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Cooper Phillip's 'Silence' Wins Us Over with Amazing Vocals! (Exclusive Video Premiere)

Cooper Phillip's 'Silence' Wins Us Over with Amazing Vocals! (Exclusive Video Premiere)

Cooper Phillip stuns with her beautiful vocals in the brand new music video for her song “Silence,” premiering exclusively on

The black and white video was directed by Scott Nathan and shows the Russian singer with just her piano and a stage.

Make sure to pick up “Silence” on iTunes and all other digital retailers right now!

Cooper was born in Russia and moved to New York City to pursue her dreams of a career in music when she was just 17. A few years later she made the move to Los Angeles and began working with producers on songs for her debut EP, Walk a Mile. We can’t wait to hear what else she has in store!

Cooper Phillip – “Silence” Video Premiere
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  • Courtney

    Wow. Good call on this one. Cooper sounds like a winner. Love the song and her voice.

  • Suzanne

    Terrific. Reminds me of Adele. Will suffice until the queens return.

  • Bondik


  • Tyler B.

    I just looked at this singer’s social media…her “likes” on instagram just went from 29 to over 1,000 in a matter of 3 seconds….and then stopped there..which made me curious, so I went and clicked on her “followers”. I’m all for publicity, having worked in PR for the past 20 years, but people like her (or her handlers) give the music industry a bad name when they buy thousands of bot followers, comments and youtube/soundcloud plays overnight to make it seem like they are popular. You gotta earn your fans Cooper or the industry will eat you! Good voice, bad marketing strategy.

  • Scott Nathan

    Thanks so much Jared!

  • Brianna

    Why must everyone be compared to everyone else? This girl is amazing as the lead line says.


  • Matthew

    Unbelievable song and what an amazing voice. The passion and emotion is felt in every verse and every word of this song. I am awed at how this video was shot as well. The black and white and the simplicity depicts perfectly the naked and raw emotion Cooper has shared with the world. Bravo! I can’t wait to hear and see more of Cooper Phillip!

  • Anastasia K

    OMG! people, what’s wrong with you? The girl is a pure talent!! Go, Cooper! Amazing voice, beautiful video!!!! and who cares how she got those “followers”???….I don’t..))

  • Anne

    In the spirit of sharing aspiring artists, If you want to be “wowed”, check these early 20s singer/songwriters out. They don’t pay for ads, but the quality of the written material is something to Really watch for and aspire to. Would love to see ladies like the ones below featured more…

    Andria Simone (Montreal)

    EliseLegrow (LA)

  • Pasha

    It is the authenticity and the difference between a “manufactured” artist and real talent. Anyone with money can buy folowers, video production, songwriters , this is what they do in Russia, in Russia is ok. You can fool the public into believing you are popular but it doesn’t make music better. A real artist has to connect with Real people, otherwise it’s for fame? Industry is full of paid for fame.

    @Anastasia K:

  • Alaina

    Pasha, that’s very presumptive of you. So what if she is Russian, we clearly have an incredible artist here who seems like a real artist, playing and singing who just happens to be beautiful with a pretty frickin awesome song. I don’t know her, clicked the link and found her refreshing with so much of what you speak about finding its way into my eardrum. It’s as if you read the comments and didn’t watch the video. This clearly is NOT a manufactured artist.


  • Pasha


    My definition of manufactured: singer with team of songwriters, manager, makeup and hair image makers and a budget to spend on buying followers and advertising in celebrity trash blog. You too can advertise on JustJared, click contact and ask how much it cost

  • Pasha

    I am Russian too, i do not judge her on being Russian, im just saying that this is how industry in Russia works. This is how music industry everywhere works, if you can pay, you can have exposure. Clearly obvious

  • Julia Clark

    Wow amazing singing! Don’t listen to this bullshit this people talking about. Rare talent, brilliant songwriting.
    I’m in love with you and this song! Keep it up , Cooper!

  • Allie

    WOW. I’m obsessed. One of the greatest voices I’ve ever heard. Keep up the incredible work, Cooper! Can’t wait for more songs! <3

  • Anna Yegiyan

    I AM CRYING COOPER “I keep wishing on the storm” …. god, I love this song, I adore your voice and I am so happy that you play piano for this! Especially live! So impressive, I don’t know how you do it! I can’t wait to see you sing live again. This is my favorite song of yours :3 I love everything about it!! You’re one of my favorite artists of all time! :””’))) I’m so excited for your future and I’m so proud of you!!

