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Gwyneth Paltrow Wants to Spend Time with Chris Martin's New Girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence

Gwyneth Paltrow Wants to Spend Time with Chris Martin's New Girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence
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  • Wtf

    If this story is true, gwyneth needs some serious therapy or she ll be doing whip its like demi moore

  • forrest gump

    a win-win situation?

  • Courtney

    This came from US Weekly, who are not really good at telling the truth. There’s no comment from the lady herself, and I realize that she may not address these kinds of rumors. Who’s to say that her agent put this little story out to make her look good? I don’t know for sure, but that’s my theory. Since Chris bought himself a house in Brentwood right next door, wouldn’t that make dating Jennifer a wee bit difficult? He’s putting his kids first, as he should, but that would make Jennifer more of an option than a priority, if he is dating her at all. However, if Chris and Jennifer can work this out, than power to them!

  • pah-lease

    And in the last few weeks, the tabs have reported Paltrow doesn’t want Lawrence meeting the kids and bans them from speaking Lawrence’s name.

    So which is it? The tabs have fabricated so many stories, they can’t remember what they’ve written. So they contradict themselves with each new story.

    This wouldn’t happen if any of the stories were actually real, but it happens all the time with lies.

  • offtheproperty

    Paltrow is hideous!
    And she’s still beating the dead horse name of Obamie!

  • offtheproperty

    She’s raising money in Hollywoodland today for President Ebola !
    Vile !!!

  • ju

    anyone can become an A list actor, Hollywood will take anyone that makes them money, and now this whack job is meeting with the President tonight at her home , wow think about that ! Even our President’s are fascinated with these crazy, phony actors, simply amazing commentary .

  • Deni

    @pah-lease This is a crap. Another crap. Until yesterday GP manipulated her kids against the opposite. I believe that someone moves the wires. I don’t know who..but i’m sure. It’s impossible that every day there is a datail,and every day there is stories that contradict each other. S o m e o n e M o v e s T h e W i r e s. And then,yesterday Jen was photographed in a photo studio with her cat…she can be photographed in a photo studio IN not Out..but can not be photographed at dinner with Chris Martin or outside the home with him?! When he have the paparazzi behind the ***? He is still in London now..and yesterday i’m read an interesting a twitter page on Chris Martin; I kind of interview someone close to the band Coldplay..who spoke about the new album and then,asked him if Chris Martin throwing in the work after separation from GP..and the response was..the idea could be this. Or something like that. Looked very realistic..and i was very impressed. Pity that i don’t remember the page. And Gossip Cop tends to denied the obvious..the fake pregnancy was a ridiculous thing that no one has reported excepts OK! Not Worth the disorder! And the story from Star it’s not like said GC..they have not say that GP not divorced to hinder Jen; they said that Jen does not want to be photographed with him until the divorce. It’s different. Not like said Gossip Cop. I don’t believe in any tabloids! I repeat…someone moves the wires!


    Remember, Scarlett Johansson has said that she is still open-minded to doing some kind of a Lost in Translation meets Last Tango in Paris breakout movie sequel remake. Which would feature yours truly in the lead role as her pervert father figure. Naturally, we’re looking at some really serious six figure numbers up front here; payable in tax free off shore cash money.

  • TheEgoOfGP

    The woman is friends now with her “ex” and his gf? Idk? Sounds like she wants to control him and everyone else.

    She will not let him go. He will have lots endure a lot of games to even see his kids (I am sure). Keeping enemies closer is the her aim if this is true. She is cray cray. Jen L. will not be able to keep up with it if Chris can’t handle GP’s tirades.

    If he bought a house next door, that speaks volumes.

  • Pathetic

    @Deni: it sounds like Goopy wants to meet her just to be nosy at this point. The only reason she needs to meet her is to provide as the other contact person for the children, so when the girlfriend is a constant in the children’s lives, then yes, she needs to meet her. Their meeting needs to be about the children.

    It does not look as if Jen even wants to be photographed with Chris until the divorce is final. Mature girl. Goopy will be manipulative.

