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Nicole Kidman Hopes Every Month That She's Pregnant

Nicole Kidman Hopes Every Month That She's Pregnant

Nicole Kidman is opening up about her hopes to have another baby, though she doesn’t think it will ever happen.

“I hope every month that I’m pregnant, but I never am. I would be jumping for joy if it happens,” she said while calling into Australia’s Kiis 1065 on Friday morning (October 10).

“It might happen… No! I’m 47, it won’t happen,” Nicole said. “My grandmother had her last baby at 49, so you never know. I’m baby crazy. I love babies … kids, they are extraordinary.”

While Nicole wants to have another child, she joked that her husband Keith Urban “might not be jumping for joy.”

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    Just this morning Rush talked about that new Spanish [Paltrow] wife who had got knocked up by a celebrity dwarf at her wedding hen party.

  • http://comcast Ashley

    Love Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. They have it all.

  • http://comcast Ashley

    By the way–I see The Ugly Person is first one to comment. The Jealous Person follows Keith and Nicole no matter what comment is made about them. The only life this person has is The Keith Urban Family life.

  • Oh dear

    Nicole, why so many lies and when is it all going to stop?

  • What

    Nicole looks like a tranny next to keith.

  • Eve

    She’s absolutely lovely and fun on this interview. Listen to the podcast and the full interview instead of the clips. She’s going through a rough time but it’s obvious her family is there to support her. She’s still doing Genius which is great for the fans. She gets on so well with Colin and Jude it should be a good experience for her to get back to work.

  • Carolyn

    Thanks for recommending the full podcast. It was delightful. And I agree with Nicole that Keith is a “gorgeous” man, and that they’re lucky to have each other. Great couple!

  • Irene

    Genuine, loving couple. Agree with Keith’s feelings. They are too old to have more babies. Think down the line, Nic. They appear to be fabulous parents.

  • Not buying it

    Buy another baby and retire for good.

  • Julia

    @Not buying it: Yeah it must be so easy to buy children that look exactly like a mix of you, your partner, and other family members. *Rolls eyes*

    Thanks for the info on the podcast. ITunes has it if anyone can’t find it. Nicole is so sweet. If they have another kid why should anyone say anything. They definitely have the love and means to provide for more.

  • Granny is a liar

    and nobody believes a word she says.

  • curious

    Surely gay Nicole realizes to naturally conceive a baby requires actual intercourse with a male?

  • sexysue

    @curious: “Gay Nicole”???? Err, that coming from someone who has a personal tie to Nic and knows she’s shagging some females along the way? Right! Tell me this, did Sunday Rose come about when Keith shagged another female and Nic pretended to be pregnant wearing a fat suit for 9 months? Err, right. You’re an idiot. Enough said.

  • lljr88

    I think it is so funny that these people go on and on about what a bad actor Nicole is, but yet they say she is good enough to fake her marriage and ,being pregnant and how she has to be in the spotlight, but yet she moved to Nashville, why not stay in new york or hollywood, if I loved the spotlight as much as these people say she does why would you move away from it,,but yet I dont know nicole, only what I read, unlike these people who obvious do with the statements they make

  • sheila

    It is doubtful it will happen at this point, but you never know! But hey.. at least they will have fun trying! What a lovely couple the Urbans are! Any child would be blessed to have them as parents.

  • Sorry

    Much like the Urban’s, your suggestive innuendo comes across as really creepy @sheila.

  • http://comcast Lynn

    @Sorry: @ Sorry–I think what Sheila said was beautiful, full of love for Keith and Nicole but of course The Crazy One you wouldn’t know what love is, you only know hate due to the jealousy of the beautiful Keith Urban Family.

  • Tia

    Realize she is going through a difficult family time as we have all done and do during the loss of a parent. But, to attempt to link that with having yet another ‘planned’ child (don’t kid yourself, folks) is a disgrace. Anything to get attention.

    She and Keith can do what they did with Faith. Just hire something to have the child for you, plain and simple, and wrapped up in a neat little ‘blue’ bow. It will be a boy this time, they won’t accept anything else. Good parents? Yes, as long as the nannies are in tow, and safely hidden away from the cameras!

  • http://comcast Joni

    @lljr88: You mention these people, it is only one Crazy Person using many names, this person has a vicious hate for Nicole, Scientologist ?? jealousy ?? Nicole marrying Keith ??. Probably all three.

  • http://comcast Joni

    @Tia: Try to calm yourself Crazy One. Mind your own business. Keith and Nicole are a happy couple, you can’t take that away from them, no matter how many ugly remarks you make about them.

  • Tia

    I didn’t say they weren’t happy together. It’s mutually beneficial relationship, both are very happy with their situation. I’m not The Crazy One…far from it. Too bad that people cannot give an honest comment….geeeeeeeeezzzz. Apparently this is a Nicole Kidman fan site, rather than a gossip site…..

  • Loop

    @Tia: You sound like a psycho, “Tia”…

  • Loop

    @Tia: There’s nothing “honest” about your comment…It only sounds like ramblings from a very angry, unhappy person…

  • http://comcast Lynda

    Jealous of The Keith Urban Family, I can understand why: Keith and Nicole are , talented, kind, good looking, wealthy, beautiful daughters, love each other. I personally am happy for them, how about you The Crazy One ??????