  • Andrew

    Nice discovery Jared. Beauty and Talent is a potent combination. Thumbs up Cooper Phillip.

  • Maison G

    Cooper is just a mind blowing Music Artist of her own, with an astounding and unique sound. Here is a Woman with the potential to be and obtain the mind of a music genius. I irrevocably state that this single and song is just one aspect to who she can be or becomes in the music industry. Music is a universal language that is met to touch hearts, and travel to the farthest corners of the earth. Cooper Phillip is more than capable of making a life changing statement to the world through Her music. This is not the beginnin nor the end…. Let the musical journey begin!!!! AMAZING RELEASE

  • Tatyana Kuzmina

    I love you cooper you’re a star ☀️☀️☀️

  • Henry O’Neill

    Cooper you know I was so impressed with your song and video. You’re so blessed with this voice!!! Can’t wait to hear more songs 😊

  • Jessica

    I LOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE THIS. I never comment on blogs but this song has been on repeat since yesterday and I just had to say how much I love the song and video. It’s like the first time I heard Chasing Pavements, you just know this voice is going to be heard for a long time.

  • JjRiely

    So Lamorne Morris from New Girl tweeted about this girl and sent me looking for her. Great call Lamorne. She reminds me a lot of Adele meets Bruno Mars. Black and white video, songwriter and big voice. Very cool artist. I also read some of the comments and there is obviously some haters that could have kept it moving but felt the need to put her down and the blog in which they are commenting. To you Pasha and to a lesser extent Taylor B- Get A Life!!!

  • Pasha


    So no one except you can have opinions? Comparing her to Adele is putting Adele down, because Adele has a unique voice and writes her own material. If someone calls this girl out on buying fake “fans”, and is true how does that make them haters? I mean good luck, but to compete with singers who are native english speakers without accent, with unique powerful voices, it’s going to be hard road. In market with Ariana Grande, Adele, Beyonce, Katy Perry, and many Many others, you either have to be very very unique or look like a supermodel and have connections (not guarantee either). It is just reality of show business. This is nice, but it has been done better before and is currently being done better by other girls, younger girls (it does not matter to me how old a singer is, but in hollywood it matter, to labels it matter). The song was written by at least 3-4 people right? What is the unique selling point of this artist? It’s valid opinion, no hate.

  • Christine J

    Cooper don’t listen to this bullshit. I heard you sing Adeles song
    And you’re great. I liked your version much better than the original. Adele forgive me! You’re brilliant ! Your voice is incredibly deep and rich. I’m a fan.

  • Mary

    I’m a native English speaker and when I listen to the song, I don’t hear any accent. So I don’t know what you are people talking about. Maybe she is Russian and that’s great that she can sing in both languages equally. She has a beautiful voice and a true natural talent and that’s what is important. I just purchased her song from iTunes and can’t stop listening to it.

  • Tammy

    Wow! Amazing voice! Love the video. The song moved me and I can’t wait to hear more!!! Keep doing moving us Cooper!

  • Lily

    I don’t know Cooper and this is the first time I have heard of her but Pasha you clearly seem to know Cooper. You obviously have some very strong “opinions” but it reads like you make several assumptions. And for someone who is not a fan, you sure have come back to respond several times. And ironically you are Russian. Maybe I assume you would be “more” supportive. Also, the other comment doesn’t prove anything. I watched her video and I love it. I think she can compete with any of them. Her video only has 4200 views. Doesn’t seem like she is faking anything to me but I son’t know for sure. If she is she could do it a lot better than 4200 views. I also don’t detect an accent but a uniqueness. If that is what is contributing to her sound, than more power to her bc she doesn’t sound like anyone else. I don’t see Beyonce, Ariana, Rihanna, Katy (who plays guitar) or Adele (plays guitar) sitting at a piano to sing a song. So who is doing what better exactly? It’s ok that you’re not feeling her. Leave so the rest of us can enjoy.


  • Christian

    You’re amazing Cooper. Voice is like butter.