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Beyonce Called a 'Lite Feminist' by Singer Annie Lennox

Beyonce Called a 'Lite Feminist' by Singer Annie Lennox

Beyonce plays the role of photographer while doing some sight-seeing on Tuesday afternoon (October 7) in Paris, France.

The 33-year-old entertainer made it a family day with her husband Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy (not pictured).

Legendary singer Annie Lennox recently was asked to talk about Beyonce considering herself a feminist.

“I would call that ‘feminist lite.’ L-I-T-E. I’m sorry. It’s tokenistic to me. I mean, I think she’s a phenomenal artist – I just love her performances – but I’d like to sit down (with her). I think I’d like to sit down with quite a few artists and talk to them. I’d like to listen to them; I’d like to hear what they truly think,” Annie told Pride Source.

“I see a lot of it as them taking the word hostage and using it to promote themselves, but I don’t think they necessarily represent wholeheartedly the depths of feminism – no, I don’t,” Annie added. “I think for many it’s very convenient and it looks great and it looks radical, but I have some issues with it. I have issues with it. Of course I do. I think it’s a cheap shot. I think what they do with it is cheap and … yeah. What can I tell you? Sex always sell. And there’s nothing wrong with sex selling, but it depends on your audience. If they’re 7-year-old kids, I have issues with it.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Annie Lennox’s opinion on Beyonce?

FYI: Beyonce is carrying a Kurt Geiger London bag.

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  • what

    When did Annie Lennox become the approver of someone being a feminist?

  • Guest


  • JM


  • Shaz

    Oh pipe down. Truly unfortunate when an icon of music negates another female artist’s feminist ideals. Tacky to be honest. The fact is Beyonce advocated feminism to a new generation, just because Lennox isn’t in the music zeitgeist right now doesn’t mean she needs to be bitter. Yonce truly on their mouths like liquor.

  • Alaia

    Well Annie nailed it really. Beyonce dresses in little clothing and calls it empowering and a feminist statement. Who does she think she’s kidding?

  • annie


    i’ll believe you when you tell me what you’ve learned from Beyonces version of feminism?

  • 656

    I find that most women in the spotlight are immature and seem to still act like teenage girls once they become adults.

  • Tiana

    Damn why can’t this woman just do her, she hasn’t done anything to nobody almost everybody got something to say about Beyonce, Beyonce minds her mother f business. You don’t ever see her in the media bad mouthing nobody, Etta James tore Beyonce apart, but did you hear one thing Bey say about her nope not a thing.

  • VanillaMidget

    everyone is a ‘feminist’ until we are on a sinking ship and its women and children first. lets see if the Lordes, Taylors and whoever is pimping out the name feminist and crying for equal opportunities will say “no let the men and children go first”

  • Rose

    Beyonce is a fake artist. She lip syncs every time she sings “live” and she barely writes any of her songs yet gives herself full songwriting credit. Not to mention she would be no where without Destiny’s Child and Jay-Z. Sure some of her songs are catchy but she has very minimal talent. She has talented people working for her. Tired of all the hoopola around her and Annie totally nailed it.

  • victoria

    these days feminism is just a trend for celebs and all of them want their own version of it which will accommodate them in a way that they will write sexist lyrics, objectify themselves and have grownass women selling sex and a sexualized image to 12 yrs olds while calling themselves feminists and calling any criticism “bashing” or “hatin’ “. they use feminism as a way to look edgy and non-conformist instead of trying to understand it because they’re “not like the others” and wow they’re so badass. you can’t just call yourself a feminist and expect people to take you seriously…

  • LoveTheShoes

    Right on Annie, right on! I despise more the bs fake a$$ empowerment caca Nicki Minaj perps. She’s the ultimate lite one.

  • Sophia

    Wow! is good to know that Annie Lennox is the “feminist police”, the one who decides who identifies with what!

    Beyoncé is a feminist because she believes in equality, because I bet that being a woman of color in that industry isn’t easy, and because she has helped to open doors for the girls who are coming behind her. She is a feminist because she identifies with that belief, and I support that, and no one, not even Annie Lennox should question that.

  • pacey

    if i were black, Id want to look up to maya angelou rather than beyonce. Beyonce is predictable. And she is a tool for Jay Z


    @pacey: @pacey:
    You can only look up t May Angelou if you are black???

  • camehereforthis

    Everyday, feminist this and feminist that. Sick of the feminist talk. Yawn

  • sheigh

    I say Annie Lennox R.E.S.P.E.C.T!
    I’ve never seen B like a feminist because I think Jay Z remplaces a father in her adulthood! And I don’t know without him like a husband she is now what she is! Independent of what ? However she’s a great artist!

  • LoveTheShoes

    pacey @ 10/07/2014 at 9:56 pm
    if i were black, Id want to look up to maya angelou rather than beyonce. Beyonce is predictable. And she is a tool for Jay Z

    # 15

    JAYMES @ 10/07/2014 at 11:08 pm
    @pacey: @pacey:
    You can only look up t May Angelou if you are black???



    pacey, what a seriously ignorant and dismissive something to say. Do you stick everyone in a box or just non-whites? Btw, Beyoncé’s largest fan base is female and Caucasian. It’s just like rap. It’s white males buying the most; white suburban males.

  • John Kelly

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  • No stone left unturned.

    I tried the details above to find out about the illuminati, and all I got was ‘How to become a crack head’, is this some sort of joke and are you sure the details are right? Is there a website?

  • Johnnie


    AMEN! There is nothing to be learned from Beyonce’s BRAND of feminism.

  • Matt m.

    Our media is so messed up. I just watched the interview and she said nothing bad about Beyonce, she said that she thought she was “incredibly talented”. I’m sick of our media twisting words and causing drama out of nothing. Write something honest for once, idiots!

  • Gunny

    @victoria: I agree. I wish they would have little more confidence in their music ability and not feel the need to be half naked to sell records. What is that telling young girls on how to be recognized? I think she would sell as many records with not all the sexual suggestions.