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Pregnant Blake Lively Shares More Baby Bump Photos!

Pregnant Blake Lively Shares More Baby Bump Photos!

Blake Lively has just shared some more photos of her baby bump that were taken at the party she threw recently to celebrate some fellow pregnant women.

“With a new baby on the way there is so much to do! the 27-year-old actress wrote on her blog Preserve. Blake posted a bunch of photos from the super chic backyard feast. Check some out below!

“But before experiencing the joy of 3am screams, seemingly impossible amounts of poop and having a favorite shirt covered in reflux… there are presents to open, onesies to dye, there is cake to serve, advice to be shared and all around celebration to be had,” Blake added. “And that we did…”

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pregnant blake lively shares more baby bump photos 01
pregnant blake lively shares more baby bump photos 02
pregnant blake lively shares more baby bump photos 03
pregnant blake lively shares more baby bump photos 04
pregnant blake lively shares more baby bump photos 05

Photos: Eric Lively
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  • Courtney

    And I thought she was private…! Guess she really needs to pimp that failure of a blog she launched and what better way than using her pregnancy? Thought she was classier than this.

  • Isabel

    I just can’t with her website. So ridiculous.

  • Melody

    She’s really beautiful. Those photos are obviously a bit too posed but they’re a lot nicer than the ones we’ll get from the paparazzi.

  • @Isabel

    It is! and her career is down the toilet…now all she can talk about is this pregnancy and you can be sure she’ll milk it and use is to pimp per idiotic website and also to promote her bro’s photographer’s skills. This girl surely knows how to sell herself. Wonder if Ryan is happy with the way she is pimping her pregnancy…

  • someone

    Blake is beautiful and I am happy for her.
    It is funny, before I had a kid I was a great cook. I grew my own veggies herbs and flowers and made much of my food from scratch. I even caned my own jelly and tomato sauce. I thought I would be a great cook for my family when I had one. But once I had my first child, I got so busy with caring for them that I ended up not having all the leisure time to cook slow meals. grow a garden. My kids are still little and I know when they are older time wil open up more. I just wonder how much Blake will cook and stuff once she has that baby. First time moms ( me included) are always surprised by how much work a baby really is.

  • lol

    Beautiful Picture

  • Aww

    She’s currently on the cover of Vogue Australia (yet another cover) and has extended her contract with Gucci so I doubt she’s hurting as much as her haters want her to. She’s at least 5 months gone and has kept it on the downlow but still the bashing continues. Good Luck to you and your child B

  • welpwelp

    this picture and the earlier one are all from one day, just a different angle and she looks sweet. congratulations

  • @7

    If she really wanted to keep it dowlow she wouldnt keep sharing these pics! We got it, she’s pregnant, is she going to post daily pics of her bump? Please! I really wanna see where her ‘career’ will go after the baby.

  • @Courtney

    I agree on some level. I’ll cut her some slack because as another said, this and the announcement pic are all from the same day, she’s kept it quiet for a long while and I don’t bash on pregnant women.
    But yeah I hope this does not become typical cause it’ll be poor showing

  • Dame

    @Aww: Yes and it’s obvious don’t you think that her pregnancy is just another business transaction. Part of the business of PR is to spread yourself in social media outlets and gossip sites such as JustJared here. But the constant pushing of her brand is too much too soon. And if I hear about another celebrity claiming to want their privacy, but yet again is showcasing their life on E, People’s mag, JJ, Dailymail, US weekly, and tipping off the paps, then you are an idiot to believe the celeb.

  • P

    Hope all ends happily. Ironic to see this next to a sad Amanda Bynes post

  • #7


    Yep and it’ll be par for the course it seems. Good luck to her

  • Dame

    And another thing about these same day pics. Why not release them all on that day she first came out??? Why? Because her PR team have plans to stretch this out so you’ll constantly see her name in the media. Again, PR attempts to help her stay relevant. Really she looks desperate. Just like Ashton Kutcher and his baby, but that’s another PR story.

