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Ian Somerhalder Posts Adorable Pic with Girlfriend Nikki Reed, Praises Her Work: 'You Amaze Me'

Ian Somerhalder Posts Adorable Pic with Girlfriend Nikki Reed, Praises Her Work: 'You Amaze Me'

Ian Somerhalder is totally melting our hearts with this new picture posted to Instagram featuring girlfriend Nikki Reed and their pups.

The 35-year-old actor wrote a lovely caption to the photo, which included a section praising his girlfriend for her work with the ASPCA and Gilt.

“@iamnikkireed your recent work with Gilt benefiting the @aspca is truly truly extraordinary. Thank you for giving so much of your life and for being a strong voice for those whom can speak. My hat is off to you. You amaze me. Love, Ian,” Ian wrote.

Click inside to read Ian‘s whole caption and to see a bigger version of the photo…

“A day with 3 of the most beautiful ladies in the universe… Wow smiling is such a beautiful part of the human experience-I highly recommend it. Congrats to our little Neitczhe here-1 year ago today, to the minute, you brought 5 beautiful puppies into this world-thank you for your amazing contribution to all of our lives. However, welcome to the wonderful world of being spayed-The world does not need any more puppies, we kill millions and millions per year. These two beautiful creatures right here in this photo or highly intelligent, highly emotional and capable of more love than you can you can ever imagine. The ones that are in shelters are the same-let’s adopt them. @iamnikkireed your recent work with Gilt benefiting the @aspca is truly truly extraordinary. Thank you for giving so much of your life and for being a strong voice for those whom can speak. My hat is off to you. You amaze me. Love, Ian,”

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  • Jennifer

    Made my Day. Ian is so awesome, wow Nikki is so lucky! Beautiful picture, i’m in love :))))))

  • lorena

    The most beatiful words ever ,Ian is a wonderful man , nikki is a lucky lady

  • Emily

    This is just…awwwwwww SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! <333333

  • Adriana

    This is the cutest thing ever, beautiful couple!!!

  • couper

    I guess Nikki didn’t need Ira’s services today.

  • Lisa

    what a beautiful couple! Ian is so happy! Love them!!!!!

  • Ro

    OMG that’s adorable!!!

  • Priya

    Soooo cute!!! The pic, his words, the two of them, the dogs, all of it!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Bobb

    I wonder how long this will last. When you display your personal life so publicly but pretend to be down to Earth and private…..this does not speak so well. JS

  • Bobb

    Didn’t he pretend to be very private??? I wonder how ling this will last. Does not seem to be long.

  • Rom

    I wonder how long this will last. Didn’t he pretend to be very private about his personal life. He was so humble about this part of his life until this year. I have seen him being very media shy for years.It only proves he is just like the rest of them.

  • jes


  • Cate

    He is so cheesy.

  • cool

    i think nikki is a genuine down to earth girl that truly supports causes like ian which makes him admire her alot. i think she has more of a personality and is more intelligent than nina so i think ian truly likes nikki and who she is as a person just as much as how beautiful she is. happy for them both!

  • Jo

    @Bobb: What’s he suppose to do? Hide forever, live in a box, run for cover, just to please you. ‘Pretend to be down to earth”?? What, for posting a photo with Nikki Reed? He looks very down to earth at conventions and out and about with fans more so than any other celeb. I think we can all work out the reason behind “fans” bitter comments. Hopefully Nina Dobrev will find a steady boyfriend or girlfriend soon, so the fans can actually move on…..after all, it has been a year and a half.

  • A fan

    @Jo: Oh grow up.

  • Ralph

    Someone hand me a bucket.

  • pam

    awwww sweet!!!

  • Aly

    Thats really adorable tbh….

  • Aww!

    Super cute of him, I like them together! :)

  • Boring

    Yawn at these d list celebs

  • Eliri

    Dear Ian, it was very nice of you to indirectly address the shade Nikki is getting over the shock collar issue, but it still doesn’t change the fact she’s using a shock collar on a service dog. How’s that amazing?

  • http://twitter sonia

    @cool: Don’t bring Nina’s name into it !! Ian stan!! Stop hating Nina.Leave her alone..Nikki is more intiligent!! haha..she left school in her 13 because of using drugs and having sex with guys at school…She didnt entered to college or university too…She is a peasant..She did everything to be famous actress..hahaha…Nikki looks like a horse,without no class.ugly woman,fake woman..

  • .

    Those leachers must not been selling greatly, so Ian had to talk of it in his ig….

