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Justin Theroux & Jennifer Aniston Are Not On Anyone Else's Time Frame

Justin Theroux & Jennifer Aniston Are Not On Anyone Else's Time Frame

Justin Theroux takes a motorcycle ride on Saturday afternoon (October 11) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Recently, the 43-year-old The Leftovers star opened up about how much pressure the tabloids are putting on him and fiancee Jennifer Aniston to get married.

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“There is this hum of pressure that – I can’t stress enough – I just don’t pay any attention to,” Justin told Australia’s TV Week magazine.

He continued to say, “But I am not going to let a tabloid tell me what to do…I’m not going to watch them tap their watch. What the hell are you telling me to do? We’re just doing our own thing. We are completely happy, obviously, but we’re not on anyone else’s time frame.”

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  • WTH

    Wow someone thinks they are so important.

    Really amazing how after you get a bit of attention you start to sound like you are somebody. He is in a show that is hardly a hit, engaged to a woman more famous for an old TV show and her divorce 10 years ago. He has been invited on a few shows and had a few mag covers. Something that never happened before Aniston.. now he will not let the tabloid force him to marry a woman that HE ASKED TO MARRY HIM. a WOMAN HE BOUGHT A RING FOR. A WOMAN HE SAID HAD HOT FEET LIKE HIM.

    now he is not on anyone’s timeline.. Then why the hell did you get engaged Mr. Poser.. Why release a statement of that engagement the day it happened. Why smirk and talk about weddings when you are promoting that show that is not a hit. Now you are not on anyone’s timeline. Nobody made you go buy that gaudy ring and give to Aniston. Nobody made you ask her to marry you. Unless that message is not for the media but the woman you are with.

    Why get engaged with that UGLY ring that no designer has claimed. He is all about the attention he has gotten. A 40+ average actor/writer that dumped his girlfriend of 14 years for his last shot at recognition.

    Aniston picked a hanger oner.. A man that has been friends with famous people and yet never got any attention. Now he has some and it is going ot his receding hairline head.,


    STFU and STFD.. you are not a STAR honey.. not yet.. and sleeping with a fading star is not going to get you the fame you obviously want badly.
    Run Jennifer before it is too late..

    And Justin.. either piss or get off the pot. Neither of you are 20 something year olds that need to wait forever to get married. You asked her to marry you so get married.


  • Jiselle

    @WTH, you wrote a book about what someone else is doing with his life, which is exactly what he’s talking about in his comment. Take it easy.

    Justin’s right. They’re engaged, they’ll get married whenever they want. No one else should care or put pressure on them about it.

  • sunshine2121

    OMG! I just wanted to comment “damn this is a hot man” but I think his ex made the first post. Wow! Get over it honey. Move on.

  • J’alone

    Not getting married, not having a baby. They are attention seekers, that’s all.

  • Mary

    When someone slips “obviously” into the sentence, I figure it means the opposite. Hope they’re happy, but neither one seem particularly happy. They both seem insecure.

  • Alice

    @J’alone: They are attention seekers for NOT getting married nor having a baby? How about the real attention seekers who are getting married just to sell the wedding pictures to magazines and are having (and buying) kids for publicity and to change their reputations of who.res and junkies with mental issues? how about that?

  • allison

    Why so defensive Justin? Someone must be getting pressured by more than the tabs to have a reaction like that. It’s also amazing that is always Justin, Jennifer and her friends like Chelsea that talk in main stream media about getting married and having babies.

  • WTH

    @Jiselle: @sunshine2121:

    this is a gossip site not a fan site.. He is a poser and attention seeker. I don’t have to post a positive comment. I can say exactly how I see it. IF you don’t like it don’t read it..
    I’m not a Jennifer fan, but she picked a loser this time. And like it or not the truth is what it is. Some of you can’t handle it. and I bet many of her fans are feeling the same.. Why is he talking about tabloids pressuring him. Seriously. Why is he reading the tabloids. Why make what they say a factor in your life.. This bit#h likes the attention..And he is feeding the tabloids. They are loving that he is acknowledging their stories. IDIOT

    NOW you can have the rest of the thread to lick hisass*** I don’t have to. She should have hooked up with George Clooney. He wouldn’t have made her wait this long.