  • Pathetic

    @TheEgoOfGP: he bought a house across the street! And threw a birthday bash because she has no friends.

  • Coco

    @Deni: moved the wires? I do not understand that phrase. :-(

  • Pathetic

    I can see Gywen try turning the kids against Chris soon if she cannot have him on a leash for her needs. Jen will see Chris is emotionally tied to Gywen and he always will put the kids and Gwyen before her. Until she has a kid together at least. Jen run! At least until his divorce is final.

  • pah-lease

    @Pathetic This story is just laughable, like all the others about Lawrence and Martin, and Paltrow at times.

    The tabs must’ve forgotten what they wrote just a few days ago. They were all reporting how she didn’t want Lawrence to meet the kids, how they’re banned from speaking her name, etc.

    Now they’re saying just the opposite. Except…they’ve said this before a few times. Paltrow and Lawrence talking on the phone after the nudes leaked, Paltrow being the “shoulder to cry on” for Lawrence, Paltrow having Lawrence over for lunch.

    That last one right there means the tabs have reported they’ve ALREADY met! But now according to them, Paltrow wants to *meet* Lawrence for the FIRST time.

    So which is it? Paltrow hates Lawrence? Likes her? Met her? Hasn’t met her? Hard for the tabs to keep their stories straight. That’s what happens when people lie. They tell so many, they can’t remember what they’ve said. And that’s what all the stories about Lawrence and Martin (and Paltrow) are-lies.

    As for not Lawrence not being photographed with Martin until after the divorce-that’s the tabs excuse for their inability to get any photographic proof of them “dating”. The mysterious “source” can find and “see” them everywhere in crowded, public places, but can’t figure out how to take pics. (Meanwhile, nobody else at those places sees anything the “source” does to report it, tweet about it, or take pics of it.) A pap was camped outside Martin’s house, but somehow *forgot* to take a pic of Lawrence supposedly going into it. The paps can find both of them alone, but never together, even though they’re staking out Martin’s house and following both of them all over LA.

    @Coco “Moving the wires” I think means “pulling the strings”. In other words, someone is behind the scenes, manipulating this whole PR hoax. Could it be Patrow’s guy Huvane? Or Martin’s reps? Or both? The only thing that does seem fairly certain is that Lawrence’s camp isn’t doing any of it.

  • Deni

    @pah-lease Exactly. Because, even if it were’s really absolutely impossible that every day we have the datails on this “couple”. Every day. Is out of any imagination. Unless..somebody moves the wires or pulling the strings. Want that this gossip remains afloat. Who? I don’t know..i doubt that are Jennifer’s team,she is an actress premio Oscar, She did films like Hunger Games, XMen etc. She does not need publicity. Maybe the team of Chris Martin or GP. However somebody!! In any case, the story of Jen that don’t want to be photographed until the divorce is a colossal crap..because CM & GP not filed for the divorce yet and it does not seem that they want to do it very soon.

  • pah-lease

    @Deni People keep saying Paltrow is at fault for not filing yet for divorce. What about Martin? Is he incapable of filing papers himself? CA is a “no-fault” divorce state, so either one of them could claim “irreconcilable differences”.

    He’s just as responsible for the delay, maybe moreso, since he’s supposedly in this “serious relationship” with Lawrence. If he’s “so in love” with Lawrence, wanting her to meet his kids, talking about proposing to her, and all the other over-the-top declarations, then why hasn’t HE filed? What’s HIS excuse for not doing it already? It’s not fair to dump the foot-dragging over filing for divorce all on Paltrow.

    If you believe the latest story from USWeekly, the reason Lawrence hasn’t been photographed with Martin is because the divorce isn’t final. If that’s so, why isn’t she pressing him to file for it?

    Unless, of course, the reason for the delay and Lawrence not urging him to file is because she and Martin aren’t together. If there’s no good reason for him to do so, and nobody’s pushing either to file, then why should they? That is more logical and believable than the bogus “Lawrence can’t take pics together because he’s not divorced” story.

