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Amanda Bynes Hospitalized on Involuntary Psychiatric Hold

Amanda Bynes Hospitalized on Involuntary Psychiatric Hold

Amanda Bynes has been admitted to a hospital where she was placed on a psychiatric hold, according to TMZ.

The 28-year-old former actress arrived in Los Angeles within the last couple hours and was picked up by a car service, which she thought would take her to the London Hotel. Her parents instead had the car service take her to a Pasadena hospital instead, where they were waiting for her with their lawyer and doctors.

Doctors had a judge issue an involuntary 5150 psychiatric hold so Amanda can be held for 72 hours and the hold can be extended for 14 days. This is similar to the hold she was placed under after lighting a driveway on fire back in July 2013.

While Amanda is under the 5150 hold in the hospital, there will be a move to get another conservatorship in place.

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    I hope she gets help this time

  • nicholas hoult loves porn


  • M

    She was abused by her parents, no one loses their mind unless there was years and years of abuse. That Dan Schneider guy probably molested her at nickelodeon too. Give me a break, her parents jacked her up and her siblings can’t have a say cause abuse occurs alone in a room. Duh. She won’t be helped, her brain has been screwed up way too bad by her parents. The most she can hope for is having people believe her truth and then figure out a way to endure life knowing she was abused.

  • http://facebook Amy Ruth

    There are genetic based illnesses that present themselves when people are in their late teens and early 20s. Schizophrenia is one such illness. It presents with delusions, disorganized behavior and loose and disorganized thoughts. People suffering from this illness can be paranoid, hear voices, see things that others don’t see, hear things others don’t hear and feel they are under external control. Schizophrenia is not caused by abuse.
    There are also severe mood disorders that can present with severe behavior , manic highs, dangerous lows and disorders in thinking and behavior.,

  • allison

    Maybe this time her parents will realize she needs medication and help rather than blaming her behavior on others
    I wish her well. She is a good actress and seems like a sweet girl in interviews.

  • M

    Sorry, but case study after case study after case study after book and book actually states that schziphrenia has it’s roots in childhood abuse. The fact that she already called out her Father even points to that. Freud’s father wad a child molester it’s in his letters. Research, read, study Fairbairn, Alice Miller. The USA runs on bullshite genetics in order to dole out drugs. Just like high cholesterol in Europe is a good thing in the USA it’s a bad thing. Probably because you will need drugs to “fix” your problems. Those drugs cause heart dIsease. Inflammation causes heart dIsease and NOT high cholesterol. So sorry I’m not drinking your Kool-aid. GENETICS & SCHiZOPHRENIA HAVE BEEN DEBUNKED YEARS AND YEARS AGO IN THE REST OF THE WORLD JUST NOT THE GOOD OLE’ USA . Enjoy your medications that lead to all sorts of problems that keep your health industry making the mula & you unwell.

  • Guest

    This is good news

  • hmm

    What if she was really molested and her parents are trying to shut her up again? Dan Schneider sure did, her folks probably had something to do with it too. You just don’t lose your mind overnight.

  • Amy


    I hope so. I didn’t understand why they didn’t extend the conservatorship before the way Britney’s father did for her.

  • nicholas hoult loves porn

    Nick cannon should take care of her. He seems to be the only one who cares.

  • M


    Finally someone who gets it. @AmyRuth sure doesn’t.

    Look everyone read “What is Madness” by Darian Leader a Dr. out of the UK. Dr.’s since the early 1900′s have said that mental “illness” is not genetics it is a total cover up to get you to take medicine. I’ve lived in Europe & for sleep they give you natural substances not money making crap like they do in the states. You eat cheese and red meat and drink wine and they don’t have cholesterol issues because you are suppose to have cholesterol for a healthy body. Duh!!!! Read “Grain Brian” by Dr. Perlmutter
    Read “The Book of Woe”
    Read: “The f**** ed you up.”
    Read anything by Alice Miller
    Read anything by Darian Leader
    Read “Leaving Home”
    Read something…
    Alas, you won’t because most of you drink the kool-aid and enjoy being addicted to pain and the story the USA Dr.’s love to make money off of…

  • M

    @Amy Ruth:

    “The main proponents of “genes for” mental illness like schizophrenia or depression have wholly recanted their former position. Having pored through the genes identified by the Human Genome Project they have been forced to admit that there are not any single genes for any mental illnesses.
    One of the most significant scientific events of the century so far occured this year (2002) when a whole volume of a highly resprected psychiatric journal was devoted to the overwhelming evidence that schizophrenia is often caused by sexual and physical abuse.” Oliver James

  • Yeah


    You have a lot to say and I agree. Most people don’t do research they just regurgitate what’s been fed to them.
    They forget that most medical conclusions are just theories. Unfortunately once the theories have been embraced by the public there is very few outlets that inform people when they’ve been disproved.