  • http://twitter linda

    omg.Ian’s crazy stans run into every article about Nikki and Ian and write comments..”How beautuful,stunning,good person Nikki is”…then they write Nina’s name…Stop…Ian stans are sooo desperate,they are trying sooo hard to prove that this couple is great..We know who is Nikki…She is sex toy,drug user since her 13 years…She is ugly.looks like a male,transgender…She is a fake..

  • http://twitter Anna

    Nikki is ugly whore,horse…drug user,sex toy.fake.

  • Guest

    His comments were sweet! Haters are gonna hate, however! Just be happy for him because, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what the public thinks! They can throw shade on Nikki and refer to Nina all they want. Ian will still be with Nikki at the end of the day. The public needs to just move on and be happy for the man. He is definitely not losing any sleep or anger over those who do not support his girlfriend.

  • Ian gay pride

    When is he going to admit to being gay

  • Jess

    Beautiful couple I love them both.

  • Rosie

    Lol, skipped reading his IG comment bc it’s Ian, it’ll be cheesy (love him but it’s true) but the photo is adorbs.

  • Rosie

    BTW, I’m thinking him being so open with Nikki might be leading to an engagement announcement soon??? Anyone think the same???


    @linda: truth ,nikki is very ugly

  • Hypocrisy!

    These two are disgusting hypocrites. Posing with their dogs and proclaiming to be such crusaders for animal welfare yet photos from last month show Ms. Reed dragging her “service dog” through the airport wearing BOTH a painful prong collar AND an electric shock collar. Stop supporting the hypocrisy of these two “animal lovers.” Shame!

  • So sweet

    Beautiful words by a beautiful amazing man! Wish I had a boyfriend like that. Lucky Nikki <3

  • Nala

    AWWWWWW SUPER CUTE. Love them :)

  • Kim

    Ian is a wonderful boyfriend, they are beautiful together!!!!! All the best for them.

  • est

    If it’s true, then I’m sad Ian is supporting her.

  • .

    @Hypocrisy!: Also, she’s talking of adopting dogs, when she clearly bought hers! It’s a shame Ian is still promoting this woman! He deserves someone much better than her. I’ll support Ian with whoever he would ‘date’… But not her. She’s fake from head to toes.

  • est

    Okay, whatever, she could have bought the dog, but the shock collar is disgusting. If you absolutely need to drag the poor dog through so many flights with you, at least treat it like a magical being your boyfriend says you are.

    I never believed the rumors about Nikki’s eco warrior persona being fake but I’m starting to doubt now. Maybe Ian is just being misguided that’s why he’s protecting her.

  • .

    @est: I believe from the deepest in my heart, that Ian sees only the good in people, not the bad… That’s why he’s still with this woman. But, in this case, her bad qualities overrcome whatever good she does. And in my opinion, she only does the good things to promotes herself. Her whole life she spent promoting herself and trying to be bigger than she was.

  • Hypocrisy!

    Thank you . and est, the photos of her dog wearing a shock collar and prong collar are right here on JJ. The photos are of her arriving solo at LAX with her dog in two and looking terrified on the escalator. I hope you are right about Ian seeing the good in people but ignoring something this obvious is incredibly naive and very disappointing for someone who campaigns endlessly for animal rights and welfare. Do as he says, not as he supports those around him to do! It really takes the power out of all of his ISF work, so disheartening.

  • cherie

    Awww , what a sweet Post and on adorable Picture., especially Nietzsche , that is the luckiest dog alive, because Ian found her and her Pups she was caring half dead and she looks so healthy and beautiful now. Gorgeous couple and they look so happy.

  • .

    @Hypocrisy!: That’s alright. I love when I meet people who can think pass the media wants to show us. Only few Ian stands sees how much he has changed to worse since he started getting linked to her. Just you wait when they are over and all these fans who supporys Nikki starts unfollowing her.

  • Gia

    Ian is the sweetest boyfriend ever and that pic is just adoeable & they look so happy <33

  • Judy

    Ian and Nikki are such a beautful couple both inside and out. And their furry kids are so lucky to have 2 amazing parents. :)

    For those who scrutinize pics to find something to criticize…maybe get a life?

  • verox87

    I support Ian, I think that he’s a great human being with a big heart and a lot of compassion for the good causes..BUT I really don’t like Nikki Reed..I don’t know she’s seems fake and only in search of fame..sorry but I hope they will not last like couple..

  • Smh

    @Rosie: she’s not even divorced yet. Damn

  • sugarplum

    To everyone who says Ian has changed so much, what did he do wrong? Nothing. If Nikki is so fake and he can’t see through it, it is because he is such a nice person, not because he approves it. She’s such a bad influence on his image, I just can’t.

  • tory

    Well nice or not he’s sure short-sighted, otherwise I can’t explain the reason for him to call this woman beautiful.