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Amber Heard Flashes Her Gorgeous Engagement Ring On Her 'Magic Mike XXL' Break!

Amber Heard Flashes Her Gorgeous Engagement Ring On Her 'Magic Mike XXL' Break!

Amber Heard and her adorable pet pup, along with a gal pal, head out to lunch at Panera Bread and do some sightseeing on Wednesday (October 8) in Savannah, Ga.

The 28-year-old actress flashed her gorgeous engagement ring given to her by her fiance Johnny Depp. News of the engagement broke earlier this year.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Amber Heard

Amber has been in town filming for the new movie Magic Mike XXL, which will be released on July 1, 2015.

15+ pictures inside of Amber Heard taking some time off in Savannah…

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amber heard flashes stunning engagement ring 01
amber heard flashes stunning engagement ring 02
amber heard flashes stunning engagement ring 03
amber heard flashes stunning engagement ring 04
amber heard flashes stunning engagement ring 05
amber heard flashes stunning engagement ring 06
amber heard flashes stunning engagement ring 07
amber heard flashes stunning engagement ring 08
amber heard flashes stunning engagement ring 09
amber heard flashes stunning engagement ring 10
amber heard flashes stunning engagement ring 11
amber heard flashes stunning engagement ring 12
amber heard flashes stunning engagement ring 13
amber heard flashes stunning engagement ring 14
amber heard flashes stunning engagement ring 15

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  • Linds

    Can this girl be any prettier??

  • Haven

    she a plain jane trying to have style.
    She’s had plastic surgery and she’s a really boring actress.
    She’s trying to keep herself relevant by calling the paps.

  • UT2

    She has no lips. And why does Amber always looks depressed or hungover?

  • sandia

    She looks gorgeous. The chick’s ring it’s a beautiful too…i prefer her other engagement ring, but it’s too big to go to get a lunch. I’ve read Johnny’s already in America, so he will be back to her soon =) (or already is, who knows)

  • Oscar

    The shape of her face, chin and forehead are really strange. She’s trying too hard to look like the female johnny. Maybe she needs a personality or more life experience.

  • Flash

    Her nude pics were funny to look at, she’s so self conscious.

  • Henry

    Too bad she can’t act.
    She’s just someone’s girlfriend.

  • sandia

    @UT2: her private pictures have been stolen and spread around the globe. Do you need to ask why she doesn’t smile for the paparazzis?

  • Gigi

    STUNNING. Her face is just amazing

  • Peeps

    Not nice when a woman mixes her real hair with some fake hair, strange look. But then again, she’s already fake to look at, so it goes with her style.

  • JDF

    I love her and Johnny together. Gorgeous couple.

  • Scott

    @Gigi: Her nose is like those fake noses on hollywood women. She should have remained the way she was, because it gives her a weird look.

  • JDF

    @Flash: Funny to look at? Really? They were actually gorgeous and tasteful.

  • alli

    @Oscar: her style has been like this for years and years. She dresses very similar to her ex girlfriend Tasya, very boho. I dont think it has to do with johnny depp really

  • Rap

    @JDF: I like johnny, he’s versatile and talented.
    Amber’s career is terrible and she has no edge.
    Her roles are not interesting and she’s very limited.
    Johnny is popular, Amber got attention because of Johnny.

  • Danny

    Amber called the paps again and pretends like she’s pissed off! LMAO
    By the way, wasn’t she so so proud to be a lesbian?

  • Pete

    @alli: so she copied someone else? wow, amazing. Amber has a typical plastic, redone american face.
    She had a girlfriend?

  • Gigi

    @Scott: her nose looks exactly the same as it did in her teenager years. I don’t think she had a nose job, i’ve seen pictures of her growing up and its just like that

  • 9999

    @JDF: no, it was vulgar and just shows how narcissistic she is.
    her poses just shows that she is calculated and not natural.
    Anyway, I’m sure she was really happy they got leaked because she’s not popular and people only know her name because of johnny, her career is almost non existent.
    Sad that she does a job where she can’t do it properly.

  • Sons

    @Gigi: she did have a nose job sweetie, deal with it, she’s fake and her new nose if really fake and makes her looks like a muppet.
    She should have made her lips bigger instead.

  • Juju

    Boring actress, famous boyfriend.

  • Tina

    So many haters! She seems like a beautiful and polite young woman, why the hate??

  • Knew it

    @Tina: her face is boring and she looks,like a stereotype.
    She lacks beauty and does not look natural. and she needs a personality and more acting classes cause it’s a pity to see someone working and being bad at what they do.

  • june

    @Tina: Beautiful she is but polite isn’t.Appearances are deceptive

  • Me

    Nothing like Amber doing something – anything- related to Johnny like to wear his ring, to have jealous meltdown here. Too funny. Keep hating and repeating that she’s “ugly” or whatever, that ain’t gonna change the fact that 90% of the people with normal eyesighting think she’s beautiful and the fact that Johnny loves her despite of whatever you say!

  • Nana

    This small dog which she enjoies lugging around as the stars Hollywodiennes of formerly looked a sorry sight. I am sure that she not takes care of him decently, he makes sick !

