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Ian Somerhalder Posts Adorable Pic with Girlfriend Nikki Reed, Praises Her Work: 'You Amaze Me'

Ian Somerhalder Posts Adorable Pic with Girlfriend Nikki Reed, Praises Her Work: 'You Amaze Me'

Ian Somerhalder is totally melting our hearts with this new picture posted to Instagram featuring girlfriend Nikki Reed and their pups.

The 35-year-old actor wrote a lovely caption to the photo, which included a section praising his girlfriend for her work with the ASPCA and Gilt.

“@iamnikkireed your recent work with Gilt benefiting the @aspca is truly truly extraordinary. Thank you for giving so much of your life and for being a strong voice for those whom can speak. My hat is off to you. You amaze me. Love, Ian,” Ian wrote.

Click inside to read Ian‘s whole caption and to see a bigger version of the photo…

“A day with 3 of the most beautiful ladies in the universe… Wow smiling is such a beautiful part of the human experience-I highly recommend it. Congrats to our little Neitczhe here-1 year ago today, to the minute, you brought 5 beautiful puppies into this world-thank you for your amazing contribution to all of our lives. However, welcome to the wonderful world of being spayed-The world does not need any more puppies, we kill millions and millions per year. These two beautiful creatures right here in this photo or highly intelligent, highly emotional and capable of more love than you can you can ever imagine. The ones that are in shelters are the same-let’s adopt them. @iamnikkireed your recent work with Gilt benefiting the @aspca is truly truly extraordinary. Thank you for giving so much of your life and for being a strong voice for those whom can speak. My hat is off to you. You amaze me. Love, Ian,”

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  • FPP

    Did Ian just comment about Nikki by saying for being a strong voice for those – ” whom can speak” …???

  • Merry

    This picture made my day…. Beautiful couple! Love them both. I expect them to make an engagement announcement around the holidays.

  • Tinka

    Oh my god he is the cutest Person on Earth. So nice so awesome so beautiful <3 love it, love them.

  • Tom

    @tory: okay one reason…a legit one!!! why Ian shouldn’t find her beautiful?! Tell me…just one! And not some BS that was spread by the Media. Ian and Nikki know better then all of you guys…they aren’t 15 years old. They are grown ups and they know exately what they are doing! They love eachother for a reason. And you guys Sound desperate and bitter. Never been in love? Aww I pity you …. Get a Life!

  • Julia

    @sonia: excuse me , its the other way around, the Nina and Nian Fans keep stalking Ian and Nikki’s articles and then are surprised when people defend them. classy women lol, I have seen nothing but, that classy women straddling guys heads, that make fun of Her on there twitter account, jumping drunk on guys half naked, sometimes three in one day and I could go on but I wont., and I don’t care what she does., Nikki has 3 movies coming out, too more, in 2015, launched on Album She co wrote, is involved in numerous projects, spends her free time for breast cancer awareness, animal and the environment.,. It is also Nina that brings up Ian all the time in Her Magazine covers, in order to get one I assume, or why bring up someone you have broken up with 18 Months ago. Nikki is also a very beautiful Women.

  • Julia

    @Rosie: I do, I think they mite be on engagement by Christmas.:-) that would be great .

  • Hypocrites

    Ok if the dog issue is real and true Nikki is a bad person then and fake and I wodne why Ian supports her in that way and if he supports her knowing that Nikki did that to that poor dog. I may start to unfollow Ian cause he is such an animal advocate and he is supporting what his gf id doing to the poor dog? That is pure hipocrecy from both entertainers.

  • Fake pic

    That Instagram photo look so fake and totally unnatural or spontaenous, they are posing!

  • verox87

    @tory: LOL!!!!!

  • Angela

    @Julia I’m sorry to say, but celebrities get paid to appear at events like designer launch events, and sadly, even some charity events. I’ve been involved with the American Cancer Society for many years, being a cancer survior and learned first hand that when celebrities make appearances, they are usually compensated. I’m not trying to bring Nikki Reed down or make accusations, just clearing up a misconception that I learned the hard way through years of fundraising. Unfortunately, celebrities are not always as wonderful and charitable as we believe.

