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Jessica Chastain Clarifies 'Glamour' Quotes About Female Roles

Jessica Chastain Clarifies 'Glamour' Quotes About Female Roles

Jessica Chastain has taken to social media to clarify some words featured in her Glamour magazine cover article.

The Oscar-nominated actress’s quotes were summed up in a headline by Page Six that reads, “Jessica Chastain: Give anyone but Meryl Streep a chance.”

Page Six gets it terribly wrong. The headline is upsetting and against my thinking,” Jessica wrote on her WhoSay account. “I would never want to take roles away from a great actress. My point has always been: Why can only one great actress of a certain age get roles in film? We need MORE roles in film for the many OTHER great actresses. It speaks to the lack of diversity in our industry.”

In case you missed it, check out Jessica‘s gorgeous November 2014 Glamour cover feature!

DO YOU THINK Jessica Chastain’s words were taken out of context?

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  • GFW

    I think most ‘got’ her anyways. I did.
    Only thing is when the industry is suffering and folks are heading to cable which is perfectly fine and noble and challenging and secure if one does well and many are, sometimes roles don’t get doled out to anyone but guaranteed box-office draws.
    Meryl draws them in. Other actors are as good, if not better actually, and even she could admit to that, but she kind of got the golden touch so people might send her all the scripts first?

  • go go

    Funny JJ had to post this non-story as an excuse just to post about this nutty fake actress. She is nothing more than about self promotion and pretends to be serious about “acting” when she is constantly running her mouth, talking about feminism, a feminist is a woman who didnt get somewhere from showing her boobs and taking sex pics. Then saying stupid crap if she was 19 she would do drugs like every other young celeb. What an idiot .

  • comi

    self centered interviews as usual.

  • GFW

    Green with envy are you two? Wow.

  • go go


    Just because ppl are not into someone YOU like doesnt mean jealousy, you and everyone who thinks that is ignorant. AND just because YOU like her doesnt mean she is the end all be all to be jealous of, plenty of stunning celebs out there, she’s not even a household name.

  • Trance

    Says the woman with about 50 movies being released between 2012 and 2014. Why are you not criticizing yourself for accepting all those roles while Viola Davis hasn’t had a lead role since The Help? You keep accepting the roles and yet you want to criticize Meryl Streep for doing the same thing. The problem is THE INDUSTRY not the actress. There’s no reason why you had to name drop Meryl Streep. None at all. Calling her name made you look pathetic and desperate. Your hypocritical self is probably accepting another role that could have gone to an Asian or black actress as we speak right now. This boring bland and overrated woman. I’m so sick of her.

  • no surprises here

    i understood jessica’s statement and she is right. there should be other actresses besides meryl getting parts for middle aged and senior roles. meryl may be great, but only putting meryl and not hiring other actresses shows the lack of diversity hollywood has towards ageism and thats pathetic. there are mothers and grandmothers for every young female protagonist of the movie. hollywood wants to be like disney and not have any mother and grandmother roles, disney is notorious for only showing father figures but never mother figures or older women that girls can look up to.

  • Knight

    What she’s been saying lately in interviews is a bit much.
    Name dropping, talking about every other female in a fake-nice way…..
    It’s a little strange and it’s fishy.

  • Trance

    @no surprises here: And what about Jessica herself? She’s 37 years old, almost 40. How many great roles are out there for women in their late 30s and early 40s??? Not very much, yet Jessica has about 100 movies coming out between now and 2015. Why then did she not name drop herself as an example of the lack of diversity in her business?? I guess Meryl Streep has become an easy target even for the so-called I-celebrate-women feminists like Chastain. Give me a break. “Success” has gone to her head and her fakeness is now being exposed.

  • go go

    And now that its Oscar season she is terrorizing gossip sites. That Rigby movie flopped anyway, good.

  • Alaia

    @Trance: I think the difference between Streep and Chastain is that Chastain plays roles younger than her age which brings it down to late 20s and early 30s range where there a lot of actresses in that age group she’s competing for roles with. So it’s not like she’s hogging all the roles because there are way more roles for a thirtysomething actress than there are a sixtysomething actress. Some of the roles she’s had previously had younger actresses attached e.g. Rooney Mara (Zero Dark Thirty) and Michelle Williams (Miss Julie).

    It’s completely different to Meryl Streep because she literally has no competition, yet there should be. Glenn Close, Sigourney Weaver, Jessica Lange etc… These women used to be her competition back in the day when SHE was a thirtysomething actress.

  • Tina

    The backlash is inevitable. She’s a female, expressing an opinion, which is considered shameful in Hollywood. Misogynistic views are alive and well in Hollywood.

  • Lewis

    More roles are necessary because Jessica Chastain feels it’s necessary to do 10 movies a year. Interstellar is film #4 this year alone. Accusing Ms. Streep of taking too many projects is just rude and uncalled for, especially from this person.

  • LOL

    LMAO, she KNEW she effed up. No one goes after Meryl and I still can’t believe that this idiot did.

  • HHH

    @GFW: Envious of what, exactly? lol Her extreme thirst for validation? How she goes full-on Portman every awards season? How she manages to make every movie she stars in boring? Oh okay. RME.

  • Ashely

    Watching her furiously backpedal is hilarious.

  • go go



  • go go

    Keep blah blah blah-ing and she ended up with foot in her mouth. Give it a rest, and JJ I love your site but please for the love of humanity less of chastain please, she manages to make this site boring.