  • Stop posting this stuff

    This is sad and, like others have said, it’s only feeding her craving for attention. You’re not helping Amanda Bynes by advertising this stuff on the news banner, basically encouraging trolls to post mean things, JJ.

  • Jean

    @nicholas hoult loves porn: #10

    LOL..Nick Cannon is just grandstanding. Besides he cant take care of his own wife, with his disrespectful ass.

  • Jean

    @M: #11

    You eat cheese and red meat and drink wine and they don’t have cholesterol issues because you are suppose to have cholesterol for a healthy body.
    There are two cholesterol’s. Good and bad. You are supposed to GOOD cholesterol for a healthy body, NOT bad cholesterol.
    Bad cholesterol is the cause of heart disease.

  • Kyleigh

    Why is this info. being released? Clearly, she is mentally ill & it should be handled in a private manner. It doesn’t help all with all the media attention and hype her illness is creating. I hope she is able to get the proper mental health help, medications, counseling, etc. It’s sad to see ANYONE go through this. She may be bipolar, borderline, or this could be a result of trauma, but it’s just sad.

    (PS. I work in mental health, so I know how AWFUL this can be… I see and hear stories like this a lot.)

  • Go away

    @M: STFU…She was not abused by her parents, she even retracted it herself. You act like you know her family personally.

  • Whycantipost


    I think this is mainly done because she was seen behaving weird in public for a week now and people were worried. If she had just disappeared people would have probably freaked out, wondering where she went/if she died etc. The media would have stalked her parents for answers etc etc.. I do hope this is all they release and won’t tell the media what illness she has (for example), that’s for her to tell if she wants to.

  • spirit7

    Im a grandmother and I of course don’t know, but I think there may be something to what she says about her father. When she was well and not well, she has had a problem with her dad for some time.

  • PersianLa27

    You are all ugly and jealous and I’m gorgeous my ugly parents will be punished

  • rea

    I honestly wish her the best in her recovery, from the bottom of my heart. I hope she comes out of this on top and it makes her a better and stronger person. As someone who has struggled with mental illness, I’m hoping and wishing she gets better.

  • Tina

    Poor girl

  • Glib Matt

    Me thinks M is a Tom cruise/john travolta.

  • Glib Matt

    And…. Where are the HIPPA rules here?

  • sheigh

    What they can do for her in 48h or 14 days!
    Seriously, a bottomless pit!

  • Duh

    Schizophrenia is a genetically inheritable mental illness which can be triggered by environmental stress and trauma such as abuse. I know of a family where one parent had the illness which was also passed along to all three of the children.
    Studies have shown that it occurs more commonly among populations in large cities than in rural populations suggesting that the stresses of big city life can increase the risk of becoming ill with schizophrenia for individuals with that genetic predisposition.
    So yeah, it’s still possible she was abused and that could have triggered the illness but abuse alone would not have caused it. Whatever the case I hope she gets the help and support she needs to manage living with this. There is no cure.

  • 00


    Is Dan Schneider is also responsible for impregnating Jamie Lynn Spears?

  • Lily

    There is also evidence that areas with a high cat population have a higher incidence of schizophrenia. They believe this is due to exposure to toxoplasmosis that an infected cat may have which is then spread in their faeces to humans while gardening and other such activities.

  • Daniel Edun

    Best of luck to her

  • Kari Rae

    So tired of heaing about this loser. Her career is done. I would rather read about Bridgit Mendler or Danielle Bradbery.

  • Mercedes

    The title “former actress” says it all. Stop giving this dumba** attention. She has already quit acting and fashion school. She should move to France like Halle Berry.

  • Frank
  • Zoee

    Hope she stay there for a while,
    I am wandering if she were black, people will feel same sympathy , and be so compressive with her.

  • IMO

    @M: Not all schizophrenia is genetically based so clearly there are other factors that trigger schizophrenia whether or not someone has inherited one of the two genes linked to schizophrenia.

