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Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling's Baby Daughter's Name Revealed: Esmeralda Amada Gosling!

Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling's Baby Daughter's Name Revealed: Esmeralda Amada Gosling!

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling‘s baby girl was born last month on September 12 and now we know her baby name – Esmeralda Amada Gosling!

In the birth certificate acquired by TMZ, the little girl was noted to have been born in Santa Monica, Calif.

Interestingly enough, Amada was Eva‘s character name in the 2007 film We Own the Night, which she starred in alongside Mark Wahlberg and Joaquin Phoenix. Perhaps that film stuck with her all these years!

So far, we have no photos from the family of the newborn, and they have yet to make a statement about Esmeralda‘s birth.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the name choice???

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  • courtney

    it’s none of the public’s business what celebrities name their children and the birth certificate is a fake as birth certificates are sealed documents unless the family keeps their own for traveling purposes

  • P

    horrible name!!

  • great name

    This kid will be gorgeous. Mark my words.

  • Pamela

    Pretty! I love it. :)

  • Steph

    what is wrong with these celebrities?!?!?!?!? what happened to normal names

  • kel

    No bueno.

  • Matt

    Love that name. Fitting. Perfect. Gloria Swanson Sunset Boulevard.

  • animal


    OK I dont normally do this but Im gonna go ahead and say, miss steph you are a ignorant racist cunt. Esmeralda and Amada are spanish names. Should they be sorry that they did not name their daughter a more “white american” name to please you? Are spanish names not normal? Especially for a woman that is cuban?

    Get your head out your ass and open your mind you white privileged cunt.

  • BusyBee

    @Steph: “Esmeralda” IS a normal name. In Hispanic culture its quite common.

  • scarlett

    Presumably she’ll be known as Esmie which is actually really cute. Even if I’m bemused as to why anyone would want to procreate with Eva Mendes.

  • Sienna

    Was hopping they would name their baby Sienna lol

  • bad choice dude


    That is a normal Name in about half the world dawg, it’s hispanic, like Eva.

  • bad choice dude

    And the nickname Essie is cute.

  • ughhh

    Esmeralda? gross….it’s a gypsy name. Madeleine is much classier and prettier imo.

  • rylann

    @great name:

    What makes you so sure? Genes are a funny thing. None of us have a picture to know what this little girl looks like. Just be happy she’s healthy.

  • haha

    @bad choice dude: Essie? Really? sounds like a dog name.

  • Pamela

    People on here commenting are weird like they should have been consulted….why not go get yourselves knocked the heck up and have your own kids to name? Gah!!!!

    Esme would be a good short nickname. But just my opinion…

  • John

    Horrible name! How dare they deprive us from the option to mock their child’s name.
    No Maddox, Destry, Apple, Ocean, Rocket
    Shame on them!

  • Kirsten

    People are very ignorant on her. Saying Esmeralda is a gypsy and ugly name. Esmerelda is a pretty name and makes since given that Eva is Cuban. Sad to say that so many people are so close-minded and hateful still. Would it have been better if Ryan married a blonde and gave the baby a nice “normal” name?

  • Question

    TMZ posted this and Mila Kunis’ baby’s birth certificate. Why is it that the Gosling baby was born in Sept, but the date registered was today? Whereas the Kutcher baby was born Oct 1 and the date registered is Oct 6? Both certificates were stamped as of today’s date, but I’m assuming that’s because they’re TMZ issued copies.

  • allison

    I betcha she will have a nickname. Esmeralda is a old ladies name.

  • Jeanie

    @great name: #3

    A lot of good looking people have unattractive children. One case in point,the Willis girls.

  • guest

    @Kirsten: #19

    Some of us think the name is ugly. We have a right to our opinion.
    Just because someones opinions differs from your, do not give you the right to call them ignorant. Perhaps you are the one ignorant.

  • guest

    @bad choice dude: #12

    Esmeralda is NOT a normal name.

  • Jay

    @Steph: Normal names? Do you mean American names? Esmeralda is not normal enough for you?

  • Pamela

    It’s “normal” in Spanish heritage, which is the point… If you don’t think it’s “normal” then you probably aren’t of Spanish heritage..which is okay. I like the Spanish girl’s name Esperanza too cause I like Spanish culture. But that’s just me.

