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Jennifer Lawrence Stuns in Tiny Dress for 'Vanity Fair' BTS Video

Jennifer Lawrence Stuns in Tiny Dress for 'Vanity Fair' BTS Video

Jennifer Lawrence looks absolutely amazing while posing in a short white dress in this behind the scenes video from her Vanity Fair cover photo shoot.

In the issue, the 24-year-old actress opened up about the nude photo hack that affected herself and many other women in Hollywood.

“When I have to make that phone call to my dad and tell him what’s happened … I don’t care how much money I get for The Hunger Games,” Jennifer said. “I promise you, anybody given the choice of that kind of money or having to make a phone call to tell your dad that something like that has happened, it’s not worth it… Fortunately, he was playing golf, so he was in a good mood.”

For more from the interview, visit our previous post on the issue!

Jennifer Lawrence – “Vanity Fair” Behind the Scenes Video
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  • KBB

    I can tell u I have immense compassion. IMMENSE! This war on women for whatever reason is so disheartening. It’s a way to make gender inequality much more pronounced. What a cruddy thing. Cheers

  • sid

    That is ALWAYS my first thought whenever there’s a photo leak, how difficult it must be for these women to call their parents, specially their dads.

    I am SO SORRY that this happened to Jennifer and to all the other actresses, so unfair.

  • effy

    Totally even forgot about her leaked pictures ever since she started hooking up with Chris Martin.

  • M4

    Love her!….so incredibly beautiful with talent and a kickass spirit to boot.

  • nono

    stunning !

  • sx

    she forgot to add: “being famous AND getting that HG money.” If I remain anonymous and get some photos leaked and get millions of dollars for it I’d grab the money in a heartbeat, though I understand being famous AND getting exposed is a completely different thing.

  • http://justjared clara

    she is amazing, so beautiful and so talented!

  • 7

    there are worst things then having pictures leaked, some people go through much bigger dramas, struggles, health issues….she’s spoiled and being over dramatic, how would she react if something worst than that happened to her? Some actresses in hollywood are such egomaniacs. You can defend yourself, talk about it, but it sounds ridiculous how tragic she is about it. It obviously shows you that she hasn’t been through a lot in her life.

  • Guest

    Her dad must be so embarrassed and ashamed of her

  • Courtney

    @7 True, people go through far worse things, but this was a serious breach of her security and privacy. I would have been absolutely horrified if it happened to me! She is someone’s daughter, sister, best friend, granddaughter. To have your personal information and pictures scattered across the web is truly humiliating and she didn’t deserve any of it. Truth be told, I think the media made it over-dramatic. Media tends to blow everything out of proportion, but this was huge wide-scale hacking incident. She makes a lot of good points about privacy and having a right to your own bodies. There have been a lot of people backing her up on this.

  • Courtney

    @Guest I highly doubt that. If you read the interview, she said that she was scared shitless to call him about something like this, but he was golfing and took it fairly well (heh heh). Her family’s not going to be ashamed of her just because her private property was stolen and splashed across the Internet. Unlike some other stars, she didn’t post them intentionally for all to see. That would make sense if her family was ashamed of her for doing that.

  • Other

    @Courtney: it’s just too much. it’s like ok we get it, get your privacy and stuff. but for the past couple of weeks the media, the stalker and jen’s team have been talking abut this constantly. it was all over the place in a very intense way. it was over the top. with all those things happening in the world, this was almost put first and taken much more seriously than than other serious issues. Just shows you that hollywood and its starlets are upfront in today’s news. The incident is unfortunate, she is responsible for posing like this in so many pictures in the sense that it was her desire to do them and have them for herself but she wanted to keep them private and having them leaked like this is too bad, i understand that; but things were taken out of proportion.
    the whole reaction as well as her interview is just drawing more and more attention to something that is just not as important as other issues. it says a lot about hollywood and how everything has to be about them and less about the rest of the world.

  • mrtibbs

    Kbb, are you and sid serioysly that dull? She gets millions to keep her name in front of hundreds of thousands of fans via bullshit like this and you suck it up??

  • bigjohnson

    Something is missing , oh the goo on her face

  • peeta bread

    her “rectal exam” photo was awesome hahaha. so she likes a rear entry huh. chris martin must be happy that his new girlfriend is so uninhibited and so proud of her large intestine

    still she is incredibly overrated

  • assman

    I like her rape jokes, she has a good sense of humor, haha, funny girl

  • ??

    @peeta bread: Where on earth are you all seeing these photos? I thought they were immediately taken down.

  • Yuk


  • Fercat

    @Other: And her team sure didn’t mind throwing Emma Watson under the bus with that leak hoax. It pretty much buried Watson’s UN speech.

  • Kingmaker

    She actually compared having her nude pictures leak, to being a victim of a sex crime?

    This is an insult to people who’ve actually been subjected to that stuff.

    She’s so f*cking full of herself.

  • sammess

    What a dumb broad, poor rape victims

  • assemo

    Glad she’s standing up for herself. People act like n00dz are so horrible. They’re private and should be kept that way.