  • .

    @Julia: I’m an Ian and Nina stand, so forgive me if I get annoyed each time I see an article about Ian that is linked to Nikki. I won’t support this relationship simply because for me, it’s just another PR. If Ian was dating someone who wasn’t Nina’s friend, there wouldn’t be so noise about it. Second. Ian was never a public guy about his relationships, so this behavior of him gushing and defending Nikki after only three months of ‘dating’ is ooc from him. He has many more followers than her, so to me, he’s just promoting her. Why mention the collars she made? Link the igs if he’s not promoting it?? He has ten more followers than her, and in every article it’s mentioned.
    About Nina, she’s young, and enjoying her youth. If I was her, I would do exactly as she does. She gets drunk, ohhh… tell me something I don’t know. We all get drunk! At least she doesn’t have any picture of a man pitching her butt, like Nikki has… Or she wasn’t photographed at a sex shop, spending 1k in products. Is this a role model to you? What a shame then.
    I’m tired of the same excuse, Nina and Ian broke up months ago. Great! But they still work together!!! They have to shoot romantic scenes! How awkward that would be? Even if they try to keep professional. She’s human, like me or you. Would you like to make out with you ex boyfriend, knowing he’s dating someone you thought who were your friend? I wouldn’t!
    And for last, the vacation pictures. Ian and Nina were both childish last year. Yes, Nina was photographed with guys, but Ian also wasted himself in Russian clubs, having women in his arms. And in the latest convention in Brazil, he had women in his hotel room, and he was also drunk as many fan reported in brazilian comunities. Neither Ian or Nina are saints, but I believe what Ian is doing now is much worse than anything Nina did in the past.
    @Hypocrites: Her brother is autistic, if the dog is really a service dog, he should be with her brother, not with her. If that’s true, Nikki is a selfish person, using and abusing the system for her own good. I do hope this PR stunt ends soon! I want the old and good private Ian back.

  • tory

    The number one legit reason is that she is very plain. The only reason why she’s halfway pretty is because she’s got tons of money, her hair, skin, makeup, fake lashes, etc, everything’s done in expensive beauty salons. Did you even notice that every time she appears in a random photo with Ian she’s got makeup on like it’s a photoshoot?
    And she’s working out and starving herself at the same time, she is fit but obviously underweight.
    He is a beautiful man, no one can argue that, but he has no eye for beauty himself.

  • Totally agree

    @.: Well you hit the nail right on the head how you percieve Ian and Nikkis relationship. Cause I happen to think the same like you. I want the old Ian not the new one cause this new one looks fake to me not the Ian I fell in love with and I am not a Nina fan just Ian fan.

  • Perception

    So My perception tells me Ian looked more spontaneous and more natural when he was dating Nina even in pictures with Nina he looked more himself and natural with Nikki I preceive him he look fake, like just promoting Nikki. He never promoted Nina in that way he promotes Nikki I clarify I am not a Nian shipper it is just the way I see things, regardless if it was with Nina or other girl where Ian was a bf back then.

  • Tom

    @tory: you hate her because she is plain? NO sorry that’s not what I consider a legit reason. That’s stupid. I don’t think you know anything about her at all. None of you People does. It’s not your Life, it’s Ian’s he will date whoever he wants.

  • Susan

    @.: hmm ever thought that Nian was the PR relationship? Because unless Somereed they had a show to promote!!! And for the records: Ian was never private about his relationships! There are many People who never believed Nian was real and now it’s more obvious than ever!

  • .