    It sure seems neither Martin or Paltrow want to take that final step to declare their marriage over. If they did, they would’ve filed, or at least be talking about it by now.

  • Deni

    @pah-lease If the story of Jen that doesn’t want to be fotographed with him until the divorce were true (it is not)..then,all the appointments,the dinners etc. among them..are false! Beverly Hills,Chateau Marmont..there is full of paparazzi..if Jen want to stay hidden with him..would not go to dinner in Beverly Hills or at Château do not believe? Then,the tabloids be proven wrong! But,so how to know about their relationship?! It’s like a snake that eats its own tail. Does not make sense. Besides,them have already been photographed together at the airport..then,there were the concerts. 99% is totally false. The tabloids attempt to justify the lack of real proof and pics together. What do you really think of all this story?

  • pah-lease

    @Deni I said before, the tabs are using the excuse of Lawrence not wanting to be photographed until after the divorce to cover up their inability to get any pics of her and Martin together (except at the airport, which didn’t “prove” anything about “dating”) after almost 2 months!

    As you said, the tabs have contradicted themselves by running this story after the stories of Lawrence and Martin being “seen” by the “source” at all these crowded, public places (vineyard, restaurants, concerts). So if Lawrence doesn’t want to be photographed with him yet, that means they shouldn’t have gone to these places to eliminate the possibility of that happening. Or someone paid the “source” off to not take pics, which means the “source” is known to one or both of their camps. Or they never did go to them, and that’s why there’s no pics from the “source” or any other corroborating reports/tweets/pics from anyone else in those places. My money’s on the latter reason.

  • Deni

    @pah-lease Missing tweets from unknown..and then,there are the paparazzi in this places. It’s impossible for a couple like this,go unnoticed for two months in NYC or LA…impossible. Anyway..i thought one thing; to support the hypothesis that behind there is someone close to Martin or Paltrow or both…there is the fact that the tabs speaks only of CM & GP…speaks about their divorce (Jen doesn’t want to be photographed with him for this),about their children (before met Jen,then they do not want to meet her,after CM can not wait to introduce Jen to his kids),about Gwyneth that before don’t like Jennifer,then affects this relationship holding the leash CM,then GP and JLaw had a lunch together and GP is “very supportive” to Jen for nude leaks,after GP wants to meet Jennifer Lawrence….is entirely focused on Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow..Jennifer is only a victim of this gossip,except the stupid pregnancy rumor and “move in together”. Because,even Jen has a family but the tabs do not speak about Jen’s family,don’t speak of the possible reactions of the her family..nothing. For now. They speak only of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin..Jen is only put in half. What do you think? I travel with the imagination? xD

  • pah-lease

    @Deni The one thing that’s becoming more clear is that Lawrence’s team isn’t behind this whole “dating” hoax. It’s more Paltrow to keep the focus off of her and Falchuk. Or Martin, to get back at Paltrow after her new relationship went public (a few days before the Lawrence-Martin “dating” story broke), and/or to get him some good attention/publicity.

    For Paltrow, she’s already one of the least liked Hollywood stars. People just don’t like her, whether for her movies, her Goop site, or her attitude. If it was her commanding tabloid headlines and stories about her relationship with Falchuk, she’d routinely be raked over the coals by posters. And she also wouldn’t be as likely to generate the interest and website clicks as Martin linked to Lawrence.

    I’ve seen some posters comment that Martin’s image wasn’t good after his affair with Alexa Chung became known, plus there’s rumors about an “open marriage” and him supposedly walking out on Paltrow. He needed a way to make himself look good to the public, and being linked to Lawrence, one of the brightest stars in Hollywood, is his way to make that happen.

    I’ve also seen one or two posts referring to a mysterious woman who lives outside of London he’s been with for a few years. I’ve also seen many more mentioning another woman who lives around LA. I saw someone commenting on one of the stories from this week, saying there’s a woman who he’s really with and the “relationship” with Lawrence is a sham, just like the last 5 yrs. of his marriage to Paltrow was.

    Not sure if any of this is true, because until this whole hoax with Lawrence, I didn’t even know who Martin was. But it’s interesting there are some who can give very good reasons for him wanting to repair his image by being linked to Lawrence.