  • Emma

    This is a witch’s name LOL on Bewitch!!! And for all you hispanics out there…please get a life and stop throwing the RACE CARD out there!!! As for the name, it’s obvious who runs the family…Eva does. Ryan seems to have no say in naming. You would think Ryan would include his mother’s name in it somehow. Go figure Eva.

  • Nat

    Wow there are some very ignorant people on here saying that Esmeralda is not a “normal” name or that its a “gypsy” name. First of all Esmeralda IS a popular name. It’s spanish, so just because it’s not white doesn’t mean it’s not normal. Second, the term gypsy is an offensive term used to describe Romani peoples. And yes, I realize that Esmeralda is the gypsy girl’s name from Hunchback of Notre-Dame, it’s still offensive. I think she has a beautiful name, congrats to Ryan and Eva :)

  • GOD

    Oh for f*sakes! Enough with all these mexicans having to come here to explain the origin of a stupid name! Who gives a sh*ts a$$ about where this name came from.

  • nini_23

    It`s a beautiful Spanish name! God bless her!!

  • Marie

    @GOD: OMG stop being so ignorant to think that all latin people is Mexican… no honey there’s a lot countries in South America

  • WIMP

    I dont like the name. It’s so rudimentary and reminds me of a maid we had. Does she have green eyes too?

  • Public Records


    Birth certificates in the USA are public records unless they have been sealed by a Court for some reason, and that is rare.

    TMZ just paid for copies like anyone can.

  • Brenda

    Esmeralda is a perfectly normal latin name. The color “esmeralda” is simply beautiful.

  • whatevergirl

    @Question: Kutcher baby was born September 30th

  • Public Records


    Agree with you 100%.

  • whatevergirl

    Esmeralda is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Esmeralda is: Emerald

  • Sarah

    “Esmeralda” is not the problem to me, although this is an old name, but “Amada” (which means “Loved”) is, this one is quite pretentious, but hey, we’re talking about Eva Mendes here, we couldn’t expect nothing better.

  • dsjkdj

    Esmeralda is an ugly name I don’t care how common it is or which culture it comes from. The sound of it is ugly, and that’s that.

    Eva’s mother had better sense to give her a short multi-cultural name. But Eva is selfish and won’t make her daughter’s life easy.

  • Butch

    Esmeralda Villalobos is one of my favorite all time characters on film. So suck it you f*cking ignorant haters. Esmeralda is a beautiful name. Love it. She’s the very reason I go by the name Butch ….stupid b*tches.

  • ace111

    What would a young white bred male like him want anything to do with an over the hill Spanish maid?

  • Marianne

    I like Esmeralda and Amada on their own, but not really together.

  • lyta

    looks like ryan had no saying in the name… just an latin name and i love it… for all the ignorants out there, in latin america is a very comun name
    it means emerald, and is very normal to name girlslike that
    love it… so pretty
    although i do think is not nice that a website go and get the birth certificated. it’s their choice to say or not the name of the baby, and they are a very private couple, who i’m pretty sure will not be happy about it
    anyway, best luck and blessing to them

  • maria

    lindo nombre

  • Matteo

    @ace111: They are only 7 years apart… I don’t get what the big deal is. That’s hardly an age gap.

  • Pretty Ka

    I’m carefree about other people’s opinion regarding my name. I feel very blessed to have been named Esmeralda by my parents. I feel as though I have a unique name to match my unique personality. I simply can’t imagine having been named a relatively common name; I’m sure it would not have properly represented me.

  • Pretty Ka

    @maria: ┬┐Cierto? :D

  • cindylou

    Guess since Ryan didn’t marry her he wasn’t included in choosing the baby’s name. Eva is very selfish and controlling. Esmeralda Amada Gosling huh? This relationship won’t last unless he cowers to her the rest of his life. I can see her emotionally and psychologically abusing Ryan if she doesn’t get her way. She will probably use that child as a pawn to keep him. poison the child against him if he leaves her.

  • true

    Why are latinas so overrated in USA? Im a latina but I find russian girls prettier. At least more than the ones made famous in Hollywood. I know they are horish but horish latinas also exist hello? And black girls have large butts too.

  • Jane


    Why is it any of your business what the name of this child is?