    @Susan: You really doesn’t know how PR works, right? They might not have a show to promote, but Nikki herself is being promoted in this rl. She got the media attention back on, and now she’s into a movie with big names, like Joe Jonas, and Bonnie Wright. Not to mention her dog collar collection. Do you think Nikki would get the same attention if Ian didn’t mention it?
    The Somerhalder and the Dobrev families are atill very close to each other, if Ian and Nina were PR I doubt that would still be on. Yes, Ian was…. I won’t say he wasn’t papparazed before, in LA and Paris, but the amount of images they released of him the past couple of months is way superior than all his others relationship together. That was too much exposure in so short amount of time…. It’s at least suspicious to say the least.

  • tory

    You can’t read, dude. I don’t hate her, because she’s plain. I don’t care how she looks. I said, there is a reason why she shouldn’t be called beautiful, and the reason is that she is not. *shrug* My sister hates Ian. No idea why, it’s irrational. She can still admit he’s super pretty. Emotions and looks are diff things. So, either Ian has no idea what a beautiful woman looks like, or he’s just saying it to flatter her.

  • Mary Miller

    I always thought Ian and Nina were good friends and were definitely used as PR for the show, which is why they always showed up at events together. In interviews whenever Ian was asked about his so called “girlfriend”, his response was always “Vampire Diaries”. His behavior with Nikki, who is now his actual girlfriend, is more in line with how he acted with Meghan Auld and Sarah Malatesta by being very open, very loving and very protective.

  • cherie

    @Mary Miller: Exactly, He talked about Megan all The Time,, was very affectionate and very loving, because He is a very kind and sweet Man, and so beautiful IMO..

  • Geldard

    @.: Finally something true. and btw, i have never seen Nina drunk on video, If she drink that nuch where is the solid proof/ Only some crazy teens – Ian stans say it. i do not believe a word.

  • .

    @Geldard: I’m so pleased to see more and more people waking up to reality! Really! :D
    @Mary Miller: I’m not sure, I think Ian and Nina loved each other, there are so many pictures of them gazing each other with love in their eyes. And no, Ian said many times that Nina was his girl, and stuff like that. He’s been protective of his ladies, but I’ve never seen him promoting them so much like he’s doing with Nikki, sorry.
    I do expect more and more people wake up to the truth. This stunt has to end soon, before it gets more messy!

  • Mary Miller

    @.: Ian and Nina are actors and they were PR so it isn’t a stretch to assume the way they looked at each other was “acting”. I believe they were best friends with benefits for about a year and a half, but they have nothing in common to have ever been involved in a “real” romantic relationship. There is a huge contrast between how Ian was with Nina and how he behaves with Nikki and how he behaved with Meghan and Sarah. Nikki is living with Ian in Atlanta and there are no paps there…. so “NO” I don’t believe for a second that Nikki and Ian are PR. They are an actual romantic couple and I believe Ian has every intention of proposing to her. They have so much in common.

  • .

    @Mary Miller: Nikki is also an actress, they could have been pretending it as well…. As Ian and Nina, they spent most of their relationship in Atlanta, where there was no paps over there. Nikki has much in common to every guy she dates. She started going country when she was with Paul, and now she’s all eco friendly with Ian?
    No, there’s no way they can convince me that they are real. And really? Engagement? *laughs* After only a couple of months after dating? They can’t really be taken seriously.

  • tory

    So, a common interest is charity is called having much in common these days?

    What else do they have in common?

    Nikki got into movies because her dad dated a successful director who took a liking to Nikki as a mother figure. Her family is from Hollywood. She owes her success to her connections–and also her men, which she only dates if they are rich and famous, better both. She’s a chameleon who assumes the identity and interests of a guy she’s currently with, and she tries to marry every guy she dates for five minutes straight. Finally, she’s a plain looking woman with zero acting ability.

    Ian is a self-made man. His parents lived in the middle of nowhere and had nothing to do with show business. He’s beautiful, smart, articulate and talented. He’s got a wide range as a actor, from comical to dramatic. He never made his private life public, never tattooed 1000 girls’ names on his body, never desperately tried to marry every girl who spent a night or two with him. Only once did he date a woman who was more famous than he was, and he never demanded any promotion from her. She never pushed his name around, gushed over him and helped him get fame. He did everything on his own. He has every right to be proud of himself.