  • Deni

    @pah-lease For Martin is only good publicity. Now everyone is talking about him..good for sales of the new album,with Jennifer who did the groupie..all the better. And even for Paltrow is good publicity..because i don’t think that she did much lately,no film etc. and with separation from Martin..a little publicity is good for her. And is better if tabs speaks about Martin & Lawrence “relationship” rather that its with Falchuk (i don’t think that they are together). But i wonder,when will it all end? Now the tabloids say everything. Relationship,romantic dates,move in together,wedding,pregnancy,meeting with children,meeting with Paltrow..they say everything. When they stop? Anyway,you’ve noticed that they have stopped with “dates”? Almost for now. There where only the concerts where have embroidered. Maybe because they are photographed always separated. Then,i wonder..if JLaw and CM are together..why he not filed for divorce yet? And why Jen has not yet presented him in the family? Are two months now. She presented Nicholas in the family shortly after; good questions. LOL

  • pah-lease

    @Deni I’ve wondered the same thing about the divorce. He’s fully capable under the law to file for divorce himself, citing “irreconcilable differences”. Yet we haven’t heard or read about either of them filing, even though the rumor Gossip Cop shot down said Paltrow hasn’t *signed* the divorce papers. Just another thing the tabs seem to have wrong.

    As for him meeting the family-Lawrence said she had a hard time telling her dad about the nude pics. Can you imagine how hard it would be to tell her parents she’s dating a guy 13 yrs. older than her with two kids? And by the way, he’s not divorced yet either? I bet it’s not exactly who they envisioned their daughter to fall for, especially after getting out of a long-term relationship with Hoult, a guy around her age they actually liked.

    That’s another reason why I don’t believe anything about her and Martin. If she had such a hard time telling her parents about the pics, it wouldn’t be that much easier telling them about Martin and them being ok with it, let alone introducing him to the family. The worst thing for anyone in a relationship is to have your parents disapprove of who you’re dating. And Martin gives them a lot to disapprove of-not divorced, two kids, rumors of cheating and walking out on wife, not supporting wife’s career.

  • Deni

    @pah-lease This are very good questions! It’s all strange. Nothing makes sense. Anyway, Gossip Cop believe in this “relationship” watch the latest post; and then, yesterday they have written the article of Hoult and his statements about nude leaks..before the article was normal,they spoke only of Nick and the stupid question from the interviewer,then today morning they changed the article,writing that was sitting next to Nick, Jake Paltrow, Gwyneth’s brother..seizing the opportunity to repeat that JLaw & Martin dating. After that this was written from EOnline,they changed the article and copied EOnline. This is not exactly to credible source. I have reason to doubt even of them! They do not know anything..they enjoy to refute the gossip of other tabloids..but in this case, they refute just the obvious..because they do not anything. They believe in this “relationship” only for the pics at the airport and the concerts. Besides, they were wrong with the story “Paltrow and the divorce” because Star Magazine just said that Jen doesn’t want to be photographed with Martin until the divorce..they did not say that Paltrow wants to sabotage the “relationship”…Gossip Cop changed the story. Anyway, the only tabloids that MAYBE is reliable is Huffington looks like do not care of all this least, it seems.

  • Deni

    “Catch” not “seizing” the opportunity ahahah sometimes i write incomprehensible things..sorry.

  • pah-lease

    Just saw someone posted pics on twitter of Lawrence, supposedly at LAX. He said she “jets off to see her love Chris Martin”. But he also said “Oct. 8″, the same day she was busy at Milk Studio. She was with a friend, who looked like she may or may not have been going somewhere. It’s really hard to tell from the pics.

    There’s no indication where she really was, where she was going, nothing. Just some idiot 1) wanting us to believe she was at LAX because he said so and 2) if she was at LAX, him speculating on where she could be going. Unless he followed her to the gate, he has no idea about anything. All he has is a few pics of her, that’s it.

