAD than Leo. What a loser. He can’t even make a hit movie.

  • Christopher P

    @harshtruth: He’s had the same friend since he was a kid, says something about him and a good thing for that matter. Sounds like a scorned lover or wait giving too much credit… probably someone who he wouldn’t look twice at.

  • Toni G

    @CALVIN CANDY: Toni G looks like an angel is so so beautiful. I doubt either of them will have trouble finding new lovers. Wish everyone well so sick of negative comments.

  • OMG

    Its obvious sexyback has taken all sorts of names here and is now talking to her crazy self

  • What’s Up/Sexyback

    @Whats up: Coming back to annoy posters first thing in the morning with your Toni is pregnant posts. Thats all you do! She was in NY and Leo was in LA! Deal.


    I bet also got her cornball a$$ over at DM making comments about Leo that are not nice. She always trashing Leo and praising Toni under different usernames. What a hypocrite. HYPOCRITES DO NOT MAKE IT INTO HEAVEN.

  • What’s Up/Sexyback

    OMG! Sexyback is now answering her self!! She’s also Calvin Candy!! LOL You are so LAME! No school today????? Or is it a mental facility you’re staying at!! Too easy..

  • Calvin Candy/sexyback

    Erin still followed Leo right after they broke up…Bar and Jen Meyer and Alex Mace’s wife remained friends after they broke up. Gisele still hung out with Leo’s mom after the break up and even walked Leo’s dog on the beach after the break up…So following someone say nothing about if they’re together or apart…


    @OMG: hey also the loser… #### go eat some fishpie.
    TONI LOOKS LIKE A BLUE EYED DEMON.she is no angel and his plain white girl. She only model bc of her legs and she skinny.


    By the way, I can come up with a way better username than what’s up. Its amusing how you think I’m every poster who is PRO toni/leo. What a dummy. I swear I’m taljing to teens or immature old a$$ women.

  • Calvin Candy/sexyback

    @CALVIN CANDY: when your “predictions” dont come true you start to say racist things and attack people…

  • Calvin Candy/sexyback

    @CALVIN CANDY: sure : )

  • Calvin Candy/sexyback

    I’ll just leave you and yourself to go back and forth between yourselves!

  • Poor Toni

    Poor Toni, Leo doesn’t want her. I hope she’s okay. : (


    Leo looks so cute. I like his shoes, they look comfortable. He’s rich but dresses comfortably and does not care about what people think. I like that. He could wear the most expensive Jordans but doesn’t . Love him.

  • @sexyback

    @CALVIN CANDY: SHUT UP! Nobody cares what you think
    and going to ignore the rest of your comments for the rest of the day but sometimes I forget.My own mistake…

  • PaulinaT

    Tobey has been a vegan for many many years.
    So Leo being spotted at a vegan restaurant has nothing to do with the white asparagus.


    P@@sexyback:please do and try to ignore other comments you don’t agree with. Stop arguing with people and being a meanie. : )