    So… what do they have in common?

  • .

    @tory: I applaude you! Nikki only got her role in Twilight because she knew the director of the first movie. She hasn’t been on the spot since then, and now when she dates Ian, she’s everywhere? Please! PR PR PR all around! Wake up people!!

  • doubting

    So if it’s PR like so many ppl says, what’s for Ian in it? He’s more famous than she is, he has a bigger fanbase, a better career… why would he need her for PR?

  • neverwinter

    Hooking up with another guy so soon after a divorce, does she want everyone to think she never gave two shits about Paul or what? Classy move.

  • .

    @doubting: He’s not the one using this for his benefit… It’s her…. I believe he has a good heart, and he’s doing it for her, so she can get another shot in a big movie prodution. Have you heard of her since Twilight saga was over? No!

  • doubting

    Well, if it’s true, it’s what we TVD ppl call a dick move on Nikki’s part. Using her friend like this without giving anything in return? He doesn’t need no friends like that ktx.

  • .

    @doubting: Nobody needs a friend like hers…. She’s not only doing wrong on Ian, but also on Nina. Ian must know of what is going on, and Hollywood is a messed up place. We don’t see half of what truly happens with the celebrities over there.

  • CC

    @Ian gay pride: @doubting:

    He needs another “beard.”

  • CC


    Ian is no better. He is a huge fame and publicity whore as you can plainly see from all of the articles in the gossip rags. It is their PR people putting the stories on the gossip pages. They WANT the PR.

  • For sure

    @Mary Miller:

    For sure Ian and Nina were PR. You would have to be brain dead to think otherwise.

  • Little miss Sunshine

    This pic and Ian’s words, best Thing ever <3

  • Katherina

    @For sure: I agree. There are too many things about Nian that never made any sense. The break up was one of them. DE got together after 4 years and Nian broke up? Are you kidding me? lmao nope. Nian was PR, plain and simple. And Ian and Nikki are real. Why? Because I saw them with my own eyes, kissing at the airport a few weeks ago. And there was no one around ( paps )! And they just got back from a Weekend in serenbe. They were there with their dogs. ALONE! No PR couple would ever do that, sorry! Him and Nikki are the real Deal and you Nian Fans have to accept it.

  • Merry

    @.: The difference there is that Ian and Nina live in Atlanta while filming TVD. Nikki is in Atlanta living with Ian because of their relationship. Nikki has taken a backseat while supporting Ian at several functions and events, which Nina never would do. Nikki will even attend TVD conventions with Ian, which Nina would never do. Ian and Nikki made a large purchase and investment together when they bought their two horses. Ian and Nina never made joint purchases. Ian will publicly share his admiration, his love and his relationship with Nikki because they are the real deal. Ian and Nikki have so much in common, which judging by Nina’s own PR, he never shared with Nina because she wasn’t interested in the same things he was. That has become more and more obvious due to Nina showing the fans exactly what “floats her boat” and that is most certainly NOT the same mindset as Ian.
    Ian and Nikki are planning for their future and an engagement announcement is not that far fetched.

  • hey

    Then she’ll divorce him in a couple years too, when a more famous guy pop up.

  • .

    @Merry: Nina has a special contract with WC, so she can’t travel to cons like the rest of the cast. Same works for Joseph Morgan. Nina was by Ian’s side while he worked hard on creating the ISF. They bought two horses, while they are both praising adopting animals? tsk, tsk…. They are making huge investiments in so short time just to sell their images. Nina isn’t one to brag about her charity works, but she was awarded last year because of them. Ian and Nina both love animals, yoga… Maybe they started as PR, but as they went on, I believe they developed something for each other. Their families are very, very close…. As for Ian and Nina breaking up as Delena gets canon, it’s weird, but we never know what really happened. They are several rumours about it, some blaming Nina, others blaming Ian. Maybe they just didn’t want their relationship defined as Delena? Maybe they couldn’t stand each other? So how do you explain latest PaleyFest?
    Ian said several times he’s not marriage material…. I believed he was down to Earth, if this crazy engagement ever gets anounced, he will lose the respect of several fans, trust me. Only the mary sues wanting to get his attention will still follow him. Normal people can tell how different he is.

