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FKA twigs Puts Her Toned Arms On Display at London Concert

FKA twigs Puts Her Toned Arms On Display at London Concert

FKA twigs shows off her toned arms while wowing the crowd with a performance on Wednesday (October 8) in London, England.

“Thank you so much for all of your love! Been working really hard this week and can’t wait to share everything that I have made with you <3," the 26-year-old English singer recently tweeted.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of FKA twigs

A few weeks ago, FKA twigs and her beau Robert Pattinson were spotted hanging out with friends in Los Angeles.

15+ pictures inside of FKA twigs performing in London…

Just Jared on Facebook
fka twigs toned arms on display at london concert 01
fka twigs toned arms on display at london concert 02
fka twigs toned arms on display at london concert 03
fka twigs toned arms on display at london concert 04
fka twigs toned arms on display at london concert 05
fka twigs toned arms on display at london concert 06
fka twigs toned arms on display at london concert 07
fka twigs toned arms on display at london concert 08
fka twigs toned arms on display at london concert 09
fka twigs toned arms on display at london concert 10
fka twigs toned arms on display at london concert 11
fka twigs toned arms on display at london concert 12
fka twigs toned arms on display at london concert 13
fka twigs toned arms on display at london concert 14
fka twigs toned arms on display at london concert 15
fka twigs toned arms on display at london concert 16
fka twigs toned arms on display at london concert 17
fka twigs toned arms on display at london concert 18
fka twigs toned arms on display at london concert 19
fka twigs toned arms on display at london concert 20
fka twigs toned arms on display at london concert 21
fka twigs toned arms on display at london concert 22
fka twigs toned arms on display at london concert 23
fka twigs toned arms on display at london concert 24

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  • Lilac

    was there a need for rob to degrade himself?

  • Laura

    Bow down to Kristen, you peasant

  • anna

    Sexy Twigs! Rob is in sexual heaven

  • anna

    @Laura: You are stupid to have a homewrecker for an idol
    twigs is beatiful and kristen is a cheater so very ugly

  • celia

    Its unfortunate she had to date the twilight boy in order for her to gain attention. She’s absolutely gorgeous and extremely talented. Maybe Pattinson’s taste isn’t terrible after all.

  • sassy31

    She is beautiful and sexy. I think she kicks ass with her dance moves. Way to go Rob!!!. I really hope nobody starts with negative and stupid comments.

  • theworldisweird

    just here to read the comments while I eat some popcorn

  • Naomi

    She should have realised the consequences when she dated someone with a huge fan base. I have no sympathy for her at all. She laid her bed when she decided to date him.

  • looooov3

    She’s ugly and I hate twilight, rob and kristen so no sides taken.
    Can’t stand when people try to purposely look weird. It’s all attempt to distract you from their ugliness.

  • celia


    No, honey, you are ugly. Anyone who says that about a person they don’t know is the ugly one. Essentially, you said in your post that you clicked on that link for the purpose of degrading another person because she’s different and creative. That’s ugly.

  • Irie

    @looooov3: You’re so ugly inside and out.

  • Loop

    hmm, never seen her on this side (or elsewhere really) before sparkly hook up, makes you wonder
    after that sam smith cover I saw on here, it’s obvious she’s a “singer” made in the studio. ANd certainly not digging the sade/bjork with an aaliyah splash swagger jacking
    If you gonna try this hard at least be original.
    maybe that’s what attracts rpatz, the try-hardness of kstew and twiggy.
    Although, at least this girl is hot unlike the sullen and greasy perpetual teenager kstew.

  • Twigs Rules

    I see Kristen’s Stewart’s racists fans still can’t get over the beautiful and talented Tahliah. She is everything your cheating trampire isn’t. And Rob deserves better than a lying cheater, and thank goodness, he knows it.

    And she had her Mercury Award nominations long before she was ever seen with Rob. She isn’t using him, she isn’t riding his coattails the way The Cheater did. But she ruined her reputation all on her own, and Rob took out the trash long ago. He’s so much better off now.

  • Rockgirl

    @looooov3: Your the ugly one FKA Twigs is beautiful and very sexy.She has a gorgeous toned body and she’s an amazing dancer.Robert is a lucky guy and he looks happy with her.