  • Beyonce

    Best wishes Girl.

  • monkeyjunky

    She’s annoying looking and her cockamamie website is stupid… smh.

  • Guest

    Lainey is going to love this lol

  • JayZ

    Who are all these people coming on writing in these comments congratulating this chick like they know her for realz? WTF? Get a life people! Her website is depressing and she ain’t no Martha Stewart.

  • #17

    Lainey loves K-Stew, Scarlett, Brangelina, Gerge Clooney e.t.c they can sell their most private moments, make bigoted comments in interviews and she gushes over them. Lainey hates – Blake, Johnny Depp, Leo Dicaprio, Jessica Biel e.t.c and will bash them over anything and everything.
    Its hilarious how some act like she’s a god without bias

  • Beyonce

    @@Courtney: Classy response and I agree with your logic on the present and future

  • Guest2

    She looks to be about 4 months pregnant

  • Beyonce

    @#17: Don’t forget Justin Timberlake. She lied that he was kicked out of supporting a hospice charity when the truth was his contract ended. But when she decides to crap on you then it does not matter if its a lie. I love how she constantly s*its on Justin and Leo but they keep going on to success and living their lives

  • OMG

    I like her outfit – There I’ve said something nice

  • melissa

    she looks pretty round already.. she must be farther along

  • Alaia

    Will it get her original nose?

  • Toni

    Surprised she actually looks really far gone

  • Mikeal

    She is such a Beautiful woman and so glowing. She was amazing in —> <—

  • Fat government worker

    I like Blake Lively but this is such bs, she does not look that pregnant and she is already having a baby shower….

  • Jax

    Her roots are showing. I knew she wasn’t a real blonde.

  • Fake NotSoLively

    @Jax: Nothing about her is real or remotely interesting. Poor baby will have a real nose.

  • no

    People thought this woman would be the next G Patrow. No. She is much worse.

  • here&there

    Babies here and there. Awwwwwwwww

  • pretty kitty

    the 1st photo from last week and these photos were shot on same day
    looks like she has grown 2 months in the same photos
    i’m sensing a beyonce bay here. she has not gained weight anywhere but her rubber baby belly

  • @29

    I would agree but in all her baby pictures and HS pictures she’s blonde.

  • Daniel Edun

    She looks 6 months gone!

  • @pretty kitty

    Was going to tell! We don’t know when the pics were taken, surely before the day she posted on preserve but in the latest pics of her that jared posted in september she didn’t look pregnant at all and now…bump! Looks like it has exploded in 4 weeks or less!

  • Rita

    @#17: Agree. I used to like her site but she has become annoying with her likes and dislikes. However, I noticed that she exaggerates with her pimping of her protégés to such a degree that people get tired of them so much so that it becomes counter-productive. “Dear Mary, I know you love Gosling and therefore find below a photo of him on the day of your birthday/” WTF, I suppose Mary has access to the internet and the millions of photographs of Gosling, Johansson, Hardy, etc. etc. As for Lively being an attention whore, I don’t recall that we have been inundated by pictures of her pregnancy in the past months. The senseless hatred expressed is so ….. nonsensical and silly.

    @pretty kitty: Paranoid much? Not everyone gains a lot of weight when pregnant. Actually, it’s better not to.

  • Lea2

    @@Isabel: How do you know that her career is going down the drain? Game not over. She has a great sense of style, as shown in her website (which I find great, by the way) and her brother is a very good photographer indeed. Make up your mind. Either she knows how to sell herself or she is bland, boring and vapid. The two things don’t go together.

    @No.1: What should she have done? Announce the pregnancy as if she were Catherine of Cambridge? The way she did it was classy. Just a photo, which says it all.

  • audreima

    Since when she is classy? She looks older than her age.

  • Frank

    I think a Maternity angel costume will make her day :