  • Helena

    I didn’t even know Chastain had haters. Weird.

  • Kool

    She bashed meryl streep? wow, some actresses just like to bash others.
    She didn’t need to bring her down to put others upfront.
    She’s putting her nose way too much into other people’s business.
    She hasn’t been famous for a long time and she’s already throwing shade or comparing or moralizing people on various subjects.
    She needs to grow a little, her immaturity is starting to show.
    She’s always complaining or victimizing herself.

  • Jackie

    wow, so much anger here. and what a pathetic anger it is.

  • mark

    @Jackie: It’s kind of hilarious….these people are harping on jessica….in a comments section….while she is out there….accomplished and pretty much living her dreams. I feel sorry for the people who actually take time out of their short lives on earth to complain about others’ lives (and success!)

  • go go


    What you dont get is I dont really give a sh!t the way you think I do. This is a gossip blog writing comments are just for fun, cant speak for anyone else but any celebs beings have no impact on me, I just write for fun, they are just opinions I have, its just so cool of ppl to call hater but really WGAS? these celebs are rich and famous, wtf compares their own life to theirs? I read something, feel like commenting cause I can. Do these celebs keep YOU up at night? Idiot.

  • Market

    There is arrogance in jessica. She likes to think she’s above other people.
    reality check: hollywood careers are not promised.

  • Rigby

    her movies are boring.
    She relies too much on her PR team to build and image.

  • Della

    @go go: For someone who claims to find Jessica Chastain boring and fake, it’s hilarious that 5 of the 20 (atm) posts are made by you. They do say that when you realllly hate someone you don’t even know it’s usually because you’re envious and won’t admit it to yourself. If that really ISN’T the case then, oh I don’t know, ignore the posts about her and move on with your boring life?? And it must be boring if you can’t help to keep making comments on a post about someone who in no way affects your life.

  • go go

    My posts are answering others who post. Another idiot. Im sure your life sucks if you have to lecture

  • Jess

    @mark: is her dream to have so many movie flops?

  • Yesterday

    Jessica has a persona. It’s all pr built and calculated.
    She could learn a thing or two about humility and authenticity.

  • she’s not talking crap

    she is right, id love to see angela basset and jessica lange be leads in actual movies, not reduced to tv shows even though AHS is amazing as well as other greats like viola davis and ocatvia spencer and other true talets that deserve to be in more movies. streep, helen mirren, and dame judy dench shouldn’t be the only seniors getting hired for senior roles, hollywood can develop really great storylines for matriarchs and its disturbing that script writers have no interest in writing parts for them, it shows how ageism can be as cruel in hollywood just as much as it is to get hired in the real world being in your 50′s and 60′s when most employees don’t care if you’re the best in your expertise but would rather have someone young and fresh that makes their brand look good. jessica didn’t bash anybody, even meryl streep would read her response and would agree with her perspective.

  • 4

    @she’s not talking crap: is jessica a writer? that would be cool if she wrote diff parts for women or directed a movie.

  • dan

    what are jessica’s next movie projects?

  • Cate

    Sad she had to clarify. The media always want to pit women against each other even when they make an innocuous comment.

  • robbie?

    @Cate: she pit women against each other in her interview.

  • Noble

    She’s being negative and pretending to be nice.
    There is something that makes her seem like she’s very confused about her own feelings and opinions.

  • Helena

    @mark: I doubt it’s people. It’s probably one person. You can see the grammatical trends between the person hating against her. And they keep mentioning that her movies are boring. Be a little more adventurous and find a better adjective if you don’t want to be too obvious.

    She hardly bashed Meryl Streep.

  • Haven

    What is up with her?
    She’s always talking about other actresses.
    Obsessed much Jessica?

  • Matt

    hey, is that GO GO troll Lydia? she’s obviously “crazy”, I mean, that person is freaking obsessed with Jessica. I imagine GO GO plastering her wall with pictures of Jessica in her room lol! big creepos, those JJ troll are.

  • Matt

    Please flag all the comments of that crazy troll “go go” she should be banned.

  • Sandy

    @Matt: Look who’s talking about being obsessed! Jessica’s brainless stan who does nothing besides whining about other comments who aren’t licking Jessica’s v.agina in every thread… and you still think that anyone here will be banned because they are not Jessica’s fans? LOL

  • Rose

    Now that her movies are flopping and getting negative reviews, she needs to use Meryl Streep to be on the spotlight.
    Next step: she will follow Streep and stage a public apologize and make sure that this will be photographed with the help of her paparazzi friends.

  • go go

    what a baby, because someone doesn’t like an actress that you are obsessed with and probably have pics all over your playpen, has to mean jealousy, yet another idiot on this board. you should be banned loser, grow up, the world doesn’t revolve around your worthless opinions

  • Kass

    This board can be so pathetic ! Bunch of little girls acting like the cast of Mean Girls. Every time a certain actress makes a mistake or your not a fan of theirs you just spew HATE GROW UP !

  • Kass

    Yes some celebs deserve harsh opinions but just to be downright mean and ugly is sick.

  • Hello

    @Kass: jessica is actually acting like a mean girl. Her speech is not well intentioned. It’s messy and against someone, pining other women against each other. She should think more before speaking.

  • Babe

    She still has a weird face, no matter what work she gets done on that face.

  • damon78

    this is the worst gossip site because of people like “go go” and her numerous names. pathetic trolls with pathetic lives. really really sad.