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Kristen Stewart Feels Good To See Somebody Comforted By Human Relationship In 'Camp X-Ray'

Kristen Stewart Feels Good To See Somebody Comforted By Human Relationship In 'Camp X-Ray'

Kristen Stewart rocks a blazer while exiting her hotel on Tuesday (October 7) in New York City.

The 24-year-old actress was joined by a close gal pal, who carried a garment bag.

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“To see somebody comforted by a human relationship, it’s nice, it’s alleviating, it feels good,” Kristen shared to THR about her new film Camp X-Ray, which she premiered the day before. “You see somebody who would love to just be good, just would do anything to just be good, and then finds out that it’s not so simple, and so seeks refuge and solace and human commonality, which is what we all do every day.”

FYI: Kristen is wearing Matt Bernson shoes.

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  • A

    the close gal pal is actually her PR agent Ruth

  • Ash

    Kstew looks like a dude and I have a feeling that she’s not really into dudes…

  • Tiana

    Okay she is lowkey giving me Trinity from The Matrix franchise look right now, don’t ask me why she just is.

  • Lola

    Unfortunately for some people the way you dress, talk about their sexuality. Kristen dresses like a guy, tomboy for years, since she was a child but several months ago that people decided she turned lesbian.
    And if she turned what is the problem?

    Give her alone! It’s her life. The only thing that is public it’s her job.

  • sabrina

    I think it’s time for Kristen to come out i am 99 % sure she’s a lesbien i’d like to see her confessing and not caring about the media or anything else !

  • Adrianna

    @Ash: My gaydar tells me she is a lesbian and I have a very good gaydar:-)

  • Mee

    @sabrina: with her very much wanted Oscar campaign? Lol, she’s on the PR train now, no way she’s coming out any time soon. Gotta get those votes.

  • sabrina

    @Mee: why can’t gays have an oscar there’s nothing wrong with it it’s time people accept who they are gay or straight there’s no difference !

  • Anet

    @sabrina: and I’m 99 percent sure your full of shit cause you know nothing like everyone else out there

  • Whitney

    And what’s wrong if she’s lesbian? People are prejudiced? She would be less human if it were? There are so many gay actors and nobody says anything. Leave the girl alone!
    Should be RPattz fans ¬¬

  • Meganne

    I love menswear clothing and I feel more comfortable in jeans than I do in dresses in skirts, but I am in no way shape or form attracted to women. I put a feminine touch on my outfits, but I’m just not girly at all. While I think it’s more of how she dresses mixed with her general mannerisms that make people think she’s gay, I do not believe clothing can strictly determined someone’s sexual orientation.

  • Adrianna

    @Meganne: People don’t think she’s gay because of her clothes or her haircut, it’s because she PINGS. Ask any of your gay friends and they will tell yo that there is no way she’s straight. She’s either bi or a lesbian.

  • Jen

    I really wish people would stop with the “come out already” or calling her a “lesbian” if Kristen where a lesbian she would not hind this is 2014 people she has gay and lesbian friends she is not ashamed of who she hangs with or is friends with. Fact is she is straight who happens to have gay and lesbian friends along with straight friends as well. Some of you are true idiots HW has no problems with actors or actress or even sports stars coming out if she where a lesbian she would not deny it no need to she is strong and does not care what people who do not matter to her think. She has dated only men she is happy and doing great and some can’t deal that her life has never been effected by anything said about her.

  • victor

    it’s 2014 and people are still presuming other people’s sexual orientation based on what they wear or their haircut. Next thing you know those idiots will be able to guess her dinner by her the color of her nail polish…

  • Adrianna

    @Anet: I don’t want her to be gay lol. I’m not attracted to her and unlike many lesbians i find her ugly but lesbians(and straight people) have never bought into her heterosexuality :-)

  • Adrianna

    @Jen: You really that coming out of the closet is not a big deal in hollywood ? Are you stupid? Ever heard of Ellen Page?

  • Sam

    She looks tense and stressed out.

  • Anet

    @Adrianna: sure says the true lesbian herself

  • Adrianna

    @Anet: It’s obvious that you’re a homophobe who doesn’t her fav celebrity to be gay so I’m done answering you.

  • amy

    Did anyone care that Ellen came out? No nothing changed for her. I agree with Jen on this it is not a big deal anymore. I think the problem for some are that they want or better yet need her to a lesbian because they think it will matter. I agree she would not hind if she where is has friends who are and does not care that people think she is because she hangs with them she would not be scared to come out she would still get movie rolls nothing would change other then she would gain a whole new fan base (Hugh). She cut her hair for a movie role and likes to dress is jeans and t-shirts and some don’t like that or her.

  • april

    @sabrina: Confessing? You make it sound like she’s doing something wrong. Why do you even care? Why should she “confess” anything?

  • april

    @Adrianna: Well goody for you. How can your gaydar work when you haven’t even been in the same room? Basing it on pictures is totally wrong.

  • LaCroix

    this girl has no fashion identity. She bounces around so much. Makes you feel like everything she wears besides her tight jeans & ripped sneakers is all just a front.

  • april

    @Adrianna: Well that’s where you are entirely wrong – so many “bought” into it when they assumed she was cheating on Rob with Rupert. If her relationship with Rob as PR as so many “ass”umed then why were they upset with her having an affair with Rupert? If she’s gay well then why was she having an affair with Rupert? So many haters want it both ways. Just leave her alone.

  • Sim

    Fashion is a way to express yourself, or how you feel at the moment. Kristen usually says IDGAF everyday with her jeans.. and today is I want to be looked at differently..

  • Adrianna

    @april: Lol you are so pressed you’re probably a twihard. I said she was either bi or a lesbian. Bisexuals can date men and I don’t know if her previous relationship was pr or not cause I don’t care about her life. Also straight people can be easily fooled

  • Jane

    HONESTLY…who cares if she’s gay, straight, bi, transgender??? IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE. Kristen is a good actress and a cool person. That’s all you need to know.

  • http://google chalimanoya

    kristen est magnifique professionnel et elle reste elle meme .et tres intelligente se qu’il fait qu’elle passe au dessus de tous seus qui crachent leur jalousie et leur betises. courage kristen ne changer rien ont vous adore

  • Morgana

    I don’t give a rat’s ass about her fashion sense or lack or thereof, or her sexual orientation. What I want is for people to stop offering her roles because she is such a TERRIBLE ACTRESS! She has 1 expression: constipated. And she ruined one of my favourite books, her “acting” in ‘On the Road’ was appalling.

  • NN

    unas de las mejores ACTRIZ de su genero hermosa talentosa UNICA


    ella con oscar o sin oscar es la mejor duela a quien le duela y si no te gusta que mierda hacen metidos aqui ella es una REINA

  • denis