  • WHO?!

    so she’s the nobody that got “racist” messages on twitter or something… what this talentless h0e doesn’t know is that is not because of her race is because she’s FUGLY! pattinson can do so much better.

  • Serena

    Beautiful woman is beautiful. What a body, and does she ever know how to dance. Her concert audiences are loving her. And she’s so sweet in her interviews. Rob found a winner this time.

  • Rockgirl

    @Laura: Bitter kristen fan move on already.Robert looks happy his girlfriend is beautiful,sexy,and talented.

  • BBGurl

    It’s sad that Kristen’s fans are so bitter and jealous. Tahliah is a natural beauty, and has a slammin body. Rob is a lucky man, and he knows it.

  • Rockgirl

    @Serena: Yeah she is the fans that meet her after her concert.Say she’s the sweetest person ever and she’s really talented.Her shows have been sold out and people are loving her concerts.Twigs is really sexy.

  • Rockgirl

    @WHO?!: Wow your bitterness shows.You should see her dance she’s very talented.She’s very sexyand beautiful and your attitude makes you an ugly person.Robert is one lucky guy alot of people say how lucky he is.The only bitter people who are just jealous and bitter are the Robsten/Kristen fans.

  • Mega

    @Loop: I don’t think she’s ugly and it’s terrible people say that, but I agree with you. I mean, I don’t think she’s pretty but beauty is subjective. I don’t care for Robert, Kristen or all this drama surrounding her, but she’s definitely a studio singer and for a trained dancer she really just vogues and moves her arms around while she performs. She’s all gimmick. She’s creative, no doubt, but her music is all digital over produced and basically a stoner soundtrack. Aaliyah had a lot of studio help too, but even with that…Twigs and Aaliyah can’t be compared. It all comes down to personal preference though. People need to stop comparing her just because they’re young black female singers. I do think it’s a shame that she’s only getting mainstream attention now due to her love life connections, but o well.

  • Brua


    Maybe you new FKA fans would get more fans on your side if you remember that a gender slur is no better than a racial slur. Calling someone a slut and a whore to build up your favorite isn’t saying much for you or your favorite.

  • Rockgirl

    @Mega: You should really see more of her dance videos.She dosen’t just move her arms.

  • Me

    Oic the bitter Stewart fans are here and first to post, lol! Still can’t leave Rob and his gf alone huh? Twigs has had a fantastic response to her live shows in the UK and anyone who says she was nothing before Rob is clearly ignorant. She has a sold out tour and is a Mercury prize nominee, that’s a BFD. Also, she’s beautiful and super talented, I think she and Rob make a gorgeous couple.

  • Mega

    @Rockgirl: I watched her music videos, I watched her live performances and I saw a ton of videos on Instagram from her recent UK shows. I gave her work a chance and I’m not impressed. I’m not a hater, but I’m not impressed. In my opinion.. she’s all hype.

  • Me

    @Mega: Lol, you’ve never heard her sing live or perform then? I find it weird you’re here seeing as you don’t like any of the people involved… Too transparent sorry K Fan.

  • Mega

    @Me: I respect what you’re saying, but if you saw how many tickets were sold, you would know that her sold out shows isn’t that impressive. I mean good on her for accomplishments, but it’s not like she sold out a stadium tour.

  • Me

    @Mega: hahahaha, you know so much about her. Well, I can tell you as I’m a London resident, she is BIG news here. Her second single is on the Radio 1 playlist (very big deal) she’s been nominated for the most prestigious award in British music as well as the MOBO awards. Lol of course she hadn’t done a stadium tour. Last year she was an underground artist uploading her music to YouTube. She’s not One Direction. You’re embarrassing yourself.

  • Mega

    @Me: Uh I post comments on a lot of celeb posts on this site. I’ve vented about Lorde and Lucy Hale too… are they connected to Twilight? I only mentioned that I wasn’t a fan of the Twilight people because it seemed like that’s why people were fighting when talking about FKA Twigs. I had an outside perspective and I generally tend to post opinions whether good or bad on music artists and films. You guys are borderline paranoid if you think everyone in the world cares about RPattz and Kstew.