  • WTH


    and see here you are bring up people that have nothing to do with this loser. He and Jennifer can’t sell wedding pics..they are not married. Can’t sell baby pics they don’t have kids.

    But they sure use People mag to sell their engagement and their projects. so yeah there are many ways to sell your life.. Don’t act as if Jennifer never has. The proof is out there for all to see.

  • allison

    @Alice: Remember Alice it was Justin that ran to People magazine the next day to tell them that he had asked Jennifer to marry him. So stop pretending that Jennifer and Justin aren’t who.ring themselves for attention. Stop attacking other couples and look at the couple you are a fan of. Because whenever Jennifer finally gets Justin to marry her;we will know everything because it will be leaked to People magazine again.

  • lol


    I guess some of these comments hit home. why are you so sensitive. OH and Justin is a recovering addict (alcohol and drugs).. along with his brother (several arrest) google if you need to.
    Jennifer is a known pot user and coke user too. she has also been seeing a therapist since she was 17..

  • WTH


    I think people have been saying that to Jennifer and her fans for 10 years.. but doesn’t seem to be working… case in point look at Alice’s comment..

    you are talking to the wrong person honey.. I don’t think Heidi B. is thinking about MR. LOOK AT ME ON MY BIKE getting papped.. LOL.. She dodged a bullet.. and I wish she had been a famewhore like him and spilled the beans.. I bet she has some details to tell.

  • Nina

    What a nimrod!! Stop reading the tabloids, it’s really not that difficult.

  • Jinnie

    First he says he doesn’t pay attention to the tabloids, then in the next breath complains about the “pressure” the tabs are supposedly putting on him to marry. Which is it? Someone who really pays no attention wouldn’t waste his time whining about it.

  • Journee

    WTH, Justin has never married anybody or had kids with anybody so nobody cares what his ex-girlfriend has to say. Ex-girlfriends and boyfriends don’t have anything to spill because nobody cares.

  • Mary-Kate

    @allison: THIS! I agree. He must be getting pressure other than the tabloids(since he claims he pays no attention to them,lol). So why so defensive?

  • Jax

    Jennifer should watch that movie He’s Just Not That Into You. She’s probably heard of that film. She starred in it. If he really loved her or if he thought that a lot of other guys wanted her, then he would’ve married her a long time ago. But Jen has already been married so no one would ever call her a spinster anyway.

  • Nickie

    @WTH: #1

    Ooh…. Tell us how you REALLY feel. …lol

  • Nickie

    @WTH: #8

    George Clooney would not have her ass.

  • Kim

    @allison: Don’t forget he contacted People Magazine on a weekend.Unlike most celebs who are asked to confirm an engagement AFTER a ring is spotted

  • WTH


    talk to the person that mad the comment first..

  • Lizzie ray

    Me thinks Justin doth protest too much. Someone really happy with his life and choice is not going to care what some silly tabs print. Especially not something like questioning when he’s getting married. If that is all they are printing he should be glad it isn’t anything worse.

  • WTH


    LMAO.. I think I did..
    and I don’t care if you like it or not.

  • Poser

    @Journee: That’s why they’re called ex-wives.They get their tabby friends to attack their Ex-husband’s girlfriend/wife, now the friends are jobless just like the Ex.
    Now Justin the Gigolo is taking her for a ride on the bike she bought.
    Can’t get a distributor for her movie “Cake” because she had one too many bombs.
    Maybe her silent film Company Echo will start producing movies, but then she would’ve to spend her money, because who is going to throw good money after bad acting.

  • Amanda


    Such anger. Get a grip and live your own life. Jennifer and Justin sure are and they seem pretty damn happy doing it. Too bad Pitty doesn’t even believe in happiness.