  • pah-lease

    @Deni As soon as I posted that, I realized why it didn’t make sense. Lawrence takes private jets, at least cross-country. If she was really flying to London, she’d fly private to NYC and then take a trans-Atlantic commercial flight. Last I knew, there are no direct flights from LA to London. So this guy doesn’t know anything, just making something up. Maybe he works for a tab!

  • Deni

    @pah-lease She probably flew to London. Monday there is Serena screening and Cooper is in London from 7th oct. This pics at LAX can not be on wednesday..she was at Milk studios this day..besides,Martin was spotted always from fans in these days in London…no trace of Jennifer. And in London it is even more impossible that in LA. In the pics seems to me that she is alone..where you see the friend? The girl with whom she speaks is a fan (so they say). In any case i knew that they would speaks again..with J and M in the same town. This guy is an operator of flight or..? It’s impossible that Jen says at the first that passes “i’m going to Chris Martin”…

  • Deni

    @pah-lease How do you know that there are no direct flight to London?

  • Deni

    @deni But,if this guy posted the pictures of Jennifer at LAX the 8th oct. she was at LAX wednesday. And the pics at Milk studios are of another day. But she can not be in London from 3 days and go unnoticed…in London?! Absolutely. Especially with CM. Mistery. You trying to found something…you’re always good at finding out the truth!

  • Deni

    @pah-lease I discovered that there are no direct flights to London the 8th oct. but not even the 10th! The first two weeks of the months. So Jen must have made a stopover in NYC..but you’re right; she normally take a private flights in the does not make sense. Besides,it’s impossible that she go unnoticed at Heathrow..Bradley Cooper was photographed from paps the day before at this airport. I don’t know. Now a guy say that he met Jen at the Pentagon shopping centre..presumibly yesterday…i don’t know.

  • TonyLogs

    Gweneth is a zombie slave who is in dire need of a pair of glasses to think the big earred coon is handsome….I just puked in my mouth
    White girls are losing their souls
    I hope the ones that play with the monkeys get Ebola

  • pah-lease

    @Deni I’m inclined to believe the pics were from yesterday and not the 8th. Otherwise, why would the guy wait 2 days to post them? Plus as soon as she hit the UK, she’s spotted by people. If she was there since 8th, why wasn’t she spotted before today? Didn’t know if that was friend or fan with her.

    Still strange she’d take flight from LAX, unless she was tired of paying for private jet. More likely studio is paying for flight to London and hotel for premiere. Guess they want to make great first impression on moviegoer with “Serena” by sending her and Cooper there-trying to salvage future of movie after 2 yr. delay and rumors of it not being good as reason for delay.

    Of course people are going to say she’s flying to see Martin! At this point, some think that’s all she’s good for-being his “girlfriend/groupie”, going all over to support him and his events. Heaven forbid she does anything for herself or her career!

    It’ll be interesting to see if she and/or Cooper go to India for the premiere on the 14th, and/or Moscow on the 30th, plus any others in between. If so, she and Martin won’t be “together” much, not that they have been anyway. Then “Mockingjay” press starts up.

  • Deni

    @pah-lease The pics at LAX were taken on wednesday..x17 posted it..the guy in question has only reported the article of x17. And BFI confirmed that Jen will be at the premiere. She is in London from thursday. And a another guy tweeted that he saw her in Kent,at the Pentagon shopping centre..presumibly yesterday. But,wednesday there were no direct flights to LA from London,right? And no one saw her at Heathrow…i don’t understand. It’s all strange. Anything it’s clearly. As usual. P.s Bradley is in NYC,she will be at the premiere,without him.

  • pah-lease

    @Deni l wasn’t aware there are direct flights from LA to London, maybe because I could never afford one! If she left Wed. afternoon, it’s about an 11hr. flight and 8 hr. time difference. So she would’ve arrived in London sometime late morning/early afternoon Thurs. Probably stayed/slept in to get over her lag, then seen at Pentagon next day.

    Doesn’t sound like she’s been with Martin. And with them being “news”, hard for them not to be seen if they’re “together”. If people can see her out and about, I’m sure the paps can find her just as easily.