    Many diseases can be genetic, you may inherit a specific cancer gene that has been documented to cause cancer, but that does not mean that everyone who has the gene gets it. Even BRCA 1 and 2, the odds are very high for breast and ovarian cancer but it is not a 100 per cent. There must be other triggers that need to be also present or you died of something else before the triggers could activate those genes.

    Then there are diseases which are wholly genetic and there will be no escape, again if you live long enough otherwise. Like Huntingdon’s.

    You also have to ask the question is why some people sexually molested as children do not seem to manifest any severe mental illness like schizophrenia or other disorders. When anyone experiences a trauma that is going to mess with your head but some people seem able to deal with it and move on. Same with PTSD which really sexual molestation can come under the umbrella. I was thinking of soldiers initially. All traumas effects every person differently.

    Recent evidence is suggesting THC seems to be a psychotic trigger for teenagers who smoke too much pot with high THC levels and carry just the one gene for schizophrenia but not the other. Not only is today’s pot much more potent, like 100 – 200 per cent more potent, they removed another chemical from the pot that made you mellow back in the peace love and flower power age of the 70s and counteracted the THC.

    Mental illness is very complex and we are still scratching the surface of it.

    I have read that the parents of Amanda Bynes were blaming her behaviour on pot the first time. However I think a several month stay in a mental health facility would suggest this is more than just pot smoking.

    If parents have secrets to hide, a diagnosis of schizophrenia of their child is very convenient.

    One would hope that mental health facilities under the jurisdiction of a court would not risk their licence and reputation to facilitate a scam but then stranger things have happened in this world especially when the patient generates a lot of money for people.

    The reality is whatever the truth is with the parents, this girl needs help and the question is can she get it from people without agendas.

  • IMO

    @Lily: That is interesting Lily I was just listening to a doctor on the radio discussing COPD. Most COPD is caused by smoking but also can be exposure to toxins and breathing them into your lungs. He said that many non smoking Asian women were getting COPD because they use cat dung to fire up their stoves indoors. Yikes.

  • Kendra

    Wow, hope she gets better soon. She was amazing in —> FUNBBW .com <— and was so Beautiful and Hot.

  • no violations here

    @Glib Matt: @Glib Matt: *HIPAA

  • Melissa

    As someone who has a sibling with bi polar disorder, my sympathies are with both Amanda and her family. It is very sad to see a promising young actress infilcted with it. It must also be very hard on her parents.

    it can never go away completely, but hopefully they are able to manage her illness. good luck.

  • Faye

    I feel so sorry for her and the video with her dancing shows very odd behavior.

  • Amy c

    I was with Amanda Bynes at Ventura’s Hilmont Mental Hospital. All of you can speculate on what Amanda’s condition is but for a Judge to issue a hold on her after she appeared in court, the first time.. Her parents were not even present nor in her life as she cut them out. She was rude to everyone there. Stole food from Diabetic’s food tray, when I tried to sit with her at a table was told”why are you sitting here”?? I was the first to recognize her and when I did a nurse came and yelled and threatened me with legal action if I spoke her name again. When she came through holding, with her ratted down fake blonde wig, in a wheelchair, all she kept saying was if they were taking pictures. So keep up with the speculations and all your diagnosis that you read in your text books. NO ONE KNOWS the true Amanda Bynes. She is egotistical and vain and that’s all I have to say.

  • GFW

    I have no idea who this woman is but catching the story where she set her driveway on fire is a flare that she’s crying out for help. Let her be there for 3 days to 14. It won’t hurt her. She might be able to connect some dots in that time, but this type of self-harming self-sabotaging behavior might take more than a few weeks for her, if she wants which is the major component, to get manageable. Emptying our psychic trunks isn’t any fun but the feeling of lightness later is well worth it.

  • GFW

    “Not all schizophrenia is genetically based so clearly there are other factors that trigger schizophrenia whether or not someone has inherited one of the two genes linked to schizophrenia. ”
    No, actually she’s right. People are triggered to turn into other people who’ll stand up for them, etc, whatever they need they can’t as their original self until such time they come to grips that they’re losing it all and hit a personal bottom… or have an intervention like this.
    Hell, even in the movie “Sybil” we learn that her triggers were in response to child abuse.

  • GFW

    I will say that Just Jared wasn’t delicate in turning this out to press with its title. Shame on them.