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Jennifer Lawrence Answers All Your Burning Questions in 'Vanity Fair' Behind-the-Scenes Video - Watch Now!

Jennifer Lawrence Answers All Your Burning Questions in 'Vanity Fair' Behind-the-Scenes Video - Watch Now!

Jennifer Lawrence answers some of our most burning questions in this behind-the-scenes video from her Vanity Fair shoot!

The 24-year-old actress was asked about binge watching television shows, her favorite junk foods, who she admired as a kid, if she wants to be more connected, and more!

“[Beyonce and Jay Z are] king and queen of America. Or of music. And then Brad and Angelina are king and queen of movies,” Jennifer said in the video.

“I have 112 unread emails. I am so not tempted to become more accessible. I don’t want anyone to talk to me ever,” Jennifer laughed when asked if she wants to be on social media. Watch below!

Jennifer Lawrence Answers Your Burning Questions

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Credit: Patrick Demarchelier exclusively for Vanity Fair
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  • Courtney

    I love Cool Ranch Doritos too! And Cheez-Its! I love them to where it’s practically a vice! Loving her responses to these questions!

  • Leonor

    the video is great! You can see that it’s the same girl from the days of Winter’s bone. She has such personality

  • LaCroix

    what kind of actress likes reality tv? weird.

  • Courtney

    @Leonor: I know, right? She’s a character!

  • Nola

    wow! She’s really changed!!! She used to be more down to earth now she’s so full of herself. Was it necessary to say how many e-mail you receive per day? Sad that this girl moves millions. Sorry I had to stop the video when that part came up.

  • Courtney

    @Nola How is that an indication that she’s full of herself? She said her piece on social media and not being a part of it in a joking manner. She’s always said she thinks social media isn’t good for her, plus she was being sarcastic when she said she doesn’t want anyone to talk to her. It’s not like she receives a hundred e-mails a day, just stating she has a lot of unread e-mails.

  • Nola

    @Courtney: She could have said, I have a lot of work instead. She’s like saying she has a lot of sucess and she’s incredibly demanded

  • Nola

    @Courtney: Sorry if you feel identified with her but it’s not my problem

  • Square head


  • Courtney

    @Nola Of course everyone’s interpretation is different. You have yours and I have mine. I respect that, but yours wasn’t the first impression I had. I do identify with her in a lot of ways, but I don’t agree with everything she says. Plus, the photoshoot was done before the nude photo incident, so maybe she’s changed somewhat because of the humiliation she experienced. This is annoying to a lot of people who don’t care for her all that much, but I have faith in people who I feel to be generally good people. Jennifer is one of them. I respect your opinion, but I don’t quite agree on it.


    This interview is old and rehashed!!

  • Nola

    why dont we ever see her partying? LOL She sure does party a lot.

  • Ughhh

    This homely girl again? So Lame Martin is dating Boring Lawrence? (According to their PR team.) Perfect couple.

  • Girls

    @Ughhh: Do not compare Chris Martin to Lawrence please.

  • fake

    Just so fake and rehearsed, some old story every time and people buy it. No originality at all, no thoughts with any meaning or substation, just eating, boys blablabla. Just another airhead with an ego the size of a Boeing 747 i am shocked they could fit it in that filming space. Me Me Me !!!!

  • Registernuke

    I am sure if she is asked the same question about social media that her viewpoint has changed a little since the recent events. When you are in the entertainment industry you still have to engage your fans to some extent otherwise they’ll just jump ship.

  • Fercat

    @Nola: She used to be the cool chick.

  • Nola

    @Fercat: She still has the girl next door looks…

  • Nola

    @Fercat: With the mind of an “I’m a diva”

  • Kass

    @Square head: Don’t hate ! Boring ? Far from what this girl is !

  • Kass

    @Nola: She hasn’t changed ! I’ve been a long time fan of Jennifer’s and have seen almost all her interviews SO DON’T MAKE UP CRAP !

  • Kass

    @Ughhh: AGAIN grow up ! I’m sorry boring ? Everyone knows that Coldplay is boring just read the comments.

  • Kass

    Thank you Jennifer haters for wasting space on here can you guys go watch your Justin Bieber videos now ? Your comments are immature and stupid stop embarrassing yourself !

  • fake

    @Kass: She is fake with a huge ego get over it.

  • fake

    @Kass: Its not hate to have a negative opinion, if people are aloud to comment on Gwyn why is Jen off limits.

  • guest

    Jen, you are dumb.
    I’m so happy we have people like Emma Watson.

  • fake

    @Kass: You should grow up, stop forcing people to agree to what you believe. People can comment either way, if you don’t agree don’t respond to others by saying they are haters.

  • Courtney

    @Kass I’ve seen a lot of her interviews as well. She talks about pretty much the same things, which to me indicate that she’s still the same person. She’s trying not to change. I never got the impression that she’s full of herself and it makes me sad to hear how people twist her words to make her look bad. Sometimes they say it in a way that it sounds right and I just don’t want to believe them.

  • Anastacia

    whats up with this eye-makeup?! looks super ugly.. shame on the makeup artist!!

  • http://justjared clara

    she is so perfect and sincere, love it she!
    Jenn is a great actress!

  • Ugh

    More and more annoying.

  • duuuh

    Agreed! She’s annoying and super dumb. No sunstance or depth whatsoever, hillbilly ughh.

  • really?

    @Courtney: interviewers always ask her the same damn questions “whats ur favorite reality show” “what did you eat did this morning”. they dont ask any other actresses what they ate in the morning just so they can make jen look “adorable and oh so down to earth” and the fact that shes the only one that supposedly eats carbs and meat in hollywood when you know alot of celebs do eat normal like she does, its not anything godly on her part at all. her PR team is tiresome, theyre making interviewers ask the same damn questions to make her look real, ask her other questions that have never been asked before so she can actually think for herself for once. its called good journalism and learning MORE about your favorite celebrity, not exaggerating on the same sh** to maintain her image. and yes there are people that see it from a different perspective and its NOT hating, its called seeing through the PR and exploring other facets of a celebrity’s personality. why dont they ask her what her favorite sport is, what does she do on her downtime besides eating crapola and watching crappy reality shows, what does she do besides ignore social media which most celebs do, its really not that difficult but her PR is being very rigid about the questions she gets asked and yeah it is getting tiresome which make jen look one dimensional as a person, not as an actress, but as a person. jesus im in my 20′s and if i was jens friend id be asking more questions than those mundane idiotic questions.

  • Courtney

    @really?: I see your point. Now that you mention it, she does seem to get asked the same questions about food and reality TV a lot. My question is why won’t her PR team let interviewers explore other issues? I would love to find out more about her then just eating and bad television. Does she have a say in these interviewing sessions? Food for thought.

  • fatpeoplesuck

    Ever since the nude pics she has comes off as really conceited and full of herself. I’m not a fan anymore. It’s like the ego just hit through the roof.
    There was something different about her before, not anymore, she’s just like all the other attention wh0.r3.s now.