    But she’s busy with “Serena”-related stuff, and I doubt the studio wants her doing anything else on their time and dime. She’s there to promote their film, not hook up with her “boyfriend”.

    There’s still a chance Cooper will fly back for the premiere on Mon. Would be foolish not to have him there, especially with Lawrence there. He likely was doing advance press for the movie in London earlier in the week. He’s cheaper to have around for a week than Lawrence is!

  • Deni

    @pah-lease I checked and there were no direct flights for the first 2 weeks of the month but i don’t know. I thought that the pics at airport had been posted from x17…instead no. So,probably she flew to London yesterday..because,x17 posted the pics of Jen at the photoshoot in LA the 8th in the late evening. This guy who tweeted what said? And when he tweeted? He probably said a lie..because,nobody can know where she was direct! Besides,Martin performed at Dorsey yesterday..a place nearly to Exeter..not London. And it does not seem that she was present.

  • pah-lease

    @Deni You say the Milk Studio pics were LA in the evening, so unless Lawrence flew out that night, that puts the pics back to Oct. 10. So it looks like someone else was caught lying about Lawrence’s activities. As I said, I hadn’t seen anything prior to yesterday about her flight.

    I found that tweet of the guy who saw her at Pentagon. It was from noon Oct. 11, Kent time. Pentagon’s over an hour drive from London. So if she’s staying in London, that would’ve meant she was there by 10:30 am yesterday their time.

    If you do the math-an almost 11 hr. flight, then add in the 8 hr. time difference between LA and London. Which would mean she had to leave sometime early morning LA time on Fri. to have time to sleep, get out to Kent, and be seen by noon. Even leaving by 11 am from LAX would have her arriving at Heathrow sometime around 6 am their time. No wonder no paps caught her arriving!

    That means she was in the air when Martin was performing in Exeter. Count that as one time Lawrence and Martin weren’t “together” this trip.

  • Deni

    @pah-lease I said that the pics of the photoshoot,x17 has posted in the late evening…but she was there in the afternoon. Anyway,x17 now posted the pics at LAX and said that was yesterday..and i tend to believe them..they put the right date or do not put it. And if this guy tweeted about this,between yesterday-today..she flew to London yesterday. It’s impossible that the pics come out after 3 days..and besides,anybody could know where she was direct..he just joked. Yes,Martin performed yesterday nearly to Exeter,so even she is in London from wednesday..would be a proof that between them there is nothing,because she was not present. And maybe even if she flew yesterday..less evident,but could. Instead the tweet from today morning,is not much credible…first because,probably Jen arrive in London last night…and second because,is not specific..and is a place out of London,it makes little sense.

  • Deni

    @pah-lease The more important thing is that Jennifer is in town for the premiere of Serena and not to see Martin. Between today – tomorrow we’ll see….

  • pah-lease

    @Deni You forget that with the 8 hr. time difference, she would’ve had to leave LAX by around 5 am yesterday for her to arrive in London by midnight last night. I highly doubt paps were trolling LAX at that time of the morning to catch pics of her. More likely she left mid-morning/early afternoon and arrived in London early Sat. morning.

    Still, she’s in London to promote “Serena”, not hook up with her “boyfriend”. It’s gotten to the point with all these idiotic “dating” stories that Lawrence can’t do anything for herself or career without the tabs trying to link it to Martin. Guess that proves this PR hoax to repair Martin’s image worked. Instead of him being known earlier in this hoax as Jennifer Lawrence’s “boyfriend”, she’s now been turned into Chris Martin’s “girlfriend”.

  • pah-lease

    @Deni Don’t be surprised if there are stories of them “together” this weekend, there are no pics from the “source”. Or reports, tweets, or pics from anyone else. Because that’s the only way they have “dates”, with nobody except the “source” seeing them.

    And if the “source” does report a story, then that’s pretty strong proof he/she is working for Martin’s camp to plant these stories of them “together” and “dating”. Otherwise, we’re supposed to believe the “source” knows exactly where and when these two are not only in NYC, Hamptons, LA, Las Vegas, but overseas in London as well. But yet he/she still doesn’t know how to use a cellphone camera!