  • Amanda

    I love how you idiots on this cesspool of hate called a website are still whining about an interview from nearly 10 years ago. WTF?!? talk about not being able to move on. And for the record Jennifer had a right to tell her side. Lord knows she was trashed enough in the media all thanks to the gruesome twosome, who both look sickly by the way

  • Joe Roth said

    Uh Justin honey ……………… no one is pressuring you out here in the world. Maybe in Brentwood when you deign to “visit” …………….. but not out here. You two are the ones who called up PEOPLE magazine and had them put you life on the cover ……. TWICE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe Roth said

    @Amanda: BS!!! Jen has made a decade long PITY PARTY out of the media. Her victim hood is all that is left of her career. No one did that but Jenny. She decided to do the Vanity Fair interview. She’s the one who decided to make bitter comments about Angelina … NOT Brad because that is too threatening to her position in Hollywood………. but Angelina she felt safe in attacking.

    :eye roll:

    Total unadulterated BS!!!!1

  • 2005 all over again

    First of all, the only person I’ve noticed tapping her watch is Wendy Williams and that was only after the Clooney wedding. Her sentiment – $h*t or get off the pot! And it wasn’t about wanting to see these two crazy kids married-it was about nearly 10 years of sloganeering for Aniston consciously, and herself and every ditched woman who felt that they were worth staying with/fighting for while the ditcher beg to differ.

  • Gina

    Oh please, no one cares. I never read tabs and the only ones I see talking about their wedding is Justin and Chelsea Handler.

  • Journee

    Oh, please. Stu-Pitt and the Vampire overnighted their wedding pictures to People magazine ASAP. That was something they could have kept private, but no they wanted the attention and money more than they cared about their privacy.

  • Lou

    I hope he doesn’t dump her. It would be nice to see her happy although i wasn’t really sad about her divorce since she didn’t think he was the love of her life. Seems like it’s only fair to let someone go so they can find someone who does think of them that way. Never thought Jennifer really loved her ex she just was jealous he found his great love before she did. It’s all about appearances with her it seems.

  • Aimee

    @Journee: my Facebook is full of friends and relatives ‘wedding pictures. If someone told them they would get millions
    to go for charity…I’m sure most would jump at that. No one knew of Brad and Angelina’s wedding til several days afterwards. I’m glad they donated the pic money to charity.. and had the private wedding they wanted.they are good people.

  • Jentheho


    Thank god that’s your opinion. And here is my opinion. Little Eddie Munster is tiny and his old hag looks like a man.

    If you truly believe Brad doesn’t believe in happiness then your Eddie Munster doesn’t believe in marriage. He is a liar. He proposed to your old hag idol just to get attention and to stay relevant. He will never marry Aniston. He doesn’t care about what the tabloids write why read them.

  • 2005 all over again


    If JustJen makes it down the aisle, I will be completely surprised if they don’t sell their pics to People. Given how they ran to People for the engagement news and the subsequent quarterly updates, them opting to remain private about the wedding ceremony wouldn’t fly.


    Sure, their fans would declare on blogs how proud they are that they didn’t wh0re out their wedding, but deep down, they will want to know what Jen wore, who was invited, where did it take place, etc. in order to engage in comparisons between their wedding and Clooney and Jolie-Pitt’s weddings.

  • kendra

    This couple is sooo fake. Why do we never see them with Justin’s family ?. Who gets engaged and never takes the person home to meet Mom and Dad. Every holiday , every vacation, every birthday has been spent with everybody, except Justin’ family.

    I think Justin’s family know this is a business arrangement and want to play no part of this fake engagement. His mother and father probably can not believe, how he behaved toward Heidi and want no part of meeting a skank named Jennifer Aniston.

  • kendra

    I wonder is Justin regret cheating on Heidi and selling his soul to the devil. We know he does not love and will never marry Jennifer. But to hurt someone who stood with you through thick and thin for 14 years for money and fame, well karma has a special bed for Justin and Jennifer to lay in.