  • Mega

    @Me: I tend to do research about music artists, movies and the like before I judge their work. I don’t praise or dismiss anyone or anything based off appearance alone. You also missed my point. Playing small clubs and venues and selling out tickets while radio gives the rest of them out to make sure all the seats are full doesn’t equal success. Let me know when she has sold out a stadium tour and then you can boast. I didn’t say she wasn’t creative, I just said she was all hype and I’m entitled to my opinion, thank you. Also, Katy Perry has been nominated for a Grammy and her music is pure crap. I don’t care about awards, I care about quality music but to each their own.

  • Heidi

    I guess dating rob gets her articles about her arms , she so unattractive

  • Mega

    @Me: I also have nothing to be embarrassed by. It seems that you’re so desperate to make this girl some goddess that you feel some need to write off someone else’s opinion or label them as member of some crazed fanbase just to make your points valid. I genuinely don’t care for her music. I have nothing against her, but I don’t care for her music. Why are you so upset by that? I don’t understand why you can’t simply respect my opinion and move on. There were plenty of people before me who were strictly dissing her for no reason at all that you could’ve responded to but you singled me out, one of the only people who commented about her music and kept it about her and not about her love life. Why does it matter to you so much what I think? You’re not going to turn me into a fan just by listing her achievements, sorry. Why don’t you call out the KStew fans throwing shade and leave me alone?

  • omg

    She looks like an alien and I don’t know why you’re all fighting they won’t last anyways lol

  • orale

    Que mujer mas fea jajaja
    y que divertido como se enojan sus fans

  • Jeudi

    Elle est laide.

  • @omg: she doesn’t look like an alien, that’s mean to say……..but, I also don’t think they will last. she’ll be touring all the time, he has a lot of movies and I just think she’s such a focused passionate artist with her work that he probably won’t be able to keep up with her. he’s focused too, but she seems like she has a remarkable dedication that he can’t handle. not to mention that fact that with his fame comes a whole swarm of crazy. time will tell tho.

  • weirdness


    Hi twigs PR,
    do you need to respond to everyone? who’s paying you?
    STOP, you’re creeping me out.

  • anna

    To all the ignorant morons, Twigs was known in the music world before she started dating Rob

  • me


    highly doubt that

  • Rockgirl


    what are you talking about? no one even knows this chick except for banging the ugly twilight dude.

  • anna

    lol are you for real , she is being nominated for awards so people liked her style . she had a fan base before but now she has a bigger one once she started dating Rob.
    Most Rob fans love her because she makes Rob happy

  • anna

    You butt hurt exes should leave Rob ass alone.

  • anna

    You butt hurt exes should leave rob and his girl alone.
    Rob is one of the gorgeousest snd sexiest HW stars and Twigs is beautful and talented.
    You dont count because your idea of beauty is a cheat and a homewrecker.
    You are superficial people who like people with ugly souls

  • Serena

    Why would anyone care about this woman musically when there are better artist out there (like grimes, lykke li) who didn’t need to sleep with a famewh0r3 and call attention to themselves by claiming to be a victim of racism.
    The only reason anyone comments on her is because of rob, no other reason other than that. She’s a famewh0r3 not a real musician and that’s why people will never respect her. Hence all the negative comments.

  • Na

    Twigs is awesome, wish she wasn’t dating lame Pattinson.

    I do think it’s hilarious that the Pattinson fans are trying to blame it on the Stewart fans. It’s clearly the twi-hard Robsten fans, who are obviously fans of both of the actors and think they are Edward and Bella. True fans, of course not, since both moved on….but pretending like they don’t think they are RPattz’s fans as well as Kstew’s fans are clueless.

  • anna


    Dude, your idol is a huge attention whÖrĘ, just stop already. Nobody cares, stop trying to make her happen.
    None of the musicians I admire get posted on gossip sites. I just hear their music and I’m blown away. That’s it. No gimmicks, no famous bf or gf, no victimization. The music just speaks for itself.

  • Steph

    @anna: Twigs music and creativity speak for her. She is awesome. Very Happy for her and Rob

  • nathalie

    She is gorgeous and exotic.

  • nathalie

    Saying that Tahliah is beautiful doesn’t mean that Kristen Stewart is ugly, Kristen is a very pretty young woman. Tahliah is beautiful and exotic.


    Pattinson is a britshit, which means faggo, and those pics were taken in coastal europe, not America. Do your research before you write your articles, JJ!!