  • Deni

    @pah-lease I know,in any case she arrive in London between yesterday and today early morning! It is still is true that here in Europe the time passes more quicky,but still lacks everything tomorrow..we’ll see tomorrow! I don’t believe that the tabloids know where is Martin..i’m sure. And they don’t know where is Jennifer. They will know monday xD ..anyway,tomorrow will be decisive! Better keep the eyes open on twitter.

  • Pathetic

    I see the GP damage control is attempting to turn Chris into the villan.

    Excuse me! He does say all the stupid stuff. Gwyen is psycho. She is pretentious. Buys “friends”. To show she is special.

    As usual.

  • Deni

    @pah-lease You read the last? Ahahah i said it yesterday! Missing just Jennifer’s parents. Are pathetic!

  • pah-lease

    @Deni Oh yes! The tabs are pulling out all the stops, and now the UK ones are getting in on the act. They’re using Lawrence’s “Serena” premiere and Martin’s stint home to get people to click on their sites. There’s so many things that jumped out at me to show these are all lies.

    First, I highly doubt her grandparents would talk to any tabs, let alone UK ones. Lawrence’s family stays quiet about her, unless the do a rare interview for a local (Louisville) paper or TV station. And why the grandparents, why not the parents? If the UK tabs really wanted a *story*, why didn’t they interview them? Notice the Mirror quotes the Sun, which I understand is about the equivalent of OK!, Star, or Nat. Enquirer in the States. They’re not above making up stories, which this clearly is.

    In the articles, they quote her grandmother as saying her “mum” went to LA. If this was a direct quote, she would’ve said “mom”, not “mum”. Another indication this story is made up. Now a US tab has changed the quoted word to “mom”, likely to make the quote sound *American* and more believable.

    In a couple tabs, they have the grandfather being quoted about Lawrence doing interviews. But in others, her grandmother is quoted as saying these comments. Even within a span of a few hours, the tabs can’t keep their story straight.

    When would her mom not only be able to visit with Lawrence, but meet Martin without any indication this happened? In the last couple months, both have been “seen” together a few times, photographed alone (or Martin with family) doing their own things, working (Lawrence-photo shoots, Martin-concerts), Lawrence at those concerts, etc. But until now, there’s been no mention of her mom visiting. If she had, why didn’t the “source” tell the US tabs about her mom meeting Martin? That’s a *big* story (for this “relationship”), yet we’re supposed to believe they didn’t know about her visit or bother to report it if they did know? And now a few other tabs are saying Martin met “her parents”, meaning her dad too. They’re already embellishing the original story!

    Now there’s two more stories that show the UK tabs are just throwing stuff out there to get their readers to click on their sites.

    First, the Belfast tab is reporting Paltrow and Falchuk have called it quits. Funny how this story of her relationship ending comes out the same time the Martin meeting mom/parents and being invited for Christmas comes out to show his “relationship” is doing better than ever. Coincidence? No, more like Martin’s reps making him look great compared to Paltrow. To top it off, he’s supposedly going to fly Lawrence over to meet his family “in the next few weeks”. How is that going to happen when she’s busy now with “Serena”, and will be soon after with “Mockingjay” press and premieres, likely into early Dec.?

    The other story is that Paltrow and Lawrence met, according to an “LA source” of another UK tab. They supposedly met “last week”. Not sure if that meant the week that just ended, or the week before. It doesn’t matter, because this story is a lie. If it was the week before, then why were the US tabs running stories this past Thurs. about Paltrow *wanting* to meet Lawrence? (Yes, we know they already said they met before, but this is the latest version in this soap opera.) If it was this past week, when would Paltrow and Lawrence have met? The story came out on Thurs., which means the week was almost over. Paltrow had the President over that night, so she wouldn’t have time to meet Lawrence. And Lawrence was getting ready to leave for London the next day.

    The UK tabs think people there aren’t going to know what’s being reported or actually happening between these two (or three, with Paltrow) in the States. They’re just making stuff up to make *their guy* Martin look good.