  • Mary

    LMAO at these people bashing her.. She is gorgeous and nobody can deny that! Since you are so obsessed with her image, I’d would love to see how all of you haters look. I doubt you are halc as pretty as she is, you guys are pathetic. It’s obvious that these Amber related posts are full of delusional Depp fans, it’s really sad. You just can’t deal with the fact that Johnny loves her. Get a life and stop spreading your negativity jfc.

  • Mary


  • ra

    Elle essaie de se redonner une image de virginité mais ça colle pas ! En fait, c”est une mégère

  • Joblo

    @ra: Une image de virginité…C’Est seulement qu’un look boho à la Johnny Depp/ version féminine. Faut pas chercher des liens ou y’en a pas mon amie! C’est que des vêtements.

  • Joblo

    @Sons: Well darlin’, for having look at a lottttt of pictures of her because she is just stunninggg and have a freakin’ perfect face! If she had a nose job I really don’t see the difference and she always had a gorgeous face!

  • Wagner

    She looks like a witch with this hat

  • hjJHJJ

    @Joblo: keep trying to think she has a perfect face. her eyes are small, she had a nose job, has practically no lips and an average body. But of course since she has a big ego keep telling her that.

  • Wagner

    I think she should not be pretty, photogenic maybe, because I never see anyone looking at her in the street. When someone is beautiful people get to turn their head to see better and follow that person.
    We can see that in these pictures above don’t have anyone looking at her, in fact in any photos in which she is in a cafe, on the street we can see someone staring at her.
    Not to mention the photos she was without makeup in NY last month. She was not even photogenic

  • blinded by jealousy

    @Wagner: i remember some comments when Johnny was seen in a gas station in Morongo Valley, the report from the girls that saw them there were that she was breathtakingly beautiful…so much, that their Dad who was there to help Johnny with his car was totally befuddled when she stepped out of the car.
    And also I remember the comments from Carey Mulligan when Johnny was at The Graham Norton Show when promoting TRD and she said Amber was breathtaking and she almost fell off, fainted, when she met her.
    I think it’s just your jealousy that don’t let you to accept that she is.
    But while Johnny think she’s stunning, your opinion doesn’t matter anyway

  • BS

    Looks like she is wearing Johnny’s belt (as if we didn’t already know she is engaged to him) and what’s up with the two different earrings? That just looks stupid. This “chick” is so sad that she always feels she has to prove something by wearing his clothes or accessories every time they are separated from each other.

  • BS

    Looks like she is wearing Johnny’s earring too and I wouldn’t be surprised if the turquoise bracelet is also his.

  • Sosa

    @BS: Johnny is looking the boobs of the girl hahahahah

  • Mona

    I think that Amber used johnny accessories to make black magic and hold him with her.It is easy to do

  • BS

    Here is a pic of Johnny wearing the earring and the belt together.

    @ Mona. I wouldn’t be surprised. Anything is possible with this one.

  • LMAO

    @blinded by jealousy: what a baby, because someone doesn’t like an actress that you are obsessed with and probably have pics all over your playpen, has to mean jealousy, yet another idiot on this board.
    People have diff opinions and tastes, guess what, she’s not liked by a lot of people and some find her plain and unattractive.

  • Wagner

    @blinded by jealousy: I’m a man. I dated some beautiful women and I’m dating one and people turn their heads to follow them with their eyes. The women know what I’m saying. I didn’t see it in any picture with Amber.

  • ^-^

    At least she doesn’t wears the belt by the side as Johnny. I did notice the earring. She’s very influenced by him and his style. It’s normal, she’s very young and everybody idolizes him, why not her? She loves him

  • Ridiculous PR

    @^-^: No lol. She was dressing like that just to try to say that she was not dropping clues in January 2012 and she’s missing Johnny so she is dressed with all the accessories that make her having Johnny around her. Ridiculous, poor and cheap PR. Amber is really a case to be hospitalized, she is really sick. And in the video I saw anything but love in her eyes.

  • Roben

    Her engagement ring looks just like the one Vanessa was wearing in a magazine photoshoot in 2010. Seriously.

  • Ridiculous PR

    @Mona: or you’re right

  • Me

    @Wagner: How gay of you to be hating on a woman’s appearance. who are you? Perez Hilton? and obsessing over her past paparazzis pictures… and even worse, jealous of her? i think should come out of the closet or either to assume you are bitter jealous woman as many here. do you think it makes you look more “unbiased” to pretend to be a man? it only makes you look ridiculous!

  • Me

    @Roben: who cares? it’s not the same. this is the chick’s ring and it’s an antique Edwardian ring
    Also Amber has the other engagement ring that Johnny himself designed for her.
    Vanessa’s ring was not designed by him…

  • Me

    @Mona: how ignorant you are? to believe on that kind of mumbo-jumbo speak much more about who you are than about any person on this story. Sure, as if Amber a well known ATHEIST would believe in dark gods and magic.
    Maybe where you live there are “santeria”. But on the civilized world most of the people don’t believe on that.

  • Wagner

    @Me: lol lol your arguments are weak. Your words are stupid. You are prejudiced and blind. I am not prejudiced but I can say you are obsessive and lesbian