  • Merry

    @.: Nina Dobrev was NEVER by Ian’s side while he created ISF. She was jealous of the time he spent on his foundation. Nina doesn’t brag on her charities? Please don’t make me laugh. The reality of that is Nina really spends no time investing in any charities. She just puts her name to it and then tries to reap the benefit of being charitable. Ian is always saying he is not marriage material to his fans because he is so busy. He has been saying that for the past 6 years, but he has also talked about getting married one day and starting a family. What he NEVER talked about was a romantic relationship with Nina Dobrev. On that he always deflected or dismissed the question, which was very odd considering he has never had a problem talking about his romantic relationships in the past… and now in the present with Nikki Reed.

  • .

    @Merry: Nina was jealous? During the time he was developmenting the project she talked of him with admiration clear in her voice! Yes, he’s busy, so is Nina. You clearly haven’t seen her work. A couple of months ago she used her lunch time to answer the fans questions, and all the money was coverted into charity. As for Ian, he had that same behavior when he dated Maggie, because they were both his co-workers. In my humble opinion, every celebrity should behave like that. They already public persons, why expose their private lifes? I’m done talking to you…. You’re clearly just another mary sue somerholic.

  • Merry

    @.: You are clearly a Nina fan commenting on an article about Ian and his lovely lady, Nikki Reed. Please do not mistake me as a Nina fan. I have seen her work, I have seen her behavior, I have seen her chameleon ways and how she takes on a different persona depending on who she is hanging with at the time. I follow Ian, his new relationship with the beautiful Nikki Reed and the wonderful things he does for the environment and animals, which is why I was reading this article. It is very strange to come to an article regarding Ian and his new girlfriend, Nikki Reed, and try to convince everyone how wonderful Nina is, or try to dismiss the fact that he is in a relationship with someone new, which is Nikki Reed. It really is time to for you to move on and get a new hobby, or go write comments under articles about Nina.

  • .

    @Merry: I’m an Ian stand, that’s why I ended up in this article. You sure you weren’t talking about Nikki? She’s the chameleon one here. Look at her photos with Kristen, Paul, and Ian… She tries to look and act like them all the time…. She went to a dinner with Derek Hough right after she separated from her husband, and Derek was Nina’s ex…. Now, she’s with another Nina ex…. Look up at the facts before saying anything about people you know nothing about, okay? I did my research on Nikki, like Ian suggested in one of his lame defenses in ig, and I didn’t like what I found.

  • Merry

    @.: I am very sure I wasn’t talking about Nikki when I said Nina was a chameleon. All the lies and rumors regarding Nikki, Rob and Kristin were debunked over and over again a long time ago. On May 3, 2014 Nikki went to dinner with Julianne & Brooks Laich and Derek went too, but not as Nikki’s date, although I would not discard the possibility that Julianne was trying to play matchmaker. There were no pictures of Nikki and Derek together that night. Just them both coming and going solo. The tabloids assumed it was a date when in fact it was dinner with friends. Then on April 10, 2014 “Television personality/actress Maria Menounos, actor/Dancer Derek Hough, actress Nikki Reed and actress Julianne Hough attend The Kaleidoscope Ball – Designing the Sweet Side of L.A. benefiting the UCLA ChildrenÂ’s Discovery and Innovation Institute at Mattel ChildrenÂ’s Hospital UCLA held at Beverly Hills Hotel on April 10, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California. ”
    I think you are trying way too hard to destroy Nikki’s reputation and her relationship with Ian with baseless accusations and go out of your way to defend Nina, which speaks volumes on whose fan you really are. Like I said before, you need a new hobby.