  • pah-lease

    @Deni Now I saw Sugarscape is reporting Lawrence’s mom met Martin “last week”. Again, not sure if they mean this past week or the week before.

    In any case, it’s still a lie. If it was only the week before, there’s no way the US tabs would’ve missed it. Isn’t Martin being tailed by paps pretty much all the time and his house staked out, including then? According to one new story today, the Paltrow and Lawrence meeting happened at Martin’s house, because Lawrence supposedly lives there pretty much all the time.

    So if that’s true, why haven’t there been pics of her there? How did the paps miss taking any pics of Paltrow going into his house for the meeting? And why didn’t anyone take pics of Lawrence’s mom there? Let’s also not forget the “source”, who seems to be slacking if he/she missed all these happenings and didn’t report it to the US tabs.

    If they meant this week that just ended, then this is definitely a lie. Pretty hard for Martin to meet Lawrence’s mom in LA when he’s been in London since Mon.!

  • Deni

    @pah-lease Even The sun (who wrote the “exclusive) said that Karen met CM last week or this week don’t remember. But,it’s phisically impossible because this week Martin was in London to work with his band..and last week Jennifer had returned from Kentucky and CM had children 2 days because GP was in NYC and then,friday 3th there was the KOL concert..this monday he flew to London. The first week of sept. he was in NYC-London..the second week he was Cupertino and Minnesota until the thursday..friday after Jen was at Chateu with a friend and in the week end he was before with his family and sunday alone..while Jennifer was in Malibu. The third week of sept. there was a concert the 17th the 18th they flew to Vegas for iHR until 20th..the fourth week of sept. Martin was alone eirlier in the week,then with his kids thursday..and friday Jennifer flew to Kentucky to know the nephew. Exactly…the nephew..that was born between second and third week of sept.!! And the last week i have already said. So,it’s phisically impossible that Karen flew to LA the last month. Besides,the Jen’s grandparents living in Florida,not in KY…and if do not speak Jennifer’s parents or Jennifer itself..why should talk they?? They never talked about Nicholas..why should?….Then,i don’t know how it works..but,i doubt that The sun or other british tabloids have the phone number of Jennifer’s grandparents…so,what did they do? Have flown till in Florida or KY? I think that such a thing is organized with Jennifer’s team..because are foreign tabloids..not local tv or something like that. It’s impossible that Jen’s grandparents giving interviews with tabloids without that Jen knowing it…and it’s impossible that Jennifer who has never spoken,lets talk her grandparents. Besides,a ridiculous thing..they have wrong the name of Jen’s grandpa! His name is Charles “Charlie”..not Colin. LOL If they talked with him..why have wrong the name??

  • Deni

    P.s read the tweet from Andy Bizzarre..that work for The sun. says of crap xD

  • pah-lease

    @Deni I couldn’t find him on Twitter. What did he say?

  • Deni

    @pah-lease He work for The sun..and wrote that “one of our reporters this week” talk with Jen’s Grandparents. And refer to Chris Martin: “after he met her mum this week..” …something does not return. How does Karen to have been in LA this week (Martin is in London since monday) and at the same time Jennifer’s grandparents talk to The sun??? It’s wrong. And taking for real that Jen’s grandparents talk this week…when Karen was in LA? The last week impossible..i explaned above why…the last week of september..impossible. Jen was in KY from 26th to 30th..and from 21th to 25th we saw Martin always alone and with his kids. The third week of september..impossible,because there was the concert on 17th and iHeartRadio on 19th. The second week..impossible,because Martin was not in LA until thursday and in those weekend he was with his family and alone..and Jen at Château with friend and in Malibu. At last..the first week of september..where Martin was not in LA. And if we think that between 10th – 20th Jennifer brother’s wife give birth……besides,someone on twitter have pointed out that this week CM was in London but he revolved around saying: “i know it’s hard for you to believe,but Jen’s grandparents did talk to one of our reporters this week. And they were lovely.”….pity that they have wrong Jen’s grandpa name!!