  • Free at Last

    Can this man wear something different with his ride?
    The helmet makes his egg look like a head. Or maybe he simply cannot stand the idea that no one knows it’s him riding the motorcycles wearing a more protective helmet.

  • http://JustJared Jan

    He can say whatever he wants….bottom line is why haven’t they gotten married? What’s the holdup? He appears resistant and is way too involved with what the paparazzi is saying. Not sure why they got engaged. He was with Heidi for 15 years or something and didn’t marry her.



    Brad waited 10 years and 10 kids to marry his mistress, so what, they still have about 7 years to get married.

  • lulu

    Blah, blah, blah, blah. No one’s asking you about your fake wedding, Attention grabbing gigolo. Go back to your NY woman, she’s the pregnant one, let Jennifer stay with her women, she likes women more than men.

  • W


    LOL.. really. Well I’ll put their commitment of 10 years up against Justin and Jennifer’s 2+ years. Lets see where they are in 10 years.. I’ll make a bet they won’t be together..

    He is talking about pressure and reading the tabloids. Which is it. I thought they didn’t read the tabloid stories. Obviously they do. We knew Aniston did. She said so. now he is. When you do interviews tell the rags you read them it opens doors for more stories.

    Brad and Angie have a relationship that has lasted You trolls can say whatever you want. The thing is they are a committed couple. Aniston and Theroux not so much..

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  • norah

    @Jiselle: why is justin talking again? we already know this – why is he repeating this whole tired song and dance – no one wants to know yr personal business justin u are the one talking abt it – u dump yr girlfriend get engaged to jennifer make a long story abt loving her and cannot wait to marry ( said at leftovers premiere ) give a flashy ring which looks ugly and then after she says that everything is ready – u say that we will get married when we want to. i know its yr life justin – but who cares abt u and jennifer. be married or not its upto u. nobody is forcing u to tell us yr personal business except u. and the leftovers may be on hbo ( but as wth said it is not exactly a breakout hit for mr theroux

  • norah

    @WTH: jennifer always picks the strangest pple – if u love someone that is fine but why keep harping on it 24/7 – if he feels so strongly abt the tabloids why then talk abt his relationship – sure that justin can talk abt other things etc

  • norah

    @Joe Roth said: jenny poo doesnt have a career – ok simple as that. if she was in such high demand she wd be producing her own films or acting – well she tried that acting thing and life of crime was a flop – barely made a million on a 12 million budget – and now days and weeks after tiff where all films were shown including cake – she still doesnt have a distributor for that film – so please talking abt her personal life is all she has left that and her hair which btw isnt looking that great either. she has her film company right? any movies from it? nothing – compare with other actresses who make things happen – they find things that they want to do and they do it – jennifer has had it too easy for too long – ” look at me etc ” is too boring and repetitive now and i like to think that pple are smart enough to suss her out

  • norah

    @Lou: he wont dump her – why wd he – he gets the attention the money he can go back to new york when he likes etc – and she has a fiance she probably sees when she wants to – i mean i can understand if u are away for work etc but jennifer has the money to visit him every weekend or every month if she wanted to but she hasnt

  • norah

    @HAHAHAAHHAHA: but angelina was his partner and the mother of his kids and they got engaged in 2012 and married this year so why doesnt justin who got engaged in 2012 also prove his deep committment to jennifer and marry her? pple kept on going on and on abt brad not marrying angelina well my question is they got engaged and now are married so justin put your money where yr mouth is.

  • ann

    This lying sack of sheet says “hot feet” two weeks ago on t.v. and now he’s insulted when people ask when the wedding is? These two are a perfect match for each other. Put a story out and retract it a few weeks later. Jen posts all these selfies, then there is an article saying she’s not a fan of selfies. WTF? If their lips are moving, they’re lying. Two very desperate limelight idiots. Ther is no “hum of pressure”. Who says that anyway? Nobody’s taping at their watch. The only hum is their narcissism.